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Halle Berry's Boyfriend Opens Cafe Fuego

Halle Berry's Boyfriend Opens Cafe Fuego

You wouldn’t have known about this restaurant opening if not for Halle Berry, but her boyfriend, perfectly tousled hair male model Gabriel Aubry, had an exclusive tasting last night at his brand spankin’ new NYC restaurant called Cafe Fuego. Forget the food though, Halle looks berrylicious!! Halle, 40, and Gabriel, 30, have been dating for over a year now…

Gabriel is the co-owner of Cafe Fuego with business partner Stephane Bibeau (pictured below). OK magazine reporter Delaina Dixon also pictured below.

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cafe fuego gabriel aubry 01
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  • Anon

    First! They’re a cute couple. Halle’s age is beginning to peek through tough…

  • Anon

    tough = though

  • Alix

    Great looking couple; she seems to have finally found someone nice. He sure is handsome.

  • CJ

    Don’t understand all the hate…they look very much like a couple to me even with the tired look.

  • st marks guy

    I was actually there when the pictures above were taken. I live above the Cafe Fuego and I can tell you that Ms. Berry, in person, looked old and tired. She did not want to be there and they did not stay long. Oh, and as for the cafe.. it isn’t that good.

  • Gina

    Cute pix, but usual Aubry’s shy dumbfounded duh look, the 30 something unshaven w/tossled look isn’t a turn on for me, but maybe it is for Halle. Cute pix somewhere on the Net of him kissing her forehead.

    Halle’s age looks like it’s starting to catch up with her although she does look somewhat stylishly sexy in the photos. Both look tired. Hey he must be special at least she’s at the gala, when hubby #1 couldn’t even get her to come to his baseball games. Hope the haters don’t start that Halle was there only to save face from all of the rumors flying or using the trip to do some pre-Holiday shopping in before Turkey Day.

    Hope they can withstand the hate and stay together….

  • Imnotsurprised

    St Marks Guy….don’t think your spreading the hate. Have heard mixed reactions about the restaurant with the food, service,etc. from people who have eaten there from all over the country. Agree Halle does look old and tired–both of them need to use some better concealer. It doesn’t surprise me that she didn’t want to be there. Of course, Halle and the lapdog left early. Their relationship is always about her. And he’s still dumb enough to play the game. Don’t find his look a turn on, sorry gals. I like my men some brains besides looks…now that’s a turn on, intelligent conversation.

    I DO think she was there to save face from all of negative rumors that are on the Internet. They still don’t look like a couple to me–something is or has been always missing. I know several other interracial couples who aren’t generally as photogenic as Aubry and Berry all look more of a couple than they do (my comment isn’t intended to start anything, honest, just an observation).

    In spite of all that I wish them well even though the hate is starting to look like it to take it’s toll especially on Halle. Her bf not sure.

  • uhhh

    it looks like Halle did somehting to her face. Like tightened it.

  • duh

    So much for the saying, (no offense) “Black Don’t Crack,” huh uhhh. Guess that’s one downfall Halle does have in being bi-racial that she will age before a lot of us, even though I know several bi-racial woman much older than Halle who don’t look like they’ve aged much. Yep she’s aging. Can you say botox or whatever–you can only do so much before turning into Joan Rivers or Donatella? Wonder if Aubry will stay around as she continues to age.

  • tanique

    it is hilarious how some people have to pick on everything. most people don’t look as good as halle on her worst day. wouldn’t it be great if people put their picture up, before they dogged someone else out, so we can take a go at them?

    they are a beautiful couple, happy and loving life. good for her.

  • imwithya

    Tanique…well said, guess some people are just that way.

  • kae

    Love your comment! So true…

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    I could be wrong but they don’t match at all, he’s too good looking for her, Halle always picks the wrong men.

    I say this because I dated a guy who was better looking than me, I’m good looking but he was much much better looking. He basically used me and I was blinded by his beautiful face. I learned a lot from that experience.

    I hope that’s not the case with Halle…..but my instincts tell me we will read all about this in a few months in the National Inquirer.

  • Give me the inside info

    Gina Says:

    November 15th, 2006 at 12:07 pm

    Hope the haters don’t start that Halle was there only to save face from all of the rumors flying or using the trip to do some pre-Holiday shopping in before Turkey Day.


    Can someone explain to what these rumors are that are flying everywhere? And where the hate comes from? I’m not so informed on all the gossip so I don’t know.
    By looking at these pictures however, my intuition tells me something doesn’t look right and I’m not a big fan of Halle. I don’t hate her but I’m not a fan either. I watch her movies if their good and that’s it. But what are all these rumors about?

  • kelly075

    who put the money on!!!!!!!!! i am joking because Halle seems really happy with him, so good luck with the cafe

  • imwithya

    My understanding that over the last couple of weeks as well as months there been rumors dogging them everything about whether Aubry is doing a Jack Denison number on Halle, to him really (which I doubt) being gay or bisexual, their sexual practices, the something new thing/racial commentsthey don’t look like a couple, their looks, they never look happy together, him being her steppin’ fetch it lapdog, her past relationships, how she treats men, etc. i.e. article of them, Beyonce, etal flying,, and several other sites. Really nasty ( understatement from what I have been told) comments by both Blacks and Whites. It’s really a shame that people have to be that way.

    As several of you have mentioned some people have nothing better to do. Wish them and his restaurant luck too.

  • angelah

    they look good!

  • Sesci

    I think Aubry probably prefers Halle without a lot of makeup and that’s why she’s looking more natural these days. When Halle Berry was majorly in the public eye a few years ago, she was more concerned with her outward appearance. She was also a little bit thinner. She’s still Halle, though. She still has the ability to glam herself up in dress and makeup and look just as good as she did then. She’s getting older, but she hasn’t aged that much.

    (Why don’t people pick on ladies like Pam Anderson? A former beauty, she looks like a hag in most of her photos now. She REALLY looks old, hardly ever wears makeup, and has hair that looks like a big ball of white cotton candy. Messy most of the time now.)

    Should Halle only date ugly men? God forbid! Some ugly men are promiscuous because they know they are ugly and therefore sleep around with numerous women to hide their insecurities.

    I couldn’t stand Halle Berry’s ex-husbands, even though they were okay to look at. David Justice and Eric Benet are jokes, your typical “players.” Both men probably went into the marriage knowing they wouldn’t be faithful. I think David is married today, but that doesn’t prove anything. He’s probably sneaking and cheating on his wife right now.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Halle Berry. Because of the abuse in her family, she just doesn’t know how to pick the right men. She didn’t have good role models. When people find they are not very successful in relationships, they begin to widen their opportunities, which is what I think she is doing.

    As long as the man is not super ugly, I don’t care who Halle dates. Aubry is clearly a change from the type of men she usually dates, but he’s cute and is obviously treating her well.

  • LOL

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m not a big or huge Halle fan or a hate. Have seen several of her movies that were good or decent. I do find it fascinating why people think she and/or Aubry are drop dead gorgeous or look like they are happy or look like they belong together. Give—hate to say it now that you mention it something doesn’t look or feel right, I thought it was just me. Now that I think about it a lot of photos I have seen of them they or she really doesn’t look happy and it’s beyond the media/privacy thing. I seriously hope the haters are wrong.

  • LOL

    Halle hasn’t worn a lot of make up for a long time not just with Aubry. All of her candids throughout the years she generally doesn’t wear a lot of make up or always look glam in other photos.Sesci you may be right on the clothes thing even though I know I have seen her casual before at other events.

  • LOL

    Halle hasn’t worn a lot of make up for a long time not just with Aubry. All of her candids throughout the years she generally doesn’t wear a lot of make up or always look glam in other photos. She’s one of the few who can get away with it. Sesci you may be right on the clothes thing even though I know I have seen her casual before at other events.

  • Jay

    Sesci obviously Aubry doesn’t care how he looks in public or in the candids he always looks a mess. I guess people have expectations for Halle on her appearance, etc. She still looks good in casual dress, always has, but she has let her self go in other pix i.e. hair, etc. You points are still well taken.

  • Teddybear

    Is it me or what? No offense, it seems Aubry always looks stoned in close ups of him or of them, and I mean beyond looking natural or tired. The not shaven greasy hair look doesn’t do it for me either. Halle should care about how the bf looks or how she looks to a point.

  • Consider this

    People wishing hatred on this couple – beware. If there is indeed something “special” between Halle and Gabriel, your hatred could have the opposite effect on them. Instead of it destroying their relationship, as many of you hope it will, it may instead bind them closer together. Heck, Gabriel could end up being her next husband.

  • peace

    This board reeks of jealousy and hate. If you were happy in your own life you would wish happiness on people who have done nothing bad to you.

  • sunny

    Gabriel seems to be a real great guy! It’s awesome for her! Cute couple too!

  • Shay

    They do not look happy. He is not handsome at all. Halle looks great at 40.

  • ISE

    Well said Consider this and Peace as well as the others. If you check some of the sites on the same event as well as other sightings there aren’t any postings or are positive. Hmmh, there may be something there. For the haters if you don’t like them don’t post. Only time will tell if he really will be hubby #3 and/or the baby’s daddy.

  • mmyers

    Why do they look like theyre pretending not to be together. Both of these folks are taking these pictures as if theyre standing there by themselves. Well, I guess when you’re that beautiful, competition is not your strong suit, even if it’s coming form your “significant other”!

  • Sesci

    I have to say that I don’t know where people get the idea that Gabriel is ugly.

    I think that most Caucasians (if they are honest) would consider Halle’s boyfriend to be cute. I think he is. Looks like pretty eyes. I like his fine features. Someone said Gabriel’s hair looks greasy, but I disagree. It’s just long. It looks combed. He could easily pass for a beach boy or surfer. Dirty and greasy-looking is Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. Now that’s what I call looking unkempt. Kid Rock especially looks like he needs a good bath.

    Gabriel is wearing a little beard or something, but it’s not bad. It’s not growing out bushy and thick like Sexiest Man Alive Matthew McConaughey’s beard in recent months. I’ve seen a few photos of Halle and Gabriel walking or shopping, and he didn’t dress like a bum. He was casual, but clean.

  • igiveup

    Consider this and ISE are right, why do you keep posting.

  • couldbewrong

    Consider this…you’re probably right on the money with your observation, but wasn’t it the same thing with all trashing of Halle before when she was with both her husbands who stood by her until the shit (probably from both sides) hit the fan with them. But I guess people don’t get it about things will turn out in the end the way they are supposed to no matter anybody says positively or negatively about them.

    Sesci…why even argue with the idiots who were challenging you, waste of energy.

  • yardgraffiti

    OMG…She’s looks sexier than ever.

  • Jeanette EC

    Both Consider this Says and Could be wrong both have very valid points. Even if they do get or stay together because of the comments, depending what fate, karma or baggage (what ever you want to call it) each of them have will come out no matter what the only thing the comments are doing are prolonging the outcome. Guys and gals quit looking at Halle’s cleavage ,you’re comments are cute.

  • ????????????????

    So what if they get married, if what some of were alluding to, hopefully for the right reasons, then I agree. Some of the comments while somewhat truthful, almost sound like a threat. Also, if they are so determined to get married they will regardless of the comments beyond the normal scope of being a celebrity, any celebrity, unless they are/she is being cautious. If that is the case, why should Halle or both of them really care about what a bunch of imbeciles write? If they’re in love still live together or get married and the hell what anybody thinks. This thing about fate or karma, people do or can change.

  • lula29

    Nobody knows a thing about their relationship at all. Ever relationship, Hollywood or otherwise has a 50/50 chance of succeeding or failing, so no one is saying anything profound or insight by saying they will break up. Well no shit, so might a lot of people. The reasons why are always up for speculation, but only after it actually happens.

    I think they look great together. A lot of people aren’t too keen on the Black women/White man mix and so they get a lot of flack, but I think the compliment each other well and I’m glad he’s not a dog. I never understood either why some women believe ugly men treat you better. Shouldn’t it be the inside and not the outside that counts. Is that why I see some beautiful women walking around with trolls, because they believe ugly men don’t cheat? Explains a lot.

    Anway, I wish ‘em nothin’ but love and happiness.

  • gitane

    jared, I LOVE YOU! thanks for more pics of this gorgeous man. i knew that he was a cook before he got discovered, but i didn’t know he was opening his own joint. next time i visit NYC, i will definitely check out the menu.

  • naysayer

    its odd, don’t know why so many posters here hate halle. its like this site is a magnet for them. just like tmz is for the paris haters. I think halle looks wonderful for any age and I just wish that we had video cam for all the people who are calling the couple unattractive. Lets see what the hell you look like.

  • hery

    am i missing something here…i look at every picture and i didn’t see any signs of aging…why is some saying age is coming for her????? i’m a lil confused!!!

    they look happy together though…good sign

  • Yup

    Don’t get me wrong they look great as a couple….Is it me or do they look loved up (high) in these pictures? They did on the several tv shows. Anyone know any inside gossip on the event and their interactions. Also, other pictures that I have seen from other events some of them look this way too.

  • cleanandserene

    Yup and a few others…your observations may be correct. While they do look like a cute couple, and Halle looks great as always even with less make up which one of the other posters pointed out has done even before Aubry, take it from a former drug addict and drug counselor they are lit on something—the bags under their eyes with a glassey pinned eye look isn’t probably from a romp in the hay or from allergies, they are higher than a kite especially the yummy bf as well as Halle. Both of them need to check themselves into rehab and I don’t mean for sex addiction.

  • Whoawaitaminute

    Whoa, wait a minute, what is with the last couple of posters? Even though this may sound like I am taking it to the extreme you almost sound like you’re trying to find fault and turn them into the next Whitney and Bobby. Get a grip.

    For the comments about the interracial dating, which I am all for, don’t know if posters are still having difficulty with her dating a white guy, she’s dated white guys before like the dentist she owed money to or rather he got $80K from her, while I don’t see Aubry doing that, it seems like these comments are to justify the other posters like when they’d comment and side with Halle in the past when she’d do the victim game with the exes, etc.

    Play the race card when it apply applies which may apply her to some degree but doesn’t explain their constant awkwardness being photographed together giving them the possible impression to others they may not look like a couple. Alfre and her husband look like a couple, Sydney Poitier and Morgan Freeman and their wives look like a couple as well as other celebrity couples.

    Looks like Halle really didn’t want to be there. I can understand the privacy and event thing, I am sure she was there to support Aubry. Agree something is missing and they/she doesn’t look happy no matter what any poster says.

  • EntertainmentTonightJunkie

    Did anyone catch these two on Entertainment Tonight today? I watched it and agree with some posters that the uncomfortableness they show in public most likely comes from the negative energy they are receiving from people who follow them around to stare and gawk and express disappointment, like it’s their business. Gabriel and Halle can be as stiff as toy soldiers in public. What matters is what’s going on at home between the sheets! Ha!

    During the telecast, Gabriel reached over and lovingly planted a few kisses on Halle’s forehead, and I was going, “Ahh.” He made a sweet comment about Halle, and I swear, that man has the sexiest voice ever! I now have a bit of a crush myself!

  • EntertainmentTonightJunkie

    Poster above, I just now read you. I think that a lot of black men are furious with Halle Berry. She’s not just anybody. She was their dream girl. For her to start dating a white man probably feels like the ultimate betrayal to them. That’s what I believe.

  • momentaryinsomniac

    Good for you to the last poster didn’t see the telecast, don’t watch TV entertainment/tabloid programs. I sometimes come to sites such as these when I have momentary insomnia to get a chuckle so I can go back to sleep. Some of these posters on this site and others not just about Aubry and Halle but other celebrities the posters from both sides are sooooooooo serious. Agree the comments may bring them closer together, but how shallow and fake or bring more attention to them or any other celebrity. If that’s how Halle and other celebrities feel validated so be it. Unless someone knows something we don’t know or has a crystal ball or knows them personally, why even speculate what their relationship is or isn’t or how long they will last that is total bs. It would be interesting to see the number of comments dwindle down not just on Halle and Aubry but with other celebrities too.

  • EntertainmentTonightJunkie

    I keep forgetting things-
    Halle has dated white men in the past, but that was before she was well known. So those men really don’t count. Since her fame, she always dated black men.

  • EntertainmentTonightJunkie

    I just moved. I’m bored. I need a job (smiling).

  • Lula29

    Nobody’s playing the race card. Whoawaitaminute.

    I’m saying they look good together. Are they having issues, probably, like most relationships. Are they stiff together, yeah, but for what reason, I don’t know. I can’t tell from these photos anything about their relationship except for the superfacial. I can say that I find comments like, he’s not that hot or she’s aging badly interesting and I’m sorry I think people have issues with them together.

    If they break up watch, tons of women will be like, he’s so hot, I don’t get why he was ever with Halle. Or Halle should be with a Black guy anyway. It’s kind of how it goes and if you’ve ever dated interracially, as I have, you kind of can pick out the voice of dissention.

    I’m not overly sensitive about race, but when I notice something I point out based on my own perspective.

  • EntertainmentTonightJunkie

    Comment to whoawaitaminute-
    Remember Eric Benet? He was Halle’s “black” husband who always looked so “out of it”–a wet blanket, when he accompanied her to events. He looked bored and unattentive. She was doing most of the smiling. I noticed a long time ago that Benet was there for Halle alright–only just in body, not in spirit. They didn’t look like a good couple to me. They were handsome, yea, but he was too detached and had that cold, blank stare in most photos. I wonder if anyone here ever noticed that…

  • imboredtoo

    Lula29 don’t pay whoawaitaminute for trying to think their being an intelligent White person. Just blame it on shear stupidity.

    ETJunkie…agree with your comments on Benet. He really did look like he was on something even my friends who know nothing about Halle other a few movies or her winning an Oscar, basic stuff commented on that as well as he/they looked like they had done it in the car/limo on their way to what ever red carpet event they were going to when she used to wear more revealing and short outfits. She was also singing his praises to Joan Rivers how wonderful Eric was at some event years ago. The thing that reminded me of that was the thing on ET and her comment to people magazine of her saying something like “finally there is a God.” I am a bit of a skeptic while they do kinda sorta look cute as a couple no offense.