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Angelina Jolie's Bombay Dreams

Angelina Jolie's Bombay Dreams

Angelina Jolie and 5-year-old son Maddox were spotted shopping at the Bombay Store in Pune, India earlier today. As always, Angelina‘s personal security officer Mickey Brett looks pretty in pink!

Is daddy Brad Pitt on his way back to the states for another Babel premiere? He was last spotted passing through Pune airport, on his way to Mumbai. More pictures in the gallery!

GALLERY :: Click here for Angelina & Maddox at Bombay Store!

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  • http://justjared kat

    How nice !

  • Claire

    Aww, Maddox has the same look on his face that my baby brother gets whenever my mom takes him shopping. A look of utter boredom; like “if we’re not going to buy toys, then get me outta here.”

  • Beth

    Kinda funny to see a big tough guy wearing pink. Although I see a lot of guys wearing pink now days………

  • Dee

    She’s just gorgeous…..

  • jenpo

    she’s getting too skinny! i hope she gets time to take care of herself too…her bod in the tomb raider series were to die for…

  • Phie

    Wow angie looks great Maddox is definitely mommy’s boy and Z is daddy’s girl…. Wonder what would be with Shiloh?!!! ehehe I love BAMZS so much!!!!

  • Rox

    Wow, she looks extremely thin, almost Bosworth thin.

  • Observer

    THESE are lovely pictures. Wish I could enlarge them to see better.

  • guli

    Ohhhh Many thanks JJ and Audrey , we love you folks, happy TGIF :lol:

  • lookwhaticando

    Awww, I love seeing pics of Madd, He is adorable. Micky looks sexy in pink also

  • kalista Brat

    Wtf? She was wearing that same thing on the last photos I saw of her last wee, jeez does she not have money to afford a new wardrobe?

  • hmm

    I think skinny works for her. She looks good to me.

  • trendy

    cute dress

  • Jolie4ever

    JJ – thanks for the new Angie thread!!!

  • Maria

    The Madd is getting so big! I guess Mr. Mickey wants people to know he’s around — the Pink shirt is something else!! HA! HA!

  • bluemoon

    She’s getting skinny, I hope she can gain a little more weight.

  • yep

    she is quite thin, I’m a little worried. Se did say that having lots of sex keeps her thin, Brad better give her a little

  • chirly

    I think Angie is telling us in her own way the threat rumors are false…just by being seen in public.

  • great

    She should get herself a sandwich. FAST! Her, Pitt and Aniston annoy me so much lately.

  • Frenchy

    Wow Maddox is getting to be a big boy! Angelina needs to fill out just a bit. But I get what her dillema is. She has a naturally round cherub face. If she gains just one ounce it goes straight to her face.

    Just check this out! I think Adam Sandler has a man crush on Brad. Look at what he’s wearing in this movie. He could have chosen anyone:,26335,1552380_7,00.html

  • chirly

    I dont think she has a dilema, in my opinion…she isnt the type to obsess about her weight or go on crazy diets. She is naturally thin..but admits she loses weight when she gets very busy, sometimes. she also says she prefers it when she weighs a bit more.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Thanks for the new picx Jared and Audrey. Angie looks gorgeous as usual. Love her style. Madd is just too cool!
    Now, where in the world is Brad? Can’t wait to find out.

  • Maniston

    Countdown to Babel. Just 3 more hours to go. Wahoo!

    Thanks Jared and Audrey for the new pix. I just love a man in pink especially one who can kick ass.

  • chirly

    im so jealous of you people who get to see Babel today!!!

  • berry

    she needs to stop carrying him. She also needs to eat a bowl of pasta.

  • Amaya

    For anyone that remembers my Jon and Angie fic, I’ve updated it! And there’s at least two more chapters left.

  • Maniston

    Chirly, I’m so excited to see this movie tonight. A few of my friends and I are going but first we must stop for dinner and maybe a drink. *wink wink*

  • FYI

    The original post on the other thread is pretty lengthy and the administrator hasn’t ok’d it just yet. I’m pulling the main issue from it while I wait. I want it to address the kiddies travelling about with their parents. These are the late Linda McCartneys words when she and Macca would be on the road.

    “The kids travel everywhere with us. When touring abroad we usually rent a house and make it our base so we can return to the kids each night.”

    { Paul and Linda had three children together, and he also adopted Heather, Linda’s daughter from a previous marriage. All four children have gone on to lead stable, productive lives, a tribute to the grounded, unpretentious way in which they were raised. Heather is a renowned potter whose work is sold and exhibited around the world; Mary, like Linda herself, has become a well-known photographer; Stella has made a prominent name for herself as a fashion designer; and James is a guitarist who has played on his father’s albums. “I must say that is one of the things that Linda and I always said: ‘Our greatest achievement is our kids,’ ” McCartney once told singer Chrissie Hynde for a story in USA Today Weekend. “People say that they are really good people.”

    Point is, Braddy & Angies kids will prolly be just as ok if not more than some kids who don’t have celebs as parents. Love is what its about.

  • chirly

    thank you for posting that FYI. Some people act as if Brad and Angelina are the only parents who take their children on the road with them. And they always complain that it is a bad thing. You cant make blanket statements. It truly is all about love.

  • morticia

    kalista Brat Says:

    November 3rd, 2006 at 4:06 pm
    Wtf? She was wearing that same thing on the last photos I saw of her last wee, jeez does she not have money to afford a new wardrobe?

    Angelina has millions of money but she is not selfish nor self absorbed unlike the other celebrities. She likes to give out her money to the poor & the underpriveledged. Maddox & Zahara has been photographed wearing the same pants, shoes, sweaters etc. These kids will grow up unassuming to what other people think about them.

    That is good parenting. WAY TO GO BAMZS(I).

  • shy

    kalista brat

    Wtf? She was wearing that same thing on the last photos I saw of her last wee, jeez does she not have money to afford a new wardrobe?

    i dont think so…last week she wore a backless black dress …right? you only notice the color my dear…try to figure out the design pls.

  • Inday

    kalista brat

    Wtf? She was wearing that same thing on the last photos I saw of her last wee, jeez does she not have money to afford a new wardrobe?

    Whatta question! No, I don’t think she could afford a new wardrobe…Wanna give her some?

  • jayne

    i live in la so i got to see babel last week. it was amazing. its an ensemble piece so brad’s only on screen for like 20 minutes of the movie. but what he did was great. and i am glad that the director didn’t try to make his role bigger just to use his celebrity at the expense of the story. it was an amazing film, something everyone should see!

  • Newbie

    Love b&a, as long as she is health it reallly dosen’t matter.
    And about the dress, even if it is the same dress, what’s wrong with that? I seriously don’t get it.

  • Newbie

    What about The Departed guys? I want to watch it over the weekend. It’s getting great reviews from all over the world and i heard it’s the best release this year.
    Go Brad!

  • jayne

    just fyi, if you like babel you should check out the director/screenwriter/cinematographer trio’s other two film, amores perros and 21 grams. both beautiful films

  • The real lou

    Who cares if it is the same dress.I’m very sure it has been laundered.Maybe the dress is comfortable,it’s loose at the waist.Angelina has always been thin,especially her arms.Morticia what does the(I) at the end of Bamzs stand for?

  • kk1

    Mad is getting so big, becoming very long legged! He looks like he has had a haircut. Angelina does not look so thin to me, she looks much as she did last fall at this time. She has the strength to still pick up and carry Mad. She is such a caring mom. When Brad’s away Mad seems to need extra attention(there were those Paris pixs of Angelina carrying Mad when Brad was away). Mickey is probably wearing pink to let all know that he is on duty and ready to rumble if needed to protect his folks. The Jolie-Pitts are very lucky to have such a loyal and protective person working for them.

    Why is everyone so concerned about Brad travelling? He does have a production company to run and a movie to promote. He has done very little to promote Babel, and may be under an obligation to do something related to the film. He may need to meet with his attorneys about legal issues. Who knows? If AMH is still filming then it would certainly make no sense for Angelina and the kids to make the 19 hour trip to LA or anywhere else just to turn around and travel another 19 hours or so in a few days to return to Pune to complete the film. Use common sense folks. I think Brad has been away from his family for only about 15 days or so since last December when he completed AOJJ in Canada. That’s almost a year ago or 340+ days. I do like that he and AJ had a weekend together and he worked with Habitats and Pres. Jimmy Carter before having to travel. They are trying to do the best job possible to manage their extremely busy lives.

  • angelah

    Thank you j@red for these!! Aww Mad’s getting taller!

    Just saw Babel and omg! that is all..

    Newbie Says:

    November 3rd, 2006 at 5:24 pm

    Departed was awesome! u should def check it out!

  • Hmmm

    Does she have an eating disorder now too? She is way skinnier than ever and it looks gross!

  • stardust

    Amaya. thanks for sharing. Loved Chapter two. I could see tracey being like that. A no nonsense, funny, and open minded woman. Can’t wait for the next one. =)

  • Amaya

    Thanks stardust! I honestly have no idea how Tracey is like so I’m really guessing lol But I can’t imagine Jon being married to a shrew so…yeah :)

    There was video of Samantha, Jason and Piper being interviewed. During it, Piper starting gnawing on the microphone lol Her initials are PBJ, love it!

  • Montserrat

    Hmmm and others of this ilk,

    All of you haters are incredibly stupid.

    1) Angies is under a lot of pressure and although she is a strong woman, all of the hate and her mother being sick must be really hard on her not matter that she does not read tabloids. She is, I am sure, well aware of the things that people say about her. Let me tell you – not one of you could withstand that pressure

    2) Not every person use food as a response to stress. If Angie is like me the more she stresses the less she eats

    3) She has three children vying for her time

    4) She is a working Mom – that means – sometimes eating is the last thing on your mind

    5) she might still be breast feeding (this burns a lot of calories and if you were thin to begin with – it makes you thinner

    6) She is a woman who is trying to be a good mother to three children, wife(yes, that’s what I said) to a dynamic man, and also with her own high profile career and at the same time helping to reduce the problems of the world

    6) Finally, if the threats are true, that also must be hard with three young ones and
    so far away from home.

    So please do us a favor – keep your comments to yourself. You don’t like her, fine, but stop this dangerous speculation. As long I live, I will never understand why women think that its okay to tear Angie down.
    Just like your hero Aniston, she is also human.

  • bdj

    AJ has always been thin. She put on weight when she was pregnant. She was thin in Mr and Mrs. Smith. What did Brad character say, “buck 10-15″ when describing AJ in the movie. She is filming 14 hours a day and breast feeding a baby. I am sure that she is healthy and will gain weight accordingly. She looks good to me and she has always had thin arms. People have been crtical of her weight even when she was pregnant and she had a lovely and healthy baby. I am sure that they are doing fine in India and Brad is handling business. Best wishes and safe travel to BAMZS.

  • Jeannified

    Angelina DOES look thinner (arms) than I’ve noticed before, BUT if she IS preggers, then perhaps some of her “extra-thinness” is due to her not being able to keep food down and fainting more often. I hope she’ll be alright while our hero, Brad is away! I’m sure that Mickey will take good care of her though.

  • Original curious

    Thanks for the pictures and thread JJ

    I noticed that in some of the pictures Angie’s arms DO look unusually thin, but in others, they seem like her “usual” arms. Maybe it’s the angle or something. I just want them to get back home ya know?

    LOVE Mickey rocking the pink!

  • Mindy

    Kid looks like he is hanging on for dear life, doesn’t look happy to me.

  • bdj

    ritzyditzy – I don’t think even YOU think your comment makes sense. That is the most lamebrain thing I have ever read and I don’t usually respond to dumb comments. Shiloh do takes naps like most babies. Next you will be complaining that Zahara will have abandonment issues also. I guess you couldn’t find any negative articles so you can up with this lamebrain comment.

  • Estelle

    Amaya Says:

    November 3rd, 2006 at 4:57 pm
    For anyone that remembers my Jon and Angie fic, I’ve updated it! And there’s at least two more chapters left.


    Brilliant chapter, I really like it. Thanks for writing this new story. You are a very good writer.

  • Mindy Is What’s Refered To As A Dim Bulb

    Thanks for your observation Mindy, it was really profound and thought provoking…