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Katie Rides Rodeo Drive

Katie Rides Rodeo Drive

Katie Holmes was spotted shopping looking super preppy, super chic at a few little boutiques yesterday afternoon on Rodeo Drive, including French children’s boutique Bonpoint. Katie, 27, sported the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Bag in Ostrich. You can pick one up at Saks Fifth Avenue starting at ONLY $1,495 (only in black, chocolate, or white). More pictures in the gallery…

Sienna Miller sported the same exact YSL bag a week ago at a charity event.

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  • corky

    Is that all she has to do with her time? Why can’t she take her kid to the stores or the park? You never see her with baby Suri. Why did she have her. Oh I know the money that she gets from Tom…O.k Katie do something with all your time….

  • Fick

    She looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Fick

    Why would she take her kid to a store? Just so the paparazzi can photograph her and people can accuse her of being a publicity whore using her kid?
    Suri is just six month old. I’m sure she’s not interested in shopping yet.
    Besides YOU DON’T KNOW if she takes Suri to a park or not. There are no photograph evidence of Nicole Kidman with her kids, but why people are not questioning her too?

  • Alix

    She hit the jackpot with crazy Tom, because all she does is shop.

  • WTF

    hmmm, don’t see Suri (that being, her locket w/VF pictures of it in it)
    also where’s her $cio “handler”?

  • mimi

    She totally sold her soul to the devil – she hooked up with Tom for the money, power, fame, and life of luxury (whoever shops almost everyday without working a single day). This will amuse her for a while but I’m sure it will not last.

  • tanique

    i didn’t realize some of you knew katie so well. when exactly did you spend time with her, to come away with just who she is?

  • b4 bitching

    She’s becoming a shopaholic. worse than Paris Hilton, Lindsay and Bosh Beckham. at least these girls earn their own money. Eventually, Tom will get tired of her and dump her ass.

  • MEL

    What do you mean not spending time with her kid? It isn’t like she has an 9 to 5 job. It wouldn’t shock me if she spends more time with her kid than the average mom who has to work and then come home and cook, clean etc.

  • http://justjared Brenda

    Please stop with the poor katie. Tom and her do not have any problems going to the other kids games and having there photo taken. As far as nicole—-she was never a mother to those kids anyway and yes I do know them well. They have a house next to mine in CT. And they are as weired as people think. But given the money they have and the things that they do it’s all about them. Not realy family. But Tom is very very nice. just a chame katie is so miss led.

  • Eli

    I love her outfit!

  • bim

    so Brenda when did you move next door, from ur thread i guess it’s when or probably a little before or after the lunatics hooked up and if you notice that’s when TC started this whole shinanigan so honey you might know them but not NIC so for u to say she’s never being a mother to her kids because you don’t see them in pictures is shallow it takes more than mare pictures of a woman and children to actually be a mother if you all are mother’s u should know so please don’t be deluded by the show of union(not love) that TC and the be-itch of his are showing

  • rage

    plssssssssssssss stop the sentiments and get real this idiot KH is not being misled by anyone she obviosly saw a rich guy and jumped since lalaland isn’t recognising her even dawson’s creek couldn’t do the trick so tc came along and she hatched her plans she droped evrthing her parents put in her head willingly claimed she’s a virgin but let him screw her to the point of pregnancy i mean aren’t catholics not mean’t to have babies b4 marriage well she’s not catholic anymore did he force to drop that as well don’t think so she’s 27 yrs old matured enough to make her decisions not a tc fan just think she’s as guilty as he is PERIOD

  • Green Eyes

    Ostich!!!! As in the real ostrich, the bird?? That’s disgusting.

  • Dancer

    Well, as Katie’s main fashion critic on this blog, I must say, for once she looks put together. Her pants could be shortened about an inch, but the clothes fit, they go with her figure and she is actually wearing the clothes rather than them wearing her. I don’t like the bag with the outfit and don’t care for dead ostrich bags, but for once she actually looks good! Now if she would just get a good haircut. Her hair doesn’t have the body at this length to sustain a style. Hack off about four inches! And what is with the little hair/bangs on her forehead?
    I give her an A today!!!!

  • kae

    I must admit that this is one of her better outfits. The girl sure does like to shop.

  • Dancer

    I have a hard time believing you live in CT next to them. It would be a ritzy neighborhood with excellent schools and you sound illiterate and can’t spell.

    As to Nicole. She had a radio interview in the UK a few weeks ago and if you could have heard her talking about her kids, you wouldn’t be making the statement that you did. Nic loves those kids. Tom and she share joint custody, but according to interviews both of them have said the kids wanted to stay in one place and Tom chose to stay in LA with them. Nic had them for many years after the divorce. Just because she doesn’t notify the paps everytime she goes out with them doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about them. She has talked about going to their games on Letterman and on Ellen. She has also said she wears disguises so that the attention remains on them. Gee, Tom maybe you should try that novel approach–making the games kid centered instead of you centered.

  • Joker

    I agree with Dancer, for once she looks pretty normal and put together. She looks considerably older now that she’s had the baby. I doubt this goes hand in hand with an improved ability to act though.

  • LV

    I wouldn’t want my baby being hasseled over by photographers. It’s a good thing to keep her home. If a woman has the money to shop than more power to her!
    I wish I was right there next to her minus the ostrich bag.

  • ***4

    I bet she never makes another moive. She’s gonna be doing in 5yrs just what she’s doing now, shopping. I still like her.

  • svelte_vegan

    Dance you sound like an idiot. Nicole has NEVER said that she wears disguises to her kid’s games. She never goes to their games. Also She never had them after the divorce. After the divorce she moved to new York while Tom stayed in L. A. with the kids. After they got divorced she began dating Lenny Kravitz and totally forgot about them. You people are delusuional.

  • Sue

    Wow, could Katie’s eyes be any deader? She’s better off keeping the huge sunglasses on, at least that way no one has to be subjected to them.

  • Dancer

    I beg your pardon, but there are pictures of her with the kids in NYC after the divorce. She lived with them in Kravitz’s condo that she rented while waiting for hers to be finished. In interviews, she talked about her concerns with her NYC condo in terms of security for the children. In an interview with a British magazine around the time the kids moved in with Tom permanently she talked about wearing disguises. She also has mentioned on Letterman and Ellen going to the games. I bet she doesn’t go to any of the games that Tom/Katie go to simply because it would be a zoo with the paps. It is my understanding from other publications that she has a house near Tom’s. Just because you don’t see her with the kids, doesn’t mean she doesn’t see them. She has said several times in interviews that she tries to protect them from the crazy life of movie stars (I’m paraphrasing).
    Yes, this is a non-traditional arrangement–Tom has physical custody right now. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t see them, doesn’t care about them, worry over them and love them! I’ve probably read every interview she has ever given and she DOES love them and care about them. Divorced fathers have this arrangement all the time (i.e. where the kids live with the mom) and see them weekly, but maybe not daily. You don’t hear anyone criticizing them–Jude Law, Ryan Phillippe (a new to be divorced dad), Paul McCartney (again new to be divorced), — just look at any divorced couple. Just because one has physical custody, doesn’t mean the other one doesn’t see them.
    You are delusional.

  • http://justjared Brenda

    well for your info I have a little problem with ADT but that does not mean I do not know them. They lived in new Cannon Ct, Michagan Road and we do have very good schools. so I only talk what I know. She never wanted the kids it was a show. so stop making fun of people and listen Tom is very controlling nick never wanted kids Tom did. Nick cheated on him thats why there not together and Tom doeas love Katie……

  • Anne

    Dancer, I agree with you totally, vegan you need to go back to another blogging site and try to idolize these 2 freaks cause in here, “it ain’t happening”.

  • Chloe

    I have no use for TomKat– they will get married, probably last a long-while since Tom seems to go for long-term relationships, but then will fizzle out right before the pre-nup stipulates he has to make the big pay-off– same as what happened when Tom and Nicole divorced… anyway- my opinion as to who are the most “normal” hollyweird parents who actually LIVE there LIVES and go out in PUBLIC with their KIDS!- (1) Seal and Heidi, (2) Jen and Ben & (3) Gwen and Gavin… these couples to me anyway seem to be grounded, down-to-earth and know that to live their lives, even though the paps may be around- they still go about their business as usual- pretty “normal” if you ask me (as “normal” as hollyweird can get!)

  • Anne

    Pops, please stop taking pictures of this brainless bitch we don’t care we she does or they do anymore……….Tom and Katie are a thing of the past …..they are damn annoying and not newsworthy, in other words yaaaaawnnnnnn booooring.

  • Kalista Brat

    God freaks!Stop expecting her to bring her baby out when she is doing shopping for herself!What’s the point? So people can say she brings Suri out for publicity? Screw that!I’ve already gotten used to the fact that a bunch of you are a bunch of losers who think you are owed a picture!Katie looks beautiful and she should leave Suri at home with her big doting family.Didn’t you see what happened to Madonna last time she came ot with DAvid? One of the paps hit her in the face with their camera and it gave Madonna a big bruise on the cheek!I wouldn’t want to see that happen to Katie so I give her Kudos for keeping her kid safe. She is a good mother!

  • Anne

    Noone gives a rats azzs about Tom Cruise and his deadbrain bride, His carreer has been over for a while,….please scienos no matter how much you try to make them look good, it won’t work…Tom Cruise is a thing of the past….get over it.

  • rage

    brenda seriously you are the most fickle sickening shallow minded human being on earth but considering you are neighbours with this nutters i’m not suprised sayig Nic cheated on that fool is out of order did he actually tell you that cos if that’s what actually happened knowing that bastard he would be shouting on roof tops at the time of the divorce to justify himself and look good and besides it was revealed that he cheated on her with PEN CRUZ and for your info she confirmed it during an interview a year later saying and i quote”TOM AND I WERE WORKING TOGETHER BUT ONE THING LED TO ANOTHER AND WE FELL IN LOVE” how about that stupid, did he mention that to u as for being so gullible as KH that TC loves her well like KEITH URBAN said “I’M NOT GONNA SAY I TOLD YOU SO” but i will be here laughing my heart out and oh like DANCER said you truly do sound like an illiterate i guess that’s how they all sound in CT except NIC’S kids cos they’ve got brains like their mom

  • kae

    Regardless of when they decide to bring out their baby, the paps WILL be there. It will happen sooner or later. Honestly, I think that Tom Cruise is a fruit loop. I use to be a fan but not so much anymore. I heard that he was quoted as saying, “Katie’s going to be a stay-at-home mom. I don’t want her turning into another Nicole.” If he did in fact say that, boy, what a control freak.

  • louveciennes

    It’s amazing how much money stupid rich people will pay for an absolutely hideously fugly bag, just because there’s a designer logo on it.

  • Anne 2

    I am not the bitter jaded Anne who has been raging above, but Tom said he has never said Katie will be a stay home mom. She will resume her career whenever she feels she is ready, right now too much is going on in her life, . If I was Tom, I would have left Nicole too, she is kinda dead emotionally, she is so dull compared to Katie who looks full of life( see you made me say bad things about Nicole, actually I have nothing against her.)

    I agree tom is controlling, but he would not be so succeful if it wasnt his strength of character, people wit strong characters are controlling, but then again, some women like to be controlled, may be Katie doesnt mind, dont cry louder than the bereaved!


    i love how everyone knows katie, nicole and tom so well. yeah yeah, we are all here to judge and make comments about people, but who really cares. Not Me, but it is entertaining, i must say.
    People wanna say that she isn’t taking the baby out because she wants to hide her from the pap’s, but come on. I understand not taking the baby everywhere, but we, the public have NEVER (besides the vanity fair cover) seen Tom or Katie with that baby, so are they really parents. I would say no, the nanny is the parent to that kid, if anything, poor Suri for having parents who can’t or won’t raise her. WHO CARES HOW MUCH MONEY THEY HAVE, how happy is this baby really going to be when she is older and realizes she was raised by her well paid nanny???
    i think katie needs some parenting lessons from Gwen…..

  • pr person

    These pictures just scream pr stunt. I’m curious, do they call the paps every time she is going to do her obligitory baby shopping? Pretty funny, because they get those pictures of her holding up clothes that look way to big for a 7 month old. HAHA She needs her handlers there so they can reminder her what size her baby is. She obviously can’t handle it alone. Pretty pathetic.

  • Dancer

    I know several people who have met Nicole through their work in the film industry. Basically they all say the same types of things. She is very shy, often perceived as cold and stand offish until you know her. She is very intelligent and smart both in book and real life learning. After she trusts you to let her guard down, she is warm, caring, funny and a total professional to work with. She isn’t a Diva, doesn’t make outrageous demands. Works without complaining no matter how uncomfortable the scene (i.e. weather wise, stunt wise etc.). One of them said when she tore her ACL on Moulin Rouge, her biggest concern was not the pain, but the inconvenience it would cause others. They also have said she adores and loves her kids. Shows pictures of them. Calls them all the time to share things with them. Worries about them etc. They’ve also said that she is driven. She has a huge talent and it often drives her. Is this any worse than a politician, a dancer, a singer etc., who have talents that drive them? No!
    I think we’d all be wise to remember that there is a public and private persona to each of the actors/singers/writers etc. that we follow. I happen to like Nicole Kidman and admire her acting abilities. The folks who have worked with her have liked her too. Things said from directors and other actors about her have all been positive. She seems to often bring out haters who accuse her of all sorts of things from being cold and humorless to having affairs. However, most of what I’ve read about her and heard about her says this is wrong. She, to me, is one of our great actresses. I find her fascinating.
    However, this is a Katie thread. Like I said. She gets an A today for her fashion choices! Things fit, she is wearing them rather than them wearing her!

  • Kini

    I am kinda digging the bag

  • Rica

    Does this girl ever spend time with her CHILD???!!!???
    Does she do anything at all besides shop. She does two things… Follow around behind that militant midget and shop like a fiend on crack! JEEZE!!!!
    Yeah she’s turned into a bubble brained chicken head!!!!

    But then did she ever have any common sense?????

  • Anne

    To Anne2, I am an american citizen, last time freedom of speach still is one of our rights, therefore, again, here is my OPINION:
    Noone gives a rats azzs about Tom Cruise and his deadbrain bride, His carreer has been over for a while,….please scienos no matter how much you try to make them look good, it won’t work…Tom Cruise is a thing of the past….get over it.


  • Anne

    Last time I checked I meant

  • WTF

    Anne you are right. Only GMD and $cio’s don’t know his career is over.

  • bdj

    Katie Holmes made a deal with the Sci Man and gets to go shopping with his money.

  • Juno

    What’s up with that wierd looking bangs? She needs a new hair style, but why should I even care. :P

  • okthen

    Nic did cheat. She got pregnant and had a miscarriage. It was all over the news. Tom is/was sterile-surely everyone knows this. But does it matter. We all make mistakes. If they have both found someone to go on with the rest of their life with then fine. Nic is an awesome actress ppl. She is diverse in her roles and I appreciate the fact that she’s not shallow. She really blossomed after Tom-Actually won an oscar-same thing for Brad Pitt-He blossomed-ok it’s Britney’s turn now!

  • dean

    Have to disagree with you on the clothes front dancer!

    Her pants are too TOO long and they are also too tight in the waist. In one pic you can see the zipper in front pull and the along the waist band in the back makes for a fat bulge above and below waist band.

    She is getting better with the style though.

    She buys her clothes too small and the baby clothes too big.

    She is holding what looks to be about a 2T dress in one pic. Does anyone remember seeing the pic of her shopping in Paris, holding a baby coat that looked like it was a 3T?

    Either Suri has grwon WAY MORE then normal of she is OLDER then they have let on!

  • Bo-Jangles

    Even though this girl is clearly being brainwashed by the cult of Scientology and it’s demonic follower Cruise, at least here she looks really stylish and chic. Wish I had her body (just not her stupid mind!)

  • yolce

    what happened to her chin????

  • Borat

    Has anyone noticed that Brenda can’t spell…if you have a home next to such wealthy people, don’t you have to be wealthy as well…and perhaps educated?

  • Maria

    As the ex-nanny of Tom and Nicole said in her tell all book about nicole: “I never saw her”.

    it is true, even when they were married, nicole was never with them, always Tom handling them. Going to the circus, attractions, musuems… all nicole did is : shooting, shooting shooting… she shoted way more movies than tom when they were married.

    The site Smoking Gun said Nicole traded her kids for more money .
    Tom accepted.
    Why not? he is the SINGLE parent to Isa and Connor.

    Also, nicole is doing flop after flops at the box office, nobody cares of her anymore, just the Tom’s ex.
    Now it’s Katie.

    Tom is the king of hollywood and MI3 did more than superman returns and Batman Begins. The third Mission did more than 400M$ at worldwile box office, it’s BIG for a 3. Remember Matrix revolution or terminator 3?
    He also put to shame the gang of Ocean 12!

    He is now ruling a studio after he refused the 2M$ offer from Brad Grey in July (last August, Viacom Old fart redstone was fuming because Tom got a bigger paycheck than paramount! ha ha ha! what a talent Tom! I congratulate him on his huge deal he had, awesome :))

    Nicole is not just foul of herself, she’s also full of botoxed.

    She is a liar as Letterman said, and she make up stories about her with the kids all the times! what an ass.

    She doesn’t have the time to saw the kids, she is shooting a movie! then another one, who will flop of course!

    Oh and by the way, congrat Nicole on your razzie for Bewitched! Deserve!

    PS: no, Tom never said Katie should stay at home …bla bla…” it released EVERYWHERE THAT IT WAS BULLSHIT FROM LIFE IN STYLE MAGAZINE after a bunch of 500 juerk gave him the “sexiest man” award for this sentence he NEVER said.
    You’re gullible guys. I feel sorry for you. and leave my english alone