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Gwen's Hair Wound Up Too Much

Gwen's Hair Wound Up Too Much

HOT DANG! Gwen Stefani looked like one hot mess late yesterday afternoon as she was pictured leaving her hotel in London. The tuxedo-like shirt? The disheveled hair? The rolled up jeans? The G-jewelry overkill? The patent leather-like jacket? NEXT, PLEASE!

On the other hand, baby Kingston, almost 6 months, rocked the mini-camouflage get-up. ROCK STEADY!

Is Gwen blingin’ diamonds back with all her diamond-encrusted “G” jewelry? (Check out the G-key and the G-belt.)

Gwen Stefani – “Wind It Up” Music Video
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gwen stefani bad hair 01
gwen stefani bad hair 02
gwen stefani bad hair 03
gwen stefani bad hair 04

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  • angelina

    first!!! cool how CUTE is her son????? SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Breanne

    omg so adorable

  • Fattie

    Awesome video!

  • michele

    That has got the be the WORST photo I’ver EVER seen of her and I LOVE her.

    Kingston is TOO cute!!

  • Beth

    I don’t mind the hair so much but the glasses are a little too much. Her little guy is so handsome! They are a good looking couple so they are bound to have good looking kids. They need a girl next ;D

  • Courtney

    The song SUCKS!! Im dissapointed. I want her to go back to her rock days with No Doubt!!

  • sonia

    grrrr don’t tell me that she women is gwen ?? i don’t believe it she used to look way better

  • ash

    are you KIDDING? there are so many things wrong with the song and video it’s embarassing. enough with the showtune samples/stealing, and hmmmm preteen blond girls in catholic school outfits flashing their underwear??? HOW original. and shameful…what an old HO that she has to start using/showing the younger girls’ goods to get noticed. i LOVED Gwen UNTIL TODAY.


  • karen o

    she’s copying fergie.

  • Ang

    You all really need to stop hating on her. That is a great video and she has always been known for doing outrageous things. It is not a copy of fergie. Quite frankly, Gwen has and will forever be more original and better to me than Fergie. Her son is SOOOOO adorable and may God continue to bless her.

  • StefaniLover

    karen o is a stupid skank. If anyone has copied anyone else here it is Fergie.Gwen had a solo career first then Fergie comes along with her pathetic “London Bridge”, exactly echoing Hollaback Girl. Not only that but one of “Fergy-Ferg’s” songs on her album, Glamorious is an echoe of Gwen Stefani’s Album/Single song Luxurious.Fergie used the same rap from Ludacris from the remix of Luxurious (which features Ludacris) which as intended to be released as the single version.

    In conclusion karen o is a skank. Fergie is a cocaine/crystal meth addict and was better in the BEP than she will be in a solo career and Gwen Stefani does not copy Fergie, Fergie copies her!

  • squid

    Kingston’s ridiculously CUUUUTE!!

  • GwenRules

    Copying Fergie? Your smokin’ crack! Fergie is a poor man’s Gwen Stefani!

  • Dave

    Copying Fergie my ARSE.
    Gwen’s solo career come longgggggggggg before Fergie’s.

  • gossip monger

    wow this woman looks emaciated. she’s obviously back to extreme dieting again to get back to her pre-baby body. acting, designing, singing, parenting- she’s trying to do too much so soon after the birth of her first child. i see her having a major breakdown. just wait, and watch!

  • Andrew

    This is directed to ash’s comment above: some fan you are.

    First of all, they aren’t “little Catholic schoogirls” you unobservant whore. They are the freakin’ Harajuku Girls in blonde wigs. And there is nothing wrong with the video or song or even the sampling of a showtune. Maybe your life isn’t perfect, but don’t talk shit especially when you have no clue what you are talking about.

    And no, Gwen is not copying Fergie.

  • aycaramba

    ohmigod, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s boyfriend is so darn cute hehe, was crackin’ up w/Gwen’s bad hair day, but she’s a very good singer though….

  • Dani

    Shouldn’t the fact that you’re arguing who copied who just go to show that they both sound the exact same, neither one of them has an original sound. If I heard this on the radio, I wouldn’t know if it was Fergie or Gwen. Why don’t we focus our energy on actual TALENTED people whose sound is unique and distinguishable.

  • jenfannot

    I like this remix of Sound of Music songs the Stefani way! It’s quite clever how they picked scenes from this movie and interpreted it differently.

  • ash

    Andrew are they not MADE TO LOOK LIKE PRETEEN CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRLS??? You see one of their true asian faces for 1 second of the entire video. And are they not flashing their panties while LOOKING LIKE TINY CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRLS? Why is it okay for the SCHOOLGIRL LOOKALIKES to do it but Gwen remains fully clothed? It’s exploitative to both the Harajaku girls and the stereotype they are made to look like. CHEAP, CHEAP SHOT…I have no patience for ingenuine songs and their exploitative videos, ESPECIALLY from an artist and person of her caliber. ITS A MISSTEP, and soon Gwen will find that out.

  • celes

    King’s sooo cute ;) but his mother kinda looks like Marilyn Manson here

  • claire

    ummm no karen o, fergie copied her

  • Kate

    Okay Ive been following No Doubt and Gwen for a long time and love them. So that being said … I have never seen Gwen wear a pair of jeans till today. Has anyone else noticed that???!!

  • punxass

    i hate the vid and the song.. so fergie’s style.

  • ash

    I saw her wear a pair of jeans on the cover of Marie Claire one time – and then say in the article that she had to have them get her a bigger size…and she wanted the girls reading the article to know that! so honest and sweet back then. i wish i could get with where she’s at now.

  • liza

    jj has posted pics of her in jeans numerous times guess you’re not paying attention

  • LV

    Very bad pic of her. The belt is awful. Her son is a cuttie!

  • Cage Girl

    I’m a Rockabilly and I’m not in to the music that much but I love the

  • Sarissa

    everyone has a bad day, so she has! She looks always great whatever she wears