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Demi & Ashton Lock Stares

Demi & Ashton Lock Stares

Demi Moore (next dress, please!) and hubby Ashton Kutcher were inseparable last night at the Hollywood Film Festival in Beverly Hills. Demi and Ashton walked the red carpet hand in hand during and spent more than enough time gazing lovingly into each others’ eyes…

Demi, 43, is part of the ensemble cast of Bobby, directed by Emilio Estevaz, opening nationwide Nov. 17.

More pictures inside of Demi and Ashton

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demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 01
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 02
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 03
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 04
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 05
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 06
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 07
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 08
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 09
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 10
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 11
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 12
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 13
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 14
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 15
demi moore ashton kutcher holding hands 16

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  • me


  • me

    walang kupas talaga si Demi Moore..astig ka ashton..

  • giedre

    She looks like good looking old lady with her eldest son.

  • MadZah

    They look fantastic. their detractors should STFU

  • rotten

    Ashton Kutcher is suck!
    I want to dump sulfuric acid over a face of this person

  • delana

    Demi looks great but what a horrible dress!

    Ashton looks kind of lost? good he has his momma there with him :)

  • WTF

    She gets better looking, while he looks worse and worse.

  • Sizel

    Did he just decide not to shave, ever again?? And what is wrong with Demi’s stylist? It looks like her dress ripped up in the front, and as a plan B they just tied it together again!

  • rotten

    Ashton Kutcher is suck! 死ね!

  • MB

    I think they look great together

  • Fattie

    Ashton’s clothes always rocks! He’s got great fashion sense! … Demi’s a whore…

  • selma

    loose the beard!!! what is up with all those beards nowadays?

  • silly question

    This really is a silly question to ask, but does anyone know what kind of dark dark nail polish Demi and many other celebs have been wearing lately? Chanel’s VAMP, Chanel’s BLACK SATIN, or some other?

  • WTF

    silly-I read that Black Satin was very in now. Haven’t heard anything about vamp.

  • Sweet Swede

    They look lovely and beautiful together. But the lower part of her dress is pure fashion disaster.

  • ashy larry

    For a 40 something year old woman, she looks absolutely phenomenal, but that dress is fulgy. Ashton, please shave your beard. I hate that scruffy, trying to play down looks, beard.

  • Ajumma

    He looks like he could be her kid brother from her mother’s 2nd marriage or something!

  • eres

    is it me or does she look like she runs shit?

  • Kini

    I wonder how long he will stare at her once plastic surgery STOPS working on her. Has he ever seen a razor? Maybe his mommy Demi forgot to shave him. Like them both just not together.

  • trish

    Funny how people rag on these 2, but when an old fart man marries a younger woman everyone reacts like he won the grand prize, lol, Demi looks great!! All you haters or should I say jealous younger woman get over it!!!

  • malvolio

    …the surgery makes her look stiff and unnatural. Her chin, knees, and boy-swag show her age…and, as for “hating” on them, they’re fucking celebrities, they’re not your family or friends, don’t worry about it, they’ll get over it. There’s no jealousy surrounding the role-reversal with the older-woman/younger-dude scenario — how can there be with Demi going under the knife to try to look half her age? Get real. Older women look like older women, and a lot of them look GREAT! Demi looks like the patched-together piece of art she is. And, no, I don’t think so because I’m jealous of celebrities….sheesh….

  • ninjagirl

    Ooooh listen to all the “haters”, I think Demi Rocks the Casba!! Ashton looks to me like a very happy and content man with the woman he wants to be with. I really think they could be “soul mates “.I remember this older actress Audrey Hepburn ,turned humanitarian after retiring from Show Biz who married a guy who I think was like 20 years younger and stayed”happily” together for like 20 or more years until her death. Word had it that he absolutely “adored” her till the very end. Ashton reminds me of that kind of guy. I am really happy for them but agree with the negative remarks on he dress. She has looked much beter on other occassions.

  • babyphat

    I love this couple! GO ASH AND DEMI!!! YOU ROCK!!!
    She looks gorgeous period!

  • ash

    i think they are the only couple that are cute, ppl go on and on about their age difference and this and dat katie homles and tom cruise only get dissed for their saying stupid shit in the public but NEVER does anyone say anythinga bout their age its gay. Demi and AShton look in love unlike the cruises, i think they are very cute

  • amanda

    i like her dress i think its sexy + classy at the same time…

  • rachel

    ughh! what’s up with the shaggy look! he looks like a homeless drunkard.

  • someone

    hey girls, its not smart to talk bad about older women who have relationship with younger men – because you will be also older, not younger, and then, you will be in the same position as demi – no matter what, no matter of your looks, your intellect, your capabilities and proffession, no matter of your activities, your age will be like stigma, which will reduce you to 40ty something “garbage” – a stereotype

    i think its great, that ashton accepts the wrinkles and age she has, and does not care about the media because he loves her

    most men just run away when the women gets her first wrinkles, and get younger one

    look at hollywood – the older the actors get, the younger their counterparts in films, while aging female actors get negated – like in real life – and young females just strengthen this stereotype with bashing oder ones, without a thouth, that in few years, they will be in the same position…. think about

  • lucylie

    in response to the previous comment. most woman who are forty are still married not three times divorced with three kids with a man almost 20 yrs younger. not a fair comparison you are making. this is a reply to the person who calls him/herself “someone”

  • aly

    She look ugly and ‘old’…Ashton is gorgeous lol…and hmm who’s she?His mother??…:D

  • Natasha

    Demi is gorgeous!!!