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Madonna's Banda Of Joy

Madonna's Banda Of Joy

Madonna shared these SUPER CUTE pictures of her adopted son, David, on The Oprah Winfrey Show just minutes ago. HOW ADORABLE IS DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More family photos in the gallery…

13-month old David Banda now lives with Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie with them at their home in London, along with their two other children, 10-year-old Lourdes and 6-year-old Rocco. Looks like everyone’s already well-adjuted…

UPDATE :: Added two more pictures! Enjoy –


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david banda madonna family photos 01
david banda madonna family photos 02
david banda madonna family photos 03
david banda madonna family photos 04
david banda madonna family photos 05
david banda madonna family photos 06
david banda madonna family photos 07
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  • anna


  • aveeno1

    First? super cute! the kids look happy… I’m glad Madonna adopted. I’m pissed at the media for turning it into a scandal. Malawi needs international adoptions and this media mess will discourage people… the only one’s who lose in this battle are those kids that need parents….

  • coco

    Fair play to them – I think it’s great. Leave them be to enjoy him… he’s in a good home.

  • angelah

    aww look @ rocco and david.

  • jenpo

    People shld just mind their own business…she did a good thing…what would your choice be if you were david? african village orphanage or london mansion with all the priviledges in the world? don’t tell me anyone will actually choose the african village, coz that’ll be a lie

  • WTF

    He’s cute! So is Rocco

  • D

    If , for example, all the filthy rich people in the world would donate a tiny bit of their money to poor countries then kids wouldn’t have to be separated from their (loving) biological parents. Part of me think that Madonna has done a good thing but nobody talks about all the adopted people that go through identity crises etc., I just hope that she raises him well and that he contiues having a good contact with his father.

  • Mean person

    The baby is cuter than both her older children. The older kids are funny looking now.

  • smozan

    I think all the kids are adorable – little Lola is the spitting image of her mom.


    Too cute!

  • coco

    D, whatever about ideal world scenarios, we’d all love it to be fair… i think you should look into things a bit deeper before making such sweeping statements on adopted kids… a lot of adopted kids are just fine and happy and can grow to have less/as many/more “identity crises” than kids who stay with their biological families… you can’t generalise like that… surely it depends very much on the family, biological or not, that you grow up in. I think Madonna and co can provide this kid with a great life and I’m sure his dad thinks so too… whose to say he won’t keep in touch with his real dad and even help him in the future when he is in a position to..

  • ZZZZHater

    zzZ, shut up please, and don’t bring Jennifer Aniston into this

  • bdj

    Too cute!!!. I am sure that Little David will get all the love and care he needs. Hopefully, Madonna and Guy will keep in touch with David’s roots and visit his birthplace often. The important thing is to save a life and to help the other children that are still in the Orphanage(s). Best wishes to Madonna and her family.

  • D

    #12/Coco I agree with what u say, she’s doing a good thing but I think it’s also fair to “look deeper” in the sense of not seeing adoption as just “peechy & rosy”, I have lots of adopted friends who were/are pretty messed up due to things related to theim being adopted. What I was trying to say was that people should make greater efforts to build poor countries up from the ground (and throw off their greedy governments) so that families don’t have to be torn apart due to poverty.,u understand? But of course, as long as there ARE poor kids who get a chance for a better life then great…

  • TTT

    The Father wants his kids back Modonna, oh I forgot rich people get what they want at all costs.

  • coco

    D… i getcha… and i agree… I have a few adopted friends too and yes, it can be tough to deal with and work through, but I also know they are so grateful for the life they’ve been given as the alternative was pretty bleak. They also feel so loved by their adoptive parents… but I do get what you say… it’s not peachy and it’s not rosy, but he’s getting a good home hopefully and more importantly a chance at a good education. She’s creating debate though and awareness, so all that’s good I guess… then you have TTT and ZZZ with their insightful words! Keep it comin’ guys! and try hitting another key on the keyboard!

  • Cathy

    Shame on you Madonna.

  • Patti

    zzzz go back under the rock you crawled out from.
    I think it’s great! The kids all look happy! I think Madonna and Guy have their heart in the right place. They are such great parents already. They make sure their kids live a semi-normal life and not jetset them all over the world. David is a lucky boy, as well as the Ritchy family for having him in their life too. God bless them!!

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared, he is such a cutie pie, and he looks so happy, they all look happy. David is going to have a good life with the Ritchie’ family

  • Original jpf

    I’m so happy for him and them. I have a feeling they need him as much as he need’s them beccause I’ve before seen or felt they were really “all” connected. It was like Lourdes was her daughter, and Rocco was also her’s but from a different dad. Guy seemed distant always and like Madonna ran the show, but I get a completely different vibe from these pic’s, and it’s a good vibe.

    Side something……….I’d love for Rocco and Maddox to meet. I bet they’d have a blast and so would their dads.

    thanks Jared!


  • me

    I have a feeling that no matter what Madonna does, these naysayers will bash her for it. Nobody said you have to like the woman, but for god’s sake at least admit when she’s done something good. And she has done something very good in adopting.
    She and her family have been talking about adopting for 2 years, so it doesn’t sound like it was a spur of the moment decision. But one well thought out and prepared for.
    As for the father, I’m not sure what’s up with him. I find him rather hard to trust. First, he tells Madonna that he’s very happy that she’s going to adopt his son and give him a good life. Then, when asked by the media, he says that he’s happy she’s adopting him and giving him a good life. Now, all of a sudden, he’s upset and wants the kid back? Why now? Has he seen the money train pull into the station? Has he finally figured out he can get something from them? It’s highly suspicious to me that he suddenly changes his story for no reason at all. Maybe, he’s just confused by the media. Still, I’m wary.
    Anyway, congratulations to Madonna and family. David is a cutie and the entire family looks very happy. I wish them all the best.

  • Jeannified

    So cute!!! He’ll have a good life and be very loved!!! Nothing wrong with that!

  • Jackie

    #11 zzZ ITA….David is adorable.

  • Jackie

    #21 Alexanderina… as always ITA with you.
    Why would anyone want to prevent this child of
    having the advantaged and priviledge life that Madonna can give him?

  • syd

    11 | zzZ

    Please tell me you were being sarcastic right? If you were, then it’s okay.

    20 | Patti |

    Sigh. I will never understand some people. You praise Madonna for what she has done for David, yet in the same sentence, you snidely remark that Angelina and Brad are bad parents because how dare they travel around the world with their kids and make their lives more culturally fulfilling. In one breath, you heap kuddos on a woman who has saved a life and faced criticism for it and in the next, you criticize another women for here parenting skills because they don’t fit your perception of good parents.

    Astounding! I will never understand people like that.

  • angelah

    I truly wish this family the best.

  • anon48

    so cute ! lucky kid.

  • angelina

    SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thea

    The boy looks happy. And so does the whole family. I think the media should just back off and let them be. Madonna may have acted somewhat clumsy but I think she was well intentioned.

  • wow

    Wow you guys are definitely all her fans….I say if the boy gets a good life great, but I am not diefying this woman…the difference between me and the all these Madge Stans…case in point let any other pop queen (ie a Janet or a Mariah) you guys would be called publicity stunt up the wazoo, even though both of those women have been giving money, housing and scholarships to the poor their entire careers (more Janet I guess) but honestly these same fans would call foul and it makes me wonder is it David you’re happy for another reason to give Madonna all the attention she needs?…..regardless, I hope she’s sincere and I hope she’s doesn’t warp him into thinking she created the sun too.

  • anon48

    28 | syd

    ITA. I guess Patti was under the payroll of Huvaniston. she was every where spewing vile coment on Brad and Angie. funny, here she was praising Madge on her adoption, but so critical on Jolie adopting kid.

  • anon48

    #11 zzZ

    LOL. ITA. David is so cute, Rocco too. Never though Madonna would change from this wild child to a loving mother and a adoring wife.

  • Stephen Huvane

    Patti is Jennifer Aniston.

  • kidi

    I could usually take or leave Madonna, but this is a very nice thing for
    her to do. And her family is beautiful.

  • norah

    I’m so happy for him and them. I have a feeling they need him as much as he need’s them beccause I’ve before seen or felt they were really “all” connected. It was like Lourdes was her daughter, and Rocco was also her’s but from a different dad. Guy seemed distant always and like Madonna ran the show, but I get a completely different vibe from these pic’s, and it’s a good vibe.

    Side something……….I’d love for Rocco and Maddox to meet. I bet they’d have a blast and so would their dads.

    thanks Jared!


    23 | Original jpf |

    Im confused. You do know that Rocco is Guy’s biological son, right?

  • hypocrite

    20 | Patti |

    Patti I guess you dont remember Madonna being in Russia recently with her kids during her tour.

    They have traveled often with her and I dont think that is a bad thing for ANY child. Being with their parents is the important thing.

  • aycaramba

    41st, hah

  • hmmmm

    I seem to like these pictures better than those of the AJ and BP family. The focus here seem to be all on the kids, while there were on the couple…(think it’s because that couple are “better looking?”)

    Nice seeing how these kids interact with each other. Haven’t seen a picture of Mad and Z interact with each other… don’t remember it. Can’t see them without the parent(s) being in the center…


  • hmmmm

    p.s. you do not see one front fact of Madonna in these pictures. Just the children’s face.


  • hmmmm

    face, that is.

  • hmmmm

    and faces.

  • ninjagirl

    There is so much love for that boy, you can see it in “all” their eyes . They will be a blessing to him and he will grow up to be a blessing to them and very likely his people in Africa when he becomes a grown educated man. I am very happy for them all especially young David. God only knows what kind of life this child would be left with without the love and support of his new family.

  • i nyc

    god bless her and her family for doing such a great deed!

    the family seemed very happy indeed!! :)

    all the negative people just shoo fly go away ! lol

  • i nyc

    god bless her and her family for doing such a great deed!

    they seem very happy indeed. :)

  • kmillz

    God is going to bless her…as for the media and the clowns on this website….bad things happen to bad ppl

  • Kristy

    I thought she hadn’t actually adopted him yet, just got one of those 18 month try before you buy kinda things.
    I’m not devaluing what she’s done by the way, I think it’s great. Although I do agree with #7, the international community would be far better served by the elite mega-rich donating a proportion of their wealth to help thousands of people rather than saving one at at time. Why does one deserve more than the rest? Because he/she is cuter, funnier, etc? Doesn’t seem fair to me but ah well them’s the breaks.

    My point? Lourdes looks SO much like Madonna.

  • OG

    What a gorgeous smile! Who would deny this child a happy life? And Guy, what a wonderful and funny man. I can see why Maddona hooked up with him!

  • MJ

    David still has a biological father, for his sake I wish Madonna just be a foster mother and not adopt him, so he can legally and freely remain the biological father’s son under the guise of law.

  • OG

    53 | Kristy

    they do give these orphanages and towns money too! Don’t you read a whole story before posting something like that?

  • http://justjared airhostess

    the 18months are to ensure her home is a safe happy healthy home for david. not a trial period for madonna to decide if she wants to keep him or not.