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Prison Break: Rendezvous into the Sunset

Prison Break: Rendezvous into the Sunset

Screencaps link after the jump! Read on for the synopsis of last night’s Prison Break episode “Rendezvous”:

The rendezvous you all have been waiting for! I have had the pleasure of watching an advance copy of this but wanted to wait until the final air version before writing out my thoughts on this episode. Firstly, blah blah on Sucre’s angle. This episode really did not need his constant phone calls and random flashbacks on his lady love. Snore. Moving on.

LJ and Linc get extracted by Spy Daddy aka Aldo Burrows before the authorities can get to them. Kellerman is POed at this change of events but Agent Kim has another agenda. Who is Company 2 and are they really just a front for the Company? Only time will tell.

Bellick and Geary manage to find the key—too bad T-Bag swallows it. How does a man swallow a key without hurting his intestines? Isn’t this the second key he swallowed already? This man knows no limits. At the end, the two former bulls do get the key and the money, after going through some smelly business. Bellick’s joy is cut short when Geary decides he wants the money for himself and takes him out with a meat tenderizer. Can we say ouch? I bet that T-Bag will be leaving something behind in the next episode.

(Continued before the jump) Ah the rendezvous! “The plan to make this right” is not what Sara intended. She has no plans to leave the country with the two most wanted men in America, thank you very much. But that does not stop Mahone from tailing the two and is looking to do away with Michael ala Oscar Shales. Michael outsmarts Mahone but not before realizing what a long battle he has up ahead. Seeing Mahone and Michael eye to eye in this particular scene makes me interested to see where this storyline is going. Don’t disappoint me writers!

Sara realizes that she is not about to make the same mistake twice and leaves Michael literally in his boxers. This scene made absolutely no sense but thanks Fox for thinking about the ladies! The good doctor is about to drive away when a sudden change of heart leads her to turn back—right into Kellerman’s pistol!

Two more episodes until the fall finale! Sara holds the key to the conspiracy? Literally?! Damn, her Dad found something he should not have. Stay tuned for Bolshoi Booze!

GALLERY :: Click here for screencaps from Prison Break episode “Rendezvous”

[Written by geniass]
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  • ks

    The best part about this episode was the Michael/Mahone face-off, very intense! The Michael/Sara reunion was nice and sweet. I didn’t really expect anything much. It’s only episode 10 people! They need to save something for the rest of the season. Will we finally get a clue about who The Company is? Once again, we are kept wondering what’s going to happen next Monday. Love it!!!

  • Heidi

    why are they gonna stop Prison Break this November? When are they coming back on air?

  • Eden

    Aww.. I liked the part when Sara told Michael that she didn’t want to be alone. I just hope he gets there in time to save her from Kellerman. Can’t wait XD

  • http://google mahelet

    iam maheleat iyude leke presnberak

  • Guinevere

    I was wondering at the end, when Sara got out of the car, did she realise that she made a mistake, and did she wanted to go back to Michael (in his boxers :-p) ??

  • tanique

    haha jared it’s funny you love sarah/michael. i can’t stand them and FF all of her scenes. she bores me to tears. i’d much prefer to see sucre on a phone than her. in fact i much prefer sucre and mike to her and mike.

  • Elisabeth

    Last night’s episode was great, one of the best by far in my opinion. I just wonder now what Michae’s BIG SECRET is. I enjoyed the reunion, but wonder now how Michael will intercept Sarah and Mahone.
    Thanks JJ for all you do to contribute to our Prison Break and Wentworth Cravings!

  • kt

    o my wentwood is soooo fit he is well mint xXx kt bre xXx

  • yawen forever

    i love mike. you’re the best wenty. surely, love ya thank you, mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • RedBoxers

    I wanted more action from the Michael/Sara rendesvous reunion and not that 3-second hand holding they shared! WTF??! They made out a whole lot more in a maximum security prison, fine – we’ll probably have to wait until NEXT YEAR for that! Damn you PB writers!! OK just kidding…I just wanted Sara to put out I guess, yeah he lied to you but he’s too hot to keep a grudge with Sara, come on! She should have stayed on and seen him with those red boxers on!

    Felt sorry for T-bag in this epi, that whole colander thing was disgusting. Loved the whole Michael and psycho Mahone confrontation scene, that was priceless! Thanks for the recap Geniass + JJ, please keep ‘em coming.

  • RedBoxers

    Heidi – Fox is breaking up PB just like they did last season. Fall finale is set for Nov 27th and they’ll probably be back in Feb or March, just like earlier this year. I’ll be joining back with my Wentworth Withdrawal Support Group during the hiatus, that’s for sure.

  • Amanda

    I missed the preview for next week’s episode. What did it show?

  • Elisabeth

    I hope that JJ keeps up the frequent Wentworth Pictures to help us through this long stretch.
    Thanks JJ! Your the best!
    I wonder if Wentworth ever comes on here and reads the posts pertaining to him?

  • Elisabeth

    JJ, you have to keep the frequent Wentworth Posting coming while we are without Prison Break for that LONG Break! That’s the only way we are going to get through it!
    I wonder if Wentworth actually comes check the posting we make? Or if he visits any site for that matter to see what the general public is saying.

  • Linds

    JJ – u r the shizz!!!! Thanx for the Wenty pics. Lurve, Went’s B.F.

  • meemee

    I really enjoyed the Michael/Mahone encounter! Very intense scene. They are both smart, so let’s see who wins in the end! I was little disappointed with the Michael and Sara encounter. I just thought the chemistry in this scene was a bit weak. I think the writers should have made Sara a lot more emotional.

  • corona

    i think this is the best episode this season yet. there’s a pretty good chance the next two episodes will be better.

  • http://elane elane

    it was just ok

  • http://elane elane

    I was expecting some kissing


    sara is really attractive. wentworth can keep me up all nite! tea bag is going to unleash himself from the radiator!
    i need my teabag!! where is haywire? thank-you jared for your intense interest in prison break. luve erika

  • kmillz

    im just trying to figure out how kellerman found sara

  • Meeshy

    it says error when I click the gallery link…

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    How did Kellerman find Sara?? good question

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    There was not enough romance in the episode, it was better when they were in prison and Michael went to see Sara everday for his fix.

  • Estelle

    Thank JJ, I love this show. You are right about Sucre’s angle. I want the whole show on Michael…please :)
    Sara needs to go back to Michael, she is not very bright sometimes. I can not wait until the next episode. Please keep us update on this show.

  • Estelle

    Kellerman searched the rental car info. and did you know, in every rental now, has one of those satellite system that they can track you where ever you are?…yeah, I went to mexico with a rental car, just before I past the border, the rental car company call me on my cell and told me that I have to go one of their rental facility and redo the contract. ( more money of course) and I have to buy protection for the car. Yep, they know exactly where you are.

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    HeeHeeHee…that’s funny Estelle!!!!

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    I think I’m just going to be watching my season 1 DVD’s over and over and over and over and over again…..during the November break….I’m so mad at fox.

  • Heidi

    RedBoxers: Thanks for the info. I watched all of Season One from the internet so I didn’t know they had a break…anyway, any chance I can sign up for that Wentworth Withdrawal Support Group of yours? ;)

  • danni

    wow what an episode!! seriously though i kinda wish the whole sara/micheal story line went a little further then it did but *shrugs* there is always another 12episodes to go till the season is over!! hehe sucre and his papi had no place in this episode it was a lil weird to see him! anywho … wow poor tbag! i seriously thought he was going to rip his hand off that heater just so he could get out of the house!! *shakes her head* poor love!!

    interesting storyline with papa burrows … should be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks … looking forward to it :) :)