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Wentworth Miller: Boxers or Briefs?

Wentworth Miller: Boxers or Briefs?

Wentworth Miller showed up on my doorstep in boxers yesterday morning. He just came out of a steamy shower, bandaged up from the rough night he had the day before. Poor guy! More pictures after the jump…

P.S. Yes, these are screencaps of Prison Break episode “Rendezvous,” which airs this coming Monday. It’s a very, very exciting episode (as exciting as this past week’s, if not more). I can tell you: The locker key and money changes hands (and butts) a number of times throughout the episode. Somebody gets tricked and caged up. And as most of you know already, the above screencaps are of Michael coming out of the bathroom to find Sara gone. But she left a note this time: “This time, I know better. I’m sorry.”

Sucre goes shirtless! Yowza!
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  • greek_lover

    Lucky Bitch….whoever gets to see that man in any kind of underware of that matter. I’d love to see none myself. And also if anyone noticed on the scenes of next monday, when went and Sara are talking in some room and he is telling her that the detective is after him not to catch but to kill, notice he had smeared red lipstick on his mouth….some one gets busy for sure..can’t wait.

  • Lil


  • geniass

    Here are some of my thoughts having seen this as well:

    The trifecta of Burrows are together at the end. Whether they get out dead or alive…hmmm another question all together.

    Mahone ends up in a cage.

    Sucre misses Maricruiz call. *Tear*

    Kellerman and Kim spend the episode trying to be the fairest magnificent bastard of all.

  • Marleen

    Wish I could see Went in boxers. He looks so hot! Can’t wait until monday.

  • Mili

    His bandage is on his left arm, but in other pictures its on the right, WTF???
    Anyways, he looks HOT.

  • woohoo

    tooo hottttttttttttt

  • Elisabeth

    Looking good as usual!
    I wonder what will be the outcome of “Michael and Sara”??

  • geniass

    It’s not an error. It’s a reflection!

  • ErinMarie

    Thanks Jared! I can’t wait for this episode! Went looks great as usual.

  • WHAT?!

    What????!!! Sara just left him in his boxers??? What the fudge?! I know it’s just a show but if I was Sarah Wayne Callies, married or not, I would demand a re-write of the script!

    Wenty/Michael, you can cry on my shoulders you sweet hotness you…

  • Lara

    Boxers or briefs…? How about commando? :D

  • wem

    HOT HOT HOT !!!!! He looks soooooooo hot!!





  • soala

    For those of you who can’t see, those boxers are red checks. ;)

  • Wet For Went

    Oh the hell he did Jared! He was with me. Mmmmmmm semi-naked Wentworth…

  • Conny

    Où est-ce que tu vois le petit Wentworth? Je ne peux pas le voyer :-(

  • adeline

    oui, je parle français!!! et moi aussi je suis fan de la série et surtout de Went!!!!!!!!!!!!! il est trop beau ce mec

  • Linds

    Jared, thanks so much for the early birthday present that is WENTY!! IN!! BOXERS!!! YUM!! So lovely and tempting. I have two words: baby. factory.

  • Jolie4ever

    either will do!!! but, with nothing on that’s a different story :lol:

  • Ashley

    J’ADORE Prison Break. In France we are watching the final of season 1.

    Hope to see comments on Wentworth Miller on a regular basis, I love this actor so much.

  • Naldizarn


    Was that the cover for the season 2 you wrote or just your OWN thoughts ?

  • Lockdown


    Own thoughts for the next episode ( episode 10 ) ??

  • http://JUSTJARED RUE

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on whether he’s gay or straight?
    It’s strange that he’s 34 and never been linked to anyone long
    term, man or woman.

  • toysha-x-

    marymi do you know that the vanity fair mag apprently acording to brad pitt he didn’t sign anything to let them use the picture, but the company who took the picture said that he signed papers saying that they were aloud to distribute those pictures to anyone they want to, but brad disagrees to that.
    and went why red boxers why not white, when you were in prison the white boxers lOOked hotter!

  • mekare

    Je parle un peu de français,mais je parle sourtout italiano..j’adore Went…

  • Conny

    @ RUE
    It’s an open secret he’s gay :-)

  • Elisabeth

    There are not enough facts to prove that he is gay. I personally don’t think that he is, there are many men that keep to themselves and keep there life top secret for one reason or the other……

  • katarina

    well..jared u have surpassed urself this time…i ddnt think this could be done…and in answer to your question boxers or briefs…how bout neither…;)

  • Erin

    Rue-He has only been in the public eye for a little over a year (meaning that no one- aka paps- followed him around before Prison Break started), so to say he’s “never been linked to anyone long term” is silly. Just because he doesn’t whore himself around Hollywood like some actors do, doesn’t make him gay. I’m tired of this comment coming up every post. Get some new material people.

  • Carline

    OH !!! IL EST TROP BEAU JE N ARRIVE PAS A CROIRE QUE SARAH L A LAISSé J AI HATE DE VOIR LE PROCHAIN EPI. thanx JJ You’re the Best, hope to see mor pics of Wenty.

  • WHAT2

    Erin – amen to that! Totally agree with you. Wish there’s some technology that could automatically laser zap those commets away…it’s so OLD.

  • WHAT2

    I meant to sat “comments” not “commets”..hee…

  • Elisabeth

    Well said Erin….I totally agree. People LAY OFF of this sexuality of this poor man!

  • Conny

    It is as new as saying “Wentgasm” or “he’s so hot” every third post – so what’s the big deal? If he is – what I believe and you don’t have to – why having a problem with it.
    There are always comments regarding him and Sarah W. C. and how hot they would be together, and no-one’s having trouble with that. So how come?

  • Conny

    Tolerance, people.

  • yawen forever

    yoo-hooooooooooooooo, i love w9! he is so super machooooooooooooooo, eh!!!

  • ehm…

    WAIT a minute! Has Sara and Michael “been” together already??!! Damn, they need air next here right NOW!! oh this misery….

  • Mink

    Well, since you ask Jared, this is one of the few men (the only man?) I’d like to see in a pair of nice, tight briefs. The less left to the imagination the better with this boy IMPO.

  • katt74

    “His bandage is on his left arm, but in other pictures its on the right, WTF???
    Anyways, he looks HOT”

    That is just the film/picture itself being reversed.

  • upanina

    Moi aussi j suis française I love prison break!!!! vivement l’épisode 10 de la saison 2!!!!!!!!!

  • WhipsnChains

    MEOW! He’s HOT!

  • Zack

    Phew, just when I thought my day couldn’t be worse, Went-updates! Thanks for making me smile on this lovely Friday morning Jared. (I was feeling sooooo under the weather today, but as usual, Went (and you, of course) are like those lil white pills that kept my sanity intact. Thanks Jared!

    Btw, sorry to hear about the bandwidth theft. Come on people. If you SHOULD take those lovely pics from here, please don’t hotlink them. Upload them to your server and host them on photobuckets or whatever. And give credit where it’s due. Please. I can’t afford to see anything bad happening to my favourite source of the Pretty (again!). ;)

    PS: Oh how I wished it was Went who went shirtless instead of Sucre. I missed those tatts like crazy!

  • Calisa

    OMG nearly hyperventilated when saw the photos!!! Jared pls post more !!!
    cant wait till Mon!! Hope Linc gets free and Lj’s ok !! and i hope its Mahone locked up for good !!!

  • Maldita

    whatever the reason that Michael had to strip down to his boxers, had to use the bin while sara was with him just sends a thrilling zing up my spine. Could it be that the “little Scofileds” (referenced from a prior interview with wentworth) jibe is actually true? OMG! I’m reeling! thanks Jared

  • Scillajean

    Wentworth si que eres todo un cuero, estoy esperando el lunes con ansias. ;-)

  • christina

    I made the boxer picture lighter so you guys can see his red boxers:

  • MP

    He goes into the bathroom to get washed up, he returns and finds that note (hence the devastated face in the pic)..

  • angelina

    WENTWORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you be any more GOREGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • much_mischief

    …oh the hotness!!!!
    no tighy whities for went/mike…yohza indeed!