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Wentworth Miller: High School Pictures

Wentworth Miller: High School Pictures

Looks like Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller was quite the young stud dork back at Quaker Valley High School in Sewickley, PA. He was voted most r-r-r-romantic, photographed concentrating on a judo match, and quoted for saying, “Mr. Moxie because he’s so patriotic.” (This may have been a salute to pioneering cartoonist of color, George Mercer, and his comic strip “Arline’s Career.”)

His parents and two sisters, Gillian and Leigh, even sent their congratulations. And check out those glasses and track shorts on Went!!! More pictures in the gallery…

UPDATE :: Hahaha, okay, Mr. Stephen Moxie taught/teaches Social Studies and English at Quaker Valley High School. Just kidding, guys.

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wentworth miller high school 01
wentworth miller high school 02
wentworth miller high school 03
wentworth miller high school 04
wentworth miller high school 05
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  • geniass


  • geniass

    That was lame. Ohh most romantic!

  • Wet For Went

    ADORKABLE! I’d still hit it.

  • Mink

    Aw, babe!

  • touched

    Such a cutie pie. So he can sweep you off your feet and kick your ass, nice combo. LOL

  • Erin

    So adorable!! Thanks Jared!

  • soala

    Who knew Went was into kung-fu fighting?

  • Laura

    He looks like Orando Bloom in some of those pictures.

    I don’t think he’s lived a day in his life when he didn’t look hot!

  • Marta

    so cute :D

  • Jolie4ever

    I DON’T CARE!!! I’ll take him THEN and NOW :lol:

  • Linds

    He is so effing dorkalicious! He looks just like Corey Haim! Thank you Jared – everyone else, be gentle – if pics of you in HS were posted on a website you know you’d have a heart attack.

  • meemee35

    In some of those pics, his mixed features really stand out. Look at how thick his hair was, so cute.

  • Marleen

    He looks so cute then! But now he is hotter!!! Tanks for the pictures!!!!!! I love Went so much!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pabble

    He’s born to be a hottie! =)

  • lula29

    He looks exactly like a friend of my. brothers. I just got my brother to look at the photo’s and he agrees. It’s really kind of interesting actually.

  • wem33

    and he does look like Olrando Bloom in some of those pics. Is that because of his hair? Anyway he was sooo cute then, and now he’s soooo hot!!!!!! :)


    In some of those pics, his mixed features really stand out. Look at how thick his hair was, so cute.

    12 | meemee35

    You can definitely see he’s mixed, part black. His features look fuller – his nose appears a bit more streamlined now than it did then too. Agreed, he was very handsome then and now.

  • Elisabeth

    Thanks JJ! How in the world did you get your hands on these????? Good job! I would love to see pictures of his family.

  • OnSaleGirl

    Had I gone to HS with him, I would have followed him ’round like a lost puppy! Or is that a “kitty”. LOL!!!!

  • Priscilla R

    It’s always the dorky ones that become the catch when they get older. dorks in h.s= rich, gorgeous, successful in adulthood

  • sweetHoneybee

    He took judo? Could this man be any more perfect?

  • PrimulaBlue

    I was wondering when someone would hit the Quaker Valley High Library and get us some pics! Ah, he looks so sweet. If I were in high school with him, we could have run the AV Club together… I’m a soundchick myself!

  • Lauren


  • Susan

    Who would have ever guessed him to be so dorky looking. lol He’s gorgeous now!

  • PrimulaBlue

    Who is Mr. Moxie? Why he was Went’s high school English/Social Studies teacher.

  • MillerMadness

    Awww, love it! He’s adorkable back then too, that 2nd pic is so Clark Kent.

  • Belle

    Wow those are unbelievable.. even under all the dorkiness he still has that confidence and that intensity that makes me melt. oh and by the way, loves the hair!

  • Melissa J

    He looked great then and he looks great now, I love the dorky look! *Wentgasm*

  • FleshCartoon

    Thanks Jared!

  • Amanda

    I can now see Wentworth’s African American heritage its clearly obvious in these photos he is indeed a light skinned black man,.

  • samantha

    I agree he looks so much better with the wider nose/full lips/darker eyes. I hope he just grew into his new nose and didnt get surgery (My nose was also wider when i was younger so i can beleive it) cause he looked adorable in those pics. Before I had to be told in order for me to beleive that he was mixed with black, but these pics make it painfully obvious…he looks like the numerous mixed kids in my neighborhood.

  • Daria

    Amanda and Samantha, I’m glad the two of you finally see it (his black heritage). I guess those of us who are black and have brothers, fathers and cousins who look like Went have less trouble seeing it. *sighs*

  • mah87

    He alway say he is DORKY. He was so cute when he was young. I like the second pic with these glasses as he look HOT!!
    He’s lucky to have me still love him from these photos!!!!

  • Nerdy M

    I like what I see. I’m pretty much his exact female equivalent as a high school student…nerdy, bookish etc. but looking at him it feels a little more ok to be so…:)

  • rachel

    the bad hair is also a mandatory phase everyone will go through.

  • Matt

    he is adorable!

  • olivia

    OMG!! These pics are adorable!! I loooove him


    aww what a geek! i still love him though and yea he looks mixed in these pics. his real eye color is hazel. that whole one green one brown was a lie. sara wayne callies said that his eyes change in the light.

  • angelina

    SEXY THAN AND NOW!!!!!!!!! *sigh* :D

  • Jackie

    i agree with #14 ,he was born a hottie and the two girls that dumped him in middle school and in high school b/c of his mised background……i hope there kiciking themselves right now….cause look at him …who wouldn’t want to take a pieve of that home..

  • Zack

    I particularly loved the one with that Mr Moxie quote. That smile remained gorgeous after all these years! wtg Went!

    And thanks a lot to the Chief Blogger, jared for the wonderful update. Muahs!!

  • sassoon

    God! Was he a teenager in the ’50s?

  • cocot13

    I never heard the story about him being dumped by 2 girls in school can someone please fill me in and Jared please please please can you try to find pictures of his sisters and parents please

  • Jeanette

    He is so damn sexy

  • Patty

    This guy must have a great press agent (or he’s got naked pictures of Perez) – he’s in a different story every day.

    Give some other guy a chance.

  • Evangelina

    he looks like Clark Kent with those glasses ha ha.
    ¡¡¡Es muy lindo!!!Pretty

  • Noëlle

    sooo cute…he still looks cute in all the pictures i think. If he’d be in my class, i’d definetly go for it he’s cute!!

  • Lara

    Before I had to be told in order for me to beleive that he was mixed with black, but these pics make it painfully obvious…
    32 | samantha

    I don’t understand why it’s “painful?” You make it sound like it hurts you to admit he’s mixed.

    (I apologize if I took this the wrong way. I’m trying to teach my son acceptance and tolerance and love, but the world we’re living in sometimes makes the task seem impossible. Ruffles my feathers when people perpetuate hate and judgement. So again, sorry if you didn’t mean it this way!)

  • angelcake

    He looks really young and innocent. such a sweetie. aww jj you’ve done it again baby!

  • Kira

    Lara, that “painfully obvious” statement didn’t set too well with me, either. Maybe I’m overly sensitive but it really rubs me the wrong way how some of these “fans” act so startled that they can actually see his black heritage. It’s almost as if they’re just hoping and praying he’s not really black at all or that they can overlook it.
    He’s half-black, people! Deal with it!