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Wentworth Miller: Computer Geek?

Wentworth Miller: Computer Geek?

Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller was spotted at an Internet cafe at Kinko’s — 25 cents a minute! — late last month (Oct. 20) in Los Angeles, CA. He was reading an article about Prison Break‘s hiatus on Canada entertainment news website, Dose. And that link was pulled from the Television Without Pity Forums (TWoP) — just look behind the first Internet Explorer window! Looks like Went is a lurker! Thanks, Mink.

Aviator-shaded Wentworth, 34, also made his way to a children’s book store shortly thereafter. Check out all the pictures in the gallery!

GALLERY :: Click here to view Wentworth’s Computer Gallery

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wentworth miller computer 01
wentworth miller computer 02
wentworth miller computer 03
wentworth miller computer 04
wentworth miller computer 05
wentworth miller computer 06
wentworth miller computer 07
wentworth miller computer 08
wentworth miller computer 09
wentworth miller computer 10
wentworth miller computer 11
wentworth miller computer 12
wentworth miller computer 13
wentworth miller computer 14
wentworth miller computer 15
wentworth miller computer 16
wentworth miller computer 17
wentworth miller computer 18
wentworth miller computer 19
wentworth miller computer 20
wentworth miller computer 21
wentworth miller computer 22
wentworth miller computer 23
wentworth miller computer 24
wentworth miller computer 25
wentworth miller computer 26
wentworth miller computer 27
wentworth miller computer 28
wentworth miller computer 29

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  • gemma


  • ZeNd

    yay.. first time to be the first

  • ZeNd

    noo.. >.

  • gemma


  • ZeNd

    it’s okay. lol.

  • Elisabeth

    He is too handsome! Getting some “normal” time I see…..I wonder if he has started a scrap book?

  • Mink

    And the Dose article had been pulled up via a link from TWoP! LOL. Went, you lurker! So, were these the only clothes he had with him in LA? He wore this kit to the Fox party as well. Still, looking good babe! Thanks for the scoop, Jared!

  • Mink

    You know what, I spoke too soon. I think that top isn’t the same as the one he wore for the Fox party, although the jacket is the same. Do excuse me, Wentworth!

  • Wet For Went

    Ooooooo Went spotting!

  • fan

    and he cant afford a computer ????????????????

  • Just Jared

    Even if people own computers, they are still allowed to use computers at a computer lab. :P

  • iWent

    Hello, I’m awake now! Thanks for my morning tall cup of espresso Jared! These shots are priceless…he’s carrying a backpack too, too geeky cute :o)

  • mira

    he’s hot… new car?????

  • Lara

    He can sit at my laptop any old time! :D

  • geniass

    Roar! How am I supposed to work now? I love that he’s going to that store!

  • cko

    Nah, the car is probably a rental.

  • Lauren

    Where did the pictures go?

  • meemee

    When I first saw the pics of Went at the internet cafe, I really didn’t believe they were real. I thought maybe they were photoshopped. But then when I looked at the clothes and realized he wore them at the recent Fox Party, I became more convinced that the pictures were real,especially that pic where he’s leaning back in the chair in front of the computer. Boy, the paparazzi really don’t waste any time!

  • PrimulaBlue

    HEY! Bring back the pictures!!

  • Tonya

    Do you mean that there were other pictures as well?

  • Tonya

    Yeah, why did they take the pics down?!! *desperate*

  • Linds

    I know that I post this every single time but I would be this man’s BABY FACTORY!!! Thanks Jared – I love you so much for your Wenty posts!

  • Charity

    Can you please put the pics back up Jared? I didnt get to see them :(

  • meemee

    What happened to the rest of the pics?

  • Missing Wenty

    Yes Jared, please put the pictures back up! This is torture for those of us who didn’t get to see them!

  • Tonya
  • Lara

    Hah haa!!! “Oh dear! Did they see me???” LOL!!

  • Nadine

    what? how come all the pictures are being pulled?? whats going on jared? you cant do this to me!! all the extra pics are gone even in the colin farrell one and the victoria “posh spice” beckham one?? why?!?!?!?!

  • Nadine

    oh nvm .. i just read that thing on the blog status… okay then :)

  • Alex

    Wentworth Miller is a fruitcake geek

  • kristi101

    Wentworth is great! But I thought he would be smarter than to be caught out like that! lol

  • kjlee

    he’s wearing the same clothes & shoes as he wore at fox party. this is not the same day, isn’t it?

    i feel a little bit of guilty as i am not sure if he is okaying with these pictures. it seems he doesn’t even know there’s a hidden camera.

    but, sorry wentworth, i love these pictures.

  • mah87

    I am suprised he keep update about himself. Pheaps he is checking if anyone make GOSSIP about him. I hope he is not embarassed about someone caught him checking himself out LOL.. Yeah i notice he wear same jacket. It seems he like that jacket as i like that jacket too. it is not that bad! I recall Wenty say he will buy other car while working PB.. I dont remember where i saw that part.. Who knows. Of course he is geeky as he alway say he’s dorky all time. I agree with him as he is HOT DORKY GUY i ever seen!! “WENTY YOU’RE MY NUMBER ONE FAN!!” Hopes he read that!!

  • Heidi

    WHy does he have a “guilty” look on his face in that computer lab?

  • Jewel

    I don’t think he has a ‘guilty’ look…more like ‘hunted’…stalked by the pap…poor baby.
    Now we know hes a gossip forum lurker…makes you think if he checks out JJ.

  • Alpha Michelle

    Aw, he looks cute and kind of… guilty (?!) at the fact that someone caught him red handed checking himself out on the ‘net! :-P Maybe he had some time to kill before going to that other Illustration place? Doesn’t his dad works with illustrations and/or book publications? Gah, can’t remember now. Anyway, he looks GORGEOUS as ALWAYS. Keep it up!

  • Rachel

    It’s like celebrities reading gossip about themselves in the tabloids. Sometimes you learn more from tabloids than from people around you! So I’m not surprised that he reads about Prison Break himself.

  • Jewel

    Isn’t his dad a lawyer? I recall reading that Went and his dad did some illustration thing while he was at Princeton.
    He does look adorable in that photo!

  • kjlee

    by the way, what’s written in the picture?? i can’t read it!

  • miranda

    the website hes checking on is this :

    hopefully the link works

  • Maldita

    if Went’s a lurker, he might be lurking now….HI WENTWORTH! KEEP IT UP! I LOVE YOU! :)

  • kjlee

    thanks a lot, miranda~ the link works well.

    but i meant ‘voi rahma, nakiko moi’, not the site went is ckecking.

  • wem

    SOOOOOO ADORKABLE :) I love these pics! Thanks Jared!!

  • Hansku

    kjlee, it means something like ‘Oh crap, did they see me?’. It’s finnish…

  • enchanted

    Ok guys leave poor Went alone some of you say you feel bad about these pictures because it looks like he didn’t know they were taken. How do you think he would feel about you guys analyzing his clothes his car and his life. Leave the guy alone and let him live his life. If it weren’t for us and our desires to see picrures the clebs wouldn’t have to worry about the papparazi.

    I think we all need to get a life and focus on the important things not what Wentworht Miller is wearing and weather or not he’s reading about himself.

  • mirjame

    Wow, this has spreaded fast! I took this picture and posted it on JJB and now it’s here. Just lemme know if you need better scans.

  • Gina


  • Marleen

    Went looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikko

    The text is in Finnish :D I wonder what magazine they snapped this one out of?

  • Mink

    Debbie, the obtaining of these pics were nothing to do with me – that was all down to Jared. He was just thanking me for the heads up on the original page Went was lurking which was at the TWoP ‘Media’ thread (the link for the Dose article he’s pulled up was there).