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The Severed Hand on my Doorstep

The Severed Hand on my Doorstep

Much to my surprise (like when Wentworth Miller showed up in his boxers on my doorstep last week) this morning, I found a SEVERED HAND waiting for me. HAHAHAHA. The Prison Break PR company is hilarious. That’s right, this week’s screener was delivered by a SEVERED HAND. Hahaha. Prison Break episode “Bolshoi Booze” airs Monday, Nov 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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prison break bolshoi booze 01
prison break bolshoi booze 02
prison break bolshoi booze 03
prison break bolshoi booze 04

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  • Fatima

    Can’t wait

  • iris

    wentworth is just looking better and better !

  • EarthMomma

    Please post some spoilers!!!

  • Cheekie

    What have they done to that HAAAND??!!! he he
    Love your site Jared :) especially updates on the v. gorgeous Mr Miller.

  • Victimizer

    I loved last night’s show……keep up the good work and please try and post some spoilers with pics….we love those.

  • Emily

    Please Please Please post more pictures and spoilers Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I beg you!

  • Emily

    And judging by the pictures of the severed hand, I’m assuming that everyone’s guess that T-Bag will bite/cut/pull off his hand and either leave it for the police to find, or take it with him is right!

  • Dancer

    Great promotional tool!

  • meemee

    Looking forward to next Monday. Cool PR advertising!

  • ErinMarie79

    That’s too cool Jared! Also, kind of disturbing, but a great promotional tool is right.

  • EarthMomma

    Spoilers, please!

  • Lisa

    Yeah, can we get some spoilers? I would love to get some. Especially about Sara’s outcome.

  • Just Jared

    Well, as you can tell, Sara gets tortured by Kellerman. And she’s not dead. Yet. As for means of torture, Kellerman uses a tub, rubber gloves, and an iron. Yes, the kind you use to iron clothes.

  • PBJFan

    Yeay JJ’s back up…AND back with more PB + Wenty news, thanks! What are you planning to do with the severed hand Jared??

  • Just Jared

    I am going to scare my mother with it, somehow. *devises evil scheme*

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Possiby a Went-sighting???? Yesterday I went to a grocery store near the beach in S. Calif. (I won’t be specific to protect his privacy) and I saw a guy who looked EXACTLY like WM. I first saw him in the parking lot as he wheeled a cart toward the store. I thought he was done with it, so I offered to take it, but he mumbled something and kept going. That’s when I realized he MIGHT be WM – same size, same walk, baseball cap pulled down close to this eyes — and GORGEOUS eyes with long lashes!! I followed him into the store — didn’t want to stalk, but I did see him a few more times inside. He didn’t appear to be buying much — not a week’s worth of groceries, at least. I was SO tempted to find a reason to approach him, but I didn’t. So now I’m wondering — was WM on a little swim/surf vacation at the beach — or am I just dreaming? (If it wasn’t WM, this guy could be his clone!)

  • ks

    Thank you so much! This is my favorite site for all the latest Prison Break and Wentworth Miller pics and news!

  • JS

    By the looks of that pic at the old shack – LJ is not in sight. Perhaps he gets shot by the company?

  • Lisa


    What does this mean? She better not die. I need to be told either way. I want to know if she dies or not. Does it appear she is dead in the end or something?

  • Elisabeth

    Sara will not die and neither will LJ at the moment.

  • Becca

    Jared: Have I told you lately that I love you!! Well, I do. You are my go to source for all things PB & WM. It looks like Michael finally gets to meet Daddy Burrows. And the possibility that something is going to happen to LJ, is making me nervous and sad. Man I love Mondays & Just Jared!

  • Cyndi

    Miss the episode, can you put it on …..

  • ErinMarie79

    Kitty – that is cool, maybe it was a lookalike. I’m pretty sure Went has been filming in downtown Dallas this week.

  • Softspoken

    Thanx Jared!!! More Prison Break news please… and by prison break I mean Wentworth Miller news. Damn he’s FINE!!!
    Cool hand I wish I had one of those. I’d leave it hanging on the knob of my front door.
    It probably was him!!! Hey it would have not hurt to ask. Oh well maybe next time.

  • Wet For Went

    That severed hand is awesome, lol.

  • Estelle

    I tell you I was screaming at the Tele when I saw Sarah took off, uggghhhh….that girl is not so bright.

    Thanks JJ for the update and the severed hand is so cool. You must have an awesome collection from PB already. Thanks for the possible sighting of WM post…that was cool.

  • JosephNYC

    That’s very very cool, but it’s the wrong hand. His left hand was severed off, not his right. At least they could have sent the correct hand. :-)

  • danni

    HAHAAH omg thats hillarious!! cant imagine waking up and seeing a severed hand on my doorstep!! :p

    and i knew tbag would have had to rip his hand off that heater to get away from the cops … hopefully they dont show that part in full details lol not sure if i could stomach that!!

    and a rubber glove? a tub? and an iron? what the hell is he thinking!?? doesnt look like sara is going to be a happy camper in the next few eps! poor love!

  • ZeNd

    what will kellerman do to Sara?? can’t wait any longer…

  • peja

    If you miss the last three episodes, go here to watch it.

    thx JJ. Love me some Wentworth and PB

  • Maldita

    Went with aviators is just too HOT! Damn!
    Die Kellerman! Grrr!
    T-bag should be permanently renamed HOOK, poor guy. ;)

  • Heidi

    I love this site! And I love Prison Break! And I love Wentworth!

    I kinda feel sorry for T-bag….and I felt bad that they killed Abruzzi and Tweener….So…is it bad that we’re all rooting for the bad guys to get away from the authorities? LOL!

  • http://mine I know

    Hi Kitty,

    no unfortunately the possibility of that being Wentworth is not good as he is still in Dallas filming.

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Hi I know — Boo hoo — oh well ….. thanks for letting me know.

  • sara

    ma ja volim millera najvise na svetu :)
    i live in serbia and i love him veryyyyy much :)))
    kiss sfor all