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Nicole Kidman's Head Hangs Low

Nicole Kidman's Head Hangs Low

Nicole Kidman didn’t give paparazzi a good shot yesterday afternoon as she was spotted leaving a gym in West Hollywood. With her head bowed down, Nicole, 39, took to the gym for a session with her trainer to take her mind off of things. Sure to have lots of her mind, hubby Keith Urban has been stuck in alcohol rehab since one week ago. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • jaynce

    refreshing to see her in casual wear for once.

  • bell

    she looks as if she was crying. i like her very much. people call her frozen, cold etc. divorcing from cruise was exhausting for her, and then this awkward relationship with katie holmes.

    fingers crossed 4 her

  • me

    hmmm…..i bet she gonna get another divorce sooner or later…my call.

  • WTF

    hope they can work things out

  • watashame

    I’m begining to think those stories which appeared early this year of Urban getting in a drunken stupor and waking up to find three women in his bed, might have some element of truth in it. Along with his reportedly unofficial bachelor party where he drank and went to bed with a porn star. Is the timing of this story a coincidence? Maybe Nicole’s found out the truth and confronted him. Keith probably admitted his guilt but blamed it all on the drink. It explains why she was explaining her views on sexual fidelity not being as important as mental fidelity. Obviously to make it easier for her to accept Keith’s infidelity and |i think part of her forgiveness was for him to enter rehab. I just think that if Keith had vounteered to enter rehab, he would have done so after his promotion committments. They seemed fine during the 4 months they’ve been married, then wham boom Keith’s in rehab. His past few sexcapedes must have caught up with him. Of course it’s all speculation, but it make sense to me.

  • ntt

    6 | watashame |

    You could be right. It has to be very hard on her right now. But luckily for her, she has good family support.

  • andrea

    I think she should go back with Lenny…. i think that relationship was sweet..

  • Heather

    andrea, you know that so-called relationship with Lenny was fake. They were never really a couple, they are just friends.

  • Hism

    I’d like to shove my penis up her nose.

  • +++

    I ‘ve a feeling the marriage is not gonna work. Keith seems not coping fairly with the pressure as Mr Nicole Kidman. Hope they make it just like Kate Moss and Pete D..

  • helen

    hey people didn’t they sign a prenup that if he drank or did drugs its over,I never thought they were a good match anyway.

  • Rach

    No that story about the pre-nuptial is totally false and everyone has denied it. I question why they would do that anyway because anyone who has an addiction doesn’t get over it easily and a relapse is almost part of the recovery. I say congrats to nicole and keith for not giving up, at least he isn’t cheating on her or visa versa. I can’t believe how negative you guys are, the poor girl can’t do anything right in your books and unfortunately that is why she can appear cold. Just leave them alone and let this sort itself out without us butting in and trying to tell them how to live their life. None of us know them and none of us are there so i think everyone needs to back off and relax. It ain’t your life and if you don’t like her choices don’t make the same but don’t critise her for doing it just because you don’t agree.

  • LYNN

    is keith in calf also ?or why is she there and him in nash ?

  • nkku

    I feel so bad for Nicole, and I say this as a big Keith fan. Only 4 months into what looked like a very happy marriage, her husband is in rehab, it’s his 39th birthday, he has a new album coming out real soon, will miss all his promotional appearances, and she has several films to promote. She must be feeling such a mix of emotions – sadness, anger, worry about his condition…. I mention anger because it seems like it would be a natural emotion in addition to everything else. Keith must have big problems because his life seems so perfect – great career, beautiful wife, lots of $, yet he must be dealing with some demons. I wish them both the best and hope they can work it out.

  • Andreia

    She is so sweet!!! i’m praying that everything is going to be ok!!! and it is!!!! i love them so much!!!!

  • Been there

    I love Nicole Kidman. I think she is a rare hollywood jewel. Speaking from experience, I can truly say that she is in one of the most difficult predicaments a woman can be in. Alcoholics are never cured. They are just dormant. It’s like a cold virus. It’s always there, it jsut takes a specific set of circumstances to bring it about. Women all over the world suffer from what I call a “saviour complex” we want to save ppl from their hurt, sorrow, depression or whatever. We sometimes realize it when it’s too late that if a person isn’t strong enough to pull through and to be disciplined enough to say no, there is literally nothing we can do. I wonder if Nicole researched Alcoholism and drug addiction before marrying him. If she did, I seriously doubt that she would have proceeded. People fight inner demons and those who are on the outside are helpless with that fight. Unfortunately for me, my spouse took his life. I am praying that Keith will pull through this. It can be done, but it must be terribly difficult. God bless her-

  • Lori

    Keith is very brave to face his demons. I am praying for both of them. Nic is strong and I am hopeful that they can work this out. Keith loves her very much. We all need to step back and just give them prayer. As a recovering addict myself I can safely say that the above person is right it never goes away it does lie dormant. But with God’s help and family it can be managed. I have met Keith on several occasions and he is a very wonderful guy. He is very real and I know that if he wants to beat this he will. Nicole also must be great if Keith married her so I am betting on her standing by him. Let’s give them our support instead of betting on their marriage tanking. There are good people in this world and I would hope that this board has a few of them on it.

  • cantoro
  • kristi

    I wanna say that I believe in her and Keith.Keith is going to be okay and their marriage will work out because they really love each other…so people please let’s try to be optimistic because they need our support very much now..

  • Sorcere

    I think she doesn’t want her picture taken, did that ever occur to any of you?

  • Nashville Eyes

    They never had a happy marriage = the marriage was all a sham to get him popular. Well, he’s popular now, he’s on the cover of every tabloid as a womanizing drunk. She didn’t know any of this before she got married? She should have listened to Laura Sigler who told her this in the Enquirer, that Keith drinks, does drugs, and screws around. You ‘real Keith fans’ chose not to believe it – and now we are seeing that it’s true.

    Nicole should leave while the leaving is good, she’s being made to look like a fool.

  • heidi

    No wonder Keith drinks! Nicole Kidman can’t get through a day without calling a photographer to let them know where she’s heading. Ever hear of home exercise equipment? Keith Urban was a happy guy before Nicole Kidman invaded his life. He probably knows back sliding on his no drinking clause will get him out of this sham of a marriage.

  • Jules

    I always thought she still had a thing for Tom. She never really got serious until he and Katie started up and the next thing I know she’s engaged to Keith. Jeezzz…like she wanted to beat Tom to the alter. I still hope it works for them though. I like Keith’s music.

  • http://nicolekidmansheadhunglow torrie

    Nicole says she would be at Keiths side to help him through? Well she’s in California he’s in Nashville guess she’s too busy doing interviews for life and style and woman’s day etc oh yeah she went to see friend Hugh Jackmans new movie! What else is a girl to do when her beloved hubby is in rehab. BE THERE MAYBE

  • Mimi

    Maybe Nicole doesn’t use her kids to garner publicity the way Tom does. We don’t know how often she’s with them because she doesn’t flaunt them. He’s making a huge effort to be seen as “normal”. Frankly, he gives me the creeps.

    I read that Keith is in rehab in CA, not Nashville. While I don’t know if that is fact, it is true that generally, people in residential rehab are discouraged from having visits with family and friend during the early part of the process, so they won’t be distracted from recovery efforts.

    I wish them well.

  • Recovered

    As a person who has been to treatment I can tell you that family’s are not allowed to be there in the beginning so please lay off Nicole. Give them some room to work this out. Keith is very brave to face this. It is the most difficult journey he will ever undertake. He needs all the love and support he can get. She is doing what she needs to do right now and that is be strong for herself and that in turn will make her strong for Keith. Those of you that have no experience with addictions should just back the hell off of them. Trust me this is much more difficult than you could ever imagine. I pray for them both. Keith is a wonder guy and an incredible artist. I know that he has a lot of support of his fans around the world. I only pray that Nicole supports him too. He deserves it. We all do. Recovery is hard. Please keep them in your prayers trust me God can do amazing things.

  • Shelly

    I just heard snippets of Keith’s new album over at the W-Mart site. I have all of his albums and I can say this is my least favorite so far. He doesn’t have many hard rocking songs like he has in the past. Maybe marriage mellowed him. I was afraid of his music changing.

  • CJ

    Thanks for the heads up about samples of the album at Walmart. Is it just me or does he sound like he wants something to work out that he knows won’t – over and over again.

    I won’t be buying the album Nov 7 for three reasons. 1. I’m not only not impressed with the first single or the previews I’ve heard I’ve been very disappointed. 2. It was inspired by the Mrs and I’m not a fan of hers. 3. Until I’m told otherwise by the man who never talks himself I have to assume he was drinking during the writing and recording process. My $15 means nothing to him but I can’t in good conscious spend the money and support his creative efforts while feeding his adiction(s). Hopefully the next album – two or more years down the road – will be better.

    Does anyone know how many albums he’s contractually required to deliver to the label?

  • Shelly

    You can also hear the songs on Barnes and He sounds tird. I wonder if he knew it didn’t turn out quite the way he wanted it, too. He seems like a perfectionist. I will probably buy the album, but won’t go see him in concert like I have in the past.

  • Terri

    I’ve had the chance to be back stage and attend many keith Urban shows and it hurts me to admitt that since Nov of last year I notice a significant change in his creativity and performances. His passion and soul has seemed to transfer from music to his heart, not that there is anything wrong with that if thats what he wants but appearantly he is not capable of giving 100% to music and 100% to his heart . I read somewhere that his grandmother always new she was loved but his grandfathers music was alway first and she was able to deal with that, I do not believe Keith has found that with his wife. The whole thing is very tragic I sincerely hope he can come to terms and find a way back to his 1st passion music and find a way to have it all and be at peace.

  • Shelly

    I agree with you. I saw a difference between his two concerts a year apart. I have been listening to his new album and have to say it has grown on me, but I do miss some of the country sounding songs. This seems more cross over to me and a lot less country.. I see Nicole in almost all the songs. I think he has so much more passion when he is single. Maybe he can balance it all better in the next album. I wonder what his concerts will be like, now?

  • KU Fan

    I have bought Keith’s new album and I think it’s good as all the others. Yes, he’s in love and that is probably why most of his songs aare dealing with being in love. Your situation would be the same. Ithought there was more passion to his music an on this album that usual. More -pop than country. If you are truly a Keith fan, you will support him in every way. You all seem to think that because he is a super str, he is supposed to be perfect. We all have a our demons and he is a human being and has his demons also.If you don’t have anything good to say , don’t sayanthing at all!