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Prison Break: "Bolshoi Booze" Recap

Prison Break:

Sorry for the lack of posts today. I’m at the airport flying home soon! Screencaps to follow. Read on for the synopsis of last night’s Prison Break episode “Bolshoi Booze”:

Stealing from the elderly puts Michael in a mini frenzy letting him recount all the wrong that he has done for the plan. He is so remorseful that he seeks penance in the Church across the street asking for forgiveness. We also learn that a part of Michael’s darkness does not come just from prison but from his past.

Kellerman has plans to take Sara out—and not to dinner! He repeated asks her for where “it” is and Sara cannot make head or tail as to what he is referring to. Not even attempts to drown her do the trick. Give it up, Kellerman! She’s a closed book! How many of you adored how Kellerman was a tender torturer? Wiping her face, brushing her hair aside, offering to get real pie afterwards? Haha. Things does not bode well for our doctor as the final scenes show her with a plugged iron in a full tub. Gulp.

The Company’s henchman fails to take Lincoln and his family out because Linc beats the bloody pulp out of the sucker. I kept hoping the buttons would fly off the shirt in a dramatic Matrix-like sequence. Sadly a knife to the stomach and a shot in back, courtesy of Jane, puts this guy out of commission for good. But sadly Linc has to say good-bye to LJ since being with him puts him in more danger that he would want.

Agent Kim comes to release Mahone from the cage and he is not happy. Mahone is equally displeased. He vows to disengage himself from Kim and Kellerman as soon as this is all over. We learn that besides Oscar Shales, Mahone is a big ole softie doing this to protect his wife and son.

Bolshoi Booze – are the coordinates to a pick-up location, hence why Michael needed to steal the GPS. The fishing bait he purchased is used as a fake to the nitro ampoules that Mahone secured back in the botanical garden. Coyote and his henchman are pissed when Michael does not come through with his part of the deal: the nitro ampoules for a plane out of the U.S. Luckily our papi Sucre comes to the rescue, having figured out how to use GPS. Oh, I adore him so! Things work out and Michael comes face to face with his father, who he might have met when he was 10. Nice twist of events and very nice lip quiver too, Michael!

And the best for last. T-Bag is sans hand once again as he successfully eludes the authorities once again. The tracking device he put on the bag of money leads him straight to Geary where he finishes off the job with strawberries and champagne. And guess who becomes the #1 suspect in Geary’s death?

Stay tuned next week for Disconnect!

[Written by geniass]
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  • kmillz

    well this episode was great

  • Estelle

    I love it JJ, thank you so much for the summary, I miss the first half of the show last night. But you are right about the quivering lips of Michael. :) , he’s so cute. I’m still upset over Sara, every time, Michael founds someone that can help him, they are kaputt……goodness, they will be running forever, like the series the Fugitive. I can not wait until next week. You are spoiling us with the pre-synopses and now the after details summary too? Thank you again, have a safe trip home.

  • Lara

    I’m thinking Michael must’ve met Aldo since adulthood, or how would he remember him? If he was a child, it must’ve been some kind of dramatic encounter!

    Sucre to the rescue! That was my favorite. LOVE him.

    Sara doesn’t die. This is just a hunch. She’s got the key and now she knows its purpose. She needs to figure out what it opens! She’ll be here in the spring, guaranteed.

  • tanique

    lara i’m with you, sucre coming in was my favorite part. i love his and mike’s bond. if only sara would die. still can’t stand her.

  • 3WD

    Yeay PB recap – much thanks Geniass and of course JJ! Last night’s epi was FRIGGIN’.FANTABULOUS.AWESOME. Michael’s confessional scene = priceless. What a lost soul this guy is…yes, one hot lost piece of soul :o)

    Is it Nov 20th yet???

  • Marleen

    I wanne see this episode! I can’t wait!!! Thanks!

  • Christina

    My favorite scene was when Michael was in the confessional room at church. Wentworth did a really great job. Like I said, I thought Kellerman was going to kill Sarah. I hope she excapes soon and doesn’t give in to him. I’m so happy that T-bag got the money back from Gary & Bellick. I’d rather have him have it than those two douche.

  • Belle

    Such a good episode! Can’t wait until next week.

    Remember when Michael went into the confessional and told the priest that he once saw a man bleed to death? I’m thinking his father, Aldo, had something to do with that. Hence, his reaction when he saw him with Lincoln. That’s just a shot in the dark though. Only time will tell.

    Kudos to Wentworth. His acting just seems to get better and better!

  • Jewel

    Does anyone know when PB season 2 is coming to England? Don’t think I can stand the wait any longer!

  • oh mike


  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    I just love KELLERMAN yesterday I thought his scenes were the best….great acting and very compelling to watch. It was great how he played nice-guy while he drowned Sara’s-A$$……As for Sara and her big-forehead, I’d push her under water too.

    Mr Kim is starting to bug me I just want to slap that smile off his face.

    Well written Episode :)……is it just me or is Kellermen looking cute???

  • oh mike

    i love mike.

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    I loved the scenes with KELLERMAN

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    Is it just me or is Kellerman looking cute???

  • Jo-Anie

    j’ai trouvé la scène ou michael va au confessionnal très touchante

  • Jo-Anie

    ya tu du monde qui parle francais si oui d’ou vient-tu

  • ks

    Wentworth Miller was amazing in this episode! He is truly a gifted actor and good-looking to boot!

  • Cale

    Hello Jewel, You can watch season 2 on You Tube if you want to see it right away. I am in Japan and that is how I get to watch.

  • sweetHoneybee

    My heart actually hurt for the poor old man in the hardware store that Michael pushed to the ground. His little plea for Michael to not hurt him was so wrenching…to me at least. Nice work, Michael. Nice way to pick on senior citizens. But I LOVED this episode.

  • Kat

    Kellerman is definately looking good…. and I have a strange feeling about Micheal and Linc’s “father”..something is up with him….

  • Nadine

    I loved it when Sucre came in… yeeeaaah!! … i love sucre, hes the best.. as for everything with Michael it was a bit weird (maybe b/c i missed the last 2 episodes) but it was a good thing that he followed his gut and let that guy go otherwise they’d both be screwed…

    the kellerman vs sarah thing was good too… i dont think that sarah’s going to die partly b/c i kellerman’s totally got a soft spot for her and also if she dies then whats going to happen with the whole key thing? they kill her off then we’re never going to find out and thats just stupid..they could write so much more about her trying to find out the meaning behind the key… oh and at the end of the series, most likely the audience would like to see a happy ending where sarah and mike get together and everyones so happy, lincs free.. and the presidents and all her little minions are screwed

    #Jailbird… i agreee with you, kellerman is definately starting to look hot… the whole evil with the drowning thing but nice pushing her hair back and everything… hot mix with him… his acting at the scene is great… :)

    yeah sry for going on for so long, it was the first episode i saw in 2 weeks! :(

  • Sarah

    Moi, je parle français et je viens du Canada et toi?

  • Charity

    Went did an outstanding job in this episode…his facial expressions were so believable and dramatic….I cant wait until he branches out into some more movies and Id also love to see him do a lil something lighthearted…he is always so serious, I love to see him carefree and laughing.
    Great job Wentworth!

  • meemee

    Last night’s episode was amazing! My favourite moment was Michael’s confession.

  • StukOnPretty

    Yay Wentworth!

    I was so moved by his performance last night. I got goose bumps and my hair stood on end. I felt so bad for Michael. He has been suffering so much inside, quietly but to a large degree. I almost cried with him. Not only is Michael hurt by what he has done, but he is also hurt because he now believes it is in his nature to do the things he has done. I believe it scares him. I sure do wish I were there to comfort him ;) I believe the man he watched bleed out, to what he thought was to death, is his father.

    I love this show! I find the show not only captivating (as is my Wentworth), a good family show (about family/not for family), and also very spiritual. It IS man’s nature to be evil. Michael, bless his heart, reminds me of Paul. “Everytime he tries to do good, evil is always present.”

    I can’t wait till the next/last two episodes!

  • peja
  • peja

    Wentworth deserves a Gloden Globe nomination for his performance last night. He was brilliant.

  • peja

    Oh gosh, I cannot stand Mr. Kim. He’s frigging annoying and I hope Mahone kicks his ass.

  • Jewel

    Hi Cale, Thanks for the info…I’m gonna check youtube right away! :-)

  • Krystal

    Love the episode! Can’t wait until next week!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Moi je parle français, j’habite en france dans le val d’oise

  • Barry

    Just to correct two points in your summary of Bolshoi Booze: 1.) Sara does eventually realize what Kellerman is after – the camera shows her staring in recognition at the key that she found on the carpet where her dad committed “suicide”, and, 2.) The final scene is where Kellerman pushes her face down into the tub full of water – the iron shock scene preceded that.

    – Barry

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    #Kat #Nadine….thanks Kellerman’s fans #peja ….Mr Kim has got to go!!!!!

    I liked the last episode a lot because it gave other actors a chance to show their skills, most of the time it’s about Wentworth, don’t get me wrong I love his beautiful face but he only has that one sad-quivering-lip look and I’ve seen it before many times.

    Wentworth’s voice has changed from season 1, now he just whispers a lot and talks low and sexy :)

  • Kendra

    Loved the episode…but the only thing I couldn’t get was how T-Bag beat down Geary with one hand! He looked like he would pass out at any moment! Nonetheless, I’m willing to suspend disbelief for my favorite show.:)

  • PBsuperfan

    I agree Kendra, there is no way t-bag would have killed Geary with the beating he took the day before at Geary’s hands plus pulling his own hand off? No way.

    I really hate t-bag. I wish they would just kill him off already. I know he provides conflict to the show, but they should be realistic about him. I don’t think the character would have made it that far anyway. They would have beat the crap out of him back at the house where they found the $ in the first place.

    I love the whole kellerman/sara segment! I am hoping kellerman will become a turncoat, fall for sara and help to out the prez so I won’t feel weird finding him sexy! And I think sucre is just awesome!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Linds

    Sucre officially rocks my socks! LOVE HIM!! The torture scene with Sarah was cringe-worthy – I hope that the guy who knocks on the hotel room door turns out to be a good Samaritan and saves her ass – there’s still work to be done for that girl! Michael being sad and having a mini-mental breakdown was also AWESOME – I love WEntworth! I think now that he’s back with Linc there’ll be a few light hearted scenes – at least I hope so. CANNOT WAIT for next week – Jared – you are a God for posting this stuff – love you lots n lots!

  • Linds

    Oooh, one more thing real quick – does anyone else think Jane looks a bit like Angelina Jolie??


    they can not kill off my tea bag. f-you to the tea bag hatters
    xo erika

  • iris

    Sweetheart !!!!!!!!! Can you please as soon as you can post somes clips of the next episode ? Thank you !

  • Kallie

    I doubt they will kill T-Bag off– yet. I think he is the one villian that everyone loves to hate! =)

    I have to re-watch Bolshoi Booze… everyone is here is bringing up good points that I must have missed (my mind was elsewhere last night).

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    #PB superfan

    Your funny!!…..I have to admit I felt a little wierd finding Kellerman sexy-bad-A$$

  • cocot13

    Linds, I’ve always thought that even a few years ago when the actress who plays Jane was on a show I used to watch, and is it just me or does anyone else think that Jane will end up being a potential love interest for Lincoln because the minute I saw her that popped in my head

  • cocot13

    oh and I also have this weird crush on agent Kellerman too

  • kelly075

    somebody explain me why michael told that he has met his father before? at the end of the episode. And the key Sara is keeping, her f

  • Nadine

    #Kendra and #PBSuperfan…

    well remember that T-bag had the bottle in his hand he could have hit him with that.. t-bag is slightly crazy especially for that money so its no surprise that he beat him up… maybe he pushed him out of the window too … i dont really remember seeing a broken window im going to have to go watch it again!! ….

  • Staci

    Just read on another sight that PB may not be taking a Hiatus, any truth to this Jared?

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    Yeah! …..#cocot13….join the “agent Kellerman” club :)

    anyone else feeling the heat from Kellerman????

    I’d like to see a little love triangle between Sara, Killerman and Micheal

  • cocot13

    I just found out that the Prison Break hiatus will be shorter and the show will be back on January 22,2007 HALLELULAH

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    Good new!!!!

  • patricia

    oh my goodness i’m so jealous. am from zimbabwe n here they only showing 2nd season of prison break next year :( but thanks to jj n u guys i’m always updated so thank you guys n keep those cuming??????/ by the way is there any one who cn send me like the episodes of prsn break 2 ma email cause it takes too long to download. ma email add is i wuld really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!! by the way wentworth miller has the prettiest lips i hav ever seen. they just make u wanna grab him n kiss him to death!!!!!!!!!!1 oh how i’d luv that!!!!!!!! kiss him, that is, :-)

  • SexyWent

    you can watch them on youtube