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Wentworth Miller's Prius Arrival

Wentworth Miller's Prius Arrival

Wentworth Miller showed up in style at last night’s FOX Fall 2006 Eco-Casino Party at Boulevard3 in Hollywood, CA… in a Toyota Prius, no less! Pictured above: Prison Break co-stars Robert Knepper and Sarah Wayne Callies. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE 1 :: Added Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies red carpet pictures! Dom, no more flip-flops! SWC, stop bulging your eyes!

UPDATE 2 :: The other dude is Peter Liguori, President of Entertainment Fox Broadcasting Company…

And now, read on for the synopsis of last night’s episode “Dead Fall″: What a great episode! My favorite scenes include the heroic efforts of Michael to save his papi Sucre. It reminded of Jack and Kate
from The Titanic. “If you jump, I jump.” Well only one person jumped, so the operative word is really “drown.” After realizing that T-Bag with his one hand has managed to steal all the money, Michael and Sucre attempt to get away on foot. All goes well, until Sucre gets his foot stuck underneath a big branch and he needs his former cellie Michael to save the day. Phew! Thank goodness there weren’t any “I’ll never let go, Papi” moments.

(Continued after the jump)


(Continued before the jump)

Papa and Son Burrows finally reunite! Linc pays someone $50 to give a LJ a whooping to distract the authorities. That is tough love yo. After emerging empty-handed, Bellick and Geary are hot on the trail again after visiting Jeannette and taking the $100 that T-Bag left as a parting gift. Maybe they can lend T-Bag a hand? Speaking of T-Bag, guess which girlfriend he is going to visit?

Sara is running for her life after she sprays the FBI guy that killed Veronica (RIP) in her apartment with RAID. TPTB, are you trying to me something? She tries trusting her father’s political friend Bruce, only to have him tip off the company and wrongfully shooting a civilian. With no one to turn to and nowhere to go, Sara finds the time to decipher Michael’s message. Why would she do that? I would hightail it out of there ASAP. This whole message deciphering is not exciting when you know the message says. And of course Kellerman deciphers half of her message while Sara is kicking herself for not opening the last crane. She would have found out where to meet Michael!

Mahone is being investigated by Infernal Affairs for the deaths of Abruzzi and Tweener (RIP). Just when Mahone is starting to sweat bullets, he is miraculously saved…by Kellerman. It seems as though our boy is under the payroll of Madame President. There’s only one endgame: “They all die.”

Stay tuned next week for Unearthed! Maybe we will find out what Mahone has buried in his backyard. And Mrs. Mahone will be making an appearance as well!

[Written by geniass]
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60 Responses to “Wentworth Miller's Prius Arrival”

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  1. 1
    Berunai Says:

    First… and it feels so good! Oooh ooooh.

  2. 2
    Elisabeth Says:

    Second and MAN, what a start to my day!

  3. 3
    Elisabeth Says:

    Oh, and I love the outfit on Wentworth, looks becoming!

  4. 4
    Erin Says:

    He looks amazing. I love the scruff and the jeans. Look at the way he is looking at Sarah in the 6th pic. Just look! ;)

  5. 5
    Marleen Says:

    Went looks so good in those clothes. Thanks for the pictures! I love Went so much! He’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    geniass Says:

    Good to see you’re on top of things Jared! *thud*

  7. 7
    Evangelina Says:

    good pictures!!!

  8. 8
    Mink Says:

    Thanks Jared! Ummm…Went is looking so good at the mo’. (No ‘Cisco Fashion Crisis’ I see. Phew!) And Sarah was certainly bringing the glamour last night. But, yeah, Dom, what is up with the flip flops? No, just no!

  9. 9
    JudoMaster Says:

    THANK YOU Jared!!! Love that cheeky look on Went’s face when he got out of the Prius – hot, hot, hot! Last night’s eppy was awesome, wish I could kick Kellerman and T-bag through the tv set!

  10. 10
    cas Says:

    OMG! Yay for jeans that respect the waist! Mr Miller totally nailed it. HAWT!!! thanks JJ.

  11. 11
    Elisabeth Says:

    The look between the two show there is some sort of chemistry!!!! Like it!

  12. 12
    Pabble Says:

    Thanks JJ. You made my day. =)

  13. 13
    cas Says:

    Wentworth once said Sarah’s husband will kick his ass if he said anymore nice things about her but THAT LOOK might just achieve that. And that’d be the look the French blogger was talking about. There’s no mistaking it!! Hotness!!!

  14. 14
    ZeNd Says:

    COOL MAN!! Love sara and went in the pictures. If sara was not married… I’ll hope that they will hook up! lol.

    nebody know who is sara’s husband??

  15. 15


  16. 16
    katarina Says:

    Wentworth Miller looked exceptionally good- the whole rugged look is really REALLY fit..and is ee what u mean about that sneaky look ay Sara…;)

  17. 17
    katarina Says:

    *I see what you mean about that snesky look to Sara* did I mention that Wentworth Miller looked soo Fit. JJ u made my day!!

  18. 18
    corona Says:

    went’s shoes are a bit chunky for my taste. haha but it’s all good. he’s still the hottest thing on earth.

  19. 19
    katarina Says:

    Oh my bad I can’t spell today..that picture is sooo GOOOD

  20. 20
    corona Says:

    what’s that he’s holding on the first picture?

  21. 21
    Elisabeth Says:

    #20 when he is getting out of the car, that thing in his hand, I have no idea…..Any guesses? I know at one time he had a glass of wine in his hand, that looked yummy.

  22. 22
    Elisabeth Says:

    It’s possible he is holding his blackberry.

  23. 23
    Kacee Says:

    I think everyone is noticing THAT look. I wonder what they’re talking about but most of all, how I wish I was the one receiving that melting stare. Hot hot hot!

  24. 24
    kimber Says:

    Oh Jared, you made my morning. Love the pics, Went looks so good! Thanks much!

  25. 25
    meemee35 Says:

    Went is soo mighty fine! Thanks JJ!

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