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Jennifer Aniston Storms LAX Airport

Jennifer Aniston Storms LAX Airport

Jennifer Aniston is home! She arrived at LAX airport late yesterday night… horded by paparazzi, naturally. Cute outfit and she looks really happy! Jen, 37, returned from her trip to London, where she had reunited with beau Vince Vaughn. The pair watched the musical, Wicked, at the Apollo theater and stayed together at a penthouse suite. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Dancer

    The outfit is cute, but the hat has to go. Draws attention to her nose and makes it look bigger than it is! She does look genuinely happy.

  • helen

    Please guys i am pleading and on bended knees pls do not abuse or criticise i am begging honestly pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese thank you

  • someone

    I think she looks really cute, and really happy….too bad the haters will ruin this thread…

  • Carolina a.m.

    Hotter women live in my hometown. Sorry Jennifer.

  • No More Aniston

    Vote NO more Aniston.

  • Jennifer is Boring

    Where’s Reese Witherspoon?

  • I LOVE Reese TOO

    More Reese…less vaughniston please Jared!

  • Chinny

    She looks ugly as usual. Booorrrring.

  • Someone Else

    someone Says:
    Ruin? how? Please get over yourself. When you wish it, it will come.

    The outfit looks nice, i love how Jen does not feel the need to dress her age. How many women can pull off the teeny booper look?

  • WTF

    Where are the pictures from the fab weekend?

  • Biological Clock

    Tick tock, tick tock…

  • Chinny

    Chinny is 47 why does she feel the need to dress like a teeny booper? Can’t do sexy?

  • Yawn!

    She’s so bland and BORING. What a waste of an existence her life is.

  • Jen is a Basket Case

    Of course she had she looks happy, she has finally convinced Vince to carry on with the charade. I hope none of y’all thought she went there to make sweet love with Vince?

  • Chinny

    She better be happy without Brad cuz the old hag aint gettin him back.

  • Carolina a.m.

    Why the hat? Probably because she didn’t have her hair stylist with her in London, and we all know she’s nothing without her famous hairdo. She’s so insecure she has to cover her hair up. So insecure.

  • Chinny

    That hat dont do her justice. Makes her big chin and nose more pronounced.

  • Anon

    They have been apart for 2 months and she spends only 3 days with him. What is she rushing home for, it is not like she has a job waiting for her.
    She spends all this time apart from Brad, and now Vince, and when the relationship falls apart she wonders what happened, and she will be shocked and expects the world to be shocked.

  • Chinny

    Chinny had to rush home to feed Norman. Poor dog was left all alone while Chinny rushed to London to promote her fake PR relationship with that old fat drunk.

  • Photo Op.

    Jennifer’s always happy at a PHOTO OP which is what this is. She goes with Vince to a play in London where they are sure to be photographed. And she comes back to Los Angeles on a public flight at LAX? Please, this is all about PUBLICITY. She is so PHONY.

  • Carolina a.m.

    I like Jennifer because she’s as ugly as me. I like it when i can relate to celebrities. Other people i relate to are Star Jones because she’s as FAT as me, Kevin Federline because he’s as DUMB as me. Bye-bye, i have to go stuff my fat face now with Krispy Kreme donuts!

  • Chinnochio

    halloween is over so why is she still looking like a witch with the nose and the chin? oh wait! she does look like a witch regardless. the lady behind her looks pretty than she does

  • someone

    If this was a photo op, where are all the pics of Jen and Vince? There wasn’t even a pic of her arriving in the UK…You haters need to get over yourselves..I read that Jen has 3 movies to make in 2007…I don’t think she will suffer from no work, she will laugh all the way to the bank…

  • Margaret

    Great pictures. For all you haters, when was the last time you flew 12 hours and did not look and smell like a skank? This girl is amazing. She’s absolutely radiant here. I would like to see you Brangelina doo doo heads after such a trip. Barfville!

    That said, would you so kindly drag your mangy behinds over the Perez Hilton and spew your vomit.

  • Chinny

    Anisston Fan who said I was here to influence you?

    I’m free to post my dislike as you are free to post your worship of the almighty Chin.

  • Gotcha dumbass

    her fans prefer JA fly commercial rather than gas-guzzling private jets like your pretend-environmentalist pitts do.

    Then i guess you hate her because she flew to London ON A GAS GUZZLING PRIVATE JET.


  • Sandy

    Please! How can she be cute and sweet? She so boring and nobody has any interest to know what she is doing, where she is going and what her plans are1 Give us more info from India where Brangelina is staying!!!!!!!!!!

  • QQQQ

    So now that she wants everyone to know that she’s returning from her trip meeting up with dough boy, she doesn’t see the need to cover her “face”….JM sure has her on a leash

  • to Patty

    Brad is 43 and is looking really hot but I can’t say the same thing to miss Aniston. At 43, Brad can still make tons of baby. Jen is 37 but looking like 40+ and Vince will not be making babies with Jen, go figure why.

  • Jennifer’s FAKE

    Jennifer owes her entire movie career to being Mrs. Brad Pitt. If she had never married him she would have the same movie career as Schimmer, Cox, Le Blanc and the rest of the losers from Friends. And she’ll never have kids because she’s too SELFISH all she cares about is MONEY and her CAREER.

  • Chinny

    Brad is older then Chinny and has a family. What is Chinny’s excuse for lack of family?

  • Jennifer’s Womb is OLD

    Even Jennifer’s fans can’t stop talking about Brad. Here’s a thread about Jennifer and discussion turns to Brad. I guess Jennifer’s so DULL no one wants to talk about her.

  • Chinny

    Chinny is dull. All the Jen Hags can say is she looks cute. What teh hell? Chinny is middle aged and should look like a woman not some throwback teeny bopper.

  • ?

    She is getting uglier by the day.

  • sick of Maniston

    fake-ass smile. I’m so tired of that woman.

  • Barrenston Maniston

    Why is Barrenston smiling when everyone else looks like they attending a funeral?


    I agree about the paps being there so late. Nice PR move, Barrenston.

  • Is Jennifer sterile?

    She’s gonna be 38 in February, time’s running out…Plus all that ciagrette smoking ain’t good for the reproductive organs. I hope if she has a baby i hope it’s ok, hope it has no health complications. I know how much Jennifer hates herself, she might do something drastic if her baby is hurt because of her actions. I’m gonna pray for her.

  • helen

    whatever guys brad and angie go on commercial flights too don’t they whatever guys i love her and just want her to be happy thank you very much
    And personally too much ado about nothing and without brad i am sure jen would still being doing what she loves becuse she enjoys it and whatever happens jen would have children when it is time and i look around everyday and many women are having kids at a much older age it might not be right but that is life

  • Chinnifer Magooston

    She looks like Mr. Magoo.

  • lookwhaticando

    Why no pic’s of the Fake reunion? Please VV is gay as a little girls easter dress, and X, well no one seems to be beating down her door except a creepy, fat baggy eyed gay man, that needs a cover, and X is just Mugly and desparte enough to be his beard, becasue no other good looking man wants to be seen with her, Gosh, no wonder Brad Drop kicked her to the curb… She is just FUG

  • The REAL Jennifer

    Here’s your IDOL in action, sounds like a real “sweetheart”….


    FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston’s strained relationship with her mother Nancy hit a new low when her mom was stricken with life-threatening double pneumonia — and cold-hearted Jennifer refused to help!

    It was apparent there was bad blood between the two after Jennifer failed to invite her own mom to her wedding to Brad Pitt last July. But even close friends were shocked that she let Nancy seek medical attention at a dingy public clinic that treats the homeless and destitute.

    “Jennifer can afford to pay for the best treatment at the best hospital, but she didn’t lift a finger to help,” says a friend of the older Aniston.

    “Nancy had to go to a clinic for indigents because she had nowhere else to turn.”

    Heartless Jennifer’s shocking disregard for her mom’s health came just days before a scandalous interview in which she described her mother as “a disease.”

    But the star’s callous behavior has friends worried that Jennifer is sick, too — mentally. They’re afraid she’s cracking up, say sources.

    “How else could a daughter turn her back so completely on her mother?” ask worried pals.

    Nancy, 64, was near death’s door with pneumonia, a friend tells Star. “She was stricken with double pneumonia. She was pale as a ghost, and the pain and the congestion in her chest was awful.”

    Jennifer’s mother had so much trouble breathing that she was forced to seek medical treatment March 28 at the North Hollywood Health Center, a shabby building with peeling white paint, where people are asked to pay whatever they can afford for their care.

    Her son John — Jennifer’s half brother — visited her at home during the illness.

    But Jennifer, who earns a whopping $750,000 an episode playing Rachel on the smash NBC sitcom, stuck to her refusal to have anything to do with the woman who raised her.

    “John talks to Jennifer a lot. I have no doubt he told his sister about her mother’s condition, but she still offered nothing,” the friend tells Star.

    Published on: April 11, 2001

  • dd

    a younger version of Barbra Streisand….

  • dd

    i think she looks like a younger version of Barbra Streisand.

  • helen

    2001 for heaven’s sake get a life star of all magazines if it were brad or angie that were accuses on such a mag you would have said it was a lie and to tell you r=the truth i know jen would nerver do such a thing to her mother buut then they are friends now and are talking so i guess it none of our business and you have no clue what has happened btw them

  • ?

    Jennifer looks nothing like her dad. Not one similarity.
    I know her mom did a porno right before she got pregnant with Jennifer.

  • Jen Knows the Secret

    Jen hates her Mother because Mother got knocked up with her fling on the IceHouse porn set.

    Jen is the result of an affair. She said herself in interviews her childhood was coated with lies and untruths.

  • wtf

    She looks old and her chin has dents in it.

  • Fried Eggs and Ham

    Deede Says:

    November 2nd, 2006 at 12:20 pm


    If you look above you’ll see the Faniston was the first to bring up Brangelina.

  • What A Big Nose She Has!

    X really shouldn’t wear hats. Her nose looks humongous!

  • Hazel

    You all still believe in the charade? So apparently they were in London for a few days. And umm…The Break Up DVD will be released here in the UK in November 13. Makes sense now :)