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Angelina Jolie's External Affairs

Angelina Jolie's External Affairs

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie shook hands earlier this morning with India’s Junior Minister for External Affairs, Anand Sharma in New Delhi, India. During the press conference, Angelina lauded India’s help to the refugees: “The wonderful thing that I have learned since I have been in India is there are many, many needs for your own people and yet you have all been so gracious and been so open to so many refugees over the years. I have also since I have been here spent time with Indian people and we spoke about concerns for disabled people, children and orphans.” More pictures in the gallery!

NOTE :: It’s also rumored that Brad Pitt is in the market for the Kaufman House in Palm Springs, CA, built by modernism’s most important architects, Richard Neutra. It is privately owned and Brad put in a bid. Obviously, a very important house architecturally.

GALLERY :: Click here for more pictures of Angelina Jolie and Anand Sharma

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  • Matea

    She is soooo beautifull…
    I love how she helps people

    wish there were more pics with her and brad togather…

  • Neat

    looking gorg as usual! thanx jared!

  • cheryl

    She is such a beautiful person inside and out. How does she find the time to do all of this UN work and raise 3 kids and film a movie?

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. I always like to check your site for the latest BP and AJ news. I miss your site when you are offline and have to troll other sites. This is not good.
    Hopefully, you will be up and running full speed soon. (hint, hint)

    AJ looks great with a serene, maternal expession. I am glad that she is able to continue her UN work while in India. Hopefully, they are almost through with the filming of the Movie and will be able to relax back home. Best wishes and safe travel to BAMZS.

  • asiana

    does she just out from bed??so ugly

  • Meli

    asiana Says:

    does she just out from bed??so ugly
    You wish you’re looking like this when you’re out of bed.She’s gorgeous.

  • briseis

    Jared and Audrey,

    Thanks for the new BAMZS thread. Like bdj above, I always check your site first thing in the a.m., whether at home or at work, for the latest news about BAMZS. When the dreaded message comes up, “cannot find server” I know that your site is offline again and I have to go to either other sites which at best yields mixed results for me. I hope you have solved your server problems — and even though I do not quite like the way your blog now looks, as long as you’re up I don’t really care!

    I hope BAMZS are now traveling back to the U.S. I am glad though that despite her hectic schedule, Angie finds the time to keep up with her humanitarian duties.

  • sirin

    asiana Says:

    November 5th, 2006 at 8:53 am


  • asiana

    her face looks so old, there is wrinkles under her eyes and her hair is so messy

    and oily like she doesn’t wash her hair. When will she starts picking great clothes

    or sexy ones and use make-up? And look at her clothes it so unattractive`. i think

    she is pregnant and she is maybe, sick. She is joking, right meeting a minister like

    that!!!!Why don’t she eat more than before, look at her…so thin….

  • phie

    If theres an ugly here its you, who says bad thing about a lovely girl with a good heart… People use to think Angelina is very attractive in any ways (YES I MEAN PEOPLE). I like how she goes out not wearing make up specially in refugee camps. Hey wake up!!! Who the heck are you insulting Angelina Jolie?!

  • alero

    Asiana = Shallow

    Go back to looking a pics of Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan. Those two are your speed.

  • julia

    she looks beautiful, thanks Jared…
    Happy Sunday.. Hope we see pics Bradley today. :)

  • barby8

    There is also a picture with Maddox. Cute.

  • barby8
  • alero

    One more thing, Angelina takes her role very seriously. She wants the people in gov’t to take her that way too. Not as some actress who just wants to dress up for the cameras.

  • bdj
    More beautiful hi res pictures and also of Maddox. AJ looks beautiful in these pictures also.

  • I think she might be PG again. She looks like she’s about to puke in a couple.

    Love her!

  • fiona

    Asiana writes like a 10 year old.

  • phie

    Hey, barby8 thanks for the link. My love for Angie started when I saw her carrying Maddox around very sweet and loving mom.

  • berry

    I will give her a compliment. I love that she is wearing traditonal clothing, and is respectful enough with other people’s culture.

  • gossippup

    she look preggers again. i hopr this one is a boy.

  • piper, with a low

    … Says:

    November 5th, 2006 at 10:46 am
    I think she might be PG again. She looks like she’s about to puke in a couple.

    Love her!

    Not that I’m starting anything, but I think so too. I could be completely wrong and I’m willing to admit it if I am, unlike tabloids, etc. And I’m certainly not entitled to know, one way or the other.

  • bdj

    Not too may celebrites can look this good without makeup. I think that it would be more of an insult to go on an official meeting with your face fully painted and not respecting the culture. From reading the news article, the Minister was quite taken with Angelina and impressed with her knowledge about the Refugee Crisis in his Country and internationally. He extended his appointed time with AJ. AJ carries out her UN duties with grace and dedication. Many celebrites can learn from her.

  • MJ

    I wonder why she always carries Maddox around? He is five years old and too old to be hauling around like a baby. I think she likes the image it creates.

  • BCBG

    bdj and barby8:

    thanks for the picture links.

    thank you again !!!

  • gia

    Asiana dog: she’s sporting no makeup. For a woman in her 30s to look like that w/o makeup – she looks phenomenal.
    Also – why don’t you go pick up an English grammar manual before posting and insulting us with your execrable spelling and sentence construction? Please.

  • mad and dad.

    Maddox wears his shirt just like Daddy, he even wears a chain, how cute.

  • Leila

    Angie is a beutiful woman and only those who are in denial don’t agree.
    Asiana, there is nothing wrong with what Angie is wearing. Angie will always be beautiful even if she is wearing a sack on her body. Her kind of beauty does not rely on fancy clothes or accessories. Her beauty does not need any enhancement, or you might day of envy.

  • BCBG

    I dont think she’s pregnant. Her clothing is very respectful to the Indian people.

    One thing I like about Angie is that she is NOT high maintenance. You wont see her in designer clothes and bags during the day on her daily routine. She dresses approprietly. Whe she is at the red carpet, she will dress up for the ocassion. She looks beautiful even without make up. She is beautiful inside and out.

  • think positive!

    She is the epitome of gorgeousity. I have never seen a woman looking this good without any make up in her face! Her natural beauty is bright! And I love that she is wearing traditional clothing too. I absolutely adore the Casmir swal! Even those who hate her can’t get enough of her.

    BAMZS God bless you!

  • Inday

    Asiana says… her face looks so old, there is wrinkles under her eyes and her hair is so messy .

    That’s you opinion of her but you are not in Angie’s league. She is very respectful with the Indian culture. She wore the appropriate dress and shawl to meet the minister. With or without make up, won’t make any difference to her as she is always beautiful inside and out. Brad knows where her heart is and am sure he is very proud of her. I really don’t think you know better than anybody, so just be quiet..ok?
    I am so glad to see Mad playing and having friends in India. I am sure he is gaining a lot from all those beautiful and smart children.

  • BCBG

    referring to the pic which Mad is in, the child in the middle looks like the kid in “7 years in Tibet”, that spiritual leader Dela Lama (spelling?)

  • Alexanderina

    Morning All, Jared thank you so much for the new thread and pictures, omg this woman is amazingly beautiful; she is so inspiring and so dedicated to her work as UN Ambassador, you are one of a kind Angie, you are a very special woman.

  • BCBG

    Jolie tours refugee camp in India

    The actress listened to music by Afghan Sikh refugees in New Delhi
    Actress Angelina Jolie has taken a break from filming in India to meet refugees from Afghanistan and Burma.
    The star toured a refugee camp in New Delhi as part of her role as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

    She also met India’s Junior Foreign Minister Anand Sharma and praised the country’s stance towards refugees.

    The actress took her Cambodian-born five-year-old son Maddox to the refugee camp, where she spoke to Sikhs who had been forced out of Afghanistan by the Taleban.

    Indian minister Anand Sharma spent 85 minutes with Jolie
    They also visited the one-room home of a woman who fled Burma when her husband was arrested by the government.

    “I am grateful to the refugee families who spent time with me and shared their stories,” she said in a statement from the UNHCR. “They are remarkable, courageous people.”

    After discussions with Mr Sharma, she said she was impressed by India’s tolerance.

    “The wonderful thing that I have learned since I have been in India is there are many needs for your own people and yet you have all been so gracious and been so open to many, many refugees over the years,” she said.

    “Another important thing is always encouraging people from different parts of the world and different religions and cultures to maintain who they are and their own language.”


    Mr Sharma said: “We discussed the Indian tradition and Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of peace and non-violence, which continue to be very much relevant even today.”

    India is home to more than 160,000 refugees, mostly from China and Sri Lanka, according to the UNHCR.

    Jolie is filming The Mighty Heart, in which she plays the wife of the Wall Street Journal reporter whose abduction and beheading shocked the world.

  • Alexanderina

    bdj Says:

    November 5th, 2006 at 10:41 am
    More beautiful hi res pictures and also of Maddox. AJ looks beautiful in these pictures also.
    Thanks bdj for the pictures, how adorable and cute is Madd, I just love this family, everyone of them.

  • deena

    She looks as beautiful with or without make up, not many people can say that.
    She is so kind to give of her time even with such a busy schedule instead of just writing acheck. This proves how dedicated and sicere she is, she really wants to see what the people’s conditions are first hand.

  • BCBG

    Clad in a black skirt and green stole, she said: ‘It is an honour to be here.’

    The minister said: ‘We are happy to receive Jolie. We had a detailed discussion on refugees’ plight all over the world and also on conflicts in different parts of the world.’

    ‘We appreciate her work in Sudan and Cambodia. We also discussed how we can help them,’ said Sharma.

  • guli

    JJ, Audrey. THANK YOU!!!! She really is a very good, kind caring person. It’s not just her beauty that mesmerizes me. It is who she really is and how much she has grown up and changed since she joined UNHCR and became a mother. I just love this family :lol:

  • malibumom

    I thought the announcement of her being preg would come out three weeks ago-my sources must be wrong-remember i said in the next 2 weeks-oh well

  • Observer

    She looks SOOOO MUCH better without the popular BP around! Everything turns mooshy and hollywood-like when he’s involved voluntarily or by fans’ imposition.

    She looks serene and like a prime minister of one of those less developed countries.

    I’m rooting for less and less of those pics of BP!

  • Observer

    My post always appear like a day after I post them lately… wonder if it happens to anybody else.

  • ?


    really you know she’s pregnant? I hope she is.

  • BCBG

    Is that really Mad in that picture?????

    with the cap on, it’s hard to tell.

    Mad’s smile seems different.

  • BCBG

    It’s funny that JustJared will leave out the last pic (the pic with the kids).

    can someone do some comparison and tell me for sure it is Mad????

  • Alexanderina

    BCBG: November 5th, 2006 at 11:45 am
    Yeah that is Madd, and he is do damn adorable and cute :). He is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up :)

  • obserser

    Thanks to those who linked to the photos that included Mad. I had to look for him.

    He looked very mature there, and as if very at home. He was even wearing that UNHCR hat. Very interesting. Feels like he’s going to grow up and work for UNHCR just like his mom!

  • guli

    Alex what I love about that pic with Madd and the other kids is how happy and comfortable he seems just playing with the other kids. He doesn’t care where they live, what country or religion they are; they are just kids just playing with small plastic toys. I just love it, B and A are great parents!!!

  • QQQQ

    Thanks JJ for the new thread and pictures….

    Yeah that’s Madd in that pic, his t-shirt and hat says UNHCR and he has on the same shoes and shorts he had on in the airport pics

  • QQQQ
  • Winnie-the-Pooh

    JJ- thank you for these beautiful pictures. Also thanks to those that provided the extra links. Angelina is such an inspiration. Maddox really is having fun in that picture with the other kids. Aw he has a chain like his daddy; loved that he was wearing the UNHCR’s logo on the hat and polo. I love this family.