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Brad & Angie Tour Gateway of India

Brad & Angie Tour Gateway of India

It was a Pitt family affair earlier this morning, as they took a tour around the seafront promenade at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Angelina Jolie carried daughter Zahara, almost 2, while Brad Pitt carried son Maddox, 5, on his shoulders. Brad even took the time to chat up tourists along the way!

Security officer Mickey Brett left his pink shirt at home, but black works too!

:: Just added one more photo of Brad and Angelina attempting a covert arrival into Mumbai via a chopper. They were immediately ushered into the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, where the couple had their dinner date last night.

UPDATE 2 :: Hahaha. Looks like Maddox is falling asleep (or already did!) on Brad‘s shoulders. Poor little guy must be beat!

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  • Brangelunatik

    It’s all just too much!!!

  • Brangelunatik

    Perfection is maintained, thanks JJ

  • lola

    Thanks J&A for all the pix of this beautiful family!!!!!!

  • Missouri Fan

    That is fast Jared!!

    I sent you another yahoo link that has more pictures not on the first one.


    MANY thanks for both of Jared & Audrey. Have a blessed Sunday!

  • Brangelunatik

    Look at them… Team Brangelina… do they look like they need external affirmation?! No… they are affirmed in themselves as a family. So those in need of all that external validation – please grab all the prizes and awards and pity-party audiences, coz this right here is PRICELESS…

  • Missouri Fan

    That is fast!
    Thanks Jared & Audrey!
    Have a Blessed Sunday!

  • briseis

    Jared and Audrey,

    Gosh, you guys are just working Overtime to keep us entertained. Thanks for all the lovely pictures. I am just so glad that they are better able to move around in Mumbai so they can enjoy the beauty of the city. Even though the papz were present at least they were not bothered enough to cut short their walk.

    Good Morning to all BAMZS fans.

  • Brangelunatik


    You don’t need awards either. Your work speaks for itself

  • Missouri Fan

    Wonderful Family!!
    Congrats Brad!! You said, I’m happy where I am!…
    It shows the happiness on your face. Love you more Brad!

  • alero

    Thanks Jared. I hope the family had a fun time. Zahara always looks like she had an eye on those pesky paps. Look at pics 1. Even half asleep she is looking at them.

  • :)

    Look at picture # 06, Mikey, if looks could kill

  • briseis

    Char (MF):

    Good Morning! Just woke up and was lurking when I saw your posts late last night and early this morning. Natulog ka pa ba? I was at work till 2:00 Saturday night and my brain must be on overload because even though I was so tired, I still woke up early this morning.

  • Fattie

    Thanks Jared, amazing pictures!

    Brad really has a tattoo on his arm! and Zaraha is getting prettier each day

  • arabian girl

    waw niiiiiiiiice photos they are great but i dont think they feel comfortable when the papz are takin photos of them!hi MISSOURI FAN THE VIDEO IS CRAZY franchement je l’ai adorée meci bien !

  • g121

    happy family !love love them!

  • Alexanderina

    Jared you ROCK baby, you are the MAN, thank you for the new thread and all those gorgeous pictures of BAMZ, love them, daddy carrying Madd and Angie carrying Z how cute are that, Zee is such a beautiful little girl, such beautiful and expressive eyes, they all look great and look like they are having a great time, very sweet

  • Alexanderina

    Morning to all my fellow BAMZS fans, hope you guys are having a good Sunday, so far, I know that I am, waking up to the gorgeous pictures are wonderful

  • g121

    i love angie’s that a jade or emerald..its my birth stone as well!!!

  • upanina

    so cute mad anz Z

  • Missouri Fan

    briseis Says:
    November 12th, 2006 at 9:33 am

    Good Morning! I emailed Jared of the links when I saw it on the last thread.
    I will be loyal to Jared & Audrey, they are both good to the BAMZS fans.

    We love this family! we don’t care if we’re tired or too sleepy. I went to bed I think 2:30 am but i got my normal 5 hrs sleep. Once I get out the bed, immediately i turn on the computer and log in to this site.. my normal routine … nice hobby hah! :lol:

    Now I have to get my morning coffe and get ready for church.

  • Alexanderina

    Hey Mickey you so fine, you so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey :lol: Mickey is definitely rocking that black t-shirt and he is looking so fierce.

  • bdj

    Wow! I can hardly keep up with you Just Jared. Your site is the best and you have some of the best pictures of BAMZS. Keep up the good work. Angie looks great. All those haters wish that she was loosing her external looks. AJ is an exotic, beautiful woman. She is amazing on the outside as well as the inside. Zahara is going to be a tall beauty with a sassy spirit. Maddox is handsome and self- assured. BP is fine as ever. I am glad to see many of the captions of the pictures noting AJ UN work. She has really brought the plight of refugees to the forefront. BP is an awesome actor and Babel was a beautiful, moving film. Best wishes to BAMZS and safe travel.

  • QQQQ

    Thanks JJ, as always, U ROCK!!!!

  • Oldie

    OT OT OT
    for those who can understand Tagalog and appreciate Pinoy humor:

    this is the latest from Michael V. Just had to share it, so amusing

  • AngietotheMax

    I love how Angie is holding on to Brad’s back. They are so connected. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant again.

  • Alexanderina

    QQQQ:November 12th, 2006 at 9:50 am

    Morning 4Q, how are you? I am loving those pics, can’t take my eyes of them

  • QQQQ

    Zee has gotton sooo big, WOW!!!

  • Missouri Fan

    aycaramba Says:

    November 12th, 2006 at 8:05 am
    BCBG Says:
    November 11th, 2006 at 10:19 pm
    Missouri Fan:
    on the right side of the screen, under navigation, click multimedia
    click videos
    click interviews
    click The charlie rose show (total of 3 parts in 2004

    He could not speak befor he met Angelina.

    went 2 simplybrad n downloaded the charlie rose interview w/Brad but then when i tried 2 open/view the video it will say “the video is invalid/corrupted?” what a waste, can sum1 help me please? thanx

    btw, most of the videos that i have downloaded over at simplybrad r “invalid/corrupted” ones, very upsetting, breaks my heart….


    I brought your comment from the last thread.
    I can feel your frustrations. I wish I could help you. Maybe , tried to shut down your computer and restart again.

  • QQQQ

    Alexanderina Says: November 12th, 2006 at 9:54 am – Hey Alex, i’m great… i’m loving these pixs as well, how cute is Zee and do u see Madd falling asleep and i’m loving the touching!!!!

  • abigail

    Thanks Jared for making a new thread about the family in Mumbai, India. I hope you will close the old threads. It is better to keep up with the postings. Thanks again.

  • anustin

    im lovin it!thanks jj!mornin all!

  • alero

    bdj Says:

    November 12th, 2006 at 9:48 am
    Zahara is going to be a tall beauty with a sassy spirit.

    That is a great description of her IMO. I would just add one thing.
    A tall beauty with sassy spirit and expressive eyes.

  • think positive!

    Jared seriously I don’t know what to say man. You are unbelievable! Even with all this constant black outs of your blog you are still having the best site in cyberspace. You and Audrey are much appreciated and loved by BAMZS fans!

    The pictures are just so naturally beautiful!! Nothing superficial.
    Just a normal family taking a walk in the streets of Mumbai to see the suroundings.
    I love them so much for trying so hard to live a “normal” life in everyway. Although it’s so hard to achieve such a thing when you are hounded in every step you take outside your house. But they are not letting all this stop them from living their lives as they chose to. It takes hard work and their are both hard workers.And Amgie is holding Brad’s back in pick #1 and 6!! CUTE!!

    So let’s begin!Since AG did it once first I’m writing this for the haters also so they don’t have to post it. Yes I’m this charitable! I’m a BAMZs fan anyway LOL!

    1. Why are they holding the kids?? Aren’t they old enough?? Why they just letting them walk so everyone can abduct them or loose them in the crowd?? I don’t get it??

    2. Why is Brad holding Maddox and not Zee?? Why is Angie holding Zee and not Maddox?? Does Brad love more Maddox that Zee?? Does Angie love Zee more than Maddox??

    3. Why they are hiding Shiloh?? Why they are letting her stay in the hotel sleeping?? Is it so hard for them to drag a 5 year old infant witch organism can be more easily effected than a toddler to diseases and .Why they just can’t just putt her through all this madness from such a young age??

    4. Why they are taking the kids with them?? Where is the stability?? Can’t they just lock them in a stone cage and not see the sun again until they will become old enough?? Bad bad parents they are!!

    5. OMG!! Angie is wearing black! (Are you hearing that Jen??) What an evil person she is!! And Zahara is wearing black too.Evil baby!!

    6. Brad is walking behind Angie. Pussywiped!!

    7. Oh no wait in some pics Angie is walking behind Brad. Weak woman!!

    8. Oh look Angie has her hand behind Brad back. I don’t think she is just caressing his back. I’m sure she has a knife and she back stubbing him..

    Pheewww! Ok I think that is all!! (wishful thinking) LOL! So haters please don’t step by. I’ve done all your work. Just say “Thank you”!! :)

    BRB.I have to catch up on the other thread!

  • lylian

    Jared and Audrey, thanks.

    looking at these photos, I’d just like to say:

    1) I don’t think Angie is pregnant.
    2) I think Zahara hair looks fine.
    3) I think Maddox’s hair looks fine.
    4) I think Brad’s hair looks fine.
    5) I think Angelina’s hair looks fine.
    6) I think the ice cream is fine.
    7) Yep, I think it was a good decision to carry Zahara and Maddox.

    When I used to visit Mumbai for work, I stayed at the Taj Mahal Hotel – where Brad, Angelina etc are staying in now. The company I worked for had connections with the Tata Group which owns the hotel.

    So, for those of you who are interested, the hotel is separated from the sea by a road/pedestrian street (unless they reclaimed the land since). India Gate is the Arc de Triomphe looking monument behind the Jolie Pitts in picture 8. They were walking down the side of the Taj Hotel. If they kept walking, they would soon reach the Bombay/Mumbai yacht club, a preserve of the seriously wealthy in Mumbai and just beyond that club, a slum. The contrast of wealth and privilege represented by the Taj Mahal Hotel and the yacht club and desparate poverty of a slum will no doubt hit them.

    Near India Gate is a pier. There are boat men who could take you on a boat ride perhaps to one of the Islands (I forget the name) with a temple. The Jolie Pitts would be assailed by noise and heat and colour. What stood out most for me though was the smells. Smells of the salty sea mingled with raw sewage, smells of food and spices, smells of bodies.

    The Taj Mahal Hotel itself is a beautiful old building, converted into a hotel. its been the place to be seen in Mumbai for many years.

  • Alexanderina

    QQQQ Says:

    November 12th, 2006 at 10:01 am

    Hi 4Q, Z is the cutest, I just love her big and beautiful eyes, she is soaking in everything around her, and I just love Angie is carrying her like Brad is carrying Madd on his shoulders, I bet that Madd is heaven been carried on Daddy’s shoulders; yeah and so is Z, trying to fall asleep I mean; oh yeah I love the touching as well, so cute

    BTW: I hate how the Yahoo keep saying Brad is carrying Angelina’s son, is like wtf, that is Brad’s son as well, people really need to stop that carry shit, Maddox is Brad and Angie’s son period, all they have to say is that Brad is carrying his son, what is so hard about that, sorry about my ranting

  • bdj

    If you ever need a bodyguard, Mickey is the MAN. He is looking fierce yet protective in those pictures. He is also rocking that pink shirt in the other thread. Maddox is so cute asleep on his dad’s shoulders. AJ is looking in amazement at Maddox. That BP is one happy, contented fellow. Those pictures of them at dinner are so cute. He is madly in love with this woman. Okay, I will stop gushing. Don’t won’t to upset the haters on a Sunday Morning. I wish them all the best.

  • piper, with a low

    Is it just me or doesn’t the image of Maddox on Brad’s shoulder brings Legends of the Fall to mind? Even sleeping Zahara in Angelina’s arms conjures up memories of that movie, with the exception of an awkward run-in with the ex.

  • Alexanderina

    lylian: November 12th, 2006 at 10:09 am

    Thanks lylian for the 411 on the hotel and area that the JPs are staying in

  • Missouri Fan

    arabian girl Says:
    November 12th, 2006 at 9:35 am

    I would say Good Evening out there in Tunisia ! Don’t you like the Charle Rose interview with Brad? I keep replaying it. Oprah’s interview- I watched it only one time.. she keeps emphazising she likes JA, I don’t care much of her since I don’t watch her shows, I only did because I would like to see Brad’s response to her.

    How are you and ur family?

    Hope all is well same as mine.

  • lylian

    BTW I just love the way Maddox falls asleep on his dad’s shoulders. Utterly relaxed, utterly trusting of his father’s care.

  • Alexanderina

    think positive!:November 12th, 2006 at 10:09 am

    :lol: :lol:, hey TP, I like your post, great job, hopefully the haters will just step on by, cause you cover what they were going to say, but with the haters you never know



  • :)

    piper, with a low Says:
    November 12th, 2006 at 10:16 am
    Is it just me or doesn’t the image of Maddox on Brad’s shoulder brings Legends of the Fall to mind? Even sleeping Zahara in Angelina’s arms conjures up memories of that movie, with the exception of an awkward run-in with the ex.

    Fist good morning, second you are soo right about that seen. If you have the Legends DVD, The director brout out the fact that Brad spent a day bonding with the boy, and that’s why the scene looked so natural and real. he didn’t have to or was directed to, he just did it. Even back then the daddy in him was coming out

  • ntt

    Thanks J&A for the pix. Thanks Lylian for the info on that part of Mumbai. I hope B&A get to see as much of the real India as possible.

  • fifi

    Does anyone know how much Babel has made so far? Some posters in other sites are saying that it hasn’t made any money at all, and that Brad fans did not support the movie and that the X’s Friends with Money, a “true” indie, made more money than Babel.

  • lucky

    This is my second post but JJ’s been my favorite website for quite sometime now. Iam fascinated with this couple and their beautiful family. Looovve BP. A perfect and beautiful man. Angie rocks too!! Angie and I are geminis and she’s 11 days older to me!!! She’s such a typical gemini. Something tells me she’ll work this relationship out, for the sake of the kids. But my geminine gut says she might get bored with BP after a while. Geminis always love change. But again i may be wrong. Time will say!!

  • piper, with a low

    Wow… Zahara is getting big. She’s gone from a baby to a little girl. It’s startling how quickly babies/small children change.

    Now, I’m not so sure about AJ being pregnant, although I think she wore that outfit during her trip to Haiti. I just don’t know anymore.



  • bs

    right Lucky Angie will just get bored and break up her family. BS.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Thanks lylian for the insider scoop on Mumbai!