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Kelly Clarkson Honors Her Own 'American Idol'

Kelly Clarkson Honors Her Own 'American Idol'

Perky brunette Kelly Clarkson showed off her short new tresses at last night’s Country Music Television’s “CMT Giants” event honoring her own “American Idol,” country singer Reba McEntire (Kelly grew up listening to Reba).

Kelly, 24, dedicated a duet with country songbird Martina McBride to Reba at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre. The concert which will air nationwide on Saturday, Nov. 18 on CMT. Pictured below: actress Dakota Fanning.

POLL :: What do you think of Kelly‘s new ‘do and outfits?


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kelly clarkson dakota fanning 01
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 02
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 03
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 04
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 05
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 06
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 07
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kelly clarkson dakota fanning 10
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 11
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 12
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 13
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 14
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 15
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 16
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 17
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 18
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 19
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 20
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 21
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 22
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 23
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 24
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 25
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 26
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 27
kelly clarkson dakota fanning 28

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  • ehh

    reminds me of kelly osborne’s hair…

    clarkson looks nicer and prettier though. so props for that much .

  • lady vivian

    she gain wieght or something?

  • Lara

    The two dresses are nice but the black top & tight pants have got to go. She’s been wearing those kinds of outfits for years and they’re just not flattering to her body!

  • Kindness is a virtue

    She’s a talented singer/songwriter…that’s all i’ll say.

  • Ash

    I love Kelly! She’s so not afraid to NOT be Nicole Richie-esque. But I agree with #3, that black outfit doesn’t flatter her. The dress looks great, though.

  • Raebee

    She looks GREAT! She’s one gal who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and dresses for herself. You GO Kelly!

  • me

    soooo fugly. Her music videos lies…she is fat.

  • great

    She looks great!! It’s so refreshing to see someone who’s not emaciated with clavicles spearing through their designer duds.

  • candice

    it’s just her arms that bother me. her haircut isn’t great either.
    oh well at least she’s not bone skinny.

  • http://non hipboi

    I hate those air-head ones that just point out nothing but out-looking figures. go see ur own figure, then U can never ever talk bullshits like that again. anyways, Kelly looks so gorgeous and cute with an graceful look.

  • Heather

    She looks SO gorgeous in that white dress. It’s refreshing to see a huge star keeping it real and not being all skin and bones. Keep on, Kelly!!

  • winnowill

    yeah – she’s a huge star…as in big, fat, pig… looks like Kelly Osbourn….

  • Lilly

    She has incredible TALENT! I love her MUSIC, period. I agree though that the black outfit doesnt flatter her. She naturally “thick” and “bulky”, thats her BODY TYPE, you can tell. She shouldnt have cute her haior that way though, whoever did it for her should have REFUSED, it makes her face look ROUNDER than it already naturally is, and make her look chunker. She needs a good stylist and image consultant, she doesnt have to starbve herself to look good, just know whats appropritate for her body type.

  • me

    Well Heather, it takes one to know one, so i guess that makes YOU a big, fat, pig
    Kelly looks great

  • Fleasha

    The hair does go with the dress but it looks odd when paired up with the barebacked performance attire

  • sienna

    what did martina and kelly sing?

  • carrie

    She is fugly all the time, and she doesn’t have a real range or voice. She sounds like someone doing karoke.

  • Punxass


  • Punxass

    Carrie can you suck a big one??? thanx darlin

  • Franx

    “ehh” you’re right, with that hair she’s starting to look like her.

  • giedre

    she looks much older than she is and a bit too big,but I guess she looks better than Nicole Richie.

  • rachel

    well, i do love her hair! not sure about the tube dress, but the others look slightly better.

  • jenny

    Kelly is incredibly talented and I love her voice. But she has horrible fashion sense. Her backless dress top is not flattering and what are those fringes on the side of them. Not only that but her pants are way too flare. Her cream dress however, I thought was pretty cute until I looked at it again and it reminded me of curtain drapes or table cloth. She does look prettier but her haircut, I agree reminds of Sharon.

  • MGP

    sienna– They sang Does He Love You..

    And to whoever said she doesn’t have a real range or voice.. ARE U KIDDING ME?? U wanna say stuff about her looks, I can’t stop u. But say she can’t sing? Have u ever even heard her sing?And i have to say that Reba, Aretha Franklin, Clive Dvis and a whole lot of other people disagree with you

  • J

    aw! i LOVE kelly! she is STILL the BEST and MOST TALENTED person to ever come from American Idol! her new hair looks so cute! but that large pic you chose of her isn’t the cutest… :)

  • mansoon

    She looks like an extra from Hairspray. Sorry Kelly, not even a thin girl could pull that hairdo off.

  • punxass

    i hope all u negative commentors are fat and ugly. hahah!

  • mansoome

    Well, actually I am quite ravishing and beautiful. I am a model, you see, and being a model allows me the luxury of comparing Kelly Clarkson to John Travolta (in a wig). heeheeh!

  • tilda

    Yeah! Throw all fat people on a fire, I say!

  • AP44

    They should throw you, tilda, on a fire.

  • AP44

    And this oct. 27 article was posted on my birthday. Kelly ROCKS!!!! I’m glad she sang that close to my b-day. And she may not be the skinniest person in the world but she’s not a fat pig like ya’ll negative commentors. She looked great on her outfits. I say she probably has a better sense of style than ya’ll and me. Her hair looks awsome, at least she isn’t crazy like brittney spears to shave her hair off. I’m late on this article so whatever. Rock on Kelly!!!!