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Nelly 'n' Nevis

Nelly 'n' Nevis

Canadian songstress Nely Furtardo is currently in Paris with her 3-year-old daughter Nevis to participate in the Star Academy TV Show and to promote her third album, “Loose.” Next month, Nelly will be kicking off her acting career with a guest appearance on a popular Portuguese soap opera, Floribella.

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  • rosie

    go nelly we love your music you make me proud to be portuguese. stay kind

  • Tony

    Is that the first picture of Nelly’s son?? I guess.. he is big though, and she is so young.. but they’re cute.

  • Tayane

    oh! she’s a very great singer, I love her. her daugther is growing un so fast.

    I think that nelly is 25%portuguese, because his father come from to canada and her mother to canada and portugal. but she speaks portugues ,like me.

  • Justin

    Nevis is a mix of East Indian, Filipino and Pourtugese. she is cute.

  • Gussie

    Nelly was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Both her parents are Portuguese emigrants, from Azores. She speaks rudimentary Portuguese only, with a funny Canadian-Azorean accent. I have been living in Portugal for the last years and she is well-liked here but her interviews in Portuguese are a bit of a comedy really.

  • ariana

    nevis is a gurl people!!! get the facts straight! and yes this is her first pic EVER!!! a pic ive been waiting for forever!!! go nelta!

  • Justin

    Wished she stayed with Nevis father , he is a very nice guy and from a decent family. He was really hurt by the break up as he really loved her.

  • JiulieBR

    We in Brazil have a Floribella soap opera too,may is another version…i didn´t know that nelly is from portugal,cool…

  • Tayane

    i read a thing about her, and now I know that she’s 100% portuguese, but she born in Canada…

  • Kini

    I love it all the Portguese people….I am 100% as well. She is great role model for us.

  • Leila

    Gussie, I´d advise you to not mock her. Considering she is proud on her Portuguese roots, what you´ve said is definitelly in very poor taste.

  • Me too

    Leila Says:
    November 10th, 2006 at 5:37 pm

    Gussie, I´d advise you to not mock her. Considering she is proud on her Portuguese roots, what you´ve said is definitelly in very poor taste.

    Why do you think she’s mocking her when she is only speaking her truth. Not being able to speak fluent portuguese is not a bad reflection of her heritage.

  • Leila

    Me too: FYI, the poster mocked Nelly for her comic interviews. If you don´t know or have not seen her interviews, you cannot identify the mockery tone in the poster above. Go back to the bamzs thread, dear.

  • Leila

    Oh… and one more thing:

    “Not being able to speak fluent portuguese is not a bad reflection of her heritage.” That was exavtly what was implied by that poster. Read again before commenting and trying to provoque.

  • Sandra

    ITA Leila. That was so unnecessary. she is proud of her heritage. Too bad some people need to constantly make fool of her pronounce.

  • Nelly Furtardo

    You people need to get a life…..

  • CáCá

    It sad to see that gussie is making fun of her. I am Portuguese, living in Portugal, and I can say that we admire her because, even though her Portuguese isn’t very fluent, she makes an effort, she never lived in Portugal or in Açores, so I think you shoul look at yourself and teste your portuguese before making remarkes like that….

  • Catharine

    Nice to finally see her daughter! She looks a lot like her mum from what I can tell! Who cares if Nelly isn’t fluent in Portuguese? Last time I checked she live in Canada, not Portugal. You don’t have to speak a foreign language to be proud of your roots!

  • test


  • tetonas grandisimas

    Nelly is beautiful and talented and her daughter is beautiful as well. It’s sad to see that you guys have nothing to do but argue amongst yourselves while she at this very moment is somewhere else not even aware of your existance enjoying your money. Screw all of you!!!!

  • Kimmy26

    Tony, Nevis is a girl. god what an insult lol d!@$head

    nelly you rock!! but this photo is bad people!! the stupid paparazzi has gone against nelly’s wishes of ever showing nevis to the public until she is 18. i respect her for keeping nevis away from all the media. shame on you paparazzi person…shame on you!

  • Breanne

    omg first time i get too see her daughter shes cute!

  • Emily

    Just finishing seeing Nelly on Portuguese show ‘Extase’, and I really don’t understand why people are ragging on her pronounciation. I think considering she was born and raised in Canada she speaks really well. She understood the host and answered all questions really well and was friendly. At least she took the time to get back to her roots and show her pride!!

  • Raquel

    Today I saw to interviews with Nelly Furtado and in both she spoke Portuguese… I think she speaks pretty good for a person that have never lived here..and her heritage is from Azores, which has the people with the most horrible portuguese accent…people from the continent sometimes cant even understand ppl from Azores..

    But that is not even the Problem… Because, she is WAY too weird, when she is speaking Portuguese.. In Extase and in Exclusivo she was so weird that I could almost bet that she was on drugs… Her face, her expressions and her giggles ( she laugh of their own and not funny jokes ?! )

  • Give it a rest

    OVER-RATED! I find her quite annoying during interviews, like shes totally into herself. I don’t know how people don’t pick up personality traits like that. She sounds like she just inhaled helium before she lets out her un-talented crap sound.

  • Nelly’s alright

    ‘Give it a rest’ says she’s overrated. Where did you hear about her rating then? Is there a link to a web-site that rates all singers/songwriters with a relative rank?
    People hear her songs on the radio, and if they like the song and the sound, they go buy her record. That seems to me the most honest and impartial rating system possible.
    You don’t like her sound? That’s fine, it just so happens I do. And apparently the people who give out grammies thought enough of her ‘un-talented **** sound’ to award her one for best VOCAL PERFORMANCE. Umm, let’s see, whose advise am I gonna take about her talent or lack thereof, the Grammie people, or some turd who posts on a gossip web-site? Boy, that’s a tough one!
    She sings in a higher ‘tone’, if you wanna call it that, than the average female singer. She has a more young girl voice. That’s not neccessarily a bad thing for a female singer. Much worse than singing with a really low register and sounding like a man. At any rate you focus solely on her singing as if that’s all she’s about.
    As for thinking too highly of herself, that comment is so general it doesn’t merit a response. I think most celebs, when I hear them interviewed, sound like they are a little into themselves. But I would have to be more specific in order to argue about it.
    One thing I would fault her on, is that sometimes she tends to go nasal and flat. And she can’t dance worth shit. But not being able to dance is a minor drawback in my estimation. In any case, you didn’t mention either of those two valid points, so you post is essentially worthless.

    Here is a link to a live cover of ‘Crazy’ for those people who may think she can’t sing, or that she inhales helium (but not for ‘Give it a rest’, as he’s probably a hater to the core).

  • gab

    I prefered to listen to her interviews arround “like a bird”
    she was a little more assertive…
    but she’s fun (she’s herself, and not a caracter she put’s on for the “show”)

    as a singer you better like her:)))
    take a look and listen to this

    nelly stripped (unplogged) very good, VERY GOOD

  • gab

    I have to say…she sounds very good at the “stripped interview”
    she speaks English on this one

    it’s not like she speaks Portuguese every day, is it?
    but not bad at hall, in the interviews she guives in Portuguese

    her Nevis looks cool:)

  • BITS

    Keep updated with Nelly news at her official fan site

  • irena

    she’s a cute little girl but i wanna see a close up pic please!!

  • uhmmm.

    that little girl nevis is sooo lucky!!!i wish i was her!!!!

  • irena

    that little girl is sooo lucky!!!!i wish i was her!!!!

  • monica

    wow i finally know what nevis looks like, ive been wondering forever.

  • kaka

    nelly is so sexy so guys might wanna have sex with her.
    well i do not know wath nevis look’s like i want to see a pic of her like her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nelly4ever



    SHE CAN”T DANCE WORTH SHIZ! i swear i feel like getting up and dancing to cover up her sorry pethetic shiz she calls dancing!

  • Anynha

    nelly beautiful than ever! not seem to have 29 years, appears to have about 21!
    her daughter and baby too, and very much like her! purchasing two kisses, and I love the songs of nelly! all!

  • Anynha

    nelly beautiful than ever! not seem to have 29 years, appears to have about 21!
    her daughter and baby too, and very much like her! purchasing two kisses, and I love the songs of nelly! all!

  • gabriel carrillo

    Nelly Furtado, es la mas mamasota de todas la cantantes, y con esa voz de angel, soy Colombiano, y me gusta mas que Shakira