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Brad Pitt Plays Beautiful in Boxers

Brad Pitt Plays Beautiful in Boxers

Brad Pitt strips down to his skivvies for Vanity Fair‘s first-ever Art Issue. Avant-garde director and designer Robert Wilson shot this video portrait of Brad, dripping wet in the rain and squirting a water gun. More picture of Brad soaking wet here! Watch Brad in all his boxers glory here!

More pictures in the gallery of Brad building a house yesterday as part of the 23rd Jimmy Carter project in Patan Village, 63 miles south east of Mumbai, India. The Jimmy Carter Work Project will build 100 homes in a week for the underprivileged section of the society.

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brad pitt boxers 01
brad pitt boxers 02
brad pitt boxers 03
brad pitt boxers 04
brad pitt boxers 05
brad pitt boxers 06
brad pitt boxers 07
brad pitt boxers 08
brad pitt boxers 09
brad pitt boxers 10
brad pitt boxers 12
brad pitt boxers 13
brad pitt boxers 14
brad pitt boxers 15
brad pitt boxers 16
brad pitt boxers 17
brad pitt boxers 18
brad pitt boxers 19
brad pitt boxers 20
brad pitt boxers 21
brad pitt boxers 22

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  • Ciev

    HOT! if there was a wet white boxer shorts contest, Brad would win hands down.

  • Ciev

    oh, HAPPY HALLOWEEN JJ Bamzs fans! too bad Bamzs aren’t in the US, if they were, i’d want to know what Mad, Zee, and Shi’s Halloween costumes would be.

  • briseis


    I’m supposed to be working on a rush job for our New York Office right now, but I peeked at Just Jared to see if the site is up and running again and boy oh boy, now I am bothered by all that hotness that is Brad Pitt! Whew, I have to cool off — work be hanged!!!

  • Just Jared

    Laura, I’m not sure. Hopefully within the next few weeks… I’ve been slowly building up the site again… trying to make sure things don’t crash again… Thanks for being so patient!

  • CCCC

    Good Morning JJ, thank you for the new photos of and all your hard work. Hopefully, you have it all under control.

  • MadZah

    wow! Brad dripping wet and in shorts! :O My life is complete right now!

  • CCCC

    Good Morning JJ and all Bamzsers. Thank you JJ for the new photos of BP and all your hard work. Hopefully, you will have it all under control very soon. Thanks again.

  • Oldie

    Hi Jared and Audrey. Good luck with fixing your server issues. It might just be a Halloween troll. ;)

  • ell

    Thanks JJ for the pics .

  • Time Clock

    Ritzy, it isn’t according to Reuters, they’re just quoting an India paper. The Reuters story said “newspaper reports said.” And this is the 4th different account i’ve read from India. One said 15 minutes, one said a half-an-hour, one said 45 minutes, one said all day. In the end what does it f’ing matter, is there an allotted amount of time he must be there?

  • Grapes

    Are these the same boxers he gives himself wedgies in??? EWWW

  • +++

    Brad is so hot . I wonder if this picture was taken while filming MMSmith or after they came back from Africa ?

  • black

    His abs have seen better days….

  • Helene

    Nice pictures…

  • nice

    by looking in this pic i can see why angelina got pregnant so soon…

  • Seesaw

    Brad worked there from 5a.m. to 6 p.m. then left

  • Shiloh

    My Daddy is the hottest dad on earth.

  • april

    By Brad just being there he bought a lot of press coverage for the Carter’s organization. Its not like he made a huge announcement that he was going to do this project, and then only stay for an hour. He probably did it as a favor to the Carter’s.

    PS: He looks awesome in his wet boxers.

  • Oldie

    check the official site of Habitat for Humanity:

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared for all your hard work. I appreciate all your effort. Your site is still the best and those other blogs can’t compete. I see that Ritzy dizty is still trying her best to undermind Brad and Angie. The more people hate, the more their lies are disputed and Brad and Angie continue to grow strong. Best wishes to BAMZS and safe travel. Brad and Angie are good people and deserve much happiness. Their true fans will always support them.

  • ntt

    Thanks Oldie for the Habitat link. Yeah! the JCWP is going to be in Los Angeles next year! I hope they will let me volunteer. (and hope B&A will be there. :))

  • Be sane

    Brad is doing exactly what he said he will do in 2005 Sawyer interview; He can’t get out of the press so he would bring them to those who can’t get into the press. A certain sitcom actress can learn from him and do something for others for change. As Lainey says, sniffing on Oprah’s couch doesn’t feed babies.

  • Just The Facts

    This Video was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in May 2006, so this must be from 2004. Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight said it was from last September, but it must be September 2004 because Brad didn’t have a buzz cut in September 05….Anyway here’s the review…
    Brad Pitt at Tribeca!
    By Logan Hill

    A throwback to Wilson’s most silly installation art, his portrait of Brad Pitt is half-cocked and wonderfully absurd. Pitt really acts in the piece, or, rather, he subjects himself to it, standing in the pouring rain of a deep blue soundstage in nothing but chiseled pecs and clinging white boxers. A droning, deep I-am-a-gallery-voiceover voice intones snippets from children’s games and fairy tales, while Pitt slowly raises his arm, with excruciatingly slow precision, and points a gun at the camera, at which point he pulls the trigger and fires a tiny spout of water. It’s preposterous in the extreme, but it’s lovely to see Pitt playing so gamely along.

    Published on May 2, 2006

    I wonder why we didn’t hear of this sooner.

  • +++

    april Says:

    October 31st, 2006 at 7:20 am
    By Brad just being there he bought a lot of press coverage for the Carter’s organization. Its not like he made a huge announcement that he was going to do this project, and then only stay for an hour. He probably did it as a favor to the Carter’s.


    ITA. taking some time out from his hectic schedule was enough to show his support for the Carter’s organization. and no to mention the press attention to this project. whoever knew Carter was in India if not of Brad’s present. If this is for media attnetion, then I would prefer this kind of ” manipulation” than the talking boobs , denying and confirming a relation which she never aknowlege before at Oprah’s, and tabs mag.

  • Oldie

    # ntt Says:
    October 31st, 2006 at 7:34 am

    Thanks Oldie for the Habitat link. Yeah! the JCWP is going to be in Los Angeles next year! I hope they will let me volunteer. (and hope B&A will be there. :) )

    You’re welcome ntt. Anyway, ask the organization of you want to volunteer, there are many tasks that need to be done before the construction activity itself.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Happy Halloween!! Thank you Jared and Audrey for the new thread! Great treat for this morning! Wishing you all a great day!!

  • Be sane

    ntt, Oldie,

    We used to have Habitat for Humanity credit card (I think it was VISA), my husband liked them and we did it for a long time. We had to stop bunch of cards while back though…

  • ariel

    Happy Halloween BAMZSers, Jared & Audrey! We’ll be handing out treats tonight. I think they will be out of India soon. Can’t wait. But the whole family should go & take a vacation to relax. Remember, Thanksgiving is coming, maybe they will go to Missouri to celebrate have a turkey feast. At least stress ease a bit if they will take a mini vacation before Brad starts making another movie.

    Off to work, be back later in the day. Hello to fellow Pinoys & Ate Cha!


    Guys, IGNORE the Ritzygal. This loser will always come here & engage in her usual preaching. As if she trying to convert us to go the “dark side”…if you know what I mean. Let her utter non-sense & avoid flattering her with any responses unless she responded to her own post. Asylum anyone?

  • ntt

    ITA with you guys regarding BP bringing more attention to the JCWP. I have known about JC’s Habitat, but never did anything about it. Now BP got me out of my cosy bed to go volunteer. I wish it was the other way around: BP got me into a cosy bed (with him). :oops:

  • think positive!

    ritzygal Says:
    October 31st, 2006 at 6:02 am

    “After spending about a quarter of an hour with the couple, the actor went to the restricted zone at the back of the site and made his departure unnoticed.”
    My dear Ritzy the article you posted says that Brad spent 15 minuites TALKING with Jimmy Carter and his wife.It dosen’t specifcly say that he WORKED only for this time.

    Check out this article :

    “Even as the construction was in full swing, there was a flurry of activity as Hollywood actor Brad Pitt made an appearance. Wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, Pitt joined Carter and Rosalynn near House No. 73.

    After a small discussion between the trio, it was time for Pitt to get to work.
    Picking up windowsills he moved towards House No. 74 — the home of Sathes. Neither a pregnant Shalini nor her husband Subhash had any idea about the importance of the person who was helping them build their house. “I was told by the interpreter that he (Pitt) is the Shahrukh Khan of Hollywood,” said Subhash with a smile.

    “He asked me about my family, how many children I have and he also shared information about his children,” he said. After the exchange of pleasantries, Pitt picked up a hammer and fixed the window for Sathe.”
    So Brad talked with JC and his wife for some minuites and then he went to work!

    BTW-Isn’t he sooooo sweet? He always gets the appartunity to say that
    “I’m a father now”.He loves his family so much!

  • finn

    hot. hot. hot.

  • think positive!

    I forgot to post the source for the previous article. Here it is:

    Here is another very good one! Many complimentaries for Brad :

    “While Sadhiya has been working with a self-help group for the past one year, Aziz is a driver for a private tourist car rental company. With their two children, they had always lived in rental accommodation with no land or property.

    “The moment I heard about the house I was overjoyed. We would never have managed to build or own a home on our own till now,” emphasised Sadhiya.

    “Now, we will be able to live as we choose and will no more be at the mercy of others,” added Aziz.

    What most excited both today was that they had been given the unique opportunity to build their own houses with some of the most “sought-after people in the world”.

    Brad Pitt, who did not speak to the media, was equally involved as the rest of the volunteers as he listened to their instructions and worked with the Sheikhs.

    “He wants to help the people and work like the others here and does not want to divert the attention of the people from their mission,”

    source :

  • Missouri girl

    brad looks gr8 and he trys so hard to do good things. I have to go now, Im suddenly feeling wet or the need to get wet..’SHOWER HERE I come….LUCKY ANGIE AND FAMILY.OOPS CAPS GOT EXCITED

  • Missouri girl

    OH my the better Brad gets the unluckier Jennifer A. gets……..she aaaaaa ……..sure lost a good thing.maybe she is as ditzy as Racheal Green, how could any woman in their right mind not want Brads child pronto?… my


    He’s yummy & hot! Too bad vanity Fair is doing the cover. I dunno if I am going to buy this magazine since they kiss A** with the X. Love you Brad, Love you Ange, Love the kids

  • Maniston

    Happy Halloween BAMZS Fans! Jared and Audrey, thank you for the lovely pix of the beautiful William Bradley. The man is delicious.

  • Maria

    Good Morning All The Real Deals!

    Saw this last night before I went to bed — Yummmmy! Hope everyone is well on this beautiful Halloween Day in The Apple. Can’t wait to see the llittle ones costumes tonight. Have lots of sweeties for them.

    Estelle: Those bloody New Englad Patriots won last night. I was pulling for The Vikings. Oh well, what ya gonna do?

    I’ll talk at yas later, I have a report to get.

  • deena


    Morning, I haven’t even read the posts yet, wait til my heart stops racing………
    OMG…….Bradley……no shirt…….boxers……..wet……..*gulp*

    The pic is waay better than the video; that man droning on and on.
    This captures the essence of his hotness…….*moan…groan*

  • think positive!

    These tow pictures are AMAZING!! Espesialy the first one!
    My God if only I could drink the water that runs on his body……….The man is pure SEX!!

  • asher

    Oh Lord, why is Brad Pitt makin’ mah nether regions moist? Is this a test of mah faith?

  • bdj

    If you play the video on mute. You get a much better experience. BP is hot.

  • mooly

    I’ve already seen Brad’s weener (thanks again go to Playgirl and they’re gonzo ‘journalists’), there is clearly no reason in wanting to see him in his underpanties…but oddly enough I feel compelled. Compelled by the wet underpanties!

  • piper, with a low

    ritzygal Says:

    October 31st, 2006 at 5:55 am
    From Liz Smith:

    ENDTHOUGHT: So there is Brad Pitt on the cover of Vanity Fair, stripped to his undies, soaking wet. Hot. Now, is anybody going to say this is inappropriate for a man who is a new father of his own child with Angelina Jolie and also the dad to Miss Jolie’s two adopted children? I think not. It really isn’t. It’s just an interesting look at a man in his wet undies. But . . . watch what happens the first time Madonna bares a shoulder, or films another provocative video. Unfit mother! Return David to Malawi!
    Is it just me or does anyone else think that Liz Smith should pick her battles more carefully? I mean, in all of the years BP has been in the public eye, the most we have seen of him is his chest and his butt-never the full monty(although there are sites out there that have pics of that, so I’ve heard). Meanwhile, the Library of Congress has Madonna’s Sex Book, which depicted simulated sex acts, hinging on deviance, the Justify My Love video, the Eroticia album, and the Britney/Christina makeout session on an MTV awards show. But the issue of a wet Brad in wet boxers is a rallying cry for Liz’s embracing feminism or sexist double standards? PLEASE!

    And what makes that article an even bigger joke is the fact that entertainment shows like Showbiz Tonight has done shows about how the male standard of attractiveness has changed, citing Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, and Jack Black as a new standard- and yet some on this board and on other sites have the nerve to criticize Brad’s abs, saying that they’re not Fight Club caliber? Thank God that they’re not Vaughn, or Ferrell, or Black’s caliber.

    BAMZS fans are well-aware of the double standards heaped onto this family; I see some of us are joining in on the fun!

  • lookwhaticando

    Can you get any hotter

  • Alexanderina

    Happy Halloween and Good Morning to my fellow BAMZS Fans and Jared and Audrey, thanks Jared for the new thread and the SEXY HOT pic of Brad, the man is yummy

  • lookwhaticando

    oh, HAPPY HALLOWEEN JJ Bamzs fans! too bad Bamzs aren’t in the US, if they were, i’d want to know what Mad, Zee, and Shi’s Halloween costumes would be


    I know they would be so cute, I can see Mad being a pirate, Z being a little pumkin, and Shi, being a little lamb.

  • lookwhaticando

    according to reuters UK, he spent a half an hour at the site. Bradley, was up wit dat?
    Rizygal- How long where you there

  • angelah

    he’s so sexy! Thanks j@red for postin’ these pics and a new thread. I really hope your site a speedy recovery ;-) LMAO @ ph’s site

    ariel Says:
    October 31st, 2006 at 8:11 am
    Remember, Thanksgiving is coming, maybe they will go to Missouri to celebrate have a turkey feast

    oh i really wish they would spend their thanksgiving over there this time

  • Peaches

    ITA Piper. But I have to say the thing that bothers me the most in this column is her dividing the children. ” A new father of his OWN child and Angleine Jolie’s 2 adopted children” Why is that necessary when Brad and Angie themselves don’t split the difference between their children they just love them. They always say my children, our children, I have three children.

    Madonna as a selection makes her arguement fall flat. She has done several questionable things before and after having her children yet where her career choices may have come under question her being a good mother never has.