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Brad Hides Behind a Hanky

Brad Hides Behind a Hanky

Brad Pitt put on his motorbike helmet (and photographer hat) and rode into town yesterday afternoon. He took in as much of Pune as possible, snapping pictures every chance he got with his trusty sidekick, the Leica R8 camera.

Brad‘s handkerchief looks like it’s for protection against wind and pollution… unlike some other pop stars we know that hang babies off hotel balconies. Nice helmet though, eh? More pictures in the gallery!

Note to Brad: Please stop smoking!

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brad pitt taking pictures in pune 01
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 02
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 03
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 04
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 05
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 06
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 07
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 08
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 09
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 10
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 12
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 14
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 16
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 17
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 18
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 19
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 20
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 21
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 22
brad pitt taking pictures in pune 23

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  • Mediterranean

    He looks handsome in anyway

  • Mediterranean

    But he has to get rid of this smoking habit for himself and for his family

  • Mediterranean

    Jared, it seems that I am the only one around right now! This is impossible, right?

  • Just Jared

    Seems very possible. All the BAMZZZZZS are catching their ZZZZ’s. Z_Z

  • Mediterranean


    Then, the world almost came to the end, if all of them are sleeping! WOW!

    By the way, I do enjoy your website dearly. This website becomes addictive. I have to go through most of your threads at least once on daily base. Thank you very much for all.

  • Just Jared

    Oh, you’re very very welcome, Mediterranean. It’s my pleasure to serve you. (; Have a fantastic weekend!!

  • supernature

    it’s afternoon now in china
    i’m here
    dont forget time different

  • Hiya

    I’m usually just a lurker, but since it’s so quiet now: Thanks, Jared & Audrey, I love this site and all the BAMZS fans here!

  • Mediterranean

    Even the haters are sleeping….. I always thought that they don’t eat, drink, sleep. They just keep on hating the Jolie-Pitts every second of their lives.

  • Mediterranean

    Have a great weekend to you too Jared!

  • Mediterranean

    But not ALL the BAMZS fans. I am here, do not forget me? :)

  • jeannified

    Hi Jared! Since everyone else is sleeping (I was up cleaning for my Mother-in-law, who comes here to San Diego tomorrow for her birthday.), I will take this time to say “Thanks so much” for the best BAMZS info ANYWHERE ON THE NET!!! I can ALWAYS count on YOUR site to lead the charge on Brangelina news…ALWAYS!!! Your site is the BEST!!!

  • lylian

    Hey Jared and mediterranean, I’m awake but will be logging off soon!!

    Jared and Audrey, thanks so much for keeping us up to date about the BAMZS.

    Found this nice article in empire movies:

    It cannot be easy being Brad Pitt. Laugh if you will, but I believe that to be true.

    Sure, he is one half of, “the most beautiful couple in the world”, a new father, a noted philanthropist and a multi-millionaire, but for those things he has paid a significant price – his privacy. Everybody wants a piece of Brad Pitt.

    I recently had an opportunity to catch a glimpse into the media spectacle surrounding Brad Pitt when I attended the North American premiere for his latest film, Babel, at the Toronto Film Festival. Afterward, I sat down with him while he talked about babies, Babel and being Brad Pitt.

    The Toronto Film Festival has become two weeks in September when the entire city is abuzz with media outlets and celebrity watchers. This year, however, was different. There seemed to be a surreal glow as people watched, waited and hoped for a glimpse of the most famous face in the world.

    Everywhere Brad Pitt went, a sea of people was sure to follow. People ambled through the lobby of the Park Hyatt hotel, where he was rumoured to be staying with Angela Jolie and their children. At his film’s premiere, hundreds of people stood on a narrow sidewalk hoping to catch a glimpse of him. The film – a subtitled “indie” film which would normally appeal only to film afficionados – showed to a full house.

    It is difficult to describe the experience of meeting Brad Pitt. A man after my own heart, he arrived at our press interviews clearly demonstrating the signs of someone who is not a morning person. Unshaven, hair slightly disheveled, collar unbuttoned and tie loose around his neck, he was as gorgeous in person as he had been in any photograph that I had ever seen of him.

    But the most memorable aspect of meeting Brad Pitt was not his looks. What I will never forget is the indescribable aura that surrounded him. Relaxed, affable and articulate, he was one of the most magnetic, charismatic people I have ever met. He was remarkably at ease and seemed almost amused at the sight of journalists and photographers pummeling one another to get to him.

    As the sound of camera shutters reached a deafening pitch, and the photographers were admonished by press conference moderator Henri Behar, Pitt began to play for the cameras, making faces and waving his hands in the air.

    “That’s the photo that is going to end up [in the press] when I have a breakdown”, he said, “They’re going to take that photo from this moment…when I get arrested for a DUI late at night and make racial slurs or something.”

    When asked about his “icon” status, he seemed incredulous. “I don’t participate much in that, other thing”, he said, gesturing to the gathering crowd outside the press room.

    A willing participant or not, Pitt cannot help but be affected by the, “other thing”. The remote location in Morocco where his scenes in Babel were filmed was a blessing, because it gave him a reprieve from the media that he would not be permitted in more accessible locations.

    Director Alejandro Inarritu acknowledged the benefits of the remote location. “This town where we shot, it is a town that didn’t have electricity. It’s a town where Brad could walk easily without being recognized. Some people didn’t know who he was and that was great because we were really surrounded by that atmosphere of…people who were there for no reason other than helping the film.”

    “I think that was a really kind of relaxing atmosphere. I felt that Brad was really completely submerged”, he added.

    Pitt agreed with Inarritu’s assessment. “It was freeing in that sense where you could really just concentrate on the work.”

    The result is a film that many say will garner Brad Pitt his second Oscar nomination. In speaking about the film, it is clear that he is proud of the final product.

    “This one I’ll be proud for [my children] to see once they’re old enough to really understand it.”

    As the press interviews ended and we prepared to leave, it occurred to me then that it cannot be easy to be Brad Pitt. I caught a glimpse of him as he was leaving the press room, accompanied by escorts who were taking him to his waiting vehicle outside. It was then that I saw it – a deep breath, a fleeting moment of panic as he readied himself to descend into the crowd outside.

    Sure, it must be wonderful to have it all. But I wondered as I left whether there are days that he would not trade it all for a moment of peace and quiet.

    Babel opened in limited release October 27th. The movie expands to 1,251 theaters this weekend.

    Reading the article makes me feel a little guilty that I’m complicit to the demand for photos of Brad, Angelina, and the kids. it’s crazy and I’m part of the craze.

  • Hiya

    Sigh, the haters are probably just re-energizing for tomorrow!

  • briseis


    You really rock! I was at the old thread trying to catch up (I usually catch up when I’m at work, because at home my son hogs the computer) and wham! a new thread! THANKS!!!!

    I really wish though that Brad would give up smoking, if only for his children’s sake. But I know how hard it is to give it up — my partner has been trying for years to wean himself from this without much success.

    Thanks for the nice article about Brad, Lylian! I really really heart this man!

  • Mediterranean

    Hi Lylian, thanks for the article.

    I pray that Brad will get the awards he deserves this time with this movie.

  • angelah

    Whoa, thank you j@red for this new thread and pics!! i like his leica >_+ heheh.
    regardless of all the hotness, i really wish he would quit smoking..take little gradual steps u know.

  • angelah

    jeannified Says:
    –hi there. I’m from sd as well

  • angelah


    Thanks for the heads up from the other thread! Oh shoot, good morning every1 from CA.

  • jeannified

    Cool, Angelah!!! Nice to meet you! :-) Where do you live in San Diego? I live in South Bay. When I rented, I lived in Coronado and then Ocean Beach.

  • Mediterranean

    Have a very nice day to all!

    I should go, my husband is coming to Istanbul tonight. I have to cook sucuklu kuru fasulye, pilav and zeytinyagli kereviz! And I hate cooking!!!!

  • Hiya

    You’re welcome, angelah. Congrats to Mediterranean for being 1st!Thanks for the article, lylian! Good night to supernature, jeannified, and briseis, too!

  • jeannified

    Yum, Mediterranean…sounds good, even though I have no idea what all of that is. I’m sure your hubby will appreciate it. I WOULD!!! ;-)

    Good night guys! Time for me to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s! I’ll check this thread in the morning, when I’m sure 500 more commenters will have added to the thread! ;-)

  • angelah

    Ok I am digging pic#19. Just look @ that deriere *pinch pinch pinch* jp

    jeannified Says: November 11th, 2006 at 3:16 am
    Nice to meet yah! Wow I think there are four of us now from SD. I live in Spring Valley (east).

    jeannified Says: November 11th, 2006 at 3:21 am
    I will get some zzzzzz’s as well and I so agree with the #s, that’s just how magnetic BAMZS are jp.

    HAPPY BABEL DAY everyone!! I’ll come back later today with my movie comments ;-p Adieu for now.

  • cindy2

    Hi friends and fellow BAMZS fans and supporters alike. I see angelah and briseis. Hey there! Special hellos go out to Malaya, Elena, African Girl, Estelle, Guli, AddictedtoBAMZS, Original Curious, Zaiyana, PT and Alexanderina (you’re always greeting me so I return the warmth!). And welcomes go out to all the new fans.

    AG, our mutual friend asked for me to drop a note to assure I’m okay. I’m in good spirits, and I have even been a bad, bad girl in having a bit of wicked fun. Shhh! Of course, this week has been berry, berry (to steal a line from Garrett Morris’ character of old from SNL) good to me. The Democrats took over Congress. Hell YEAH! Now, some Democrats are more Republican than Republicans themselves (hello, Hillary and Lieberman), so it’s not perfect. And a few good Republicans such as Lincoln Chaffe were unfortunate losers, but I’ll take my chances with the Democrats (even though I doubt they will have an effective plan of action for Iraq). At least we won’t have redux Senate confirmations of Clarence Thomas (Scalia’s yes-man) and Sam Alito as Supreme Court Justices with the Democrats holding power. Anyway, I didn’t come to talk politics.

    I am very sorry for the delay in my farewell. I have lost steam, but I still very much want to finish it for my friends. Please be patient and hang tight. I think a few of you will like what I plan to leave behind (NO, not gossip!) so that it won’t be the last you’ll see of me. (Well, here, yes, I am still intent on leaving.) I’m not going to promise anymore when it will be posted as I’m as accurate with that schedule as Aniston’s next film projection. (Did I mention I still find Aniston revolting?) But I’m hoping I won’t have to also wish you all a merry Christmas…or worst a new year!! Gosh, with the changes on this board though, I’m antsy about what will show up when it gets posted. Yeesh, a message full of asterisks…I don’t know about that. How is PT dealing with that?! Hamstrung with our “colorful” language, I’m getting nervous at the limitations and worst, if this board can handle the super length of the farewells. We’ll see.

    In the meantime, I do think of you guys often and wish all of you well – even some of the hating nags.

    Can’t say I like seeing Brad still smoking, but I hope he’s cut down a lot and hopefully be able to quit finally. Even if it takes 100 or more attempts, he needs to keep trying.

    Keep the love alive.

    P.S. Where are my manners? Hello Jared!

  • http://justjared exquisite


  • jeannified

    Hey Angelah…before I drop off of this thread for the night…I live East of the 805 off of Palm Avenue. (The second Palm Avenue, by he Border.) I am dying to see Babel, but my husband refuses to see it with me! :-( He says I’m “obsessed” with Brangelina! He just doesn’t UNDERSTAND! ;-) I’m definitely gonna check it out though…hopefully very soon!

  • PI

    Opps I was still at the other thread… geez I’m always late. good to hear from you Cindy. And I agree Brad needs to stop inhaling those cancer sticks. Those kids of his needs a father who’ll see them grow up and not from the vantage of the hospital bed.

    PI Says: (from previous thread)
    November 11th, 2006 at 3:24 am

    HI Ate Char (MF),
    I saw the video of ell you posted earlier and I thought they were referring to you as MF when I saw the comment section. I was wrong,,, it… different sort of MF they were talking about lol. I’m just lurking for the moment since I’m still reading YG email halfway thru, 500+ emails to go whew! But I’m enjoying the comments here at JJ, I know its not “fuzz-free” as of this moment but most good things are not perfect, we need a little challenge now and again to spice things up. Adversity do bring out the best and the worst in us. It’s a test of your true character what you reveal in times of difficulty. “People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there’s a light from within”. This is why I have much more affinity towards Angelina, she has been through the “darkness” but she emerged from it a far better woman, a far better human being. What little reservation I have for Brad Pitt however has been put to rest with the way he continually proves to be much more of a “man” than I thought he is at first.

    Angelah, I have been unable to reply back in the email I’m still neck high in the pile of unread emails. As I told Estelle earlier, at the rate I’m going Angelina could be pregnant and deliver us another jolie-pitt baby to feast our eyes on before I finished reading emails. I have a lot of things to catch up on obviously, missed the madonna, donald trump, oprah incident but it’s better late than pregnant lol. As I have forced leave coming up next week (yes it is forced as I have to be dragged kicking and screaming from the place i love best… the office. yeah, vacation is a depressing thought ugh) and I’ll be checking this site in between putting on suntan lotion, sipping buko(coconut) juice and basking on the sights of a tropical paradise. In the meantime, everyone please continue with your witty rejoinders. Love how you reduce the naysayers to a puddle of shame and incoherence )

  • angelah

    cindy2 Says: November 11th, 2006 at 3:32 am
    I think a few of you will like what I plan to leave behind (NO, not gossip!) so that it won’t be the last you’ll see of me. (Well, here, yes, I am still intent on leaving.) I’m not going to promise anymore when it will be posted as I’m as accurate with that schedule as Aniston’s next film projection. (Did I mention I still find Aniston revolting?)
    Hi Cindy2!!
    I was about to log off and saw your post. I’m glad you stopped by, really. I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one who still find X repulsive. gosh i missed your eloquent inputs woman! heheh

    I’m in good spirits, and I have even been a bad, bad girl in having a bit of wicked fun.
    That’s really great to hear or read i should say. I really need to get some zzz’s and well u take care now ms. cindy2 and pls dont hesitate to holla back, pretty please. Good morning to you all once again >_O

  • briseis

    Hi Cindy2.

    You have been missed badly. I wish you didn’t have to say farewell, but your reasons are your own, and I can’t admit to knowing anything, but I wish you well in your future endeavors.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and the new pics of the hotness that is Brad, he looks yummy like always

  • Alexanderina

    Hey ladies, I was up reading a book and decided to check on JJ before I go to bed and I am glad I did, very yummy pics of Brad huh. Anyway it is almost 1:00am in San Diego, so I am off to bed, talk to you all tomorrow or later


    Hiya Says:

    November 11th, 2006 at 3:03 am
    Sigh, the haters are probably just re-energizing for tomorrow!

    But no matter how much they energize themselves, us, BAMZSers keep going and going. No need to “re-energize” ourselves :lol:

  • Alexanderina

    cindy2:November 11th, 2006 at 3:32 am

    Hi Cindy2, we missed you so much lady, and we think about you all the time, and I am so glad to hear from you and to know that you are in good spirits and having some wicked fun :). Take care of yourself my friend, and hope to hear from you again sometime soon, I am really glad that you posted to let us know that you are okay. Now I am off to bed

  • http://justjared exquisite


  • arabian girl

    his great but don’t you think that HE MUST STOP SMOKING??????hein

  • missouri girl

    I need to quit smoking to, easier said than done, I FEEL YA bRAD. kisses

  • sany

    i don’t understand you people when you talk about how he needs to quit smoking??! and don’t tell me you’re worried ’bout his health!!! i think he looks cool…anyway!!! and face it already he’ll never stop smoking!!

  • angelsbreath

    Wow. Lots of pics! Thanks a whole bunch, Jared.

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can pull that outfit off except for Brad. He’s a work of art.

  • Me Again!

    Pitt, Jolie donate toys at a Pune adoption centre
    [ 11 Nov, 2006 0131hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

    RSS Feeds| SMS NEWS to 8888 for latest updates

    PUNE: Around 65 children at Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra (BSSK) family and child welfare and adoption centre had glamorous visitors on Friday — Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    The couple, proponents of adoption themselves, visited Koregaon Park centre, where they spent about an hour with the children and donated loads of toys to the excited kids.

    The duo has been in the city for over a month now, shooting for A Mighty Heart, a film based on slain American journalist Daniel Pearl. They have three children — Maddox and Zahara, who are adopted, and a biological child Shiloh Nouvel.

    Roxana Kalyanvala, executive director at BSSK, said: “The couple were lovely and genuinely adore kids. They spent over an hour playing with our children and donated lots of toys. They didn’t show any inclination towards wanting to adopt, but they did have a great time. Both have a love for children and they spoke to us for quite a while about various issues in the world. They would have loved to stay on longer but had other commitments.”

    BSSK cares for around 65 children from new-borns up to six years of age. They undertake over 80% domestic adoption and have found homes for close to 2,800 children. The centre has Children’s day celebration, a ‘Masti Mela’ which is open to the public from 4 to 7 pm on November 14 and 15.

    Pitt and Jolie are expected to leave for Mumbai over the weekend, where they will complete the last leg of shooting for the film which stars Jolie as Marianne, the wife of Daniel Pearl.

    just a fyi for those interested…good night. Thanks JJ for the pics

  • rossy40

    To Jared & Audrey–

    Glad you’re up and running, or I’d be in serious withdrawl now! LOL

    I have 2 questions I hope you can take time to answer. It may seem silly, but I find myself somewhat confused… Before now pics posted by you were free of watermarks [I think that's what they're called--in this case, the double yellow block-formed "J's" near Brad's face] unless they came from other sites, like “x17″, for example.

    1) Why start doing it now and all along?
    2) Why so near Brad’s face and not somewhere else [upper left corner or bottom middle] in the pics?

    Other than wondering about this… YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!

  • salma

    if he had the courage to go to pune from the beginig why would he be scared from pollution

  • poiu

    27sas gded b2lbak bezed…

  • kiki

    Hi Jared, thanks for the new pics!

    Gismo, you are the new definition of idiotism or you must be simply joking. Don’t worry the doctors are coming for you.

    Ok, I don’t know whether anyone has posted this US Weekly comment at the other thread, but this is so hilarious, I can’t resist posting it. Anistonfans, be prepared to go to the ocean screaming:

    “US Weekly got the real goods on Jen and the LAX Controversy

    According to the them, An LAX rep said they don’t escort a celebrity just because they are a celebrity. The extra police was dispatched for crowd control after cops noticed about 30 photographers inside. In fact, the swarm of snappers had another target in mind: International A Lister, Victoria Beckham. James Ayolott of photo Agency said “Outside the U.S. People think of Jennifer Aniston as a has-been TV actress.”
    Aniston opted for commercial flight over a costly jet “because Jen likes to save money when she can” a source tells US.”

    So the truth about Aniston’s LAX arrival is out, the paps were waiting for Posh Spice, not her! I’m dying with laughter now, see you later Bamzsters…

  • ell

    Good Morning to all JJ Bamzs fans and to JJ. JJ thanks for the pics.
    and thanks to all for nice comments for my vid!!!!

  • Beebee

    Great pics – thanks Jared!

    I think Brad is wearing the scarf not to protect him from the fumes and smog, but probably the stench in the air (don’t mean to be rude), but check out picture 14! The amount of poo poo on the ground in such a small area! :lol: Still Pune looks like a fascinating place and Brad is capturing some memories for the family.

  • Beebee

    kiki Says:

    November 11th, 2006 at 6:14 am

    So the truth about Aniston’s LAX arrival is out, the paps were waiting for Posh Spice, not her! I’m dying with laughter now, see you later Bamzsters…

    Oh the shame!! Being from the UK myself I can tell you what a come down that is – you have no idea :lol: Gosh I can’t believe I’m now starting to look at Posh with a tad of respect!

  • mezgelina

    i’m so proud of brad for actually experiencing india as much as he can!! lol welcome to the real world.. People actually live like this and no america isn’t the centre of the universe!!! good on brad angie and kids!!!!

  • april

    I would love to know if there is video to this. He looks like a total bad a**, struting around with his camera.

  • :)

    Good moring everyone! uhmmmmm uhmmm UHMMMM!
    Bad Bad Daddy Bradley. Man I love me some Biker Brad in the morning
    (or anytime for that matter) but for breakfast? Too too kiind jj&A