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Here Comes Mrs Becks in Black

Here Comes Mrs Becks in Black

Victoria Beckham was spotted passing through Heathrow airport in London, UK again. The leather waistband, the zippered back of the skirt, the Christian Louboutin pumps… A+ on the classy all-black outfit!

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victoria beckham leather 01
victoria beckham leather 02
victoria beckham leather 03
victoria beckham leather 04
victoria beckham leather 05
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  • anustin


  • Mel

    She gives me the creeps!

  • Kl

    She looks stunning, very stylish.

  • Capriciousdiva

    She’s so false don’t even get me started on her

  • Capriciousdiva

    Why don’t she admit she’s had a boob job and botox injections?

  • Kl

    Capriciousdiva, she didn’t deny it. ;:

  • Kl

    FUG FACE MANISTON, you prefer the extensions?!

  • Mediterranean

    She said that everyting was NATURAL on her body, since when the boob job became natural????

    Boobs are fake, hair was fake, surely she has many fake things on herself. I wish that there was a fake brain which she might have had and used it; fake brain could have been much better than not having at all like her!

    Someone needs to repeat saying to her that she has a sick kid at home!!!!!

  • Kl

    But now she’s really not denying the boobs job, a lot og girls had a boob job, it’s not a crime. Her hair is real now so no fake extensions anymore ;: Victoria don’t have a brain? Why? Just watch and read her interviews, she’s really intelligent.

    The pix above are from some days ago so now she’s with her kid.

  • Sandbitch

    The laptop must be fake too – as if VB would know how to get it open. Maybe she mistook it for lipgloss?

    So looking forward to seeing her trip over one day.

  • Capriciousdiva

    KI – WHATEVER! one lie after the ther comes out of her mouth! One f her tips in her book was never pose for pictures she does that all the time. If she was more truthful then maybe I’d give her credit.

  • mmyers

    Posh rules! I love her. Scary (Mel B) not even close!

  • Mika

    Vic is beautiful !

  • Kl

    Sandbitch, I think she know how to use the laptop. And it’s not the 1st time she’s pictured with it.

    Capriciousdiva , I don’t think she’s that big liar. In her autobiography (LTF) she was so sincere and in her new fashion book (TEHAI) she put great pictures and nice tips about what she know.

  • Capriciousdiva

    KI – your deluded. What about when she lied about her EATING DISORDER. what about when she lied that her MARRIAGE WASN’T IN TROUBLE. Staging everything after the affair was exposed. If she said yeah I was hurt by what he done. Yes the pressure of fame made me self concious about my body I could have respected her. But no she LIES all the time. And by the way her biography like all celeb biography’s are co-written with professionals. If she wrote that herself it would be a nusery level read

  • rojo


  • not right

    why are you all saying those bad things about vic???
    very rude of you.

  • syl

    gorgeous. i love her.

  • jjackson

    How come she never smiles?

  • Jeff

    are those lips or snout? Home Girl should lay off the collagen

  • Mediterranean

    It’s nobody’s business if someone has a boob job but this same person keeps saying that everything is natural on her body, this person is lying big time.

    Yes Mrs Beckham is soooo intelligent, I tried to read her interview once where she said that she was multitask person after becoming mom; she could think what she would wear next day while she took bath!!!! This words might only belong to someone who is extremely smart, right?

    It is a mirror in a shape of laptop!! She adores to look at herself all the time. Maybe it was a laptop and she uses to look at her own reflection on the screen to check her makeup time to time!

    She is ugly, she is stupid, she is fame-maniac, she is selfcentred.

    Only good thing about her is her cheating (which is so natural with her) husband and their 3 kids, of them is sick.

  • Kl

    Capriciousdiva, she lied about her eating disorder? erm it’s weird you say that because she actually did say she had one and talked about it so much so she never lied about it.

    “what about when she lied that her MARRIAGE WASN’T IN TROUBLE.” She said what Rebecca Loos said was lies and DAVID said the SAME thing. They are the concerned people a,d they said their marriage was fine, you, you prefer to believe that Rebecca??

  • Kl

    You say if she said “Yes the pressure of fame made me self concious about my body I could have respected her.”

    Well you should respect her then because I swear she said that. Read her interview for CHIC MAGAZINE and she said being a celebrity and you want to look good etc make care about your shape and you can’t eat so much. She said if she eat like she wants she will be 3 time her weight etc etc so ;:

  • Chloe

    Please- VB is as insecure as they come. If she wasn’t such a fameaholic and $$$ obsessed and AWAY from her children so much of the time, I may feel a twinge of pity for her– but NO! she deserves every negative, ugly, horrendous accusation that is hurled her way. She is the one who put herself out there and exposed every intimate detail of her and David’s life- she should be able to “deal” with the backlash of that! Why does the everyday public need to know that she purchased a $130,000 phantom RR for hubby David for x-mas last year? Answer is WE DON’T! They constantly flash their $$$, wealth and fame around in people’s faces- that is why (especially VB) is loathed by the general public. She wants the g. public to look at her as the “average girl next door”- sorry the “average girl next door” does not have millions of punds in the bank and drop $100k on diamond watches for their sons! I don’t begrudge people wealth if they have earned it through successful pursuits- but what have the Beckhams’ done? Nada! VB was in a processed bubble-gum girls’ group years ago that made a killing- could she actually sing?- No!- like all bubble-gum groups it was based on selling an image to the public and the sg were big based on their image- not on their actual singing credentials! And DB- he is an AVERAGE footballer- no where in the same league as the greats- i.e.- Zidane- DB has made his wealth due to his model-looks and his advertising influence, as well as all of his endorsement deals- that’s it!

    These two have had their time in the spotlight- they need to “gracefully” (I use these term loosely when describing these two!) fade away~! No one really cares at all about them or their superficial family anymore.

    i.e.- and to all of you who live in a fantasy world and believe that DB never had an affair with RL- let me pose this to you- wouldn’t the Beckhams’ have sued the pants off of her for libel and defamation of character if the allegations were not true? of course they would have– the reason why they DID NOT is because the allegations WERE TRUE and they knew if they had sued- that information would have come out in open court! Image-that is all the Beckhams’ care about– quite sad, really…

  • martina

    Most of the people that has a portable computer (lab top, whatever) normaly travels with it inside their special bag. She just wants to show the mac power book!!! and if she was wearing white she would show the white one, evrything is so studied in her that’s why I don’t like her. Everypose evrything is fake it seems she gets out of the house to get fotographed with her new look, she is living as she was in a catalogue all the time!

  • kara

    I love her style, she is very stylish.

  • Bob

    Nice pix!! What “diamond watches for their sons” are you talking about btw?

  • Capriciousdiva

    Thank you CHOLE culdn’t have put it better myself. KI – she did deny it so many times nly when she was writing a book she decided to say she did – one word – publicity!

  • KL

    Or one word – Honesty. ;)

  • TellMeMore

    She must spend at least $50,000 a month in clothing. Her bags alone run anywhere from $1500-4000–or maybe she gets them free from designers.
    I hate the haircut, but she is one incredible dresser.

  • thinlizzie

    She has her own style..and sometimes she can pull it off. God knows she has a body for clothes. The problem is she more often than not looks like a tramp and in this instance makes fashion missteps..the purse is so wrong. She really needs to smile more..she is actually quite attractive and more humanlike when she smiles.

  • Katherine

    Why is she still famous? She’s not very pretty, she looks anorexic, and Spice Girls are pretty much dead. So why is she famous? She needs to disappear from the public eye as well as her cheating husband.

  • Nadine

    I just got to say: NO ONE HERE KNOWS HER!!! You say that she’s superficial, blah blah blah…You don’t even know her… she’s actually a good mom from what I’ve seen. Check out: and people are always saying that she’s a horrible mom and that she should be with her kids… isn’t she always… once and a while you see pics of her without them, so what? Shouldn’t all moms be allowed to have a break every once and a while and that includes Victoria? You see pics of her once or twice a week without her kids SO WHAT??? MOST OF THE TIME IF NOT ALL SHE BRINGS HER KIDS WITH HER WHEREVER SHE GOES. Don’t you see her with her 3 boys coming back from the airport? Doesn’t that technically mean that she goes places with them…Secondly, she’s a CELEBRITY!! Celebrities are SUPPOSED to be skinny… she was never anorexic or bulimic, she said that. You can’t say that that’s not true because you don’t know her personally She may have been really skinny but that’s how she’s always been, maybe not at the beginning of spice girls but after she hit fame she was… what you see on tv and thru pictures doesn’t make it true… David and Victoria are the most happiest married celebrities, and people target them b/c its not “normal” for celebs to be married for so long.. I think you guys should just move on and let them be and focus on ur own lives, no ones perfect… and “if you have nothing nice to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!”

    [btw, im not screaming, just trying to get my point across :) ]

  • Caroline

    Yeah cors you dozy idiots. If Rebecca lied they would have sued doncha thinkkkkk??? I lve in London and can tell you he is still at it. You dumb people make me laugh. ALso she DENIED having a boobjob (and court papers showed she lied) and claiemd to have never read a book.

    Go on worshipping!
    and who goes for a flight DRESSED LIKE THAT!

  • dianas

    She is not pretty. I think she looks fake. Trying to hard to be stylish.

  • Vali-Girl

    Have we just all turned into idiots?? Since when was Posh hot?? Oh yeah, when she married a hot guy. Let’s get this straight DAVID BECKHAM is hot. She is not! And her clothes don’t look good. Look, if she gained weight, she wouldn’t have to get the breast implants in her throat. She looks old now. And her clothes are not stylish a lot of the time. She looks like a dominatrix with money. Just because something is expensive, that doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

  • Jennifer

    Katherine, she’s famous because the paparazzis take her pix and the papers print them she didn’t ask them to. I even remember once she said “don’t picture me, leave me alone, I’m not doing anything anymore so leave me alone” But of course they will not. I thin kthe papers use her to sell and it’s her the “victim”.

    Like the pix by the way, thanks for posting.

  • Just a Girl

    She looks absolutely fantastic. Who cares that she doesn’t divulge every detail of her private life. She has done great work with her Jean line, which I commend her for. Your choice to obsess over her honesty or dishonesty to the media is just that, your own choice.

  • Ally

    It’s okay to smile and eat a couple of cheeseburgers once in awhile Posh..

  • igora

    Love her. Bur she’s funny with her fake boobs!
    Look at this