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K-Fed's Record Sales Blow

K-Fed's Record Sales Blow

K-fed‘s album “Playing with Fire” debuted at — drumroll, please — #151!!!!!! 6,485 copies sold!!!! HAHA!!!! I think this is official Kevin‘s worst week ever… I wonder if any of my readers bought a copy of his CD. If you are one of the 6,485 people who purchased Kevin‘s CD, comment here!!

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  • Georgia

    Wow, that really IS sad. Poor Kevin… Not.

  • louveciennes

    I hear they’re already cutting tour dates due to “sluggish” (read: nonexistent) ticket sales, even though tickets are only like, $20. Ha ha! /Nelson Muntz

  • Dancer

    Here in Chicago they are trying to give them away for tonight. And it is not working!

  • someone

    I wouldn’t take one of his CDs if they gave it to me free! I think hes a punk wannabe! And he will only get more desperate now that his bank account is closed for good!;;LMAO

  • kfed

    yeh i did man (i bought over 6000 copies) and it rocks !!
    peace out

  • Courtney

    I have to admit I bought it, but Im tellin you its ONLY because Britney has a song on there (And im a HUGE B fan) & I wanted to support Britney. And I thought that Brit & Kev were happy but now that Britney filed for divorce I dont even want it anymore!

    I live by Chicago (where he is tonight) and I guess that the tickets are free now! lol

  • Jordyn

    Ya gotta wonder who the 6k + are who think he’s good.

  • Tatiana

    When Paris sells more records than you, I think that’s hitting rock bottom.

  • to Jordyn

    he spent Brits money to buy his own CD :lol:

  • ShimmeringDew

    The people that bought his cd most likely were young girls who idolize Brit and just wanted to show their luv….OR they think he’s hot (sooo not) but than again there could be some gay men out there too that bought it for thinking he’s hot…heck who knows…

  • Courtney

    Kevin just filed papers for custody of the kids!!!!

    My god, this is going to be ugly.

  • Lisa

    I find him fascinating. He truly has to be the stupidest man in America. Somehow he gets Brit to fall so hard she asks him to marry her, drops her career to birth his children, spend a fortune to get him a sorry “carreer,” etc., and he doesn’t have the sense to keep himself in check enough to keep the gravy train rolling. I’m sure all he had to do is be a little more attentive, party a little less, etc. But no. He acts like a moron and gets the boot. How dumb (or arrogant) does one have to be?

  • yolanda

    Actually I did…I thought for sure they would outlast ti after they post the pictures of Jayden….Sylvia Brown was right. Snd she also predicted that Brit will be with someone else in the music industry…so stayed tuned!

  • Bree.

    i bought the cd, because i luv him and Britney, and they love or at least Kevin does that you hate him, so keep hating, your doing him the favor!

  • Bree.

    kevin and britney rock!

  • Sylvia

    The guy must have thought he really had Britney around his little finger. Seems that he didn’t.

    Hell holds no fury on a scorned woman (I hope I said it right).

    Anyway I hope he doesn’t get anything he really believes he deserves alot and more. Also for a idiot like that to use his kids to get money just shows you the type of half man he is. No balls at all LOL.

  • MovingOn

    Um, why are people acting like Kevin conned Britney into a marriage? What’s all the hate about? He didn’t beat her, right? He didn’t trap her into marriage by knocking her up, right? She’s a grown woman who made her own decisions. It’s just messed up to rewite history or put the blame for a failed marriage onto just one party. It doesn’t work that way.

    Seems like he’s getting a lot of crap for doing the same attention grabbing bs many celebs do.

  • Anna

    Mark Vincent Kaplan, Fed-Ex’s lawyer, seems to fit right in with his client. His license was suspended once for not paying the Bar association fees.

  • nietzsche

    one fuggly dumb male species with 2 heads & neither is working… brit has made this gigolo her bitch & he can’t even manage the basic to keep his decadent meal ticket… anway, these 2 people scare me… breaking up families… pitty for the children… why can’t they be castrated???

  • Flowerz

    I wonder how many of the albums he bought himself.

  • Linc

    Those are sales figures … what about returns? I don’t think they count the returns and exchanges.

  • Jackie

    who in gods name would buy his cd….come now..but if u brought it beacuse was on the cd then fine …i mis britnney n she making a come back n she look amazing.Thank god she done with k-kag …she could do so much better on top of that;……she had justin…..why

  • Sugar

    Remember…Brit asked KFed to marry her, not the other way around.

    Besides, this maybe the best “stunt” ever.

    1. Brit does “walk on” on Letterman
    2. KFed appears on wrestling…twice on less.
    3. Brit files for divorce
    4. KFed’s (although lame) CD drops around the same time as above events.
    5. All we need is for Brit to make the come back CD.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is an act. They both have us duped and will laugh all the way to the bank!

  • Alize24

    Wow.. I knew that K-fed sucked.. but its actually quite surprising that he even sold the amount of Cd’s that he did sell this guy is a major Douche!. A lot of other people might be curious to know what he’s cd was like but c-mon people havent your heard enough crap already. he sounds like S&HIT.. havent you heard his lyics.. there CRAP!. all he talks about is the money he spends that isint even his!. He isint going to get any money from this album and alamony they way he spends it is gonna be gone… I give it a 6months after the divorce for him to be living with his dad! or filing for bankrupcy.. he has to think of something cuz he has 4kids now has to pay child support.. and nothing going for him. he is going to end up with nothing besides and Ugly tattoo on his arm reminding him of the a “record” that sucked worse the paris Hilton!. Nice try K-fed you officially suck and have the album to prove it!

  • dylan

    Just deserts for that douche bag

  • Rd Rh

    Britney Spear say bye bye…Good-bye to K-fed. I am cool for Britney. She is strong life. K-fed is big GAY!!!!! I hate K-Fed because he don’t have no job work problem….lose job. But K-fed have lots of money but he brain is rubbish. I am super power for my business. I am multi-millionaires. I kick K-fed ass up soon

  • Nellie

    I love Brit, but I just think her timing stinks to drop this bomb on K-Fed knowing his album was dropping this week. She had all the time in the world, and she texts him to tell him she’s divorcing him?? How low…But, I do hope she gets custody of the kids. How’s K-Fed going to look dragging his sons with him to Vegas every other weekend ;-)

  • Poopadootle

    Oh good god! Everyone knew this was going to happen and NO ONE believed Brit when she cried about how she was going to make this work. I think she was just saying that bcuz she’s like everyone else and likes to prove people wrong about her. Unfortunately what she didn’t take into account was that she was “trying to make it work” with the biggest looser on God’s green earth! I’m really happy that she finally did this and I will be even happier if she sticks with it. If there is something I hate more than anything it is when people pretend to have intelligence. You made the right choice for you and your kids Brit. I hope it all works out for the best. God bless you in this time of need.

  • peru

    poor guy …

  • brad

    I don’t see why its worth anyones time to even talk about them. He’s trash and was lucky to ever hook up with Britney to begin with. He’ll probably end up being famous anyway when he moves back to his trailer park for being the only trailer trash douchebag to knock up a girl with all her teeth!

  • Niiki G

    Sprite is right…if he’s not showing attention to his other two kids….why would a judge give him custody. Besides Brit will better for them, and finding a better role model then that screw-up for a father. They’re better off without him (as if he was there before). I hope John Cena beats him senseless in Miami.

  • groupies

    Wow a bunch of groupie wanabess hating on a k-fed you wish you were him you guys or so fake you the same people screamin at his show stop it hes from the westcoast so all this hatin about hes not real shut up you dont know whats real anyway hes album is tight and its has some bomb ass beats on it you just dont like him cause you thinks hes acting black hes not its just the way he is some of my homies kick it with him daily and i know that they real so keep hatin making us money fuckin haters stay broke westside folife.

  • Servalion

    “groupies” = Kevin Federline.

    Whole paragraph turned into one long @$$ sentence, can’t spell worth a damn, someone’s actually trying to defend his release……..Gotta be K-Fed, or one of his pals.

    Or some stupid $#!t.

    First off, you’re playing the jealousy ploy. How vain can you/him be? I HATE Britney’s music and this whole fiasco that her life’s getting, and even I have to sympathize with her situation…..oh, I’m sorry. Was that too big of a word for ya? It means I feel sorry for her. There ya go.

    Second, lets take a look at what you’re trying to say. I guarantee there’s not a person here or anyone I’d be associated with that would want to be Kevin. Especially not now. He was the only wanna-be here from the very beginning. And so what if he’s from “the west side”? What, does being from Cali give him some sort of “street cred” alone? No real gangsta would play that angle these days.

    Second, by being Black and Latino, I take high offence by you accusing us of hating him because we (you?) think he’s acting Black. REAL rappers make money about rapping about how they make money, get money, steal money, not MARRY INTO money then brag about spending someone else’s cash in front of their face. Thats taking the role of the spoiled princess 5 steps too far. Purely pathetic. Wanna see real white rappers, I’d personally pay money to see Eminem beat the crap outta him or Lady Sovereign take a steel toe to his face. And “so keep hatin making us money ****** haters stay broke”? I’m almost sure everyone here’s got more money than Federline right now. It cost a lot more to produce that crap-on-a-CD of his than he got back outta it.

    But you’re obviously close to the guy. Or obviously close to the mentality of the guy. Or obviously the guy. We “don’t know whats real”? What’s real? Jail? N**** please. “Bomb ass beats”? I haven’t heard that phrase in a decade. Sounds like about the same amount of time suburbanite wanna-bes trail behind in hip-hop lingo. Oh, but wait, there’s more! “My homies kick it” and “i know that they real” I haven’t heard “My homies kick it” since Robin Williams said that in Mrs. Doubtfire or some $#!t, and thats about officially when WE stopped saying it. That proves it. You’re as fake as he is.

    Kevin’s only beginning to feel the pierce of the skewering he’s gonna get from the media as this goes on. To defend him in almost any way other than pitying the fool would be bad taste, and even Mr. T isn’t saying a damned thing. Thats BAD. So ya know what? Let him go. I hope he vanishes from the public light forever, or dies sooner. A crying shame why we waste time on this scumbag.

    Speaking of which, why am I still talking to you, s/he that calls themself a “groupie”? You’ve got no clue what it’s like to have it tough, and Kevin’s only just starting to get a clue on how. There’s no glory in what he does. No fame. Just shame. And you’re some wanna-be that’s stuggling (and failing) to make any sense of this, nor do you make sense, period. You probably sound like the same crap K-Fed’s CD is filled with, and thats why none of us bought it. Are you getting the point? If so, good. If not, I’m done anyways. You like him so much, why dont’cha give him a place to shack up for a while, cause God knows he needs a place to stay. If this is what “Westsi-eeeede” life is really about in your mind, you can KEEP it fo’ life.


  • ed

    I went by a music world one weekend and just for laughs asked about the k-fed cd:)

    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out the head office gave each store 1 copy at the beginning and its been sitting there since it arrived.

    Federline is an idiot. Biggest gravy train ever and he doesn’t even have the brains to make sure he keeps her happy.

  • Alanah

    He is just seriously like so deluded.
    He lives of his WIFE’S money and thinks he’s talented, I feel embarrased just thinking about him.

  • ♥Danay♥

    Oh not me I don’t buy that fucking CD never ….I love Britney She’s Better them her fucking EX …
    We love u Britney mu@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@