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Beckham Battles Epilepsy

Beckham Battles Epilepsy

Will paparazzi still hassle the Beckhams after confessing that their son Romeo is battling epilepsy? In London’s Heathrow Airport late last month, Romeo Beckham was being pushed in a stroller by mommy Victoria Beckham, covering his eyes from photographers’ flash bulbs. The family was on their way back from Madrid. Posh and hubby David are now terrified flash photos will cause Romeo seizures that could kill him.

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  • suzy

    wow, I did not know that he had epilipsy, hopefully paps will take some pity and feel for the kid unless it is a rumor.

  • Chloe

    No, not a rumor– it’s been reported in the mainstream news as well… my heart does go out to little Romeo- no child should have to battle such an illness– hopefully he will recover. I do not know much about epilepsy, but for those of you who do- is it a little drastic to print that flash photos could cause a potentially fatal seizure in this boy? Seems quite drastic… if I were VB and this was my child- I would definitely without question “retire” from the world stage/spotlight and concentrate on providing a more stable, easy-going home life for these boys… just my thoughts- highly doubtful that VB would ever think of putting someone else besides her own self-worth first… we can dream~!

  • ladye

    I hate this family!!!



  • WTF

    Put a FREAKING blanket over his stroller, ho.

  • Oldie

    Out of respect for reasons celebrity parents have for not wanting their children’s pictures taken (be it health, privacy, etc), maybe the JJ can have a policy of not posting pictures where the parents have or are expressing unwillingness for such? I think there are other sites which follow this now. Romeo Beckham’s health is just one case in point

  • Chloe

    Hmmm… as I am sitting here and looking more closely at the pic.- why don’t the Beckhams’ have a double stroller? Why does baby Cruz have to be pushed around by the bodyguard? Most parents’ who have 2 small children such as these parents’ do, invest in the double stroller… just a curiosity question– I kind a feel bad for baby Cruz- way in the background there… I don’t know- maybe I’m just rambling…

    WTF- I agree with your comment as well- if she KNOWS that he has this specific illness- why not take more proper measures in protecting him? i.e.- at least use the hooded part on the stroller– ya, think?

  • black

    These paps are really dusgusting, cruel and stupid……..I would kill them all off.

  • Mediterranean

    I am very sorry for the kid.

    But his mother is all around the world to promote herself, not with him! WHY is that? I start to hate her. What kind of person is she?

    She doesn’t need to work, she doesn’t have to be at every single fashion show on this planet, she should not shop every single day of her life.

    Why can’t she stay at home with her sick kid who is even not 5 years old? I really start to hate her!

  • Mediterranean

    She didn’t get the attention she longed for in U.S.

    If she is using this sickness for PR, I want to vomit, and I prefer to do it on her face.

  • carol

    OHHH please this story came from News Of The World…..

    read this….

    Leave the woman and her family alone you don’t know her so….

  • cacau

    and this story is not confirm : A spokesperson for Victoria and her husband DAVID would not confirm Romeo’s illness but says, “We never comment on any medical matters to do with the children. But we’ve all worked hard to protect children from photographers – it’s the parents who are newsworthy, not the kids.”

  • Maria

    HELLO!!!! And who’s fault is this? She’s out there loving the attention, and now that it’s hurting her little guy she’s worried? Give me a break here. I am so sorry for the little guy, I truly am. Hope there’s something that can help him when the photo idiots are out and about. She should be home with the children and not out every time she thinks the cameras are going to be around. Idiot woman!!
    Med: You are so spot on!!!

  • Jai

    Why should she stay locked up in the house just because the kids got Epilepsy? He’s not a leper for god’s sack. She and her sons are living their lives and F the paps. I applaud her. The paps are going to be around this kids whole life, learn to deal with it now, and get on with it.

    However he’s way too old to be in a stoller if you ask me. What is it with people keeping their kids in a stoller till they’re like college age. I don’t get it. I thought it was just fat, lazy American’s doing that, but now I guess the Brits have taken up the trend. Soon the Brits will have a bunch of fat, lazy kids too.

  • buba

    Who cares! The mother who creates shame in the face and goes to take care of her son instead of being visiting Paris!

  • Anna

    I wrote that…but again, why is she pushing her poor boy’s buggy??? she wants to protect him,right??? she knew that he got lots of attentions. look at 3rd boy behind them. he doesnt get attention.
    and for this pic, dont u get any letters from thier lowyer? beckhams’s lowyer moved some acction after couple days this pics published.

  • Jordyn

    It’s very true, not only flash blubs but any sort of strobbing type light, it’s been known that even some television commercials and video games have caused them in kids and adults. I feel sorry for the kid b/c the paparazzi doesn’t care, hell it’d sell more pictures to get pics of the kid dying…

  • sarah

    It my understanding that when these photos were taken Victoria pleaded with the photogs to stop taking pics. Strobe lights and flashes can cause seizures, even deadly ones in children with epilepsy. As for her having him covered up all of the time, i agree with Jai, why should the kid have to stay locked up in the house, or hidden under a blanket all of the time just because of the photogs. I did, however, read a statement by one of the biggest agencies in Britain saying that they would no longer be photographing the Beckhams when Romeo was there, because they didn’t want to risk the health of a child. I suspect that if this is true, other agencies will follow suit. i mean really, is a picture really worth perhaps permanently damaging this kid?

  • Adila

    I feel very sorry for Romeo..

    But what is up with her dressing her kids in the same clothe??????
    I HATE that!!
    Hey, VB! They are not the same person! so why the same clothe??
    Man, i understand when twins are dressed the same. I don’t like it but i understand that some people think it’s cute..
    but not kids with diferent ages..
    Denise Richards is doing the same thing with Sam and Lola..
    It creeps me out..

  • K

    Maybe Romeo wants to dress like his older brother. Why tell him no?

  • Ednonymous

    Respect? How about these has-been, so-called ‘celebrities’ avoid parading their kids out in public or perhaps not publicize their childerens’ personal medical problems? What absolute sacks of crap. Send them all to Afghanistan to earn their keep.



  • vicky-icky needs 2 go


  • Kate

    #4 “WTF”:I agree with you.
    If they’re afraid that the flashes could cause a seizure-you’d think they would try to protect him instead of pushing right through it.

    #13 “Jai”:True that photogs will always follow them and they shouldn’t have to completely isolate themselves-but you’re still so very wrong.They still need to take measures to protect their child.Put him first.But you are right that he’s too old for a stroller.

    #17 “Sarah”:True true-almost.
    Victoria could take better measures to protect him.
    I mean I think we all know that telling the photogs to stop taking pictures is not going to work.Seriously.And unfortunately yes-the pictures are that valuable to them.And Victoria knows this.

    #18 “Adila”:Probaly the most reasonable
    item wrote on here so far.
    I also think it’s completely ridiculous to dress an eight year old the same as a preschooler and a two year old.
    Yeah-Brooklyn really loves that.

    #19 “K”:That’s very possible.But do you really think Brooklyn wants to dress like him? And
    Cruz is too young to have a say-so obviously it’s the parents.

    #21 “Qwertyui”:You may hate them-but don’t take it out on innocent children.They can’t help who their parents are.How can you wish anyone to die? No matter how much you hate them. He can’t help where he’s from,who he is,or what he has. And he certainly doesn’t deserve to die.

  • vicky-icky needs 2 go

    all of u need to get something through your heads about kids with epilepsy. the more you protect them the more likely they are to get a fit. What do you expect them to do put romeo in a box and keep him in the dark the more you protect him and cover him up is the more likely he is to get a fit. and that will more than likely stress him out which will as i said b4 cause him 2 get a fit.

  • nani

    ooohhh!!estupid Girl
    And they say that Brit is a bad mother, but then Victoria where it is? ? That would be a pity to Romeo him something happen because a child is very sweet and tender!!