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Nicole, Naomi, and the Nephew

Nicole, Naomi, and the Nephew

Nicole Kidman was spotted carrying her 5-year-old nephew Hamish last night at fellow Aussie Naomi Watts‘ house in Brentwood, CA. (Hamish is the son of Nicole’s lil sis, Antonia.) Nicole is still expected to come to New York for the Nov. 5 premiere of Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, even though hubby Keith Urban recently entered rehab. Fur has a limited release on Nov. 10.

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  • ben

    Poor Nicole.

  • Spammy

    They will make it through its great that she is sticking by him. Shows how much they really love each other.

  • coco

    i feel so sorry for her… and little Hamish looks so like her… it must be hard for her, especially now with Keith in rehab. will life ever give her a happy break

  • Mel

    Where are her kids? You very rarely see her with them. Bizarre.

  • Original jpf

    I really like her and hope for the best for them.


  • Fick

    Does anyone know FOR SURE where Keith is in rehab? LA? Nashville? Australia?

  • Jules

    I feel bad for HER kids. She never spends anytime with them it looks like.

  • Christy

    I hope she’s carrying that kid because the paps are around…otherwise…if it as attempt to look “motherly”…not so much. The kids is 5 and is almost as big as she is. I think he’d be better off carrying her…AND if she is in LA…where are her kids? Don’t they live there? Since she lives across the country, wouldn’t she be spending time with her own kids if she’s in LA? Did Tom BUY them in the divorce or something?

  • fiona

    Looks like its not necessary for her to pay Keith the US$600k that he is entitled if they stay married for a year, since he violated the no alcohol/drug abuse clause.

    I think she will bail out from her marriage before their one year anniversary. I just think she really just wanted to marry to whoever, for publicity purposes, having been overshadowed by Tomkat. The fact the she agreed to pay him something even if Keith is also a successful singer is kinda weird to me. Why cant Keith agree to not getting anything if they get divorced from Nicole if they are in love? I think its so unmanly of him and so desperate for Nicole. Just my take…

  • Patti

    I think she uses every opportunity she can to get sympathy. I don’t have a problem with her…she’s a good actress. But Keith Urban was clean for seven years before meeting & marrying her and now he’s in rehab. That is very sad and reflects that this relationship is not good for him. Like my DJ’s said today, she drove him to drink…maybe there’s truth to that?

  • Patti sucks

    Patti you suck – as if Nicole drove him to it. She’s been through enough crap and now Keith’s let her down as well…

  • Natalie

    I am not so fond of Nicole Kidman – she seems very cold to me. She is using the child for publicity – shameless. I am not a huge country fan, but Keith Urban is in rehab and it seems like after 4 months of wedded bliss with her, he was driven to drink. I don’t buy the contract marriage…I think it was a PRENUP…and face it, if he was in it for the money, he’d likely have tried to stay sober. It’s sad…but hopefully over soon.


    Patti sucks: YOU suck! No one let NK down. She knew exactly what she was getting into. Everything she goes through, she puts herself through. She LOVEs being the victim. You know what Nicole? The public is SICK of it. Poor, poor Nicole. Yeah right. She doesn’t want to exploit her children with the media, but she sure doesn’t have a problem doing it with her nieces and nephews does she? She’s PATHETIC!! Run away from her as FAST as you can Keith. Get your life back!!!

  • Marc

    Urban is a great guy – I’ve met him. He has battled the demons of drink for awhile, but had it under control. Now he’s in rehab after 4 months with her. I will say no more, except good luck to him. As far as she’s concerned, no comment.

  • COGIRL sucks

    Yeah ok – because everyone loves having their new husband fall off the wagon and embarrass them in front of the whole world. Uh huh she looks like she’s having fun too…COGIRL get fucked

  • Karen

    Wow…another poor me, I’m hurting so much Kidman picture. She’s hurting for herself and what this could do to her career. She is less than interested in how her beloved husband is doing. She wasn’t with him when he checked in to rehab…so that was just PR BS too. Urban has a hx of addiction but has been clean for years…why after 4 months of wedded bliss is the man in rehab? Well, if you were married to a control freak who can’t keep her name / mug out of the tabloids, you might start drinking too.

    It is a sad day when you start using your little nephew to get another “poor me” sympathy picture in the press. But then, if you don’t really spend any time with your own kids, you need your neices & nephews.

  • BettyJo

    She’s carrying the child to protect him from the paparazzi, who were hiding in the bushes. You can see one of them jumped out from the bushes in the 3rd row of pictures.

  • botoxed one

    I am so sick of Nicole being the victim. And I actually used to like her!

  • sprite

    I think she is carrying him because he doesn’t have his shoes on. When they arrived, in daylight he had shoes on. Maybe he fell asleep while visiting and she carried him to the car when they left. Plus those idiots are hiding in the bushes.
    I hope everything works out for her and K.

  • Jennifer

    Karen, how do you know she did not visit her kids while she’s in LA? She has the means to hire all the needed security to keep her kids out of the public eye. Frankly, it’s nobody’s business how much time she spends with her kids,

    To me, the pictures tell me of a very close relationship between Nicole and her family. Her sister, who is several months pregnant, shuffled her busy family and professional schedules to fly to LA to keep her company. Her little nephew clearly adores her. Nic is definitely a very warm person, and is well-loved by her family and friends.

  • Jennifer

    #18, I sick of people like you. Yes, Nicole is a victim this time. It’s her husband who went in for alcohol rehab.

    To all of you who are saying she’s ‘playing this for sympathy’, I hope one day you get to live the life of a girlfriend/wife of an alcoholic.

  • Lori

    I think it is important that she have her family around at this difficult time nothing more. You are all so mean. Keith is such an incredible guy, he just has a problem. Lay off already!! Why do you all have to be so mean?? Nic loves Keith and he loves her I have seen it. You are need to get your own life.

  • giedre

    Unfortunetely,we don’t see her very often with her own children.Thanks God,her ex-husband spends time with them.

  • Jennifer

    #23 – You don’t see her with her children because she’s very protective of their privacy. She does not need to make a public display of her kids eveytime she’s with them. There are many folks who have seen them together. For example, if you go to the website of Dylan Hartung, a little boy striken with cancer, his mom wrote that Nicole brought her kids over to visit Dylan. These are private moments that do not belong in the tabloids. Sorry you rely on tabloid photos as ‘evidence’ that she does not spend much time with her kids.

  • Dancer

    Why do you all say she is playing a victim? She is not. She is keeping a low profile unlike her ex-Tom who never seems to. How do you all know she never sees her kids? She has a private plane, she has a house down the block from Tom Cruise. She has also said (and Tom too on Letterman) that she goes to soccer games (Ellen and Letterman). Unlike Tom she does not notify the paps that she is going. Unlike Tom she also does not attract the huge contigency of paps. She is super protective of her kids. She was on a British Radio station about two weeks ago talking about how she worries about them and misses them. And for those of you stating she is exploiting her nephew–how many pictures have you seen of her with the kids! Geez-us, give her a break. You don’t like her fine, but you don’t have to make things up. Her kids wanted to stay in one place (and again Tom or Nic said that on a talk show). Tom chose to stay. As much as I dislike TomKat, the three of them have been wonderful co-parents to Isabelle and Connor. They focus on the kids and what their needs are rather than themselves. Keith, as several have mentioned, is a wonderful guy. He has a problem. He is taking care of it. She is standing by him. And before anyone says why isn’t she there–when you go into rehab, generally the family is not allowed visitation for the first few weeks. Keith obviously adores her and she him. I wish them both the best.

  • sexyvegan

    If she worries for her kids and misses them then how come she doesn’t live with them? How come she doesn’t live in the same state or on the same coast as them? You fools are blind for idolizing her like she does no wrong. Also, don’t start with the whole “Tom keeps her away from them blah blah’ because that is false, in their divorce settlement they were given joint custody.

  • Lovin Nashville

    She should be in Nashville IF Keith is in rehab in Nashville.

    How could this have been a surprise to her? How could she possibly be shocked.

    And as for the family members getting treatment- Dancer, you are wrong. Family members get counseling before the entire family goes for group counseling.

    It’s nice to see that she is “moving on with her life” as if nothing ever happened.

    Keith, you go, we are all behind you. Get rid of her and just be YOU.

  • deardra

    Nicole Kidman has never kept a low profile. She’ll milk her victim routeen for all it’s worth. After all, Tom’s getting married soon to a much better woman. One who actually sees their kids. Keith has a problem, alright. Her name is Nicole Kidman. Going into rehab after just 4 months of marriage speaks volumes. If he were smart, he’d divorce the manipulative has-been and get back to the music that he loves and leave the sideshow to pick up the piece of her dead career.

  • brownfeather

    Both she and the kid are smiling for the photographer. She doesn’t seem too concerned about the “jumping out of the bushes”. They were probably waiting right where she told them to be.

    If I had to live with that hag, I’d drink too.

  • Nona

    Nicole was in Europe working, fliming, United Nations Ambassdor duties in Kosovo and flew back to be with Keith. He might be in Los Angeles for rehab. I doubt it she called the paps to come take her picture while holding her nephew. The paps are like vultures if you ask me. Tom and Nicole’s kids live with Tom for the most part. She no doubt sees them. regularly and is in contact with them daily when not in LA by telephone. How do we know she isn’t? Just because the paps aren’t taking pictures of them together, does not mean she isn’t seeing her kids. Regular ordinary people get divorced and sometimes one parent is the primary caretaker of the kids. The other parent does see the kids or have them live with them for whatever they have set up. Tom and Nicole aren’t the only divorced people who live in different cities. Most kids do alright with that set up. Drug/alcohol addiction is terrible. Ask anyone who has been addicted or has a family member who has. Sometimes they slip up for whatever reason. It happens. Hoping for the best for Nicole and Keith.

  • LNIsJerk

    Lovin Nashville, Did Nicole tell you that she was shocked? Why shouldn’t she be shocked by Keith’s relapse? Maybe you have insider information that Keith has been drinking for a long time? How do you know Keith is in Nashville? He could be in LA as most of the top rehab centers are in LA. How do you know every treatment center has the same policy regarding family visitation? Please do take your hot Keith off Nicole’s hand if you want and hopefully all these nasty comments, rumors and malice from Saint Keith fans will go with you.

  • truthbtold

    Oh my, I don’t wish any pain on Nicole…but she sure would be better off if these nasty Keith fans took him off her hands. She doesn’t deserve such malice and bitchiness. I wouldn’t be surprised if Keith was driven to drink by his fans reaction to a concert he did in Atlanta recently. How does a guy get rid of these obssessive fans. Both Keith and Nic appeared happy in their personal life, I am convinced it must be his rabid fans causing him so much pain. I know I wouldn’t be able to take it .

  • Leann

    Why is she never seen with her adopted kids????

  • thegrinchiscoming

    well, my daughter is 5 years old and my sister likes to “carry” her around when she is going to put her in the car or from the car to the door. I don’t think why this has to be a publicity stunt, it’s her nephew.
    I really wish Nicole the best! she is an extremely talented actress and I wish that she finds peace and happiness in her personal life.

  • tina

    Poor Nicole. She just has to go to L.A. so the poor Nicole pictures can begin. Does she still have kids, or did she let Katie adopt them?

  • Jojo

    You obsessed Keith fans and Nicole haters are laughable in how obvious you are. It’s kinda sad.

    And no I don’t think Nicole knew they were there. Being one if not the biggest actresses working in hollywood, when something of this nature becomes you, the Paps are going to follow you anywhere they can.

  • wtf

    I don’t see Nicole playing victim at all. During the divorce from GMD she was very strong and not on a ton of talk shows, Uma & you know who STILL talks about their divorces and no one says much about that.

  • jean

    Perhaps Keith was driven to drink when he realized what a bun ch of kooks Hollywood people are!! Now he has to socialize with them cus of Nicole! He’s normal. Those people are definitely not.

  • truthbtold

    I honestly think Hollywood people are more normal that the crazy loons that Keith Urban attracts! Doing drugs and alcohol is normal behavior? Well then, no wonder the country’s in such a mess. For the record, Keith used to do cocaine and alcohol before he even had the slightest contact with Hollywood. Nearly all country stars have a drink problem. What’s up with that? Maybe they don’t like the taste of water in Nashville.

  • JoliePitt

    Uh, twiddle-dee, twiddle-dumb, what does that kid not have on? Could it be shoes? Maybe that’s why she’s carrying him? No, that’s too logical, it’s probably just because she’s an evil, manipulative bitch.

    I don’t even like Nicole, but I honestly feel sorry for her. Not b/c her husband is in rehab, but because of his lunatic fans. Wah-wah-wah! Why is everything is all about Nicole! Nicole! Nicole! But anytime anything ever happens, it’s solely about Nicole. Geesh, make up your minds already.

  • julieRAGE

    u think everyone wakes up one morning wishing their four months husband becomes an alcholholic for pulicity stunt, u should all try that and trust me by your hateful comments it’s certain u all won’t see the light of day cos you all so shallow and senseless and saying her ex is getting married to a better woman sure yet she stood by and let her lawyer father suck out $33 million out of her so called “love of my life” something NIC and her family never did, well to u KH is a better person(no personalty and ambition) cos you are as shallow as TOMKAT no reputation and self-respect, the so called new mom doesn’t even have any relationship with the kids they don’t INTERACT with (from all pictures so far at soccer games they are with their dad talking and laughing never for once seen them talk to her and vice versa) her or anything she’s just there sitting at the sideline jumping like an idiot happy to be out and about with TC(STARSTRUCK) she has nothing to do with the NIC’S kids just there for her own welfare so u all don’t be delude by the lies TOMKAT want’s y’ll to buy but apperently you have

  • trish

    Bashing Nicole just shows ignorance on those that do it!!! Keith is a grown man, fully capable of saying no!!! Noone forced him at gunpoint to marry Nicole, or to do drugs etc. you haters and crazed Keith fans, he loves her chose her, get a grip, face reality, the man is no saint, geez, placing blame on her, hollywood, or anyone else besides Keith is what an addict does, lay blame on life, depression, blah blah, it’s a copeout, hope he gets help, and moves forward with his life!! Enough said!!!

  • Dancer

    Sounds like this is kind of a Jen and Angie scenerio with the country Keith fans hating Nic. He loves her and that is good enough for me! I’m just glad he is happy! Recovering addicts can be very sneaky just like addicts in covering their tracks. It is very possible she didn’t know. However, what is important is that he has jumped back into recovery soon after the relapse. As a recovering addict he cannot drink or use cocaine again or he’ll be back in rehab. Recovery is a day at a time. I say good for Keith admitting the problem and returning to rehab and I wish him the best. For those of you who wish that Nicole would leave him–shame on you. He needs her right now and it would be a crushing blow to take away this support that is so vital to him.

  • fortherecord

    Uh, #41

    “yet she stood by and let her lawyer father suck out $33 million out of her so called “love of my life” something NIC and her family never did”

    You’re right, Nicole sucked $100 million from “the love of her life” in the divorce settlement. Despite having plenty of money of her own.

  • trish

    ? Has anyone seen Tom/Katie with their child Suri in public!!! No, just a setup photo shoot that took weeks to shoot! Plenty of celebrities are out with their cute babies. LOL stop judging Nicole just because you rarely see her with the kids, she’s in Hollywood, and has her family close, that means her children included!!!

  • Jess

    Ok people – First off yes Keith did have a drug problem back in the late 90′s but has gone on record to say he has gotten that under control. I have met keith and have been a fan of his since ’98 so I know alittle bit about all this stuff he has gone through.

    He has entered rehab on ALCOHOL related issues. HE IS NOT HAVE A RELAPSE ON COCAINE! I do know for a while he quit drinking all together (even socially). If no-one has seen his latest statement, let me educate you:

    “I deeply regret the hurt this has caused Nicole and the ones that love and support me,” said Keith. “One can never let ones guard down on recovery and I’m afraid that I have. With the strength and unwavering support I am blessed to have from my wife, family and friends, I am determined and resolved to a positive outcome.”

    So it appears that he probably started drinking again – maybe socially, may be not – and realized it was starting to go down a path he had been down before and knew he wanted to act upon the concern BEFORE he relapsed to far. When all of you have perfect meaningful lives and never do anything wrong or have any struggles – then you have to right to judge Keith or speculate on Nicole and Keith’s marriage! When any of you EVER actually even know what you are talking about instead of reading into tabloids and then just flat out MAKING STUFF UP – then talk. Until then, why don’t you shut your mouth and follow the one of the oldest common acts of kindness – “If you don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT UP!”

  • marc

    you know, i am not for or against nicole kidman. she just seems very cold to me. she always looks pinched and uptight. when she got together with urban, i knew it wouldn’t last. he’s too ‘common’ for her. don’t get me wrong, he is a great musician and singer…but he’s just not royalty. her condescending demeanor probably contributed to his relapse. his loss of identity and her interfering in his career were factors, too, i’d say. but in the end, after 4 months of marriage he is in rehab after being clean / sober for years. that tells me something. she is too high maintenance for a down home regular guy like keith. and before someone mentions he’s an addict..i know. i am an alcoholic too…sober for six years…and so, i know what he’s going through and what he’ll need to do to beat this. and having a tight ass like kidman breathing down his neck is not the answer. good luck to keith…you’ll need it with her in the picture.

  • jasch

    I was sceptical about him at first but now, I really like him. Liked his courage to admit his demons.

    Here’s hoping Nic will stand by him. Instinct tells me he really loves her and will be push off the edge if she just cut and run.

  • Dancer

    Marc #47
    I think you are being a little harsh. The marriage isn’t over. Read this week’s People, which tends to get it right more often than not:
    “In Nashville, he’s not Nicole’s husband; she’s Keith’s wife,” a country insider says of the pair. “People are rooting for them.”
    “It has been a tough road for him, it always has been,” adds his friend and neighbor, singer LeAnn Rimes. “Nicole is a very strong woman. She loves him very much. I think she’ll be able to see him through this.”
    This time, his spokesman says, he is only being treated for alcohol abuse, and “contrary to speculative reports and rumors, there was no one cataclysmic event” that led to the decision to enter rehab, which he made with Kidman.
    Those who saw Urban struggle to get clean a decade ago – including a stint at Nashville’s Cumberland Heights treatment center and a relapse – are especially disheartened. “It’s terrible that it has such a hold on him,” says one industry insider. “He’s so talented and such a good person – and he loves [Kidman] so much. He just tries so hard.”
    So what got the better of him now? One source close to Urban cites the pressure involved in recording Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing, which he finished in September in London, where Kidman was then filming. “He’s a perfectionist,” says the source, “and he’s been working on this album all year.”
    At his wedding, he spoke of Kidman’s influence on him when, in his toast, he “acknowledged the dramatic change Nicole had already made in his life,” a guest told People. “He said something like, ‘You make me feel like I’m becoming the man I was always meant to be. In the four months since, their bond has only grown closer, whether working out together at a gym near their Nashville home, stopping in at a local Starbucks for her green tea and his black coffee or chatting with Donatella Versace at a benefit dinner at Elton John’s home in London on Sept. 7. “Nicole looked fabulous and Keith looked like such a happy guy,” says one guest. “They just looked like a couple still on their honeymoon.” Songwriter Rodney Crowell saw the same glow while house hunting with the couple in Nashville: “Nicole just has such a sunny disposition, she felt like fresh air for Keith.”
    But as Crowell points out, “Even the most beautiful human being in the world can’t do [recovery] for you. It comes down to whether he wants it for himself.”

  • kelly

    i love nicole kidman i think she is a great actress the rest is her life so just let her be so she can live it