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Michael Jackson Loves London

Michael Jackson Loves London

Michael Jackson is currently in London for his first performance in the UK for nine years. He will be performing “Thriller” at the World Music Awards in Earls Court on Wednesday. Jackson is expected to be presented with a Diamond Award, in recognition of his album sales.

Jackson is staying at the Hempel Hotel in Bayswater London until Wednesday. He was accompanied into the hotel by at least two of his three children – Paris, Prince Michael, and Prince Michael II… one of which was covered with black cloth over his face. More pictures after the jump!


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  • Capriciousdiva

    Why does he have to do that to his kids? Other celebs have them too and don’t need to keep them caged. He’s mental and he dosen’t realise the mental damage them kids are going to have to he keeps them isolated from the world like himself.

  • Marlisa

    Poor kids!

    Social services should take away those kids!

  • hmmm

    He’s such a lady!

  • celeb gossip

    oh naked celebs and michael

  • Sunday Lurking In The Park With George

    Now THOSE the celeb babies people need to be worried about! Mikes hair is looking nice though.

  • Capriciousdiva

    I wonder what sort of reception is he going to get at the awards ?

  • Jules

    There is absolutely NO WAY he is the biological father of that child. These photos are heartbreaking.

  • J

    Some of you are talking about these kids.. but I bet most of the world do not know what his kids actually look like. Which will give them an actual live when they go about without their dad. It looks horrific.. true.. but on the other hand so does some of the pictures of other celebs and their kids who are being attacked not only by the paparazi but also the media once it ends up in the mag’s and internet. So in a way I think it is incredibly smart what he has been able to pull off regarding their private identity.

  • Willemijn

    Can’t wait to see what his performance is like at the Awards. Should be something.

  • hmmm

    that’s a wig.

  • malibumom

    I collected every jackson album, belt, picture and record since the mid-70′s-It’s a shame -I probably can’t get $2.00 for it now!

  • Mediterranean

    OK, I accept it, this man scares me…..

    And I am scared for his kids; I hope that they will grow up normal and not harmed by him.

  • kmillz

    he may be a bit weird but i love michael so……

  • Sheryl

    Pictures of the kids were shown years ago and those are NOT his bio kids! He paid for them, so they I guess they do belong to him. I wonder how long he’ll be able to keep them locked up and covered up like that.

    I’m sure he’s doing some major brainwashing with them so that they’ll go along with that crazy sh*t when they get older.

  • Sheryl

    Pictures of the kids were shown years ago and those are NOT his bio kids! He paid for them, so I guess they do belong to him. I wonder how long he’ll be able to keep them locked up and covered up like that.

    I’m sure he’s doing some major brainwashing with them so that they’ll go along with that crazy sh*t when they get older.

  • donya

    we ALL know if Michael was just some random dude and not a world-renowed pop icon, those kids would have been snatched up by Social Services a LONG time ago. i think they should now, regardless of his celebrity. his kids are probably end up like the Menendez brothers when they get older and realize what a freakin WEIRDO (that’s an understatement) Michael is.

  • gigipuss

    I see a tell all book in the future of these children. Can you imagine having THAT for a father?

  • Alix

    Oh my God! These poor children. Where will it all end for them.

  • Susie

    As far as I am concerned people need to try and be a little objective. From what I have heard this man is actually a good Dad. Some of y’all need to watch yourselves. You do not know the whole truth but some act like they are Gods in these chat rooms or whatever. What if these kiddie actually are well looked after human beings? We do not know so please let us beware of always thinking we know EVERYTHING ABOUT MIKE.

  • yo mama

    Wow is that kid wearing white gloves??? Or is that his skin color? Or maybe there are bright lights flashing on his skin? Coz I see NO black.

    What a weird looking face. It looks like the kid is half bald and got a wrinkly scalp. Scary… like the elephant man under neath there. I hope MJ is not having Plastic surgery experiments on his kids.


    I bet he’s covering their faces now so that when he really goes broke he can sell them to the “evil paparazzi” for millions. Canniving Pop Stars!!

  • Amy

    I ain’t a hater of MJ, but damn, let your poor kids have fresh air for a moment! After all the whining that Mike’s been doing about his childhood for the last fifteen years, shouldn’t that teach him to be more leniant with the freedoms of his own kids? I have no doubt that he doesn’t mean them harm, but throwing towels over their heads won’t help anything. And get rid of that fake-looking weave! It ain’t fooling anyone.
    (BTW, the kids don’t look black ’cause their mom’s white, and MJ’s never really been a very BLACK black man, even before the disease)

  • moola

    He’s got ‘Tom Cruise’ hands and he dyes the boy’s hair blonde. In the ‘infamous’ documentary when they kids were wearing their fancy dress masks you could see his black roots starting to show. I just always thought that was so creepy.

    yo mama, that kid remind me of that grannie girl from Nicole Kidman’s The Others. In one picture it looks like the hair has been burned off his scalp…it’s all veiny and blotchy. Wha!

  • linda

    is that kid bald?

  • jemma

    Did any of you watch the “Michael Jackson Home movies doco”? The kids faces were blurred, but they seemed perfectly normal and happy. Having big birthday parties with family, talking to the camera about their favourite books, hugging their dad. How many times do you see Michael out in public with the kids? Hardly ever! So the odd occasion when they have to wear a scarf to protect their identity and stop the mass of tabloid press from plastering their little faces all over magazines is ok in my opinion.

  • roni

    i wish people could understand that M.J. is someone who has been exposed to the media since an early age, that had some negative effects on someone as sensitive as him, after all the media doesnt always give you the best comments and exposure… i guess he has the right to prtect his kids from the evil media till they are old enough to deal with it! the media had a bad impact on many other young stars.. even the public, so why blame a person as famouse as M.J. for being protective!! Bless him, at least he cares.. look at some of the comments on the here, some people havent even seen the kids and already giving negative comments about how the kid looks like, and about his colour… how do u think those kids feel if they hear you talking about their looks like that! Yes i am a fan of michael jackson, i’ve chose to look at his contributions to the musical world, and also at his sensitive side to nature, and his thoughts of earth and what the world has come to… I have just seen him a few hours ago out of his hotel, was so great to be able to see the king of pop.. bless u michael jackson.

  • A.E.

    Those Kids Have no Life.
    Everybody knows they are white, all three.

  • Dils

    So A.E…..Can u explain to us all how you KNOW that MJ’s kids are all “white”???
    If you’re gonna say it’s because Prince has blonde hair, please don’t bother.
    Mixed kids don’t always look like a mix of both parents. They can take after just one parent! When Prince was a baby, he had dark hair….now it’s blonde.
    And Paris has dark hair and olive/tan skin….she definitely looks “mixed”.
    I haven’t seen much of his youngest son to comment.

    As for covering their faces….can u blame him???? If you had the amount of negative press that he has had, would you want your children’s faces to be known?? They wouldn’t be able to go anywhere….and their lives could be in danger too.

  • A.E.

    there are photos Of them without masks!
    all Three are white As the day is long!

  • A.E.

    he Brought the bad press on himself.

  • Michaels#1Fan!

    Aww Michael looks so good!! Those children are so lucky to have such a wonderful caring man as their father!!

  • Kim

    The people on here with the negative comments seriously need to get a life.
    What makes you an expert on Michael and his children.
    Those kids have been out in public many times without Michael and havent had to wear masks because the media dont know their identity so Michael covering their faces while they are with him is giving them freedom not shutting them away.
    I saw a musical last year with Michael and the children and they sat there and watched the show just like any other loving family, then as soon as they got outside thats when Michael covered their faces because he knew paps would be taking pictures.
    Being in the presence of michael and his children showed me what a fantastic father he is and what gorgeous children they are.
    I dont care where those kids came from..Michael is a super dad to them and thats all that matters.
    Keep your evil comments to yourselves because you have no idea what its like to be someone in his position.

  • mackie

    shot up…. stupid! theya are real michael jackson’s children.. if you have nothing to say good or right about michael jackson.. bust off your mouth stupid people..or i think go inside your room and hide under your bed…..

    go michael jackson.. you ROCK…..

  • Justyna

    You’re so stupid… Those kids love Michael. And Michael love them. They have always been everything for him. And he has always been everything for them. And nothing has changed. I’m sure they are still everything for him and he is still everything for them.

    And people who write such disgusting and stupid comments should be taken to psychiatrician, because that means that they have NO heart!