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Ryan & Reese on the Rocks

Ryan & Reese on the Rocks

It was announced yesterday that Ryan Phillippe, 32, and Reese Witherspoon, 30, were officially separating. Their rep released this statement: “We are saddened to announce that Reese & Ryan have decided to formally separate. They remain committed to their family and we ask that you please respect their privacy and the safety of their children at this time.”

Just a day before the announcement, Reese was spotted in her hometown of Brentwood grabbing coffee to go with her daughter Ava, 7. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • trullesand

    another world falls apart….i personally think ryan is a kid. reese needs a real man.

  • Mark

    This really sucks.Used to like them together, but oh well………think the oscar had some part in this….yep i think so!

  • atropos

    ohh. sad. :(

  • Kathrin

    I don´t know what to say. I really thought this marriage in Hollywood would work. I hope they do the best for their kids. And there will be no war like Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

    Best wishes to Reese and Ryan.


  • Nina

    OMG! They were one my fave couples. :(

  • Souhila

    This is soooo sad !! Are all Hollywood couples meant to split up one day or another??!!

  • rachel

    Damn! Not another one? Although celebs always claim that their personal lives are private, they have got to know that what happens in their personal lives also impacts their popularity, reputations and fans, especially.

  • trivia

    For me, this was unexpected.

  • black

    Oh what a blow for all the people here who were claiming that they are still happy together!

    I knew it- photos never lie.

  • +++

    I think the term ” Golden couple” was a curse to any HW couple. Reese and Ryan was name the new golden couple of HW after the demissed of Brad and Jen. look what happen . bwahahaha

  • anon48

    I never expected this two will went kaput. they both came from solid family. and seems so devoted to their kids and family. Maybe Hollywood just can’t keep a couple together.

  • Tiffany

    This is soo sad…they were adorable together. I feel most sorry for the children. I wish the best of luck to the both of them. Katie and Tom are next.

  • Karen

    This is worse that Brad and Jen : (

  • Jackie

    I hope that she doesn’t go crying to “Oprah”.

  • !@#$

    I don’t think she will go that low just like the sit com hag and H.Swank. crying at Oprah and backstabbing their ex in VF. She is not a media whore like Maniston, she had a solid career and whatever happen between her and Ryan. Ryan will always be the father of her children. she will not go that far embarassing the father of her kids.

  • lil_angel1788

    no! this sucks. does everyone in hollywood need to break up? well hopefully they can work things out…i’s only a separation…there’s still hope!

  • joanie

    kinda shock :o:

  • finn

    behind every great woman is a man wanting a little bit of the action.

    i was sad to hear the news on the radio. they’re such a cute couple to look at when they’re out with the kids or on the red carpet. i guess the pressure of their hollywood careers got to them.

    but there’s always hope. ;)

  • flo

    that’s so sad and unexpected! They really were my favorite couple in hollywood.

  • Beth

    Hopefully they can keep it together for their kids. Although my husband said that he was relieved when his parents separated. The pressure and negative energy was to much for him. It was a relief when they finally split but I still think people should try their hardest to make it work……

  • asher

    Wow. Yes, how unexpected. They always seemed so loving and warm towards each other. No one could ever have predicted this. I’m being sarcastic…their marriage has been dragging on like a dead dog caught in a bicycle spoke for the last few years. I suspect they’ve stayed together this long for the sake of the children. I blame Reese for the breakup…she’s gotten all uppity since she started making money. Like ya’ll, Legally Blonde made me bukkitsful a cashmoney…and mah hursband ain’t ridin’ fo free no mo’.

    Next relationship to go…Brad and Angie. Eventhough I love Brangelina…I have to admit the tell-tale signs are all there. The same signs which forshadowed this breakup.

  • Adrymala

    It’s not just Hollywood Folks – have you seen the US divorce rate? How many of you are still married after 7 years of marriage?

  • allie

    I heard that Reese and Ryan had been wanting to separate for some time, but they had to put up a perfect facade to help her win her Oscar.

    next perfect couple to split. Brody and Bilson. Just wait until shortly after the OC is over. These things are perfectly timed.

  • Irish gal

    Me, 23 years on November 19 to my high school sweetheart. Until death do us part I tell him regularly… Although I will admit during the 23 years, if we had enough money, I might have kicked him to the curb on an occasion or two…

  • dracula

    and another one bites the dust…………………….woohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • lula29


    I agree, it was obvious that Reese and Ryan were going to split. They seemed really cold toward each other. Brad and Angie, I have to say I don’t really know. None of their behavior has spelled out anything. They’ve never been lovely dovey in front of the public so who knows. I think they are trying to keep their relationship to themselves and present that it has nothing to do with what the public thinks. If the break-up, get married, divorce, whatever, it will have nothing to do with anyone else but themselves. The pictures show that to me very clearly.

    They do time break-up on cue though because of their public image. It’s weird mainly because so many people are so personally invested. But I guess that’s the way it is in real life too. People stay together because of their family, friends, etc.


    People think everything going on in Hollywood is stranger than “real life”, but Hollywood is nothing more than a microcosm of the real world. They only mirror what’s happening elsewhere. What’s really funny to me is people who’ve been divorced themselves will say “Celebrities just can’t keep it together”. It’s so hypocritical.

  • KINI

    This totally bums me out…I liked them together.

  • J

    I’m afraid I saw it coming…. they probably waited till after Deacon’s brithday to tell the news….

  • syd

    I don’t see how this was unexpected to anyone. I saw it coming a mile away. You only had to look at their behavior around each other and their pictures on and off the red carpet to see there was something wrong. I’m not surprised. Wish both of them luck though.

  • piper, with a low

    I can take or leave Ryan and Reese, but there seemed to be something off about them. Unless it was his unconscious face, Ryan always seemed to have a sour look on his face whenever he and Reese did the red carpet. It could’ve been because he hated doing it, but it always seem to be there. Mind you, a few moments on the red carpet does not a good marriage make, ie Brad and X. Neither does pics on websites, although lately, any JJ thread about Ryan and Reese was about Ryan and Reese individually; yes, couples need alone time, but I think JJ’s threads about them covered about six months.

    As for the Oscar thing, maybe it was a factor, but Joanne Woodward got her Oscar at least 20 years before Paul Newman and they are still together. Mind you, they may not have been together during the Three Faces of Eve period.

  • The real lou

    Asher,I disagree with your thoughts on Reese and Ryan and Brad and Angelina.Reese and Ryan were married to young.In reality most people have no idea who they are or for that matter what they want out of life until around thirty.Reese is 30 and Ryan is 32.This couple grew up and grew apart,just that simple.Regaurding Brad and Angelina,I’ll put my money on the long shoot.People have totally under estimated this couple from day one,and still are.

  • Jackie

    ITA..with the Real Lou. Reese and Ryan have been trying to hold on to their marriage for awhile now and it does not seem to be working. It is unfortunate, but these things do happen. I wish them both the best. As for Brad and Angie, I believe
    and truly hope that their relationship will stand the test of time. (Goldie and Kurt)
    (Susan and Tim). Go BAMZS!

  • ^-^ximi

    Is sooo sad!! i think that they were tha unik couple the will not separate!! they were so cute together!!

  • juligen

    A couple that survive the scrutinizing and judgments that Brad and Angelina went trough is pretty solid.

  • JustJaded

    IMO, Ryan looked like the 2006 version of Eric Benet when his lady won the Oscar. This one was only a matter of time. Their kids are gorgeous and I hope they can either work it out or find happiness in their lives. Like a few others have said here, I predict the next to couple to crash is Brangelina. My mama always told me, “How you get em is how you lose em”. Brad will cheat and be shacked up with another Hwood actress who hates one of their parents in about 3 or 4 years.

  • Jordyn

    Oh please like who didn’t see it coming once she won an Oscar, it’s called alimony and he’ll be able to collect it.

  • +++

    The real lou Says
    ITA. they married too 21 and 23 y/o. at this age , who know what they really want in life.

  • syd

    JustJaded :

    You are seriously underestimating Brad and Angelina. Whatever, time will tell.

  • tongt0ng

    who saw this coming? I DID.

  • Kearnie

    The one thing that Brad and Angelina have that I think is the reason why alo tof these marriages fail in Hollywood – is having something in common that is NOT acting related.

    Interests outside of Hollywood – travelling together, cultures, arts, flying planes etc.

    You see how many activities that Angelina and Brad do together that have nothing to do with Hollywood.

    Don’t forget charity
    Don’t forget childrens

    In short, they experience and live life together…all over the world. At the end, it is these memories that they shall remember than their Hollywood work.

    Brad and Jen – all they had was career related and all based in Hollywood.
    I would say the same for Reese and Ryan.

  • cousin

    please respect the privacy of reese and ryan.they are both great parents and deserve their privacy just like everyone else in this world. no one knows the real me i’m a very close source and all this hype make me mad. the media is looking for someone to blame so naturally they pick Ryan because he is currently filming and SURPISE they say he is cheating with his co-star Abbie.. SO NOT TRUE trust me folks. dont belive the hype!

  • asher

    Lula and Lou,

    I have very rarely seen Brad and Ange even kinda, sorta exchange that stupid giddy smile people who are in love often do. They seem like friends and ominously enough, nothing more. When she was dating Billy Bob it was hard to keep them from having sex right there while being interviewed…yes, I realize how that relationship ended but all that says about Ange is that she’s a very affectionate person (where is that affectionate side now) and also when she was having sex with Colin Farrell, paparazzi would photographer her and him chatting and she’d just have this huge grin on her face as if every word out of his mouth was genius…that smile rarely surfaces when she’s with Brad. The key signs I’m picking up are things like her always walking ahead of him. In my experience that just means trouble.

    And also yeah, I completely agree with Allie. Rachel and Adam B are so over…the end of this relationship I really feel bad about. I think they are (erm, were) the most amazingly perfect couple ever. Well, at least my other fav celeb couple, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are still going strong…kinda.

    And PS Kearnie,

    Married couples who don’t like each other all that much often engage in extra-mural activities to get away from the other person. The less time they spent together the happier they are…oh and they don’t divorce or wish they could, it’s just that sometimes people don’t know how to tell their partner they’ve grown tired of their company without hurting their feelings. But maybe distance will do these two some good, Ange’s prone to suffocating relationships and maybe breathing-room with serve as the solution to her troubled love life.

    Regardless, even if they break-up tomorrow they enriched each others life’s and given the world better versions of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (and that’s what all relationships should ultimately do for people). Five years ago Brad was a shallow and vague Hollywood dimwit with a pompous hairstyle…now he’s feeding starving orphans, Ange was a nutjob, ‘who had sex with her brother’…now she’s the calm centre of the world, radiating glamour and serenity. Quite an improvement.

    I honestly hope Reese and Ryan also end up in a relationship like this…because I, personally don’t think either one is a very nice human being. And tut-tut…before someone says anything I base this observation on the fact that Ryan is always angry and brooding, he seems so aggressive and Reese is a lush. They’re both great parents but other than that I doubt there’s anything else.

  • +++


    Obviously you don’t know Angelina, sex with Collin ? They both denied any relationship. please gp back to her and his previous even latest Collin Farell interview while promoting Miami Vice. Collin admire Angie but thats all. sex with her brother that’s the worse. she kissed her bother during Oscar but didn’t have sex with him, all these were tablod bs rumor. and take it as a fact. You said Angie rarely had that giddy smile, how about the Japanese premier of MMsmith and her Ann Curry interview at Namibia, if you are a follower of Angie, You can see she how happy and contend she is right now.

  • ArabianFan

    JustJaded Says:
    “How you get em is how you lose em”. Brad will cheat and be shacked up with another Hwood actress who hates one of their parents in about 3 or 4 years.

    In this case you are saying that Jennifer cheated with Brad since “you you get em is how you lose em”, no? ;)

    asher Says:
    November 1st, 2006 at 2:27 am

    I like how you integrate facts with bullshit to make up a point. Angelina and Colin did not have sex, they were both single so why would they deny it if they did? Angelina and her brother did NOT have sex, they didn’t even french kiss eachother or sucked eachother’s tongue, they kissed with closed lips so why the fucking exaggeration? the only explanation i have for this sick minds is that what she did is NOT that big of a deal like some are reacting so they needed to add more disgusting things to make it more controversial. Yeah i know to you it is a BIG deal and bad behaviour how could she do that but keep it real and don’t add up spices to make it more controversial or shocking.

    You are asking about the whereabout of Angelina’s affectionate side? it is now kept in private and that what she should do after making fool of herself with Billy Bob. What happened since she relation with Billy Bob: 1) She became a mother of THREE; 2) and she became UNHCR goodwill ambassador, her relationship with Brad is not what changed her going from sex kitten to mature mother. As for tell-tale signs you just said you NEVER saw them acting like silly couple making out in public so what’s the difference now? they managed to make Shiloh even when they were never seen affectionate with eachother in public!

    finally FYI Brad 5 years ago and now didn’t change much except that he became an adoptive father but that doesn’t mean he was shallow, dimwit with pompous hairstyle just because he was childless. his interviews (past ones) were never close to being shallow by any means. the man became more aware, i’ll give him that, but he didn’t change from one person to another in an overnight he is just exposed more to humanitarian issues because of the woman he is with right now. but he always was interested in humanitarian org and in fact a member of few organizations before he even met angelina. and remember he plays more a supportive role to angelina’s involvement in projects and so on but some take this as if he was the one involved.

  • Observer

    Well, finally!

    I like Reese since she has a cute little girl’s face. I don’t care about Ryan and don’t remember seeing him smile in any of the pictures.

    Never seen them as a particular “happy (or romantic) couple” together but just a normal couple with children and more years of marriage together than some others do in Hollywood. Or it’s just because their togetherness was never much a public topic until the Oscar.

    One strange thing she said during her Oscar speech was: this [the trophy] is for every boy who dumped me. I thought that was a strange (though honest) thing to say while her husband was there to listen. Just felt neutrally strange about that comment.

    Guess it was just matter of timing: the Oscar first, and now his new film.

  • Shar

    I always thought he was jealous of her. Now if it is true about him and the nobody actress he did this movie with… that is more in his league. He is a nobody now he isn’t in the shadow of a more powerful woman. He is such a whimp has always looked like an accessory to her anyway. I feel bad for her… I know that she won’t whine about it and that she won’t talk about it publicly. I love Reese I think she is a strong, very intelligent and respected woman and that will not diminish. She will still be the private person and present mother that she has always been. He is not a real man and never was in my eyes. He wore his ego and he could tell that it ate his behind that she was more successful than he!!!! Ryan you suck!

  • brianna

    I don’t know if he cheated or not, but I do think that cheating on your wife and kids is child abuse. It’s very tough when daddie’s weiner causes him to destroy the family.

  • Du

    Oh god… i used to like them together too
    i really think that the oscar had some part in this too
    she has much more than him…

  • brianna

    There are rumors that he cheated with his co-star while filming Stop Loss here in Austin. I don’t know if that’s true. He could be a stand up guy. But, it seems to be going around. Sources on the set say that director Robert Rodriguez screwed over his family for that scuzzy tramp Rose McGowan while she was here filming Grind House with him. He had a wife and five kids but he didn’t love any of them as much as he loved his penis.

  • Observer

    On Brad Pitt:

    I don’t know if it’s the “fan effect” or what, it seems that BP is becoming a perfect man, too perfect to be believable:

    –he’s great looking!
    –he’s a great dad!
    –he’s a humanitarian!
    –he loves Africa!
    –he’s even an architect for something in New Orlean!

    and some maybe calling him soon a “great family man”!

    But the most non-debatable truth is that he’s just a “good looking” actor who’s crossing 40 years of age and who wants children. So many men are becoming dads everyday and nobody except him is being looked upon as a saint just because he’s holding one of his children in his arm.

    I can’t say it’s not most of all just vanity and wealth.