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Vince Vaughn Films Documentary in Ireland

Vince Vaughn Films Documentary in Ireland

Vince Vaughn was in Belfast, Ireland this weekend to film a documentary. Vince, 36, interviewed two Northern Ireland politicians, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams and loyalist politician David Ervine.

Below is Vince and Gerry in front of a mural of the IRA hunger striker Kieran Doherty at Slemish Way. One onlooker said: “You know what it’s like. People see camera crews and they’re immediately intrigued. People heard he was filming on the Falls Road yesterday and then they saw him with Gerry Adams. Vince Vaughn was really friendly, really open. He talked to the locals, signed autographs and had a bit of craic with them. He seemed really interested in the murals.”

David Ervine said of the interview: “We did a spot of filming in Dee Street around a mural depicting people coming to the shipyards. I was explaining to him that years ago we would not have a mural like this because it would all have been about politics and our divisions. I told him that, for me, the mural was the epitome of the change process that is going on in Northern Ireland. The murals are changing. He was taking a break from shooting a film in London with Kevin Spacey to do this documentary and came over for this weekend. There’s no question he’s genuinely interested in the subject. He was telling me his interest was sparked on a previous visit when he took a black taxi tour from the Europa Hotel. He knew nothing about the murals before that trip. I have to say it was really interesting meeting him.”

UPDATE :: Added a picture of Vince Vaughn posing with seven local ragamuffins in Ireland…

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  • WTF

    He’s a really good actor, but why does he always look so sloppy and dirty?

  • lololol

    59 days… and counting!

  • hair

    look at his hair

  • syd

    I want to like him but I can’t. I think he is attractive and a good actor but all this tabliod mess has turned me off. His movies are funny and he’s talented and I think he is genuine but the person he is with is not and the past year has made me really disinterested in him. But I’m here nonetheless commenting away. I’ll still watch his movies though. :(

  • MegFL

    I love him. I think he is genuine, a regular guy.

  • sad

    I have always loved vince vaughn, but why the hell is on a trip to ireland with kevin spacy? Does he not miss his girlfriend, I am sorry but Aniston and Vaughn in my opinion are lying to the public.

    I wonder if Aniston learned any lessons from her previous relationships

    Excerpt Vanity Fair Sept 2005

    There’s a lot I would probably do differently,” she says. “I’d take more vacations—getting away from work, enjoying each other in different environments. But there was always something preventing it; either he was working or I was.”

    I guess she has not learned anything from her last relationship.

  • MegFL

    sad – maybe he’s in Ireland because it’s a hop and a skip from England, dummy. This kind of shoots down the clingy Jen crap of the tabloids, doesn’t it. Looks like she leaves him alone to do his professional stuff. Let it rest, Brangelina fans. You need to all take your anti-hate pills, ASAP.

  • shar

    Syd, you spoke my thoughts. I guess you do judge a person by the company they keep. But i will watch all his movies except TBU. Can’t stand that actress in it. And it has nothing to do with who she was married to. I hated her since i first saw her in 1994 on friends!!!

  • syd

    7 | MegFL

    Actually, what it shows is that these two haven’t been together for almost 2 months! No one claimed Jen is clingy, but she does like to hold on to the coattails of the men in her life when it suits her. And the problem according to her quote above states that she didn’t have enough time to be together with Brad and she would change that in her next relationship, but she’s hasn’t been seen with Vince in two months. What happened to enjoying each other? She could visit him but she doesn’t.

  • sad

    Hey MegFL

    I didn’t question why he was in ireland dummy! I questioned why is he in ireland with kevin spacy, I found it odd that he could take a trip with spacy, while aniston remains in us, if they are suppose to be defending their love, dont you think that is a heck of a way to do it. My reasons for posting the vanity fair excerpt, because it shows just how much aniston says one thing and does the complete opposite.

  • deedee

    It says he was taking a break from his filming in london with spacey,(joe claus ) to do this documentry.

  • Original jpf

    7 | MegFL

    I’m not a JA hater honest, and I try real hard to stay clear of the subject, but this intrigued me because it’s like the 3rd or 4th trip he’s go on without her with him. If she and VV are really and truly a pair then good for them, but I think it’s a fair question to wonder why they are never together when it’s her who talked about that very thing being needed in a relationship. I’m with the other poster in not being sold that they are a true lovematch. They protest WAY to much about the littlest things, and lawsuits just because?! My goodness, worst things have been said about better people and yet no litiigious threats came. Hey, maybe its how they work and I respect that, I really do, but there are so many gaping holes in their “love story” it’s not funny, and I wonder would anyone even care if not for her prior relationship. JMHO


  • dolcevita

    I used to like him, I think he was a great comedian until he hook up with Ms Aniston and start manipulating the press. I never seen and will not see any Aniston movie and it goes to Vince. I don’t think they are a couple, but really don’t care .

  • Observer2

    Aniston and Vaughn aren’t together that’s why they’re not seeing each other. Aniston is pulling the same stunt that she did in 2003-2004. Her marriage was done, so therefore, neither made an attempt. It’s the same thing with Vaughn.

    When she’s ready to tell the truth, till then, she’ll live the lie. It’s all she seems to be capable of the past few years. Some habits are hard to break.

  • dolcevita

    He was in London for almost 2 months. Was it that hard for his supposed girlfriend to have a few days off from her “busy” schedule to visit her supposed lover ? Look at Angie last year, she was juggling fom her UN work, shooting movie, taking care of her 2 kids, and still found time to be with Brad in Canada. that’s what we called devotion and true love.

  • asaragena

    Well that’s Jennifer for you — I am not the dumpee for I will always be the dumper. Whining and pity partying will be forever mine!

  • Jackie

    She is busy and so is Vince and I think they are
    telling the truth. Lots of couples spend time apart and manage fine. The way they all jet off all
    the time how do any of us know whether they have been together or not. I think they are private people and will keep it that way. No one
    knew where either of them were for two weeks. Are
    you sure they weren’t together…….

  • Observer2


    You keep telling yourself that. As much as they’re trying to convince the public that they’re together, if they’d been together in the past few months, they’d manage to have one of their friends leak it.

    They’re rich, they have means and opportunity to see each other and they’re not. My hell, it’s not like they’re in the military and have been deployed somewhere.

    Aniston isn’t doing anything where she couldn’t get away. She’s chosen not to because they’re not together.

    I guess denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    I’m gonna love to hear her fans try and spin it when it comes out that they have been finished for quite awhile. It’ll be interesting to watch the stumbling and stuttering.

  • jackass

    18 | Jackie |

    Private person ? Puh-lease,……..
    Then don’t sue or response to those no no sense from the tabs. Ignore is the answer. eventually the public will give you the privacy. they are just continue to blow the bubble until it burst.

  • D Richards

    I don’t believe they are a couple either. I think JA is just trying to save face, and VV us going along with it. Actually they haven’t been seen together since May.
    And VV filing a lawsuit for something so petty, is strange.
    Brad and Angie have had some awful things printed about them, but they just live thier lives and ignore the rags.

  • jolin

    She is busy and so is Vince and I think they are
    telling the truth.
    18 | Jackie |

    With Ms. Aniston track of record. I don’t believed her. she is the biggest fake and fraud in Hollywood.

  • D Richards

    That is one reason she lost Brad, staying away from him for months at a time. Do you know that Angie and Brad don’t stay away from each other, they always make sure they visit each others set when they are filming Angie knows how to do it right.

  • Willard G. Oxtoby

    EWW VV IS SO FAT!! Jen is too good for him…

  • mona

    I don’t believe they’re together either. A person in love would not be able to stay away from his or her sweetheart for two months when there is no need to stay apart. Jennifer has some commitments but she’s not doing a sitcom or making a movie now, she could easily visit him once or twice or even stay with him in London. There is no relationship and she’s just trying to save face. Vince is a good guy and he’s going along with this. If he wasn’t, would he file a suit against US Weekly in the first place? They were first to announce their split.

  • anonymous

    U Brangelina fans are fucking pathetic. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Quit obsessing about jennifer aniston, you’re so pathetic it’s past even being funny. You have no idea about aniston and vaughn when you havent been living with him while he’s been overseas to know that his girlfriend hasnt visited. Why cant there ever be a post about jennifer or vince without you bringing your babbling brad and angelina “perfect couple” bullshit into it or your analysis about a relationship/marriage that you werent in 3 years ago but act like you know everything when you’re just quoting the tabloid magazines. Get the fuck over it, get out of fantasy land. And do your usual and call me an aniston fan when you dont know shit about me, it’s expected.

  • Observer2

    Anonymous, you get on with your bad self and keep swearing. It makes you seem so ignorant. Which you are.

  • #26 is a moron

    26 | anonymous

    Wahtever you said. Still hate her !!!!
    and watch your dirty fxxking mouth.

  • doubt

    in 2003, jen was filming friends and at the same time filming the movie along came polly. Brad was spending 6 months outside the country filming troy.

    In 9/2005 Vanity Fair interview, Jen said she should have taken more vacations, spend more time together.

    Now, has Jen learned from her mistake?

    Are they taking a breaK? (Rachel and Ross??)

    Or there is just no relationship to begin with?

    or it’s just PR machine, selling movie tickets, DVD

  • Be sane

    Vaughn did very well. Another one on the coat tail of the true super
    star Brad Pitt. If he wasn’t associated by the so-called ‘romance’,
    Vaughn’s projects won’t even be a news.

  • us mag site

    from us mag site

    Friends of Jennifer Aniston tell Us Weekly that the break-up between the actress and Vince Vaughn has been downgraded to a “break.” (Hello, Ross and Rachel!) Though the couple have not been spotted together for seven weeks, and have not visited each other once while Vaughn has been fillming his comedy Fred Claus in London, insiders tell Us that Aniston, 37, is intent on making it work with Vaughn, 36. “They aren’t broken up,” says one confidant who previously confirmed the split….

  • agree to #28

    I believe they were really dating at the beginning. and very quickly, they found out they are not compatible. but the movie is coming out, so they cool it off. then we saw them promoting the movie. the movie did well, grossing 100M. so now, since the DVD is coming out, they might as well keep up with the charade.

    i doubt if they even meet secretly in england. think about it,
    if she will go oprah and denied the break up, that means she doesnt mind be seen with him. but so far no photos surfaced considering the paparazzie are after her day and night.

  • leaveheralone

    JA is not a needy person like someone ELSE we know and can let her man go do this thing while she does hers. Nuff said. She doesn’t have to have him up her a$$ to keep an eye on him because she knows he didn’t cheat on his wife to be with her. So there ya go.

  • annie


    JA is soo needy that VV had to threaten to sue a tabloid who said he was cheating on her! LOL Who even believed that story? It was just a peck on the cheek. The only reason I can think of VV making a big deal about it would be to make JA feel better. Even if they arent a couple..and I dont believe they are… JA couldnt stand the way it made her look …. Many celebs have far worse things said about them in the tabs. Maybe it has to do with VV being a bit of a swinger. He has admitted to one night stands and has said he always is the one to leave in all his relationshiips. Still, it seems odd that they havent been together in months. And btw, how does someone get the nerve to sue a tab for saying you have cheated on someone that you have never admitted even being with?!! That’s kooky.

  • why?

    Why not spend his break with Aniston in LA? And Aniston is not busy alos, not filming a movie, she has one day broadway show but not started yet. I think Vince is just helping her to put up a happy face and spare her from being a victim again after they broke off. Its a strange relationship if indeed theya re in a relationship to be away that long especially since they are only together for a year. I think Vince is gay and aniston is also a cover up for him. They are using each other!!!!

  • seinfeld

    VV is gay and JA is his beard. That is why VV is threatening to sue, and why JA hasnt seen fit to visit her “really loyal friend”. Yep he is definitely loyal.. got to give him that. JA and VV have never admitted to even dating!!! The only thing she said was they were not engaged but were just “being” WTf does that mean? Frankly I would be embarrased to deny breaking up with somone I had always denied dating. Some people have no shame. I know JA is a PR ***** but I really thought better of VV.
    I dont blame him for not coming out of the closet but please vince.. enough with this charade,man!

  • lina

    I have always loved VV….but Im a bit disappointed in him being caught up in this sham of a relationship. Hey, I am cool with letting my man do his thing at times, but no way would I go without being with him for 2 months unless there was something important keeping me away.

  • chris

    Vince’s widely noted penchants for booze and barely legal nightclub snatch will likely result in another widely publicized martyring for Jennifer

  • +++

    I don’t believed they are a couple. they are together for the movie promotion and DVD. both used each other for self purpose. she needed a break after 3 flops nd he on his first venture as a producer. She’s rich, if she can afford a private plane flying her to Chicago for Oprah’s a and NYC for the play she is participating. then why not jet to London in private plane on weekend to be with her lovers. she does’t have any project at this moment. and since she admit they were still a couple at Oprah’s , then why hide those dating and PDA from the razzi.

  • dolcevita

    Vaughn did very well. Another one on the coat tail of the true super
    star Brad Pitt. If he wasn’t associated by the so-called ‘romance’,
    Vaughn’s projects won’t even be a news.

    31 | Be sane


  • dolcevita

    40 | chris

    Hmmmmmm, just like Nic and Keith .

  • lol

    EWW VV IS SO FAT!! Jen is too good for him…

    24 | Willard G. Oxtoby

    But the irony was Vince dump her . bwahahaha.

  • creole

    he is not innocent , he knew what he was doing , he jumped in the Brad’s wagon for fame ;
    like a vulture
    the same with his ‘called” girlfriend
    they are two vultures , they belong together;
    they are surfing on the others ‘s fame to get name, no matter how, even if they have to kill their mother;

    I liked him before he gets into all this mess and showed his true colors;


    Vaughn did very well. Another one on the coat tail of the true super
    star Brad Pitt. If he wasn’t associated by the so-called ‘romance’,
    Vaughn’s projects won’t even be a news.

    31 | Be sane

    Truer words were never spoken. Brad Pitt is like Midas man — that’s why all these people are getting press, rom VV, to Maniston, to Donald Trump – who suddenly got an epiphany that when he mentions either superstar’s names (BP or AJ) his old geriatric nasty ass bald-headed greedy pig russian prostitute marryin’ ass gets news. hahahahaha.

  • pw

    JA and VV are FRIENDS not lovers.

  • anustin

    i thought his…nah jj will just delete them!

  • creole

    indeed he looks like a cartoon

  • creole

    without heels, Man of the year’s mouth is just in front of his beer belly;

  • mike

    VV and JA are not a couple: just friends. They have not split their friendship up and Vince did not cheat on their friendship.

  • really?

    52 | mike

    So friends move in together and one friend even goes on Oprah to say they are still “on”??? Why would Vince sue a tabliod to say he didn’t cheat on his “friend”? That makes absolutely no sense.

    You have to be very naive or very dim to believe something so far fetched!

  • MegFL

    dolcevita- my dear, Vince Vaughn is a 20M+/per actor and makes a Hell of a lot more films than Pitt. He also writes and produces. He’s not on anybody’s coat tails. Now Mr. Pitt, on the other hand, coat tailed his way through Angelina to his current do-gooder standing. Who is the leech?.