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Britney Spears On Thin Ice?

Britney Spears On Thin Ice?

To celebrate her pending divorce, Britney Spears went ice skating last night with manager Larry Rudolph at NYC’s Rockefeller Center. Brit also ate dinner with pals at Italian bistro Baldoria.

Brit is seeking “legal and physical” custody of both her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. But not without a fight! Deadbead dad K-Fed may be seeking custody of the tiny toys… Take ‘em down, Brit!

VIDEO :: Britney Spears ice-skating with manager Larry Rudolph

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  • Sandra


  • http://jailbird jailbird

    so she’s back with her manager after she fired him and ran off with kfed…I’m over her.

  • Anna

    Well, good for her! She already put up with enough of his crap. She has helped k-fed and he has the nerve to say she is damaging his career. Give me a break! I think she looks great and she will be on top again in no time.

  • Viktor

    Britney Spears is the hottest women to walk the face of the earth! She is awesome! so who cares what you say about her.


  • jenna

    I think she looks pretty good for just having a kid. Her boobs arent saggy I think they are a nice shape..who knows she might even breast feed so cut her a break.

  • fed ex

    fed ex signed a pre-nup, so he’ll get exactly what he agreed to before the marriage became legal.

    and he better get to the gym ASAP, because that wrestling “career” is pretty much all he’ll have going for him after the divorce is finalized. He’ll blow through that dough he’s managed to finagle out of fools willing to pay for the pleasure of making fun of a bipedal sperm soon enough. Stupidity gets old.

  • Glad she finally gets it!

    I am so glad she finally dumped him. Hopefully, her children will make the last two miserable years of her life worth it.

    And Team Shar Jackson? Get real. k-Fed signed a pre-nup. All he is enitiled to is hal thir Malbu home and $30,000 a month for half the time of their marraige (which is one year, one month). No way he takes her to the cleaners. This is a drop in the bucket compared to her wealth.

  • team nobody

    She put up with enough of K-fed’s s–t???? HELLO! She brought the sh-t on herself. She’s the one who pursued the idiot and went and got married to him. Yes, she finally gets, but save yourself the poor Britney and you go girl comments.

    She brought this on herself. What kind of idiot has two kids with K-fed? Oh yeah…Britney spears!

    And of course Shar Jackson. She was pregnant with the second kid when K-fed went to hang out with Britney. This girl is so dumb.

    Fed Ex, you’re right. STUPIDITY DOES GET OLD! So why do people keep supporting this immature girl?

    K-fed’s a loser but Britney is quiet stupid herself.

  • gossippup

    SEX TAPE OF BRIT giving head to FEDEX, have you seen it Jared? Go to she has a link. OMG it is so mean that he released this. (warning) It is a porn site, but it is her. He is not circumscised.

  • Cariciousdiva

    I’m gals she’s gt rid of him but she’s 24 with two kids and a failed marriage and her haircut makes age a bit. Anyway, I would like to see her get back with Justin but all that baggage dosen’t make her seem very attractive no more.

  • Max

    It’s always amazing how individuals revel in verbally assaulting our public figures. It as if people do it to satiate some warped self-fulfilling prophesy. Either that or folks have taken sides in a publicity battle they have absolutely nothing to with.

    I’m not a huge fan of Britney’s music. She doesn’t have the best voice for my tastes (I like strong voices: Aretha, MJB, Mariah, Whitney, Christina). However, I don’t hate on Britney either. She is definitely a performer. And my 9-year-old loves her.

    For the folks calling her fat…with the amount of overweight and obesity in this country, you have a warped sense of what’s fat and what’s not.

    As far as the sagging breasts? Give me a break. She just had a child. And anybody reading this who has had children or is with a woman who recently had a child knows what Britney is going through now.

    I’ll shut up after this last point. I thank God, I wasn’t in the public eye when I was 24. I did some stupid then. Everybody reading this has or will have skeletons. Get off your high horses.


  • Courtney

    Britney looks great!

  • kae

    I agree with Max,
    For a woman who just gave birth, she looks fantastic and people should stop judging her body. After babies, fat stays on and boobs sag. I gave birth fourteen weeks ago and wish that my body looked like hers. I’m not a fan of Britney, her music or her life choices but the girl looks good!!!

  • Rachel

    “She is NO Christina Aguillera that’s for sure…who looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than her and is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy talented! Christina has Britney in maturity for miles too!”

    And that’s where I can no longer take you seriously, because you just exposed yourself as a rabid xtina fan that hates Britney because she’s more successful and more talked about than xtina is. I mean why did you bring her up to begin with? Do you realize how childish and desperate you sound?

    Anyhow, I have to take something off my chest, hear me out. What’s a better judge of character, someone’s possessions, gifts, talents, OR, the way someone treats other people? I ask this because I am fed up with people saying they like someone better because of how they look or what they sound like over how they treat other people. How SHALLOW is that? Every time people say they hate Britney or any other celebrity for that matter, the things they usually point out are things that people have no control over. You can call Britney whatever you want but she’s not the type to put down her colleagues any chance she gets, something Christina and many others are known for. That to me means A LOT more than they way she looks, sound, dresses, etc…

  • Abbey Mazzeo

    We enjoyed looking more than this write-up and also would undoubtedly go as well as anything you talked about.