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Violet Affleck: Cute As Can Be

Violet Affleck: Cute As Can Be

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and their 11-month-old daughter, Violet, were spotted leaving a (movie?) studio late yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, CA. Violet‘s looking adorably cute these days and she’s wearing Robeez Ice Cream shoes! Jen is carrying a copy of “That’s Not My Puppy” board book. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Courtney

    aww! Cute!!

  • ann

    They look so happy together, Too Bad Nothing Last In Hollywood

  • m.t

    awww violet is so beautiful …I love them…they looks so adorable together :)

  • Angelface

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bennifer popped out another baby by next Christmas.

  • Anon

    Are we both talking about the same child here, coz this one’s BUTT UGLY!!! That’s the result of being the spawn of Affleck – don’t matter how pretty you mama is… She might change when she grows up though, hopefully.

  • m.t
  • bella_jolie

    i love them.

  • ***4

    This couple will remain together just like with Brad & Angie. Every couple that has brokenup in the last year never gave me a sense of forever like Jen & Ben and Brad & Angei. I was never suprised about any of those others splitting. Maybe a little about timing, for instance Brit & KFed-X. I really expected another 3 or 4 yrs. Ben & Jen? Brad & Angie? somebody’s got to die to break them up. Those are two real family’s, and two real couples committed to each other and their kids. Violet is a cutie and you can tell how she’s changed her daddy’s life. God bless them.

  • ***4

    By the by, I wonder if she’s got a new Affleck in the oven there. She sure looks a litte poofy in the tummy.

  • Charone

    AWWWW Violet is the cuttist.

    that is about I can give her mama.

    Come back Ben come back!!

  • Charone

    ok let me make myself clear.

    I think Violet is so cute.

    But this family man stuff is boring I like the old Ben he was more intereasting.

  • Observer

    I like these pictures. Jennifer Garner looks so completely happy that it is amazing. Affleck looks, as always, like he’s so “obssessed” or “possessive” with and enjoying his baby daughter, that just holding her is not enough: it looks like he is communicating with her in all sorts of verbal and nonverbal ways. Very cute.

  • Mediterranean

    No baby is ugly on this earth.

    Violet is cute; not very cute or beautiful, just cute.

    I don’t find her mother beautiful either, she is just pretty. That’s all.

    Her father is good looking but she doesn’t look like her, unfortunately.

    About their marriage, as long as Ben will behave himself, there won’t be a problem. He loves gambling, womanising, alcohol. Hopefully, he stays clean for the sake of his daughter. Hollywood won’t help him to stay clean at all.

  • Suzie

    They look so cute together. Jen Garner came to a political rally in my town last week and she’s a lot more beautiful in person than she appears in pictures. She was wearing very little makeup and had glowing skin. She was also very gracious and allowed me to take a picture with her. She didn’t appear pregnant to me.

  • aida

    Now this is one normal looking family despite their celebrity status. Just heart warming to see.

  • Observer


    Interesting: I’d say about Brad Pitt what you said about Ben Affleck being a family man. But I suspect you like Affleck though I don’t care about Brad Pitt.

  • ***4

    Mediterranean Says:

    ^^^Violet is cute; not very cute or beautiful, just cute.

    I don’t find her mother beautiful either, she is just pretty. That’s all.

    Her father is good looking but she doesn’t look like her, unfortunately.

    About their marriage, as long as Ben will behave himself, there won’t be a problem. He loves gambling, womanising, alcohol. Hopefully, he stays clean for the sake of his daughter. Hollywood won’t help him to stay clean at all. ”

    Ooh, you have shocked me! I always like your post because you seem fair. You sounding very judgement like here. You’re a Angelina fan and we know she changed her life when her child came into her life so why can’t Ben not be changed too? I’m disapointd.

  • Holly

    She’s pregnant right?? She sure looks like she is…..

  • kae

    I don’t think that baby is ugly. Those of you that do probably don’t have children.

  • Mediterranean

    to ***4,

    Do not be disappointed, s.v.p.

    As you see that I wrote HOPEFULLY, I really hope for him. He is a father now and he has to stay clean. There won’t be any excuse for him from now on, as a responsible father.

    It is very hard to get rid of the bad habits, specially in the places like Hollywood, am I wrong?

    For Ben, so far so good, hopefully he’ll stay in this way with his family.

  • Observer

    The daughter looks very cute just like the mother. The mother always has a cute fact… almost always, especially when she smiles.

  • looking for a hero to worship

    awww, they are so cute together, they will last forever & ever, they are not like those bad other hollywood couples.
    plus look how ben’s holding his own baby, that means he’s the best dad in the whole wide world.
    In the 5th picture jenifer is squeezing out a fart that smells like perfume just to make the world a better place for all of us.

  • Wonderland

    I also noticed the clothes look like maternity clothes. The flowing shirt hugs her boobs and flares out around her tummy just like a maternity shirt. And I can tell you from experience, those jeans sure fit her like maternity jeans fit a woman in the 2nd trimester. Your stomach doesn’t quite fill out the pouch and they cut the hips big so as they expand you won’t have to go up a size in pants. If you look around her butt and hips you will see that they are baggy there even though the thighs are fitted. So does she have an incredibly flat ass (didn’t look like it in Elektra) or is she preggers?

  • Char

    I love the Afflecks…Cute baby…Cute family….The end.

  • R

    Honestly, I really like the “appearance” of this family. They make a beautiful-looking couple. Outwardly, they seem like a perfect match. Cute little baby girl and all. I also believe Jennifer Garner really, really fell deep in love with Ben Affleck. Before they got together, she gushed about him during interviews, something I hadn’t seen her do about any of her exes, so I had a feeling they would at least end up dating.

    With all that said, for some reason, I don’t trust Ben. I remember all the stuff he did before. I remember the drinking. I hope he’s over that for good, but his dad had some kind of problems in that area also, so he’ll probably have a fight all his life. Also remember the nasty dancers and the cheating? Believe me, he didn’t just get over that. He cheated on JLO! Hello! You know it’s true, though they tried to hush it up. Ben and JLO hadn’t even been together very long, so that is a very bad sign. He partied with some unscrupulous (is that a word?) people like Tara Reid. He reminds me of one of those men who appears to be so straight and moral, but deep down secretly battles a lot of demons that maybe Jennifer doesn’t even know about.

    Ben Affleck is also into politics, so I really don’t trust him. A lot of politicians are womanizers. I’ve been to DC and seen with my own eyes the whole disgusting business of those men picking up beautiful prostitutes near the Capital. He may be preparing for a run at office by marrying an acceptable girl and creating a lovely family to boost his chances down the road. I read that he even asked someone if they thought Garner would make a good politician’s wife. It’s like he has been planning something. We’ll see.

  • Lula29

    I think they are definitely in love and very well suited to each other.

    Jen isn’t so innocent herself. I think they are a lot alike. I want them to have more babies because Violet is one lucky girl. She has good parents who are definitely very in love.

    I was one of the people who actually liked Ben with JLO too, but I can see how much better off he is with Jen Garner and how great a person Jen is and I’m happy for Affleck. I think Jen is lucky to and I then she’s in love with her good looking man and very happy. What more can you ask for?

  • Ang

    Yep, all the pics I’ve seen lately look the same – early pregnancy. I bet they announce it before the end of the month. Why not, they seem like great parents and I think Violet is cute!

  • okthen

    At least he was not ashamed to marry the woman. For all of his bad boy antics and gambling, and whatever, he was a decent enough man to marry the woman who was pregnant before they were married. He was decent enough to let his child be legitimated through marriage and not through some hocus pocus lawyer paperwork. He is decent enough to be openly affectionate to both his wife and kid. He is decent enough not to say some stupid “we’ll get married when everyone else can” BS. Pretty or not, moral or not, I can respect a man like Ben Afflect a lot easier than I can a man who doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for a the mother of his children when she is being slaughtered in the media as a man-stealing whore and I can respect Affleck easier than a man who seems to be stuck on stupid when it comes to really really doing something for those he suposedly loves. Poor Jane Pitt. She must be so embarassed at church.

  • ?

    go fuck yourself okthen

  • Anon

    okthen you’re a weirdo…

  • ohlala

    okthen must be a priest.

  • Pua

    Why does that kid not have whites in her eyes. She looks evil…

  • Mediterranean


    Can you be decent to shut up? Because you are talking nonsense.

  • okthen

    The truth hurts doesn’t it!

  • R

    Oh Okthen, you are baaaaaad!

    You must remember, though, Brad and the Beauty have both had failed marriages before. This is the first marriage for Ben and Jen. They haven’t been jaded.

  • fact

    Jennifer Garner has failed at marriage once already. Remember she was married to that guy from Felicity?

  • R

    Oh yeah, you’re right. How did I forget about Jen Garner’s first husband? Isn’t his name Scott? He was cute, but I think Jen is much more deeply in love with Ben Affleck. Ben brought a real sparkle to her eyes. He’s probably the love of her life and that’s why she didn’t hesitate to get pregnant right away. If it fails with Ben, she probably won’t want to marry again anytime soon thereafter. If ever.

  • Sonya V.

    I watched Garner on an MTV special. She’s totally sweet, but seems a bit girlish/childish. She’s nothing like Jennifer lopez, who is womanly, mature and sexy.

  • MizLiz

    So Jen’s “failed” at marriage once before? Oh, horrors! Picking the right guy the first time is just the luck of the draw, and most of us need more than one try. myself, I hit it right on the THIRD try. It’s been 26 years, so I guess I don’t have to be called a failure any more, right kids? In my opinion, these two will stay married for a long time, as long as they remember not to leave each other alone for months at a time. A lot of movie stars put their career first, and that will kill any relationship.

  • Sonya V.

    I predict that Affleck and Garner will stay together for a long time too. She’s the “good wife” who is great for his image. Years from now if he gets bored with her, he won’t want a divorce, he’ll just creep behind her back. She seems like the type who would never check things out. Yes, they’ll grow old and gray together.

  • fact

    The only reason I used the word “failed” was because the poster named “R” used the word failed to describe other people’s marriage. So if getting a divorce means failing in R’s world, then that’s the word I’m going to use to describe Jennifer Garner’s first marriage: failed. That’s the terminology “R” was using, so I had to use her type of words to get my message across.

  • Little Pants

    I think she’s cute, she looks nothing like her father though. I hope they have a boy next to see if he’ll turn out like Ben. My boyfriend is Ben’s twin, “no joke.” So I check out the baby pics to see what my future child might look like. Though I’d be better off looking at a picture of Ben and J Lo’s kid had they had one, since Im Puerto Rican. Im glad he’s with Jen. G, he started looking really miserable towards the last year w/J Lo, not that it bothered me! My friends use to work at the Hard Rock in Vegas and all said J Lo was a major ass. He would tip the dealers really well and then Mrs. Thing would take it back right in front of them and give them back maybe 20%. Violet seems like she won’t be too much of a spoiled brat and we’ll probably turn out ok because Jen seems down to earth. She should try and turn it up a notch though, I mean she’s married to Ben Affleck. I’d be doing the hair, nails, tan, make-up, the works, you can’t let yourself go too much, granted Im sure her kid is throwing up on her most of the time. Oh, and it’s cute how Ben goes in to get a long smell of his baby, ahhhhhhhhh.

  • yo



  • alyssa roober

    Their second daughter Sera was so much cuter than Violet as a baby and is now