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The Clock Stops Here: 24 Season 6 Promos

The Clock Stops Here: 24 Season 6 Promos

The clock has already started ticking for the sixth season of 24. “Day 6″ will start with a four-hour, two-night season premiere on Sunday, Jan. 14 and Monday, Jan. 15 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Pictured above L-R: Jayne Atkinson, Peter MacNicol, Regina King, DB Woodside, Kiefer Sutherland, James Morrison, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Carlo Rota, Eric Balfour, Marisol Nichols. EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! How do you like the Jesus look on Kiefer? Befitting, yes? A dozen more 24 episodic pictures after the jump!

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24 season 6 promos 01
24 season 6 promos 02
24 season 6 promos 03
24 season 6 promos 04
24 season 6 promos 05
24 season 6 promos 06
24 season 6 promos 07
24 season 6 promos 08
24 season 6 promos 09
24 season 6 promos 10
24 season 6 promos 11
24 season 6 promos 12
24 season 6 promos 13
24 season 6 promos 14
24 season 6 promos 15
24 season 6 promos 16
24 season 6 promos 17
24 season 6 promos 18
24 season 6 promos 19
24 season 6 promos 20
24 season 6 promos 21
24 season 6 promos 22
24 season 6 promos 23
24 season 6 promos 24

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  • AngelLily

    Ooh Yay!! Eric Balfour is back!! Yet another hottie to add (again) to the cast of 24. I gotta say nothing is better then a great show with good looking men. :)

  • Georgia

    LOL. Kiefer looking like Jesus. He’s my Savior!!!!!

  • Bonnie Bauer

    can’t….wait….can’t…wait…..CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Um, where is Curtis???????

  • Wet For Went

    AWESOME! I can not WAIT! Jack Bauers’ tears cure Cancer.

  • Shannon

    YES…WHERE IS CURTIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Curtis, and I love the actor playing him.

    Seriously, 24 is one of the best shows on TV and despite the copy-kats it’s still one of the best. I just love this show, and I support the backend as well.

    Hey….plan a 24 marathon for your friends who haven’t seen it. I guarantee that it will be one of the best TV nights of your life even if you have seen it before.

  • Bill Gray

    24 is great

  • Bill Gray

    This is dumb

  • jenn

    wow! thanx jared for the promos!! is that my chloe looking like a true professional at work? i like the brunett hair!

  • Sara

    Jack Bauer’s tears cure cancer???? I love this show too, but come on, that is just a stupid thing to say.

  • http://justjared chris

    24 is my favorite show ! Can’t wait for the new season
    Go Kiefer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malkavian

    I love that the creators of 24 (which are the creators of La Femme Nikita) Bring cast from LFN on once in a while.CARLO ROTA!!! LOVE him.He was the hilarious comic relief on a extremly serious show..Mick Schtopple was a favorite.

  • Henry M.

    I knew that once the actress playing Audrey was cast in “Nine” she wouldn’t be back in season six which sucks. I thought she did a great job and will be missed. Hope they don’t kill her off. I didn’t know Regina King would be joining the cast! Yes! It just gets better and better!

  • melon

    CALM DOWN people. curtis is in that pic with jack (with the beard) and bill. looks like theyre debriefing him/ asking him something. and audrey isnt supposed to be back until later. she will be back, but not in the beginning.

  • Badtz

    In the group still, Kiefer’s face looks different from everyone else’s, almost like it was photoshopped in from another photo.

  • Wet For Went

    OK so the tears curing Cancer bit is an inside joke. I even had Keifer sign an autograph to a friend that says it. LOL Not funny to the world I suppose, but it is to us.

  • Wet For Went

    Oh, I didn’t know Regina King was joining the cast either. Nice!

  • Luv24

    Kiefer is definitely photoshopped in – he’s no where as tall as the some of the folks in the group shot. Glad to see he’s clean shaven – must mean he gets out of the Chinese prison….

  • BM

    Regina King is joining the cast of 24. This is awesome news.
    24 is the best show ever and is returning in January. Fans, put
    on your seatbelts.

  • Nadine

    Mary Lynn Rajskub (i think, the girl in the 4th pic)… what has she been in other than 24 she looks so familiar…

    I’ve never actually seen an entire episode but it looks really good.. when does it start?

    Keifer Sutherland is a gr8 actor in my opinion!!

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the thread and promo on 24. I can’t wait for January to come, Kiefer is HOT and HOT, the Jesus look on Kiefer is hot; 24 is my favorite show on TV and Prison is my second favorite, thanks again Jared you ROCK

  • Stephen82

    Curtis not being in the main cast photo is definately a cause for concern. Sorry to say, but it makes me think that he’ll be killed off sometime in the first few episodes.
    Great photos. This season is going to rule. January 14 can’t come soon enough for me!

  • Jenifer

    Rajskub was in Legally Blonde 2.

  • Lauren

    Can’t wait! Want to see what Kim Raver’s looking like this season… Love Chloe, she looks great… :)

  • Grey

    Um, actually, if they lost the writers, the cast would not matter If they have good writers, then the cast really matters. So far, so good.
    I think a good spoof skit of 24 would be a slomo scene of some of the sexy cast members running, ala Baywatch.
    BTW, has anyone noticed that the world of 24 tends to be in offices with inadequate lighting? ;)
    I really like the show. I have long felt Kiefer S. was being underused for most of his career.

  • linda

    love your show my husband and i get the seasons on dvd and watch them over and over since we drive a big rig across country we do not get local channels so when is season 5 going to be out on dvd also we drive alot in l.a. calf so my question is real time should show 18 wheelers in traffic scenes since that is realistic in how it is there we are always getting stuck in traffic jams can’t wait for 5 and 6

  • Nadine

    #jenifer: thanks thats where shes from… i also found out shes from firewall too….

  • nixyxx

    bringing back the milo!!! hav that! that trailer looks absoloutley fantastic i think season 6 is going to be brilliant! cannot wait for it to start! one of the best shows around!!!!

  • borabora

    poor Jack ㅠㅠ
    i looking for Tony & Michell…
    come back Tony!!!

  • Ken


  • JACK

    For those of you who are just getting into 24 ,hold on to your seat. It’s the best show ever. I first saw 24 during season 3 and was hooked .Picked up season 1 & 2 .Now it’s season 6 . Anyway, My point is this. The stress level of this show may cause a heart attack or stroke,so consult your doctor befour your head blows up.peace out

  • JACK

    hey KEN,is that the woman who stole the journalist pass key,and poisoned david palmer. Thanks for reminding me. I had completly forgot.

  • Mike Wilkerson – 2GuysTalking

    Those are outstanding pictures! The alterations that they’ve made to Chloe this year (now that we’re 4 hours into the season) are remarkable. We’d like to get you on our show to talk about fan viewpoint and the new tack on showcasing (again!) such a large cast. Can you contact Brian and I to get you onto the 2GuysTalking:24 Podcast for an interview?

    Let us know and thanks for giving the fans such great material to view, enjoy and discuss!

  • Lindsay