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Wentworth Miller Drives You ________

Wentworth Miller Drives You ________

Here are some more screencaps of Prison Break episode “Rendezvous,” which airs this coming Monday. Maybe you’ll find a couple more clues about the upcoming episode… More pictures in the gallery of Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Amaury Nolasco!

UPDATE :: Added 2 new promo videos from “Rendezvous” after the jump!

GALLERY :: Click here for more Wentworth Miller and Prison Break “Rendezvous”

Lincoln & LJ take a ride in a cop car

Mahone & Kellerman discover more clues
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  • Wet For Went


  • Victimizer

    What an absolute hottie ……..keep up the good work JJ……..You Rule.

  • corona

    He drives me to the end of my wits. Gaga over Went!

  • Charity

    Lovin the sunglasses….he has been sporting them alot lately….hope he isnt becoming “hollywood”….nah not Went! You know what makes Went so hot???? He doesnt even know how hot he actaully is…thats what does it and his sense of confidence.

  • wem

    CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until Monday!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mink

    Thanks Jared! There are simply no words to adequately describe this level of hotness. None.

  • BB

    C.R.A.Z.Y. I certainly pay him more attention than my man…..not really but something like that. Are those Sunglasses Michael’s or Wentworth’s…..Wentworth’s or Michael’s…whatever I think they share their gear sometimes. THANX JARED! Keep em coming! Oh and it looks like we’ll have a lot of skin on display, Michael, Sara and Sucre, woo hoo!

  • http://justjared Renato!

    o cara é foda!
    from brazil!

  • ErinMarie

    I concur with Mink and pretty much everyone else. Thanks Jared! Monday can’t come soon enough! ;)

  • Victimizer

    yup I’ve seen him with those glasses too but with different shades…….anyway I don’t think he is becoming too hollywood its just that he has those sensetive eyes that need to be prevented from the sun……and its good coz I don’t want anymore girls to fall in love with him…..we already are enough for him loooool.

  • Kini

    He is hot and all but ENOUGH of him already…there has to be more out there.

  • Elisabeth

    I can’t wait until Monday’s episode…..I wonder if it will be as good as all of the pictures are leading us to believe…….

  • GTown

    Went was at my hometown garland texas…though i didnt get to see him..a PA student was telling me that Went and Tbag was filming all day together…Also i saw Sara T. looking really good…Those were the only there filming today…hopefully ever else is still alive..

  • su

    wow…with that sunglasses u can drive me to Paris….wot do u think? hahahahahahahaha….oh my god, we need more wentworth miller in the world…..please come to Brazil….hahaha

  • Kim

    Wentworth………. you are worth it. This man drive me to closing my eyes and thing of him (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) This man is to fine.

  • Lisa

    G,Town, what did Sara’s hair look like? It is a very honest question why I am asking. Seriously-thanks!

  • Pheebe

    oh my god
    oh my god
    oh my god
    oh my god
    oh my god


    i need to see this episode, i need it!!

  • yawen forever

    yawen forever. you’re simply the best w9. my god, oh yes, papacito 2
    yoo-hooooooooooooooo! god, and so machooooooooooooooo!

    thanks, as always, muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • GTown

    Sara T was wearing a bubble jacket that went down to her kness…her hair is a lot more free than what her hair usually is on the show (up on a pony tail or just straight down) It had a slight wave to it (after beach look) and she was wearing a thin black hair band…Also she is skinny…so i was thinking to myself if she looks normal weight on the show and really skinny on person..i wonder how other stars really look in person if thats what they capture her on camera (i.e. nicole R. love her to death)

  • Softspoken

    ThanX for those pix!! Doing Great!!
    Lord have Mercey!!! That Man is toooo damn fine. I love the show but it’s kind of like a tease when it comes to Wentworth… you can look but you can’t touch. I wonder if his job feels like a job? We miss you in L.A. come home you sexy husband of mine!! Lol!!

  • MP

    OMG, i screamed when i saw that, thank you soooo much. Lovin the aviators!!

  • geniass

    …insane. Can’t get enough of Went!

  • J

    Oh no Dr.Forehead in this epi pass the barf bag.Can’t wait to see only Went though.

  • Kallie

    Thanx Jared! I always come to your site for me Prison Break spoiler fix! =)

  • lulu

    what’s Dr. Forehead mean?

  • oscars77

    wild!!!!!!!!!!! love you wenty!

  • toysha-x-

    aaaaww INSANIA! you can never get TOO! much of went!
    aaaww and as for sarah wayne callies she has been on a detoxing thing with her husband she said in an interview! is she THAT! skinny OMG i didn’t think she was THAT! skinny, but i personaly think that she is normal. Maybe its just me?

  • kmillz

    How does wearing sunglasses mean he is going hollywood I mean really

  • ludivine


  • ludivine

    hello i’m not good english i’m were french and i like wentworth i’m he to follow in the serie entitled”prison break” who was great good i’m to look at all le thusday i hope so to write thinks you advance i hope so they inclued with my english (to laught ) bye went

  • Marleen

    Why can’t I see the pictures? There is a red kruis on it. I wanne see the pictures! I know that Went looks good. he always looks good!

  • StukOnPretty

    Went drives me into a state of pure ecstasy and delectation. He is so beautiful! He makes me have naugthy thoughts. I’ve committed so many sins since I first noticed him on Joan of Arcadia, where he played evil Ryan Hunter. He was even sexy being bad. I first saw him in Dinotopia, he was cute then too!

  • frenchgirl

    thank you very much Jared for all these beautiful photographs of Went. In France also all the girls are insane of him. I hope that you will continue to put as many infos on Wenty, the only way of keeping up to date bus your site is extra!!

  • ilovewent!

    Wentworth was the shit in Dinotopia! And he’s gotten better with age…mmmm….

  • SexyWent

    INSANE…OMG I mean look at him. yum

  • ZeNd

    HOT!!! 1 word to describe him. lol

  • fox

    i agree with kini, he’s attractive, but really not that attractive. enough with the wentworth miller already!

  • Charity

    kmillz……….it was a joke! christ! sunglasses….hollywood….haha freakin ha! geez get a personality!

  • SexyWent

    Kini an Fox….what are U…blind??? I cant get enough of Went,, if you have enough of him, then don’t come here.

  • toysha-x-

    ilovewent! i totally agree with you, he looks better older than he does younger which not many people can say about some people so went take if you read this message, take it as a complement!
    ps loving you always went!british born hottie!

  • JAA

    His acting was absolutely terrible in this episode.Take Awaaay his good looks and you got a block of wood.Don’t get mad Wenty still love ya!

  • SexyWent

    how can you love him when you dont like his work?? So you only like his looks…girl there is more to a person then just meets the eye.

  • JAA

    No i like his acting it was that episode it was awful.

  • wentworth is MINE!

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i love him 2 bits

  • Bri

    I LOVE HIM!!!

  • Beckx

    Went is jst 2 sexy 4 me. sumtyms using the word the word hot is jst nt enuf. Went is jst amazing. No Doubt

  • http://MALTA krystle

    hello wentworth miler. how are you? I am from malta. I LIKE YOU WENTWORTH VERY NICE MMMMMMMM WOWWWW!!!!! I LOVE YOU

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