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Rendezvous, Went is Through With You

Rendezvous, Went is Through With You

New promos from Prison Break episode “Rendezvous” …And now, read on for the synopsis of last night’s episode “Unearthed” via geniass:

And the tatt is back! Good to see you have spent some time getting a few decals on Wentworth! Michael finds himself looking for a new plan after he discovers that Mahone has killed Tweener and that he might be a bigger opponent than he imagined. So he does what he’s good it: planning, meeting the ex. Mrs. Mahone and turning the tables on our bothered FBI agent.

LJ and Papa Burrows share some male bonding time over girls. They get IDed by a waitress and have to dump the car and go on foot. There were some nice moments between LJ and Lincoln here. Nicely done, boys. Their bondage is short-lived when a wrong move gets the boys caught! LJ, you have to make it!

C-Note is determined to be with his family and succeeds with a successful kidnapping of his wife and daughter. T-Bag attempts the rekindle the magic with Mrs. Hollander only to find out that she’s skipped town. However the bulls Bellick and Geary are waiting for him instead to collect on Westmoreland’s cash. And Sara figures out the rendezvous point just as Mahone figures out the date and city.

Next week on Prison Break: shippers rejoice for the Michael and Sara rendezvous you are all have been waiting for on Rendezvous! Check out more pictures in the gallery…

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  • Belle

    i STILL can’t believe that Lincoln and LJ got caught! i wasn’t expecting that at all!!! but Scofield sounded hot when he was talking on the phone with Mahone.. he can call me anytime! great episode!! can’t wait for Michael and Sarah’s rendezvous next week..

  • +greenpeace+

    yay to sarah and scofield! can’t wait…!

  • +greenpeace+

    the new promo pics look kinda video-clipped…i like!

  • PrimulaBlue

    Michael all angsty and sneaky and scared and sad then mad and bad. Best eppy this season, cause it was more about Mike!

  • much_mischief

    hey, great epi, except for linc and lj getting busted…but based on these pics…all may not be lost…isn’t that linc’s dad about to shake hands with lj!!! IT IS ON!
    mike and sara rendezvous is gonna be hot…no doubt!

  • NikNor

    Luv Mic n Sara wll be back 2gether..but it seems that one of them are in life danger??I dun want either one of them to die..plssss

  • Kacee

    After such a long time,

    …destiny brings two lives together again!

    Yay, can’t wait for next week!

  • Jase

    Links dad is back… oh sweet!.. thanks for the pic’s Jared!

  • rozmarin

    Lj and Linc look awesome in this promo pictures and michael has a hot shades. enough said :).

    love pb

  • wem

    enlarge the 1st pic and look at his eyelashes ! !
    oh I love his everything *o*

  • Melissa J

    I loved last night’s episode, T-bag strapped to the toliet with a colender underneath him had me In stiches! The promo pics for next week’s episode look great, love Went’s sunglasses, I’m happy to see Lincoln and LJ are free, and look, It’s Daddy Burrows………………..

  • Kat

    haha Sara “forehead”…I love it!
    Last night’s episode was great and next week’s looks goods too ( Lj and Linc better get away)!

  • Linds

    If LJ and Linc don’t get away there will be RIOTS! I cannot wait for Mike/Sarah reunion next week – finally! I hope they finally do it! What? He’s been in PRISON…

  • Lara

    I’m only just about to watch last night’s ep so I’m trying not to read anything here. I’m just happy to see some Wenty Goodness from you again!

    Love you, Jared!

  • Estelle


    Last night episode was awesome, I can not wait until next week.
    Thanks for the heads up on next week episode.

  • FlyGal


    Nuff said! *slowly fainting to the ground*



  • Steph

    Someone’s going to have HOT PASSIONATE SEX NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at least they better lol

  • Nadine

    OMG it looks so good but i missed it last night! :( stupid homework! i cant wait till saturday cuz they show it again… i cannot believe that lj and linc got caught! like by mahone? whats this thing with his dad! where does linc dad comes into all of this? im so confused…someone plz tell me, i cant wait till sat.!! debbie, your totally right, if i was sarah and all that stuff had happened to me i would kick michaels a$$ too… someone plz tell me what happened! thnx.!

  • Lauren


  • Melissa

    LOL @ Steph! I hope so too!
    These promo pics made my day! I love seeing Michael & Sara together again! I can’t wait until next week! :D

  • scillajean

    yes, monday is only 8640 min aprox. away, for me lets the count down begin :-P

  • maya

    you may want to kick his ass when you first saw him, but then everybody knows, you’d tell him to take his pants off. i think sarah knows that its not really his fault. but, my question is, is she really dumb enough to have bought a plane ticket to where they were supposed to meet, with a credit card she knows, they know, she has? i hope not, then i will lose all faith in that girl. that being said, if she can get michael a little less dressed, am all for it.

  • ZeNd

    can’t wait for next week…. omg… they are soo sweet.

  • Nadine

    you know as much as it would be cool for sarah and michael to meet up…i have a feeling that that will end up being the downfall for him… or almost… i dunno.. were gonna have to wait and c …

  • Bonbon

    OMG! I can’t wait ’til next week! Michael and Sara are the best couple ever. Wait, no offense but people who hate Sara, are you guys ok? I mean they are practically perfect for each other!

    Thanks JARED!

  • patricia

    oh my gosh i cant beieve michael and sara are going to mett!!!!!!!!!That like made my year. I am writiting exams n u knw hw depressed i am bt when i saw this article yest i was so happy!!!!!!!!Bt the sad thng is i live in zimbabwe n they r only showing season 2 nxt year so i hav to rely on u jj to give me all the juicy info so keep it cuming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wentworth miller is just to hot for words!!!!!! Imean i hav no words to describe him!!!!!!!! N him AND SARAH…………….sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!

  • James YH

    I bet Lincoln’s dad helps them out.

  • Nadine

    oOoOoO… THANKS DEBBIE!!, that definately clears things up…

    oh i wonder what info lincs dad has on the vp!?!?!?!… well probably he has more now because michael and linc know that linc was framed… tho did victoria (is that her name?..the lawyer/ex. gf of linc) tell lincoln that the vp’s bro was still alive?? i dont remember… man, im gonna have to buy the first season to refresh my memory… i cannot wait until the new episode or the old one (well new one for me since i didnt see the last one) !!!!!

  • Bianca

    MICHAEL AND SARA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for eppy 10!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    Can someone please direct me to the Prison Break gallery lol ? Thanks in advanced !

  • Taffaroni

    where’s the rest of the pics?! Cant see anywhere to click, usually click the main picture and the rest follows in the middle of the page….