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Jennifer Aniston for St. Jude

Jennifer Aniston for St. Jude

Show that you’re thankful with a “Give Thanks” Rhinestone T-shirt from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Above, Jennifer Aniston models the DKNY Jeans “Give Thanks” T-shirt. To support finding cures and saving children, pick up a St. Jude”Give Thanks” T-shirt here. Pictures include Jennifer Aniston at the 2nd Annual “Runway for Life” celebrity fashion show benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at the Beverly Hilton on Aug. 19, 2003.

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  • ashylarry

    First! I’m glad she’s putting her name to good use. Cute shirt.

  • Ann

    Cute shirt!

  • someone

    I really like the shirt, I just wonder how long before the haters show up to dis her over something!

  • Ann

    Now, now.. don’t start the fire… Just say … cute shirt!

  • A Plea to ALL

    Not a Fan of Aniston BUT I want to plead to all, don’t ruin this thread, look past your dislikes and see this is a worthy cause.

    Cute T-Shirt, I just my get a couple for my nieces and I for thanksgiving.

  • Ann

    Cute T-Shirt!

  • rowe


  • anustin

    charity is not just my thing,she should removed that shirt or maybe she was drunk when she put that on.

  • Be sane

    It’s good she is doing this. But yes, what happened to “I don’t want to be a spokes person of this and that” she said in March in Vogue? Also Jolie-Pitt critics say Aniston “gives quietly”. Now that argument is gone, I guess.

  • http://Rekane Rekane

    How very Angelina Jolie of her! but before you get to excited, believe me this master manipulater just found a new photo op. All of a sudden she’s doing
    charities? what ever ST. Jude is a great hospital, that does amazing things for
    children of all backgrounds! so forget who is modelling the t-shirt, BUY one
    the money goes to a really good cause.

  • Beebee

    Ahh its nice that shes helping the kids, Brad will be pleased ;)

  • Ann

    BAMZS 4-EVER….NOT!!!! Says:
    November 8th, 2006 at 8:06 am

    Cute T- Shirt
    I warned you .. Do not start the fire.. this is Ange’s thread.
    Personally, I couldn’t pass through the T-shirt as there is nothing beyond it.
    I don’t want to rehash why Brad left your Jen as it is old news.
    J. Aniston moving on.. maybe in your dreams.. No, I am not going to bash her looks but I am sure you wll agree that she is the real air head “RACHEL GREEN”.

    Now all together! say CUTE T-Shirt!

  • http://Rekane Rekane

    How very Angelina Jolie of her ! don’t be fooled just another photo op from
    the master manipulater J.A. ! since when is she into charities. What ever
    BUY the t-shirt anyway because St. Judes is a fantastic hospital, that helps
    all children in need, from any economical background. They try for cures.
    They give hope to the children and their famillies.

  • anustin

    ok im nice now cute t-shirt….hikhikhihkhihk!i love that chin!

  • Ann

    anustin Says:

    November 8th, 2006 at 8:24 am
    ok im nice now cute t-shirt….hikhikhihkhihk!i love that chin!

    Ok..ok..just for you. Love that chin too.

  • Ann

    Oh boy! What happened to BAMZS 4-EVER….NOT!!!! Says:
    November 8th, 2006 at 8:06 am .. I feel like I’m talking to myself. JJ, did you shoot her down?

    Oh well, Cute T-Shirt

  • D.

    Let me start by saying….CUTE T-SHIRT.
    But I think this is the extent of her “charity work”.

  • anustin

    i wanted to say really bad about her but i know, jared wont post them!(anustin crying very sad)thats why im trying to be nice….huhuhu im inlove with chin!again!


    this is a very close topic tomy heart and to tell you guys nothing makesme much happier to know she is involved in it and raising money i don’t care whether you think is for publicity or not i have seen kids go through cancer and without funds like this they would die it is that simple really , it is so expensive my cous is going through it and he his just four and it is free treatment he has but not all kids are that lucky in the same hospital a boy came from anothr country and was paying £2500 a day,believe me i know and i would nevr have supported jen if i thought she never helped the very first pic i saw if her was a charity event concering pedratics and aids in america that was about 8 yers ago she and other casts oof friends you could see how happy she was to be there and she still attends and donates towars other charities especially research programmes.and i love the fact she was that aware when people failed to notice it can loathe her and all but believe me to be aware is greater than to be non chalant and i like what angie does it is good and it helps but jen as always been the one person i have always been intersted in and always will be.

  • Do you have mamory?

    All fake!
    fame who*e!
    humanitarian for vanity!
    image manipulation!
    damage control!………..

    Since Aniston gave infamous VanityFair interview, above words are which you Aniston-fans have been spitting to certain persons when they made genuine effort to make good change for the world.
    Now, what do you Aniston-fans say to Aniston in charity T-shirt and posing for advertisement?

  • not convinced

    why isn’t the name of the charity on the T-shirt,or is just another excuse for her to show off her false boobs

  • Jen Aniston

    Well, I just want to start off by saying, Ah, Oh, Yeah. I just thought that well, em I would do something for someone other then,, Ha Well Me. Ya know. It’s hard out there, Yeah, and well Ha.

    Huh, Right Right, Kids, its all about kids. I plan on having kids sometime,, hmm, Well sometime in the middle of next year. Soooooo, Ha, What a grrreat way to, er, ah, you know get use to have the little guys around. Yeah, Yeah, that’s it. Ok, haaa, Thanks people, whoa, haaa, Hey,, just get the shirt guys..

  • Beatrice

    I wonder if I can buy it in my country

  • irina

    it’s been years since she’s supporting St. Jude Hospital so there’s nothing new about it. Very cute T-shirt


    and if it makes you you guys feel better call her all the name syou want and much worse but pls go out and put a smile on their faces . i really do not why i kave to take abuses for supporting someone when the person is having not such a bad time i guess i would divulge from commenting and just look at the pics instead, it is not just worh it being abused for no tangible reson.And basically by people whom i would never meet till the day i die . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • jensaf@ke

    Well, if she gives so quietly and has for years, why start now, could it be that she’s been exposed for the fake that she is and her career is cirling the toilet? hmmm?

  • ***4

    What Ann said.

    I support St Jude, and if JA can help by wearing the tee, more power to her. Stop hating ya’ll. So damn what if she puts it out there now, bitiching about that makes you no better than the ones bitching about Angie. Rise above it people, rise above it.

  • annie

    “jensaf@ke Says:

    November 8th, 2006 at 10:07 am
    Well, if she gives so quietly and has for years, why start now, could it be that she’s been exposed for the fake that she is and her career is cirling the toilet? hmmm? ”

    Nobody was interested in what charity she was doing because there was some person to compare her with. That’s why. She does a lot of thing but only few know .She does a lot a talk very little about it.

  • Humor

    For fans and nonfans and the neutral, here an excerpt from

    Angelina Jolie Just Window-Shopping In New Delhi

    Because young Maddox Jolie did such a good job helping his adoptive mother pick out his new sister during their trip to Ethiopia last year, the tyke was allowed to accompany Mom on her latest refugee-acquisition excursion to New Delhi, where this season’s hottest orphans from Myanmar and Afghanistan were on display. Little Maddie wanted to take home nearly every child the duo encountered, but Angelina patiently explained that they could add only one sibling to their family this time, because multiple adoptions would seem greedy and unnecessarily divide the attention of the tabloid press. In the end, Maddox couldn’t settle on a single baby that met his mother’s demanding refugee-coordinating criteria, so the Jolies left the Indian capital without further expanding her multicultural brood, hoping to have better luck on their next expedition.

  • Practice what u preach

    Jen ought to practice what she preach.

    She should had been thankful for the years of being married to the most gorgeous man in HW. She should have been thankful for being given roles in movies. She should have been thankful for having millions in her bank account. She should have been thankful for VV. She should have many things to be thankful for . Was she thankful ?

    Obviously not ! with her PR hard at work .. she had spew a long trail of hatred towards her ex and those who around him. She had given sacarsatic interviews to swipe at her movie flops, her ex and blame others for her failure. She is simply not thankful for all that she had and have now.

  • michele

    If she hadn’t PUBLICLY stated that “charity wasn’t her thing” and she didn’t “feel comfortable lending her voice to a cause” I’d say good for her. If she’s been quiet in the past THEN STAY QUIET!!! AJ’s been vocal for SIX YEARS and it’s nothing new to her persona.


    But in the spirit of the season, support the cause.

  • jen friend

    Wow!…As usual Jenifer looks good. I love that she’s involved with help St. Jude’s. She looks great especailly when compared to the aging Brad and anorexic like Angelina with the big head.

  • I support ST Jude

    I have always and will always support St Jude irregardless of which celeb is PRing for them .

    I am actually disgusted with JA’s PR flack for using sick children to have his client ride on the sympathty people so they try to see a softer side of his client after all she has done. This is what I find disgusting. Trying to use sick children to clean up her own image.

    I know it’s the holiday season and every one is forgiving and willing to forget but to use such PR ploy is sickening.

    Anyway .. my sincere support goes to St Jude without no endorsement from fake fraud Jennifer Anistion

  • Karen

    She looks great she has always supported women’s charities she just chooses to do it quietly. Good for her.


    Jensaf@ke, great point — why not continue ‘giving quietly’?

    I’ll tell you why.

    She doesn’t GIVE period. Quietly, or loudly.

    Aniston is doing what most would do if they were accused of being famewh*ring attention seekers known more for the relationship troubles w/ their superstar significant others, and whining about trivialities and themselves all the time…she’s PRETENDING to care. Hence, the public photo-op.

    Maniston does nothing on her own steam (be it co-directing, be it 1 10 minute play with a cast of thousands, be it interviews and press junkets for her crap movies) – this is most likely a hook-up that Marlo Thomas who played her Mom on Friends I believe (who’s Dad, Danny Thomas created/founded St Jude), helped her out with. ‘Hello Marlo — it’s me Jen…remember I gave you a break a few times on the show — weeeelll…I’m looking to appear not so much the self-involved tv sit-com hack & parasitic coattail riding leech…I wanna at least pretend that it’s not all about me — can you help me out?’

    Let’s get something straight – if you’re a celebrity, and you are covered for the most trivial insignificant bullcrap known to man – just silly garbage (things like fake boob jobs, cosmetic surgery procedures, your dating life, etc.), WHY for the LOVE of JEEBUS…would you NOT want to bring attention to something that REALLY matters – such as causes that end war, famine, and/or disease. WHY would she even WANT to do THAT quietly? Seriously, please answer. Celebrities have an opportunity to have a voice, and in a celebrity obsessed culture that focuses all to often on the banal – weight loss, hairdos, etc., — why NOT go on break from the absolutely unnnecessary useless info we’re forcefed every day, and give the public, the world and YOURSELF an opportunity to make a difference, and discuss, NOT your implants…but sick kids?? It’s ridiculous for a famous person to get behind a cause, and then KEEP IT A SECRET. That makes NO SENSE.

    Which is WHY…when I hear the fanistons, talking about she does this and that ‘QUIETLY’ I always have to laugh, because you gotta KNOW, it’s a LIE.

    She does NOTHING.

    This is all brand new for this self-involved self-absorbed ninny – which is why you might see more of it from her (and to that I’d say well done, and it’s about time!) — but remember, she cares so much what others think and say, she won’t want to be accused of suddenly getting the urge, and copying Angelina – so she either won’t do much, or won’t go all out — God forbid people accuse of her that…(remember her ‘charity is not my thing,’ statement). What a tool.

    …and therein lies the reason why she is such a sad, weak and irrelevant individual. She cares what people think so much it’s to the detriment of herself. What will people say?? What do people think??? It’s why she was stuck screaming at the ocean over BAMZS, she didn’t really care that Brad had left, she CARED that she looked like the dumpee.

    Regards to her charitable giving – she doesn’t really care about it too much, she wants to do it for appearances sake, and because she was called out by that woman in Vogue over not getting back to her organization for sick children (she made that sick joke about ‘all the kids being dead now because of me’ crack) – but bottomline, she’ll always be restrained…she’s too silly, scared, and self-conscious to do anything really bold.

  • Dancer

    It is a cute shirt and a great cause, but the article or blurb doesn’t say she is involved with the cause–just that she is modeling the shirt. She may be only a model and not involved with fund raising or anything else.
    IT IS A GREAT CAUSE and a CUTE shirt!

  • Scott

    She looks great and has always supported charities quietly
    Please stop bringing up Angelina if you like her then like her, just shut up already Jennifer stayed loyal to her wedding vows what’s wrong with that?

  • Ann

    Quietly, my foot… are you sure? so why is she out now?

  • Qeen of all frauds

    Awwww look at her. Ain’t she such a good person?? I mean she didn’t do that to show off her new facials. No no!! She did it for charity guys charity. See how charitable she is? Se is promoting a….T-shirt in a photo op. Even though
    “it’s not her thing” to do charity work as she have said her self. But now she took time for her busy schedule witch was full of face lift arrangements spas and hair salons to pose for a picture. What to you mean she is not doing enough? Is she doing it for PR purposes? Did Huvane just found a new way to keep her in the news? Is she just trying to prove that she is not shallow and selfish by saying “Look at me! I’m not a me me me person! I’m posing for charity!” Really? The “American sweet heart? I don’t think so. Well of course she won’t travel to any undeveloped country to see how terrible these people live first hand. Are you crazy?? Her nails might break and her hair will blow up from the wind. That’s way more awful than not having to eat or die from AIDS. And of course she won’t be visiting those ill children in this hospital to show her support. And what if they’ll touch her?Their illness might be contagious and she has to be healthy and continue her chain smoking. And there’s no way in hell she will give any money from her own pocket to any of this causes. She has to keep her money to keep her “beauty” and she’s having tow dogs to feed. Why spending money to this? I’m telling you just posing for a picture is far enough. She is not putting her hair in a great danger and she’s not spending a single peny. And in the mean while she’s trying to convince “people” that she cares. Very smart girl Jenny!

  • 007angel

    Look at that Chin!!!

  • 007angel

    This THING is SO ugly and why pray tell is she copying Angie??


  • Bettina

    Hey, all.

    Jennifer Aniston is friends with and admires Margo Thomas (Phil Donahue’s wife) since they met when Thomas started playing Rachel Green’s mum on FRIENDS. Marlo Thomas is very actively involved in this charity , so she probably asked Jennifer to help her fundraise for them. I think that’s great, whether you are a fan of Jennifer or not…her name sells…so good for all involved…especially for the sweet children who benefit from St. Jude’s who will benefit greatly from this.
    I am neither a Jennifer Aniston hater or lover, but come on people enough is enough. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. This will do some good, no matter what you think her intentions are.
    Love and peace to all from Canada.

  • Qeen of all frauds

    For all those who are claiming that she is giving quietly for years can you just give me a slight little proof about it?? Then why did she said that it was not her thing to do?And why all of a sudden she became vocal now? What happend? You people want her so bad to be something that she is clearly not.She is just a living PR machine. I’m not trusting her motives at all. But if the children will get benefited by it then kuddos to the hospital witch organised this campaign.They are doing a great job. But I’ll not put any credid on a person who just posing with a T-shirt and not giving some money to support the cause as well.

  • uh_oh

    Jen has been supporting St. Jude’s for years. Good for her…great t-shirt. She looks fabulous.

    She’s also been nominated recently for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Female Star along with Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock and nominated as best on screen pair with VV. Glad to see she’s doing well after 2 horrific years.

    For those quoting Jen as saying “Charity is not my thing” why do you constantly misrepresent her statements? She said POLITICS not charity. Big difference.

  • 007angel

    Chin is a FRAUD.

    She didn’t give any money all she did was waive the fee for her big chin to wear this shirt on her hunch back. WITCH!

  • Observer

    I agree with Dancer. Think she’s just modeling the shirt, at least that’s what it appears to be. She looks very cute to me in this pic.

    I think only those who have AJ in their minds are attacking JA with such talks about cause and causes.

  • suspicious_package

    Hey, where’s that looney BAMZS forever…not! person? Did the mental health crisis unit locate her and safely return her to her cell?

  • Touche

    CLINIQUA Says:
    November 8th, 2006 at 12:39 pm

    I was wondering when the voice of monumental B.S. would start flapping its jaws. Hey Cliniqua – Im sure I speak for most NORMAL prople on this thread in saying to you:
    4) SHUT YOUR PIE-HOLE!! (just in case I didnt say it loud enough before)

  • Ann

    #45 Please tell me what other three names Clininiqua are using, if you are that smart. I need proof. It’s a lame excuse coz what she said was all true.
    I know St Jude Children Hospital is good cause. We don’t need to be reminded, esp. by a one timer model.

  • silverspiritdancer

    I am surprised by so many negative and hateful people. Here is a wonderful charity who has helped so many….yet you attack Jen because she supports this cause or because she is wearing a t-shirt? People who support causes do not always demand attention nor recognition on a daily basis, so does that automatically assume they are doing this simply to receive PR?

    Does Jerry Lewis get the same treatment when he comes out for his cause each year? Is he critized because it is only an annual event? I believe that people who support charities to any level that helps someone is admirable.

    Maybe you negative folks may one day have one close to you in need of the services of St. Jude’s…..will you then be so critical?

    I say “Cute T-Shirt” and “Great Cause” Jennifer and all others who support this charity.

    PS…such a better charity that adopting the “children of the world” to use for public display of “alleged” good deeds.