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Jude Law Runs For Dear Life

Jude Law Runs For Dear Life

Jude Law was spotted running to feed a parking meter before getting a ticket in Primrose Hill, London this past Tuesday. He was also seen taking a stroll with on-off-on-again girlfriend Sienna Miller‘s dogs, Porgy and Bess, at a park in north London a week ago…

In an Entertainment Weekly interview hitting newsstands tomorrow, Sienna speaks out in an exclusive interview:

  • On being hounded by paparazzi after Jude admitted to cheating: “I felt like, if this is the sacrifice that I have to make, it can’t be worth it. I have to be able to go to a park and walk my dogs and get a pint of milk. I don’t want security guards. If anything meant that I couldn’t leave my house without 10 men chasing me, then there’s no point. I could be equally happy reading and knitting in the country.”
  • On her few movie roles: “It would be really nice to be respected as an actress because I take my job and my work very seriously. But there isn’t a huge body of work for people to look at. Hopefully, as that builds up, then people will start ignoring the lies.”
  • On her role as Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick in ‘Factory Girl’: “I know I couldn’t have done any more. I couldn’t have learned any more, studied any more, given any more emotionally.”

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  • phoenixx

    i think factory girl would be an interesting movie…

  • why


    What a loser Sienna is – WHY are magazines quoting her ???

  • julie

    she is so conceited
    I couldn’t have done more?
    What – there is always more one can do, she is full of it -
    a person who is doign a documentary and spends hours at the warhol museum – where all definitive information about Edie is – and said Sienna went ONCE and for less than an hour – she didn’t study – that is a CROCK

  • Wonderland

    OMG, I HATE Sienna. I have never even seen a movie with her in it but she is such a haughty bitch. “I am a famous actress, let me in the club, waaaa!” I loved how she talked trash about Pittsburgh where she was filming on location, then turned around and visited a graveyard because her family was buried there. That’s like me going to Dublin and trashing it to anyone who would listen then going to my cousin’s house for a family reunion. They probably wouldn’t let me in if I did something so stupid. I have no respect for Jude Law mainly because he’s still with this girl. Really, I didn’t blame him for doing the nanny.

  • fi

    Jude’s giving off Kurt Cobain. Dirty pretty.

  • PurpleWorm

    Why is it when you see Sienna quoted, she doesn’t really say anything at all? Except revisionist crap to correct her very public mis-steps. I’m beginning to wonder about Jude as well. Her continued presence in Jude’s life has really got me wondering about the state of his head & heart. And it’s getting boring. Perhaps he’s not the catch we all think he is……

  • Bob Dylan

    I’m a straight male, and I can’t answer this question; Who is better looking Jude Law or Sienna Miller?

    That is also to say, would it more beneficially to be Jude Law or be banging Sienna Miller?

  • coz_I_said_so

    Miller’s FUGTORY GIRL is just big joke just like her and she will never even had a nod from Oscars coz everyone HATES HER!!!

  • hush_me

    Why do some reporters keeps on interviewing that woman when all she can say are all ridiculous… Decency & credibilty is not really her cup of tea…just a waste of time!!!

  • dolorescraeg

    to the gent who asked who is prettier jude law or sienna miller….the answer is….jude law. he’s prettier than anybody.

  • deloresfan

    Fu7ck delores that is FUCKING beautiful!

  • He Said She Said This!

    Great blog! Let’s do a link exchange!

    –He Said She Said This!

  • kae

    I will see Factory Girl but not for Sienna Miller. I think that Jude could do better…

  • Daphne

    I love that big sweater on him, like he’s just *asking* to be cuddled.

    I agree with most of the comments here about quoting Sienna Miller. Why does she come off so insincere and self-centred? I’d rather not hear her talk, or hear anything about her. There must be some reason he likes her company, but then his taste in women is weird. He was crazy about Sadie Frost for a long time. From the interviews and quotes, Sadie is every bit as insincere and self-centred as Sienna, just in a different way.

  • Daphne

    Notice him biting his nail in the first pic bottom row. He’s probably lisping into the phone. He cracks me up. What a cutie.

  • Anon

    Erm, she seems to forget the fact that she ABORTED his baby when news of his philandering broke. She’s a chav if I’ve ever seen one…

  • Miss M

    I don’t understand what the fuss is about Sienna Miller… ok, so she is blond and she is skinny. So are a lot of other girls! Oh, of course, I forgot… she has a famous boyfriend. That’s why! Stupid me!
    I watched a few films with S. Miller playing a part and she is not all that. There are certainly more talented actresses out there.

  • Daphne

    Anon, The story about the abortion has no basis and is most probably just tabloid crap. I remember it came out after she was seen leaving a building that contains an abortion doctor’s office (?). But they didn’t say was that the building also has a gym and a bunch of other businesses. It seems she was going to the gym or something.

    I cannot stand her AT ALL (see post above) because she comes off in interviews like a spoiled self-centred brat, so I am not defending her. This is just to point out that tab stories are garbage. Nobody should believe what the tabs write about anybody unless the story can be verified.

  • Ria

    I also can not stand her. She says things and does another. Please, she says that shw was all for giving up when the paps were chasing her! Give me a break. A more publicity whor I have never seen.

  • Rachel

    Well, it’s nice to know that celebities like to skimp on parking fees too!