Mrs Becks Hooks the Handbags

Mrs Becks Hooks the Handbags

Will Victoria Beckham‘s handbag collection be all the rage? Here Mrs. Becks glows as she models the latest style in handbags in six different colors and textures…

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  • Mycah

    Blah. Their is nothing interesting about her why is she famous?

  • Katie


  • Maria

    Get me some ‘stop the throw up’ tablets!!! YUCK is right!!!

  • Niecy

    I still say she looks like the girl from the Dark Crystal. FUG. She needs a cheeseburger or some mashed potatoes and bread.

  • Merce

    Her only claim to fame is being married to David Beckham. She looks like a walking skeleton with a big head and she always has that “deer caught in the headlights” look. Never smiles. I don’t know why these companies even hire her to model their wares. Her pics dont’ inspire people to run out and buy the products she’s selling.

  • helen

    she was more famous than David was a million times over before the got married David would tell you tht mich and anyone knows that and i would like to tell you that her products are selling very well far much better than anyone anticipated (even those whom doubted her, HER swallowing up their words) quit abusing her she has done really well for herself AND OBVIOULY SHE HAS HER CRITICS AND why i really love her is that no mater how much she has been abused noone has ever criticised her of being a bad mom and to me that sums it up and tht is the greatest accolade as a woman you can ever have

  • Maria

    Niecy: Hey, I take exception to that ‘Dark Crystal’ gal. She’s 10 times prettier than this chick.
    Merce: ITA with you. Why would I want to buy a bag that will cost more than my rent? I also would like to ask her why she thinks that silly expression on her face is ‘sexy’. It always looks like she needs to use the bathroom……..if you get my meaning!

  • Beebee

    I’m so sick of her, she does nothing of interest, except walk around pouting wearing designer gear. GET LOST VICKY!!

  • vicky

    I love both Victoria and David..They are great parents and they both look gorgeous..especially David !!

    David ve Victoria hakkında en son haber ve resimler (Hepsi Türkçe)

  • danni

    see victoria just shits me … she was always the weird 1 in the spice girls!! the one that never really needed to be in the “group” … i think she feeds alot of david and his publicity but i guess she has made a lame name for herself as well …

    word is in england (apparently, so i heard on radio today) that all the paps/papers etc are saying she is using the romeo epilepsy thing as a publicity stunt!!?? “apparently” the paps etc knew ALL about romeos illness but becuase her book isnt selling all too well she needed a push …. so she has made this a bigger issue and has now just made romeos condition public knowledge

  • helen

    really and that makes it okay to keep on taking his pictures even when they knew and seriouly victoria is not one poor woman down the road that has a kid that is ill whom would actually go oh i want buy her book becuse her son is sick ?????????????/ whom really and to say the truth she has been doing the rounds since and never mentioned it why should she mention it now when the book sold out on it’s first day of realease?????????????? the fact is people would talk even if she removes her eyes to save someone it is the fact

  • Anna

    SPICE GIRLS was populer more than David Beckham before they got marry.
    I dont think Posh Spice was populer in the world. maybe only Europe?
    in my country lots of people knew Spice Girls not each member.
    but thats same for David Beckham. he was populer only football fan. they both made themselves where they are now. or David became populer in all over the world now so his wife also becomming populer?

    I feel sorry for Romeo. but I just cant understand why they(Beckhams) gave actions few days after “the pics” published. why not in 24hours? did they wait until her new book released? and they knew thier kid has medical problem, why did she push his buggy at airport? she knew she got lots attention at there that means the kid also got attention too. why bodyguard push 3rd kid’s buggy?

  • samantha

    she has the hottest soccer player with her…shes pretty… good fashion..but needs to eat big macs and quarter pounders



  • liza

    I have to admit she kind of intrigues me, like a car accident. Its hard not to stare. The husband is hot but dumb. The handbags look this high volume $29.99 a bag kind of thing..or is she trying to be the next Jimmy Choo?

  • cheerleader

    i’m lookin forward for their divorce…. i know it’s soon….. LOL…
    she’s no pretty….i’m crossin my fingers that one day she’ll realize that….
    maybe one day she’ll stop acting as if everybody loves her. cuz everybody hates her!!!

  • aimee

    victoria beckham is such a tramp shes so ugly she lookz lyk sum 1 out of a horror movie or summut god get a face lift u ugly mug oh by da way ur a fukin ugly cunt xXx ha ha xXx hehe

  • Chloe

    I have absolutely NO USE for Victoria Beckham- in my view she is one of the unclassiest, self-obsessed, fame/$$ hungry celebs out there- she is a complete waste of space!

    Danni- if what you say is true about her using her son’s illness to promote her own self-image/publicity- then she truly is one of the sleaziest people to walk this earth. Obviously, whose to say if it is true or not- but that was one of the first things that crossed my mind when I heard the news– I thought, oh- wouldn’t it be just like VB to use something so heart-wrenching and tragic for her own personal use- if true, she is the “lowest of the low”!

  • anna

    oh i hate her, i mean she’s always in the news, now she’s a designer? for god sake, i wonder if someone had came up to her and say your suck, i would do it if i ever sees her, i wish david would leave herr, soon. im tired of wthcing her in the news.