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James Wilke Wears Dresses?

James Wilke Wears Dresses?

UMMMMM… Since when did Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker let little James Wilke wear dresses? Little violet jersey dresses, no less!

UPDATE :: Apologies, image removed!

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  • Jeannified

    Well it has always been rumored that his dad is gay anyway, and that SJP knows about it and accepts it. That could be totally false, I’m just sayin’…

  • Fattie

    He’s cute though!

  • mololy

    Looks like it’s one of SJP’s tshirts. He’s a little kid, and boy or girl they all like playing dress up. I’m a preschool teacher, it’s totally normal.

  • Jules

    I agree with Mololy. Kids will pull all kinds of stuff out of your closet to wear. He is cute. Wish they had a little girl too.

  • hmm

    LMAO They probably let him wear what ever he wants. I guess he wants to wear dresses.

  • woohoo

    oversized t-shirt?
    playing with paints today?
    acting out a play?


  • Bibi

    Maybe it was tacky day at school or something.

  • Kini

    Maybe it was part of his Halloween costume….yah that is it….

  • Noone

    Why you are so close minded?
    Let little boys were shirts and little girls trousers. America is such a prude society.

  • RayG

    now the sad thing is, if the kid gets ahold of the paper where he is being made fun of for wearing , what is obviously one of his mommies t-shirt . Let the kid be a KID!

  • Beth

    Awww, you guys!! It looks like an adult shirt……kids like to where and do little adult things. Good parents are open to their child’s little silly quirks. Poor kid is being judge by the public at such a young age.

  • Beth

    Sorry, wear instead of where. Excuse me, my mind is going……..

  • Anna

    Please it is a holloween costume

  • gala

    looks like a kinda basketball shirt

  • Candy

    I agree… It looks like he’s wearing his mother’s shirt. Maybe she’s on a holiday or something and he’s missing her…..

  • Sum Dum Ho

    My God, it was probably part of his Halloween costume. If you’ve ever dressed a kid up for Halloween you know that you need to get the picture of them within 20 seconds before the costume is destroyed.

  • V

    On Letterman SJP has said they let him wear whatever he wants as they feel it allows him to be open and not buried with constraints. And that is far from a dress, looks like a tshirt to me.

  • hannah

    awww, he’s the hottness.

  • Buffy

    Please. My 4 yo son will put one of my shirts on. Difference is I don’t let him go out in public that way. So what?

  • nadia

    what is wrong with him wearing a dress? who cares! My younger brother used to sometimes wear his pijamas to school and there was other times he just felt like wearing Halloween costumes (And it wasnt even halloween). Children should just express themselves!

  • Desiree

    Yep- He sure is a total drag Queen already!!!

  • Jason

    How anyone has the gall to talk about a little boy like he’s old enough to defend himself is just pathetic. Let someone tell me it’s wrong for my son to wear his mom’s shirt in public. I guarantee you, you wouldn’t be ready for me! In this little boy’s case, why shouldn’t he wear what he wants? It doesnt matter what he has on, not a soul on this earth is even a half an ounce better than him. I applaud his parents for being intelligent enough to know that much.

  • Jess

    Whether or not he is wearing a dress, you have to admit he looks cute! It’s unfair to call him, he’s a child. Leave him alone. James you are so cute! xxx

  • amy

    ok its got to be on of SJPs shirts b/c who has ever seen a childrens dress that (on a little girl ) would show off her entire chest? its clearly not a dress and either way, boys like to do their own thing so let them

  • me

    For crying out loud. Poor child. Can;t a kid be a crazy kid anymore? Kudos to Matthew and Sarah for raising thier kiddo as a creative individual who can pick out his own clothes–wether its from mom’s closet or his own.

  • lotus flower

    Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre.