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Milo Ventimiglia: The Jr. Heavyweight

Milo Ventimiglia: The Jr. Heavyweight

HeroesMilo Ventimiglia (formerly of Gilmore Girls) spars with Sly Stallone in the new Rocky Balboa, out in time for the holiday season (Dec. 22). Here is his interview with Men’s Fitness in the December 2006/January 2006 issue:

What’s it like playing the son of the iconic Rocky Balboa? Definitely some big shoes to fill. It was hard for me to enter into 30 years of legacy and shoulder the burden of not screwing it up. And meeting Sylvester for the first time was kind of intimidating. He’s a pretty ****in’ big presence with a deep, booming voice, but he’s actually very kind and very professional.

Did you pick up any boxing from Sly? No, man-not for me. I watched Antonio [Tarver] and Sylvester kick the shit out of each other for eight days when filming the Vegas fight scenes, and they were really connecting punches. I guess what I learned was I didn’t really want to get hit in the face.

You also star in the NBC hit Heroes, which isn’t just another X-Men, right? There’s no tights or masks, just everyday people dealing with the fear and exhilaration of having superpowers. But people have a good time watching it. Lots of screaming at your TV.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Power of persuasion. Think about it-it’s a cerebral power. You can persuade someone to start a war or end a war. You could really do some good with it, or some major bad for the world, if you’re so inclined. But there’s good and bad in everybody. It just depends on what you tap into and when.

Who would you pick to win in a fight — Rocky 2006 or Rocky 1976? That’s a really tough question. It’s the same guy! They’d be throwing the same punches. Maybe Rocky ’06 would have a lot of hunger behind him, but I gotla go with the original.

VISIT :: TV Addict interview with Adrian Pasdarand Milo Ventimiglia

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  • Vicki

    he was so cute as Jess in the earlier seasons of Gilmore Girls

  • nadioz

    Thanks for that ! i’m surprised that you posted something about him because you usualy talk olmost always about the same people : (The Pitts, The Becks, Prison break… )

  • Milofan

    OMG JJ Thank you soooo much

    Milo effin’ Ventimiglia too cool for school finally getting the career break many had predicted way back when

    Love ya Milo…….Love Heroes too, Peter Petrelli is so cool and no-one beats Jess Mariano

  • Not

    LOVE HIM! ;)

  • john

    i’d like to be him.

  • http://justjared kat

    hot! hot! hot!

  • kini

    I love Rocky I don’t care who is in the movie as long as Sly is there…yummy

  • not right

    he was really annoying in gilmore girls. i stopped watching the damn show because of him.

  • not_him

    He looks annoying coz his brooding face really looks like it. Definitely NO charisma at all!

  • macey

    I dont like him at all… I dunno but I just dont eeewww!

  • name required

    his head is too big for his tiny body.
    don’t like him.

  • moola

    Shutup all you stupid bitches!! Have you ever seen him without a shirt on? Jesus, he’s fucking perfection! Head too big? Your snatch is too big for your face! Cunt-face!

    And JJ, just one picture? Thanks alot. What, too busy scouring the internet for pictures of cantaloupe-faced Wentworth Miller pics?!?

  • CCC

    People! Out with the love and in with the hate. Let’s not be too bitchy here.

    Milo is awesome, and one picture is better than no pictures!

    His broody looks is what characterises him as an individual. That picture makes him look perfect for a mini Silvester Stallone. Thanks for posting someone unique JJ!

  • quad-t

    I agree with CCC. I’ve been watching Milo since Gilmore girls and think he’s not getting all the credit he should be getting for his acting. Plus he’s damn hot as well.

  • Jorge

    Thanks Jared! Love Milo! I’ll just look at MF to see if they have more pictures.

  • dont_care

    He’s got a LONG LONG LONG face… Its good that Alexis Beldel is not an item w/ him anymore coz she’s way TOO beautiful for him!

  • jules

    I dont think he got what it take to be in lead role (be on TV/movies) but just apt for a supporting ones.. Care to know that his Bedford Diaries was a major “flop”!

  • BNP

    Actually he is back with Alexis ….Kristin from E Online said so and one of his costars accidentally blabbed they were back together in an interview……as for Bedford Diaries he was the best thng in it

    As for a flop, he has a 14.9 million viewing figure show…..compared to G Girls of average 4 million, so blow that out your ass

    (you wouldn’t be one of those deranged Logan fans would you ‘cos thats just sad)

  • moola

    Yeah horse-face, if anyone could spot a LONG face it’d be you!

    Jorge, what is MF? I want to look at it too.

    And yeah Jules, blow it right outta yo’ ass!

  • allessi

    I wont believe that they got back together (hopefully not!) until I saw some at least latest pic. of them together coz after all this time it was all just sounded a HEARSAY!!!

  • Lena

    What Costar? And where can I find this interview?

  • miki

    What’s wrong with the ppl thinking he has long face.If his face is long,then what’s a normal face is like,round face?
    Ross on Friends has long face,stupid haters!what’s wrong with your eyes and your poor judgement