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Wentworth Miller Cries a River

Wentworth Miller Cries a River

Here’s another teaser for Prison Break episode “Bolshoi Booze,” which airs this Monday, Nov. 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Michael (Wentworth Miller) feels so guilt-stricken, he goes to confessional and reflects back on his past sins and the sins others have committed because of him. Went wells up with tears a lot in this episode, it seems. And the tears look real! More semi-spoilery pictures in the gallery…

P.S. If you haven’t watched this myFOX Los Angeles interview with Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies, you should.


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wentworth miller crying 01
wentworth miller crying 02
wentworth miller crying 03
wentworth miller crying 04
wentworth miller crying 05
wentworth miller crying 06
wentworth miller crying 07
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wentworth miller crying 09
wentworth miller crying 10
wentworth miller crying 11
wentworth miller crying 12
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wentworth miller crying 15
wentworth miller crying 16
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wentworth miller crying 19
wentworth miller crying 20
wentworth miller crying 21
wentworth miller crying 22
wentworth miller crying 23
wentworth miller crying 24
wentworth miller crying 25
wentworth miller crying 26
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wentworth miller crying 28
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wentworth miller crying 30
wentworth miller crying 31
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wentworth miller crying 33
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  • Just Jared

    If anyone’s got any questions about the episode, ask them here! I’ll try to answer them without giving too much away –

  • Emily

    Does a main character die?

  • Emily

    Are the folks that took Lincoln and LJ really on his side? Is the most shocking secret of the season really shocking?

  • Denizzzzzzz

    You are gorgeous Went!!!!

  • Carline

    hO!!!!!!!!!! il est décidément trop BEAU!!!!!!!!! He’s a great actor too, il n’y a rien d’autre à rajouter.

  • Linds

    Went looks fab! I even love him when he sweats! Cords in Texas in the summer? Was wardrobe mad at him? One question – will Sarah be rescued or is she basically screwed? Love Went and you JJ -

  • angelah

    he’s so rockin’ those shades!

  • Lara

    What a perfect way to start my day: a delicious tall white mocha. And some coffee, too. ;)

  • Just Jared

    Emily: I wouldn’t call the guy who dies a main character per se. He does order strippers though. Ha!

    And yes, it does seem that the folks who took Lincoln and LJ are on their side.

    Linds: Sarah is pretty much screwed. I don’t know if you read the comments in the PB entry before this but Kellerman uses these items to torture Sarah: a bathroom tub, rubber gloves, and an iron. Does she get rescued? Not in this episode…

  • Lara

    Okay, Jared… Do we find out what happens with Sucre and/or C-Note?

  • Mink

    Ooh, nice snappy, fast-loading site Jared! Quel relief! And thanks for the yummy caps. Wentworth is officially the World’s Prettiest Crier. And Sweater. *thinks fondly of the grey T-shirt from the ‘Riots’ eppies last season* Although not being quite so covered up might help with that. God! Those tats must be uncomfortable if he’ll tolerate that top in the boiling heat instead.

  • frenchgirl

    Hello Jared, it too is not on the episodes that my question goes.
    I am not on this site for a very long time and I do not know myself very well…
    I had a question for you. Do es you “just” a fan impassioned as us all or know you Wentworth of very near? In all cases thousand thank you for your division of photographs and infos.

  • Just Jared

    Lara: Sucre and Michael team up towards the end of the episode… As for C-Note, we’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what’s going on with him.

  • ErinMarie79

    What a lovely way to start my morning! Jared – me love you long time.

  • Elisabeth

    Great, can’t wait until Monday night!
    Wonder why the tears????

  • Lara

    Thanks, Jared. I loooooove Michael but Sucre is definitely a runner-up! I so hope he & Maricruz are able to be together. (I plead, “Do not kill off Sucre” in nearly every episode!)

    I can’t see it working out for everyone (well, all of the “good guys”), though, and I fear C-Note will be the one to fall by the wayside, so to speak. :(

  • eustacia

    A few questions: Does Michael talk to Lincoln or his father about Sara at all? Does he mention her in his confession?

    Does his father or Lincoln find out that Michael met with Sara earlier?

  • Wet For Went

    He has the prettiest cry I have ever seen.

  • Just Jared

    Eustacia: Michael doesn’t get the chance to sit down and chat with Lincoln or his father much in this episode. So no, they don’t touch upon Sara in their ‘conversation.’ And Michael also doesn’t really name names in his confession…

  • eustacia

    Oh, so Lincoln, Michael and Aldo meet towards the end of the episode already. That makes sense, considering that Michael is doing a lot of things in this episode…getting the fake nitro, meeting up with Coyote, and now the confession!

  • danchej

    Sorry,but i didnt understand!!! Is anybody dies this episode?

  • ks

    Thank you so much for this little teaser! When Michael gets emotional, you feel it too and that’s due to Wentworth’s great acting. Keep it coming!

  • Just Jared

    danchej: Yes, someone definitely kicks the bucket in this episode!

  • Fatima

    Can’t wait until Monday.

    WOW Went looks so hot..

  • Chips2

    This man looks hot crying and looks hotter sweating in all that Texas heat *fanning self* Thanks for all the inside scoops Jared! Bolshoi Booze has been one of the big clues since Season 1, hope to find out what that’s all about in this epi.

    Don’t cry Mikey/Went – I’ll bake you a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies!

  • sweetHoneybee

    Yay! Love the way your spiffy site loads, Jared. And thank you so much for being our Crackworth dealer.

  • SexyWent

    I’m gonna cry next EP, Crying guys have that effect on me

  • Jenniferxoxo

    hey Jared, do you know how long it will be before Sara and Michael will be reunited?

  • Jenniferxoxo

    well reunited again =)~

  • iris

    Jared, Thank you very much for the nice pictures !
    How far, days and miles, do they get in this episode and do you think we are ever going to see Haywire again? And what about T-bag ?
    Keep the info coming :)

  • fam

    wow Jared, you really got me thinking and i have to say, i got a bit suspicious about who isn’t gonna make it next epi! please don’t tell me it’s LJ!

  • Jen

    i have a question… what happends to sara.. i mean i know she gets torture.. but is their anything that you can say regarding how she is in this eppy??? and does Michael mention her in anyway??

  • Nic

    Jared does T-Bag get away and/or leaves anything behind?

  • Kendra

    Hi Jared, this is my first time posting..I’ve been enjoying your blog anonymously for a few months now. Any clue as to what’s in that box Michael/Went is holding? Is it part of the big reveal? Keep up the good work btw, this is my favourite site for all things Wentiful!

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Kellerman uses these items to torture Sarah: a bathroom tub, rubber gloves, and an iron. Wow! Is he “waterboarding” her? Isn’t that against US torture rules?

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Jared I really like the actor who plays Kellerman, my question is what is his motivation, because originally he was working for that woman, now they don’t treat him very well and he reports to someone else.

    My second question is about the key that Sara found when her father died, what can of worms does that open.

    Thanks JJ


    I tihnk LJ will die…

  • danni

    o0o0o someone dies in next weeks episode? interesting!!! my money is on sara … hope its not LJ or linc jnr!!

  • Just Jared

    Jenniferxoxo: It’s definitely not this episode… Sara’s all tied up!

  • Just Jared

    iris: No Haywire on the horizon. T-bag’s severed hand, if you saw, was delivered to my doorstep, so you can make your own guesses on that one.

  • quest

    If Kellerman was able to track Sara down, how can he not know that Michael was in the motel? Thanks, Jared!

  • Just Jared

    Jen: It’s all about the torture in this episode for Sara…

  • Just Jared

    Nic: Yes! (;

  • Softspoken

    JARED HELP!!! I was watching the interview that you gave the link to but I can’t here a thing. I just found out my sound card failed on me. can you please please please tell me what was asked in the interview and what Wentworth answered can you write the interview down and post it please please please. Anybody please please…

  • Just Jared

    Kendra: Michael is holding bottles of “nitroglycerin.”

  • Just Jared

    jailbird: Kellerman is under the supervision of Mr. Kim. His motivation? I think his goal is still to take down Michael and Lincoln.

    Ah, the key! The key will answer a lot of questions, I’m sure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come into play just yet.

  • Just Jared

    quest: Kellerman seemed to have just grabbed the first person he saw and started interrogating…

  • Just Jared

    Softspoken: The interview basically has Sarah and Wentworth joking with each other. Sarah says something like ‘I requested that they put in my contract that I not worth with Wentworth. I asked if we could have no more scenes together. [He's] demanding. [A] Diva.’

  • cocot13

    Jared, from the promos Michael has a secret will this shock people and change the way we forever see him?