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Nicole Kidman: Happiness & Heartbreak

Nicole Kidman: Happiness & Heartbreak

Nicole Kidman takes the cover for Vogue December 2006! Wow, gold plating to the maximus! How do you like the frizz and the golden armor?

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20 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Happiness & Heartbreak”

  1. 1
    someone Says:

    I love her, and think shes beautiful!

  2. 2
    Davidson Says:

    She looks amazing! That body suit is wierd but It fits her well. I love her pose.

  3. 3
    Sara Says:

    That’s a bad cover. Maybe it’s the quality but she looks like the grinch on it. Hopefully the inside photos will look better.

  4. 4
    Kalista Brat Says:

    Ewww her hair looks like ****!And she looks like an Old Creepy lady except for the armor suit!Tom make a good choice with Katie Holmes, she’s prettier and she’s got better hair!

  5. 5
    AFM Says:

    Kalista Brat is such a Tom Cruise fan, obviously!

    But I really like the cover.

  6. 6
    WTF Says:

    She’s beautiful, this is a bad scan of the cover.

  7. 7
    raqchel Says:

    when the heck is the angie vogue….cover coming out….man its taking forever…on a side not nicole looks okay……atleast shes not with the gmd……

  8. 8
    Dancer Says:

    She is beautiful and it was a great day for her when Cruise went into the divorce mode. She is far prettier, smarter, talented, loving, and sophisticated than Katie. The scan of the cover isn’t what it could be. She is often on the cover of one of the year-end Vogues!

  9. 9
    Isabella Says:


  10. 10
    Georgia Says:

    I like the gold plates. I think the real cover will look much better…

  11. 11
    Dancer Says:

    WOW JJ, I have my Nicole set up in my google alerts and for the first time JustJared came up as an item source! Pretty neat. Linked to here.

  12. 12
    Tsktsk Says:

    just testing this thing

  13. 13
    Tsktsk Says:

    Jared, what is happenig to Brad’s thread … the latter pages won’t display. Please fix it.

  14. 14
    Turbo chin Says:

    i thought Angelina was supposed to be on the Dec’s cover. What the mess? Thats a terrible cover of kidman. Was that on purpose?

  15. 15
    Angiefanjsr Says:

    If I remember right, Kidman has small breasts in her earlier movies like “Far and Away” and her nose is bumpy in the thriller “the Deep” (year before she met Cruise).

    Please anyone tell me waht happened to her face? Now she has high cheekbones, straight upturned impeccable nose and her eyes seemed slanted upwards like she has this eternal quizzy look.

    I think I prefer the unadulterated Nicole Kidman.

  16. 16
    bim Says:

    love the cover the outfit everything she’s superfine marriage is surely doing her good and comparing her to her EX’S new flame is sensless and shallow for crying out loud the girl even with tom’s money can’t even get her hair done and nice clothes to wear she goes shopping everyday with her eyes closed or something as for BRAT seriously think she’s prettier than NIC girl open ur eyes with all the air-brushing in the world she’ll never anything compared to nic not now that she’s with the lunatic boyfriend at 20 ******* 7 she looks older than NIC and honey with the it’s called the LATEST STYLE it’s just for the photoshootunlike katie that’s what her stupid hair looks like everyday i reckon she needs a comb

  17. 17
    JoAnn Says:

    Angiefanjsr – Yes, she has small breasts, and they are still small. I’m sure you’ve heard of push-up bras that can make breasts appear fuller. If not, go rent Julia Roberts’ movie “Erin Brokovich”. Then you can see with the right set of bras, you can appear at least 2 sizes bigger.

    You’re simply letting your ignorance show if you don’t understand that these fashion magazines hire make-up artists to work with their cover girls. However Nicole looks like on that cover shot is as much the work of the make-up artist and photographer. She looks incredibly beautiful with little to no make-up in those candid shots of her getting in and out of gyms, Starbucks or the movies.

  18. 18
    JoAnn Says:

    Kalista’s last name fits her perfectly. Can you spell B-R-A-T?

  19. 19
    Lane Says:

    OH MY HER HAIR>>>>>> It’s not pretty anyway but come on!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    Alanah Says:

    Is that Couture I see?

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