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Halle Berry's Toilet Paper Pick-Up

Halle Berry's Toilet Paper Pick-Up

Halle Berry (sweet outfit!) and her hunky boyfriend Gabriel Aubry went out on another shopping in Los Angeles this past last Wednesday. If my eyes don’t deceive me, Halle, 40, and Gabriel, 30, picked up a “Newbury T.P. Holder.” Toilet paper holder, I assume. Whatever that looks like…

The twice-divorced Catwoman actress and her male model Canadian beau have been stepping out together since meeting on the set of a Versace shoot in November 2005.

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  • gitane

    breathtaking! and halle looks good too!

  • fugly anuston

    slow news day?

  • Anonymous

    Photos were taken from last week (last Wed or Thurs)–do your homework, not a new photo. If we are going to get a weekly dose of them shopping–use new pix.

    They both look unhappy and like crap as they have been lately. Maybe all of the shyt on the web is starting to get to them. Gabby playing stepin’ fetch it errand boy as usual.

  • Georgia

    They were taken this past Wednesday, not last week.

  • Maybe it’s just me

    Am I the only one who thinks Halle isn’t gorgeous looking. She’s pretty, don’t get me wrong but I don’t look at her and go wow. She looks great at red carpet events but that’s it. Didn’t she have a daughter with her last husband? I know the daughter wasn’t biologicially her’s but you never see Halle hang out with her.

    I don’t know. there’s something about her that’s not genuine …….that makes me think she’s a little bitchy and to some degree, overrated. Her boyfriend is hot and they do make a good looking pair though.

  • Me Again!

    Maybe it’s just me Says:

    November 10th, 2006 at 9:45 am

    You’re right…IT’S JUST YOU!!!

  • Fattie

    French Canadian men are the hottest !! Go Gabriel

  • angelah

    they look fabulous!

  • UGH

    Her man is HOT!

  • Shauna

    I think Halle Berry is cuteness. That’s how I would describe her. She has a beautiful complexion and nice features, but I don’t think she’s a “great” beauty. She gets special perks mostly because she’s biracial. What ticks a lot of black people off is that they are not better represented in Hollywood. In fact, a lot of times it seems that blacks who aren’t very attractive want to be seen the most. Instead of Hollywood telling them to go home because Hollywood wants someone prettier, they allow them a prominent spot in the industry and let them represent the black race. I see a lot of black models in catalogs and magazines that don’t belong there. Some of them are borderline ugly and it’s a shame. There are millions of black women much more beautiful than Halle Berry, but the rest of the world won’t see them. Personally, I think it’s a form of discrimination. People don’t want their little girls worshipping the black Angelina Jolie’s of this world.

  • Izzy

    Photos taken WERE taken last week–check several links from with one being posted on Sunday the 5th. Check one such link:

    So Georgia, I guess Anonymous was right. In fact, I think some of the pictures came out right before or at the same time as the BAFTA gala, if they were taken on a Wed. it was last Wed. not this one.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks Anonymous and Izzy!!

  • Sabrosa

    This two make a beautiful couple, love to see them having babies, they would be gorgeous.

  • LL2006

    Thank goodness the majority of the comments on this thread are somewhat civil as compared to several nasty and negative comments regarding them always shopping, his “real” orientation, his so-so looks, them never looking like a couple,etc.

    I guess people have nothing better to do with their time. Why can’t people just wish them well regardless if they last or not.

  • Sweetness

    Halle is a very beautiful black woman. I think most of us black women are happy to have her representing us, except for the men she chooses. Now if she can get that right everything will be lovely!!!

  • Good for Them!

    Halle is very attractive, and this guy is gorgeous. Hold your keystrokes. Gabriel’s face and body are ideal. You wish you had a man this beautiful. Who cares if they don’t marry and have babies? She’s already been married. They should just live and love. Enjoy life together for as long as it lasts.

  • frankie

    Oh please…more pictures of Hollyweird’s latest dysfunctional looking couple shopping. Do they do anything else? Have never understood why Halle’s playing faghag with this guy.

    Sorry ladies, but know for a fact that the gay/bi rumors are true as well as the rest of the negative comments on such sites as in their latest bashing of the couple from a few weeks ago.

    Anon. is right they have never looked like a couple. Going shopping, a little hand holding and taking him to very few events don’t cut it. All of his awkward mannerisms in all of the photos scream gay or something. If he thinks he can pull off being straight he’s fooling himself. Dating Halle isn’t going to make you straight Gabby, hate to tell you.

    Seriously, doubt if he would ever defend her honor or take a punch for her. He’s too busy having his pix took or being seen with her.

    Have never understood why everyone thinks he’s soooooo dreamy or they make a cute couple. He’s fuggly and has no ass or anything else. Have you seen those pix of him in a bathing suit…skinny and no basket. I can’t believe he is one of the highest paid male models. Both of them aren’t all that. He always looks like a dork on drugs, unshaven and greasy hair. Not a big turn on for me. Halle is not drop dead gorgeous, cute and maybe slightly attractive, but not every man’s and women’s fantasy.

    Doubt they will be still be together for very much longer if they are even still together. Even if there are new pix soon to surface–trust me it’s all a shame, I know from very reliable sources.

    Again, they never have looked like a couple nor will they ever.

  • what’s wrong with you?

    I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!! You have some kind of proof? Well take it to the Enquirer and get paid. So, Gabriel needs to defend her honor by punching someone’s lights out, right? What are you? Jealous or something? Crazy?

    Gabriel doesn’t look gay to me at all. Honey, not in the least! You and others are probably just having a hard time accepting this gorgeous white stud with Halle Berry. If he was stepping out with Reese Witherspoon or some other white starlet, all the girls would be losing their minds, drooling all over the guy.

    What is ugly about his face? Nothing. He’s handsome through and through. I know a good-looking man when I see him. This guy has fantastic facial features as well as a tall, lean body. He also photographs well.

    It has been many years since Halle dated a white man, and he may have never dated a black woman either. Give them a break already! Interracial relationships are hard enough to deal with without everybody picking them apart like they’re some kind of disease. Sheesh!!!

  • JJ

    Who knows if he’s gay or not, his looks, if they look like a couple, etc. and who cares. From what I gather about the hate on the Internet against them it runs deeper than the surface reaction from both Whites and Blacks about Halle and the bf being an interracial couple, etc. Guess some people have nothing else to do with their free time but to stir the cacca. I’m sure this is putting stress on them, which isn’t good for Halle’s diabetes. But I guess people don’t care.

    While I don’t think he’s all that hunky as everyone makes him out to be, he’s not my type. I still wish them well and the very best hoping that possibly it may work out between them. After all, they’ve been dating for almost a year.

  • Jackie L


    Like the others have said, “Are you nuts?” Where are you getting the 411 other than gaydar. Seriously, if what you say is true it would have already hit the Enquirer or the Star by now, get real. And don’t for a moment even think Halle would even use that as an excuse on Oprah or the press to dog the guy if by some slim and probably very slim chance if they split up.

  • PixieGal262

    Just because they aren’t totally overexposed and having pictures taken of them everywhere they go doesn’t mean they aren’t a real couple. How bizarre is it that now people assume that constant PDA and being photographed together is a measure of a celebrity’s relationship?

    Halle Berry has always been a private person and the paparazzi don’t really follow her around because she’s “boring” and not as popular as she used to be. That is why they don’t get photographed a lot. Not because they don’t go places or do things together.

    I don’t know them personally, of course, but I just hate it when people assume that someone’s relationship isn’t real or some bullshit just because they haven’t been seen together. Maybe they just like privacy and not having every second of their lives photographed.

  • Dumfounded

    Seriously, leave them alone with the negative comments. It doesn’t matter if they are photographed or not when they/she go out or not. Just let them be and be happy for them. I would feel awkward and out of place too if I was always having my picture taken every time I was with my partner. Maybe he is not use to the photographers other than on the runway?

    They bs about Aubry being gay yeah right, lmao. European or metrosexual, shy/passive possibly, but gay/bi really? You think Halle would be that dumb or determined to date a gay/bi guy, please. Don’t assume just because he’s a model he’s gay/bi. Where people come up with this stuff is beyond me?

  • Eli-7

    Agree with the last posters. Just because he’s a model or they’re always photographed when shopping or going to a restaurant or him helping with the interior decorating at his new restaurant doesn’t mean anything. Don’t assume.

  • Heather

    If I was Halle or Gabriel, I would be uncomfortable too. With so much negativity surrounding them, it’s hard to be yourself. I think that’s why Brad and Angelina seemed so “distant” in photographs in the beginning. A lot of negativity was directed at them because he left Jennifer Aniston and her fans were irate. B and J didn’t seem very relaxed for a while, but they do now. Black actress Alfre Woodard (of “Desperate Housewives”) has always let her husband stay in the background. He is a white Englishman (and not bad to look at, I might add). He does not share the spotlight with her. He is not comfortable in it. When they attend events together and photos are taken, he usually steps back and lets her shine alone. Yet, they have been very happily married for at least near 25 years and have 2 daughters. (I read about them in “In Style” mag.) Personally, I don’t understand why people get mad about Halle and Gabriel. She’s attractive, and he is equally attractive. At least they match, unlike some same-race couples… Think Reece & Ryan, Beyonce & JZ, J. Lopez & Marc… The list goes on and on. No one makes a stink about it.

  • Heather

    I checked another site after my post (should’ve done that first, I guess). I thought she had 2 girls, but Alfre Woodard has an adopted son and daughter. Just want to get my facts straight here. She also has been married for 23 years. While I was there, I checked on another actress whom I’ve seen all over the tabloid magazines. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. She goes to lots of events, but you never see her husband, who is white. I have only seen one photo of them together–at their wedding. He keeps a very low profile and they have already been married for 5 years.

  • Jane

    LOL3 etal…of course, Frankie’s FOS and one of the posters who likes to start the hate all around the Internet. Don’t pay him/her any mind.

    Heather…don’t worry about your typo…at least you checked your sources.

  • Jane

    Sorry gang for another post. LOL3 Frankie’s probably a troll or disgruntled potential stalker who wishes he/they did date Aubry or Berry.

  • malibumom

    she’s a good actress-to me she’s just X with real beauty and real talent, but still needy and insecure-

  • gladitsjustnotme

    I didn’t know they were still even dating. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for not reading the rags on the Internet. Wish them well and hope they last, in spite of Halle (possibly) being needy and insecure as malibumom noted.

  • southernbelle

    Dumbfounded and the others I hear ya and agree with you all. That’s like saying that Halle who will probably be at her bf’s restaurant red carpeted fete next week is really going to shut him up and save face and/or going shopping during the holidays in NYC which will lead to more pix of them shopping and the idiots will keep posting. I don’t even want to think what the comments will be from them if she is a no-show. Thank god, I am going to be out of town and have better ways of spending my time during the holidays.

  • CJ

    Southernbelle…the event was last night. See new article. To the haters, although they may look a tad tired, both look very much like a couple seriously don’t look like Halle was there to save face from all the recent garbage that’s been flying around. Why would even anyone suggest that.

  • shallow!

    Is that how shallow we are! They are a great couple because they are both “beautiful people.” First of all, he’s not that fine. He has no body and no cool swagger. And Halle, please, do you really think she’s going to have his baby. If she does, that would be a risky move — health wise.

    And to be honest. Lately they don’t look all that happy together.

  • can’tbeserious!

    Why is his face ideal. Because it’s pointy and eurocentric. Does not seem ideal to me. America’s views on beauty are so twisted. I personally think Michael Ealy had more of an appeal to him. Gabriel looks like any other white male model.

  • You know…

    It depends on what you like in a man. Gabriel Aubry is a successful model. To model, you must be photogenic, which he is, but he’s successful because of the sum of all his parts. His individual features look well together. However, just because someone has super-fine features does not mean they are automatically good-looking. Haven’t you seen people who don’t have euro features, but they are still quite attractive? Aubry’s nose looks sleek, but many men with broad noses look strong, masculine and just as handsome. Nick Lachey has a broad nose like a fighter. He does not have small features, but somehow his face is handsome.

    Michael Ealy was really cute in the first Barbershop film. In the second movie, he changed. He had gained weight and let himself go a bit. He looked the worst when he was with Halle. My God. Why look like a thug in every photo? He never dressed up and his afro looked dry and dusty, like it needs a little sheen. I know his hair is prettier than that! He was probably thinking, “This Halle Oscar Berry just has to take me as I am, bushy afro and all.” She did. He just was not a match for her. Sorry.

  • Steffie faee

    He is sooooooooo HOT, WOUWW, i did not imagine that it can be a man like this, just gorgueus!!!l love himmmmmmmmm

  • Go Halle!

    Yes he is. Simply gorgeous!!!