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Baywatch DVDs Giveaway!

Baywatch DVDs Giveaway!

CONTEST :: Pamela Anderson hosted the DVD release of Baywatch Seasons 1 & 2 yesterday at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. To help celebrate this momentous release, we’re giving both seasons away!

EEWW!!! :: Who looks older at the release party? Lt. Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) or his son Hobie (Jeremy Jackson)? Hasselhoff really is 54, Jackson is 26. Wow… check out more pictures in the gallery!

HOW TO WIN :: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and one winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person. This contest ends next Friday, Nov. 3 @ 7PM EST. Good luck to all you Baywatch fans!

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  • Mathie

    OOoh I remember watching Baywatch when I was younger! It was a good show!

  • Stanislav Dobrev

    Wow, Hobie really looks very bad, what has he done to himself?

  • Melissa

    Baywatch was awesome back in the day!

  • Belizean Beauty

    Wow I just turned 40 and I look younger than Jeremy Jackson. Maybe too much sun, or hard living.

  • irina

    oh, i really liked Baywatch. great days

  • black

    Wow….really just wow…..they look bad, both of them.

  • Kelly

    Oh my god… I remember having the biggest crush on hobie(? was that his name?). I don’t know what I”m more excited about; this release or 90210 season 1! Sigh… I loved the early 90′s… lol

  • Kevin

    Oh My God! WTF happened to Jeremy Jackson. Taking lessons from Michael Jackson? Geez

  • lisanne

    i’ve been waiting for them to finally bring out this show i loved it!!!!

  • bowlby4

    I miss the slow motion running. :(

  • suey

    bowlby4, LOL!! that was so last century!

  • stanley


    Hobie has a mullet.

    That’s unfortunate.

  • Arvo

    I used to record the show and then play the slow motion running scene on the beach in slow motion for the maxium jiggle and ripple views

  • Billie

    He looks very bad, indeed…. Check out this URL

  • Jordyn

    That kid grew up to be gay?

  • Vivien


  • Paola

    Oh, Baywatch. Guilty pleasure.

  • Hush up Says

    I can say with much fact!! Jeremy Jackson has had a long hard road of you no what use and it realy shows. JUST SAY NO!

  • oldguys

    wow aging at a really fast pace….. =/

  • TIM


  • allie

    Geez, JJ looks like shite. I can’t believe he is only 26!!?!??!! It is really sad that so many young actors screw up their lives with drugs. They have so many opportunities handed to them on a platter and they just blow them (probably up their nose!). I have no sympathy for them at all.

  • Deko

    I loved Baywatch when i was younger. But now David Hasselhoff is just eww

  • khem

    Hobie is looking way too old for 26. Looks a tad too much crystal meth to me.

  • donna

    hoff looks older…but not by much!

  • ShimmeringDew

    Cant wait for the site to be up and running as normal but I will never fail to return regardless!
    I liked Hasselhoff better in Night Rider but Bay Watch is cool too!

  • 007


    In the words of joey and chandler, RUN YASMINE RUN. Never stop running

  • Bluemoon

    Hobie doesn’t look like he’s grown any taller over the year.

  • Samantha

    I love the Hoff and I love Baywatch!!! It’s about time the episodes came out on DVD.

  • Jeff

    Baywatch is a great show…used to watch it all da time!

  • Will


  • Jorge

    I asked that myself when I saw these pictures on Wire Image yesterday. Which one looks worse? I’m looking forward to having David Charvet on DVD… I can’t wait until season 3 gets released in February!

  • Geds

    Waouh ! The show I used to watch when I had nothing to do. It was a really fun show !

  • Michelle

    wow im surprised they havent done this years ago… i love baywatch and unfortunatly they dont show it where im from…

  • Anna

    oooh!Baywatch was a great show.Too bad none of the people who starred in it made any other good shows

  • Emily

    Wow…it’s about time they released this show.

  • Lily

    I became a lifeguard because of this show.

  • http://justjared christy

    I can only imagine how nuts Europe is going over the Baywatch dvd especially with the HOFF!!

  • Rick

    Here in Brazil, as in the rest of the world Baywatch was the greatest show ever!

  • Sarah

    I grew up watching this show!

  • Rachel

    That is absolutely gay!

  • Lori

    Loved watching all the men (and women) in their tan glory

  • Jay Billingsley

    Man! Hobie’s fase lift went bad. He never should have listened to he buddy Michael.

  • Gradly


  • Ballbuster

    Jeremy Jackson looks great, and he hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Where do you people get this stuff from? It’s funny though, it sure is easy to talk crap on people from behind a computer. I can just picture all you guys… A bunch of fat, sweaty, balding, pockmarked, gross-outs that never get laid, fingers still stained orange from the cheetos you live on. Yuck.

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    сериал мне понравился