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Halle Berry's Boyfriend Opens Cafe Fuego

Halle Berry's Boyfriend Opens Cafe Fuego

You wouldn’t have known about this restaurant opening if not for Halle Berry, but her boyfriend, perfectly tousled hair male model Gabriel Aubry, had an exclusive tasting last night at his brand spankin’ new NYC restaurant called Cafe Fuego. Forget the food though, Halle looks berrylicious!! Halle, 40, and Gabriel, 30, have been dating for over a year now…

Gabriel is the co-owner of Cafe Fuego with business partner Stephane Bibeau (pictured below). OK magazine reporter Delaina Dixon also pictured below.

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348 Responses to “Halle Berry's Boyfriend Opens Cafe Fuego”

  1. 1
    Anon Says:

    First! They’re a cute couple. Halle’s age is beginning to peek through tough…

  2. 2
    Anon Says:

    tough = though

  3. 3
    Alix Says:

    Great looking couple; she seems to have finally found someone nice. He sure is handsome.

  4. 4
    CJ Says:

    Don’t understand all the hate…they look very much like a couple to me even with the tired look.

  5. 5
    st marks guy Says:

    I was actually there when the pictures above were taken. I live above the Cafe Fuego and I can tell you that Ms. Berry, in person, looked old and tired. She did not want to be there and they did not stay long. Oh, and as for the cafe.. it isn’t that good.

  6. 6
    Gina Says:

    Cute pix, but usual Aubry’s shy dumbfounded duh look, the 30 something unshaven w/tossled look isn’t a turn on for me, but maybe it is for Halle. Cute pix somewhere on the Net of him kissing her forehead.

    Halle’s age looks like it’s starting to catch up with her although she does look somewhat stylishly sexy in the photos. Both look tired. Hey he must be special at least she’s at the gala, when hubby #1 couldn’t even get her to come to his baseball games. Hope the haters don’t start that Halle was there only to save face from all of the rumors flying or using the trip to do some pre-Holiday shopping in before Turkey Day.

    Hope they can withstand the hate and stay together….

  7. 7
    Imnotsurprised Says:

    St Marks Guy….don’t think your spreading the hate. Have heard mixed reactions about the restaurant with the food, service,etc. from people who have eaten there from all over the country. Agree Halle does look old and tired–both of them need to use some better concealer. It doesn’t surprise me that she didn’t want to be there. Of course, Halle and the lapdog left early. Their relationship is always about her. And he’s still dumb enough to play the game. Don’t find his look a turn on, sorry gals. I like my men some brains besides looks…now that’s a turn on, intelligent conversation.

    I DO think she was there to save face from all of negative rumors that are on the Internet. They still don’t look like a couple to me–something is or has been always missing. I know several other interracial couples who aren’t generally as photogenic as Aubry and Berry all look more of a couple than they do (my comment isn’t intended to start anything, honest, just an observation).

    In spite of all that I wish them well even though the hate is starting to look like it to take it’s toll especially on Halle. Her bf not sure.

  8. 8
    uhhh Says:

    it looks like Halle did somehting to her face. Like tightened it.

  9. 9
    duh Says:

    So much for the saying, (no offense) “Black Don’t Crack,” huh uhhh. Guess that’s one downfall Halle does have in being bi-racial that she will age before a lot of us, even though I know several bi-racial woman much older than Halle who don’t look like they’ve aged much. Yep she’s aging. Can you say botox or whatever–you can only do so much before turning into Joan Rivers or Donatella? Wonder if Aubry will stay around as she continues to age.

  10. 10
    tanique Says:

    it is hilarious how some people have to pick on everything. most people don’t look as good as halle on her worst day. wouldn’t it be great if people put their picture up, before they dogged someone else out, so we can take a go at them?

    they are a beautiful couple, happy and loving life. good for her.

  11. 11
    imwithya Says:

    Tanique…well said, guess some people are just that way.

  12. 12
    kae Says:

    Love your comment! So true…

  13. 13
    Jailbird Says:

    I could be wrong but they don’t match at all, he’s too good looking for her, Halle always picks the wrong men.

    I say this because I dated a guy who was better looking than me, I’m good looking but he was much much better looking. He basically used me and I was blinded by his beautiful face. I learned a lot from that experience.

    I hope that’s not the case with Halle…..but my instincts tell me we will read all about this in a few months in the National Inquirer.

  14. 14
    Give me the inside info Says:

    Gina Says:

    November 15th, 2006 at 12:07 pm

    Hope the haters don’t start that Halle was there only to save face from all of the rumors flying or using the trip to do some pre-Holiday shopping in before Turkey Day.


    Can someone explain to what these rumors are that are flying everywhere? And where the hate comes from? I’m not so informed on all the gossip so I don’t know.
    By looking at these pictures however, my intuition tells me something doesn’t look right and I’m not a big fan of Halle. I don’t hate her but I’m not a fan either. I watch her movies if their good and that’s it. But what are all these rumors about?

  15. 15
    kelly075 Says:

    who put the money on!!!!!!!!! i am joking because Halle seems really happy with him, so good luck with the cafe

  16. 16
    imwithya Says:

    My understanding that over the last couple of weeks as well as months there been rumors dogging them everything about whether Aubry is doing a Jack Denison number on Halle, to him really (which I doubt) being gay or bisexual, their sexual practices, the something new thing/racial commentsthey don’t look like a couple, their looks, they never look happy together, him being her steppin’ fetch it lapdog, her past relationships, how she treats men, etc. i.e. article of them, Beyonce, etal flying,, and several other sites. Really nasty ( understatement from what I have been told) comments by both Blacks and Whites. It’s really a shame that people have to be that way.

    As several of you have mentioned some people have nothing better to do. Wish them and his restaurant luck too.

  17. 17
    angelah Says:

    they look good!

  18. 18
    Sesci Says:

    I think Aubry probably prefers Halle without a lot of makeup and that’s why she’s looking more natural these days. When Halle Berry was majorly in the public eye a few years ago, she was more concerned with her outward appearance. She was also a little bit thinner. She’s still Halle, though. She still has the ability to glam herself up in dress and makeup and look just as good as she did then. She’s getting older, but she hasn’t aged that much.

    (Why don’t people pick on ladies like Pam Anderson? A former beauty, she looks like a hag in most of her photos now. She REALLY looks old, hardly ever wears makeup, and has hair that looks like a big ball of white cotton candy. Messy most of the time now.)

    Should Halle only date ugly men? God forbid! Some ugly men are promiscuous because they know they are ugly and therefore sleep around with numerous women to hide their insecurities.

    I couldn’t stand Halle Berry’s ex-husbands, even though they were okay to look at. David Justice and Eric Benet are jokes, your typical “players.” Both men probably went into the marriage knowing they wouldn’t be faithful. I think David is married today, but that doesn’t prove anything. He’s probably sneaking and cheating on his wife right now.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Halle Berry. Because of the abuse in her family, she just doesn’t know how to pick the right men. She didn’t have good role models. When people find they are not very successful in relationships, they begin to widen their opportunities, which is what I think she is doing.

    As long as the man is not super ugly, I don’t care who Halle dates. Aubry is clearly a change from the type of men she usually dates, but he’s cute and is obviously treating her well.

  19. 19
    LOL Says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m not a big or huge Halle fan or a hate. Have seen several of her movies that were good or decent. I do find it fascinating why people think she and/or Aubry are drop dead gorgeous or look like they are happy or look like they belong together. Give—hate to say it now that you mention it something doesn’t look or feel right, I thought it was just me. Now that I think about it a lot of photos I have seen of them they or she really doesn’t look happy and it’s beyond the media/privacy thing. I seriously hope the haters are wrong.

  20. 20
    LOL Says:

    Halle hasn’t worn a lot of make up for a long time not just with Aubry. All of her candids throughout the years she generally doesn’t wear a lot of make up or always look glam in other photos.Sesci you may be right on the clothes thing even though I know I have seen her casual before at other events.

  21. 21
    LOL Says:

    Halle hasn’t worn a lot of make up for a long time not just with Aubry. All of her candids throughout the years she generally doesn’t wear a lot of make up or always look glam in other photos. She’s one of the few who can get away with it. Sesci you may be right on the clothes thing even though I know I have seen her casual before at other events.

  22. 22
    Jay Says:

    Sesci obviously Aubry doesn’t care how he looks in public or in the candids he always looks a mess. I guess people have expectations for Halle on her appearance, etc. She still looks good in casual dress, always has, but she has let her self go in other pix i.e. hair, etc. You points are still well taken.

  23. 23
    Teddybear Says:

    Is it me or what? No offense, it seems Aubry always looks stoned in close ups of him or of them, and I mean beyond looking natural or tired. The not shaven greasy hair look doesn’t do it for me either. Halle should care about how the bf looks or how she looks to a point.

  24. 24
    Consider this Says:

    People wishing hatred on this couple – beware. If there is indeed something “special” between Halle and Gabriel, your hatred could have the opposite effect on them. Instead of it destroying their relationship, as many of you hope it will, it may instead bind them closer together. Heck, Gabriel could end up being her next husband.

  25. 25
    peace Says:

    This board reeks of jealousy and hate. If you were happy in your own life you would wish happiness on people who have done nothing bad to you.

  26. 26
    sunny Says:

    Gabriel seems to be a real great guy! It’s awesome for her! Cute couple too!

  27. 27
    Shay Says:

    They do not look happy. He is not handsome at all. Halle looks great at 40.

  28. 28
    ISE Says:

    Well said Consider this and Peace as well as the others. If you check some of the sites on the same event as well as other sightings there aren’t any postings or are positive. Hmmh, there may be something there. For the haters if you don’t like them don’t post. Only time will tell if he really will be hubby #3 and/or the baby’s daddy.

  29. 29
    mmyers Says:

    Why do they look like theyre pretending not to be together. Both of these folks are taking these pictures as if theyre standing there by themselves. Well, I guess when you’re that beautiful, competition is not your strong suit, even if it’s coming form your “significant other”!

  30. 30
    Sesci Says:

    I have to say that I don’t know where people get the idea that Gabriel is ugly.

    I think that most Caucasians (if they are honest) would consider Halle’s boyfriend to be cute. I think he is. Looks like pretty eyes. I like his fine features. Someone said Gabriel’s hair looks greasy, but I disagree. It’s just long. It looks combed. He could easily pass for a beach boy or surfer. Dirty and greasy-looking is Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. Now that’s what I call looking unkempt. Kid Rock especially looks like he needs a good bath.

    Gabriel is wearing a little beard or something, but it’s not bad. It’s not growing out bushy and thick like Sexiest Man Alive Matthew McConaughey’s beard in recent months. I’ve seen a few photos of Halle and Gabriel walking or shopping, and he didn’t dress like a bum. He was casual, but clean.

  31. 31
    igiveup Says:

    Consider this and ISE are right, why do you keep posting.

  32. 32
    couldbewrong Says:

    Consider this…you’re probably right on the money with your observation, but wasn’t it the same thing with all trashing of Halle before when she was with both her husbands who stood by her until the **** (probably from both sides) hit the fan with them. But I guess people don’t get it about things will turn out in the end the way they are supposed to no matter anybody says positively or negatively about them.

    Sesci…why even argue with the idiots who were challenging you, waste of energy.

  33. 33
    yardgraffiti Says:

    OMG…She’s looks sexier than ever.

  34. 34
    Jeanette EC Says:

    Both Consider this Says and Could be wrong both have very valid points. Even if they do get or stay together because of the comments, depending what fate, karma or baggage (what ever you want to call it) each of them have will come out no matter what the only thing the comments are doing are prolonging the outcome. Guys and gals quit looking at Halle’s cleavage ,you’re comments are cute.

  35. 35
    ???????????????? Says:

    So what if they get married, if what some of were alluding to, hopefully for the right reasons, then I agree. Some of the comments while somewhat truthful, almost sound like a threat. Also, if they are so determined to get married they will regardless of the comments beyond the normal scope of being a celebrity, any celebrity, unless they are/she is being cautious. If that is the case, why should Halle or both of them really care about what a bunch of imbeciles write? If they’re in love still live together or get married and the hell what anybody thinks. This thing about fate or karma, people do or can change.

  36. 36
    lula29 Says:

    Nobody knows a thing about their relationship at all. Ever relationship, Hollywood or otherwise has a 50/50 chance of succeeding or failing, so no one is saying anything profound or insight by saying they will break up. Well no ****, so might a lot of people. The reasons why are always up for speculation, but only after it actually happens.

    I think they look great together. A lot of people aren’t too keen on the Black women/White man mix and so they get a lot of flack, but I think the compliment each other well and I’m glad he’s not a dog. I never understood either why some women believe ugly men treat you better. Shouldn’t it be the inside and not the outside that counts. Is that why I see some beautiful women walking around with trolls, because they believe ugly men don’t cheat? Explains a lot.

    Anway, I wish ‘em nothin’ but love and happiness.

  37. 37
    gitane Says:

    jared, I LOVE YOU! thanks for more pics of this gorgeous man. i knew that he was a cook before he got discovered, but i didn’t know he was opening his own joint. next time i visit NYC, i will definitely check out the menu.

  38. 38
    naysayer Says:

    its odd, don’t know why so many posters here hate halle. its like this site is a magnet for them. just like tmz is for the paris haters. I think halle looks wonderful for any age and I just wish that we had video cam for all the people who are calling the couple unattractive. Lets see what the hell you look like.

  39. 39
    hery Says:

    am i missing something here…i look at every picture and i didn’t see any signs of aging…why is some saying age is coming for her????? i’m a lil confused!!!

    they look happy together though…good sign

  40. 40
    Yup Says:

    Don’t get me wrong they look great as a couple….Is it me or do they look loved up (high) in these pictures? They did on the several tv shows. Anyone know any inside gossip on the event and their interactions. Also, other pictures that I have seen from other events some of them look this way too.

  41. 41
    cleanandserene Says:

    Yup and a few others…your observations may be correct. While they do look like a cute couple, and Halle looks great as always even with less make up which one of the other posters pointed out has done even before Aubry, take it from a former drug addict and drug counselor they are lit on something—the bags under their eyes with a glassey pinned eye look isn’t probably from a romp in the hay or from allergies, they are higher than a kite especially the yummy bf as well as Halle. Both of them need to check themselves into rehab and I don’t mean for sex addiction.

  42. 42
    Whoawaitaminute Says:

    Whoa, wait a minute, what is with the last couple of posters? Even though this may sound like I am taking it to the extreme you almost sound like you’re trying to find fault and turn them into the next Whitney and Bobby. Get a grip.

    For the comments about the interracial dating, which I am all for, don’t know if posters are still having difficulty with her dating a white guy, she’s dated white guys before like the dentist she owed money to or rather he got $80K from her, while I don’t see Aubry doing that, it seems like these comments are to justify the other posters like when they’d comment and side with Halle in the past when she’d do the victim game with the exes, etc.

    Play the race card when it apply applies which may apply her to some degree but doesn’t explain their constant awkwardness being photographed together giving them the possible impression to others they may not look like a couple. Alfre and her husband look like a couple, Sydney Poitier and Morgan Freeman and their wives look like a couple as well as other celebrity couples.

    Looks like Halle really didn’t want to be there. I can understand the privacy and event thing, I am sure she was there to support Aubry. Agree something is missing and they/she doesn’t look happy no matter what any poster says.

  43. 43
    EntertainmentTonightJunkie Says:

    Did anyone catch these two on Entertainment Tonight today? I watched it and agree with some posters that the uncomfortableness they show in public most likely comes from the negative energy they are receiving from people who follow them around to stare and gawk and express disappointment, like it’s their business. Gabriel and Halle can be as stiff as toy soldiers in public. What matters is what’s going on at home between the sheets! Ha!

    During the telecast, Gabriel reached over and lovingly planted a few kisses on Halle’s forehead, and I was going, “Ahh.” He made a sweet comment about Halle, and I swear, that man has the sexiest voice ever! I now have a bit of a crush myself!

  44. 44
    EntertainmentTonightJunkie Says:

    Poster above, I just now read you. I think that a lot of black men are furious with Halle Berry. She’s not just anybody. She was their dream girl. For her to start dating a white man probably feels like the ultimate betrayal to them. That’s what I believe.

  45. 45
    momentaryinsomniac Says:

    Good for you to the last poster didn’t see the telecast, don’t watch TV entertainment/tabloid programs. I sometimes come to sites such as these when I have momentary insomnia to get a chuckle so I can go back to sleep. Some of these posters on this site and others not just about Aubry and Halle but other celebrities the posters from both sides are sooooooooo serious. Agree the comments may bring them closer together, but how shallow and fake or bring more attention to them or any other celebrity. If that’s how Halle and other celebrities feel validated so be it. Unless someone knows something we don’t know or has a crystal ball or knows them personally, why even speculate what their relationship is or isn’t or how long they will last that is total bs. It would be interesting to see the number of comments dwindle down not just on Halle and Aubry but with other celebrities too.

  46. 46
    EntertainmentTonightJunkie Says:

    I keep forgetting things-
    Halle has dated white men in the past, but that was before she was well known. So those men really don’t count. Since her fame, she always dated black men.

  47. 47
    EntertainmentTonightJunkie Says:

    I just moved. I’m bored. I need a job (smiling).

  48. 48
    Lula29 Says:

    Nobody’s playing the race card. Whoawaitaminute.

    I’m saying they look good together. Are they having issues, probably, like most relationships. Are they stiff together, yeah, but for what reason, I don’t know. I can’t tell from these photos anything about their relationship except for the superfacial. I can say that I find comments like, he’s not that hot or she’s aging badly interesting and I’m sorry I think people have issues with them together.

    If they break up watch, tons of women will be like, he’s so hot, I don’t get why he was ever with Halle. Or Halle should be with a Black guy anyway. It’s kind of how it goes and if you’ve ever dated interracially, as I have, you kind of can pick out the voice of dissention.

    I’m not overly sensitive about race, but when I notice something I point out based on my own perspective.

  49. 49
    EntertainmentTonightJunkie Says:

    Comment to whoawaitaminute-
    Remember Eric Benet? He was Halle’s “black” husband who always looked so “out of it”–a wet blanket, when he accompanied her to events. He looked bored and unattentive. She was doing most of the smiling. I noticed a long time ago that Benet was there for Halle alright–only just in body, not in spirit. They didn’t look like a good couple to me. They were handsome, yea, but he was too detached and had that cold, blank stare in most photos. I wonder if anyone here ever noticed that…

  50. 50
    imboredtoo Says:

    Lula29 don’t pay whoawaitaminute for trying to think their being an intelligent White person. Just blame it on shear stupidity.

    ETJunkie…agree with your comments on Benet. He really did look like he was on something even my friends who know nothing about Halle other a few movies or her winning an Oscar, basic stuff commented on that as well as he/they looked like they had done it in the car/limo on their way to what ever red carpet event they were going to when she used to wear more revealing and short outfits. She was also singing his praises to Joan Rivers how wonderful Eric was at some event years ago. The thing that reminded me of that was the thing on ET and her comment to people magazine of her saying something like “finally there is a God.” I am a bit of a skeptic while they do kinda sorta look cute as a couple no offense.

  51. 51
    black Says:

    Hey wait a minute……to this person who said that black or bi-recial people age slower…..sorry but that´s such a BIG FAT lie!

    Have you seen Will Smith?…….he is still in his thirties and looks like 50!…….same goes for his wife.

    I´m not saying that white people age slower either- it always depends- but please don´t be stupid saying things like that.

    The only people who really age slower than the rest are Japanese people—-just look at them, 40 year olds look like 25!!!

  52. 52
    kelly075 Says:

    I think that for halle berry, we don’t have to think about racial matters because she’is interracial herself. She has been very disappointed by her past relationship with black men, i am sure of this. Now she is trying something else and i don’t think she’s not happy with him. i just see a woman who has learn is lesson and try to take relationship diffrently.

  53. 53
    black needs lasik Says:

    If the boyish looks of Will Smith make him look 50 like black said, then Tyra banks looks 100, Usher looks 75 and Mario looks 65.

  54. 54
    cuthallesomeslack Says:

    Kelly075 you’re probably right. Posters really should cut Halle some slack think she’s just trying to be cautious and learn from her past mistakes regardless of whom she is with. I think it’s more of a confidence thing than anything else with Halle and always having every aspect of your life seem like being under a magnifying glass may give her the appearance that she may appear to some unhappy is my guess.

  55. 55
    Gabbylookstweeked2me Says:

    Agree Gabby looks pretty well tweeked (stoned) to me as with most close ups of them (the only one he looks less so was at the Carousel of Hope Gala). Halle’s not too far behind. Yes I know she’s a diabetic and has to watch her alcohol. Agree don’t think the bags under the eyes are from stress or doing the horizontal bop.

  56. 56
    black woman Says:

    Sorry if I am all over the place with this – I don’t know about biracial people, but black women who age like Iman are an everyday sight. I didn’t believe it until I got a little older. I personally know many black women in their 50s without any wrinkles in their faces. No botox either. When I hit 35, I looked around at co-workers who were my age (some even younger) and I saw that I don’t have the wrinkles and fine lines they have. I’m now in my 40 and still have no wrinkles. I certainly look younger than Brooke Shields and I haven’t had any procedures. I’m not special. I see it a lot. I have no special regimen, except that I exercise a little and have never smoked, done drugs or exposed myself to the sun. I need to lose a “little” weight, but until then, I try to keep my current weight stable.

    No more ramblings.

    If a black person stays in the sun, they’re going to blow it. Their skin takes on a leathery appearance. They still may not have a lot of wrinkles, but they just look old. Older blacks who suddenly get sick (hear attack, stroke) can age greatly overnight.

    Caucasian women seem to do better if they have thicker skin (born with it) or some extra fat. A little weight in the face goes a long way. Most of the famous ladies all get botox. That’s why Demi Moore and Sharon Stone look like that. Yes, you might see a few who really look good, but when they get older, most of them look old without some help. Their skin is too thin.

    Will Smith looks older for other reasons. Maybe stress. His skin is not wrinkly though. Check him out on the Internet. I think that having children made Jada age, but she still doesn’t have a lot of wrinkles. Maybe she’s too skinny. Her face is thin. She has a harsher look to me.

    Brad Pitt is very handsome, but his skin already has a lot of wrinkles. I think the Asian thing is mixed. A lot of Filipino and Korean women look better than Japanese. I think Japanese look super old when they are old. They’re just usually healthier than the rest of us.

  57. 57
    black Says:

    Cool to hear your opinion about this!

    But if I for example look at my mother (she is 42, 4 kids…and white) and than look at other actors, they seem to be worlds apart.
    My mother has no wrinkles at all. (and she smokes)

    It´s just all about the genes!
    Brad Pitt has wrinkles, but he is 42 or 43 after all…..and Will Smith is 37 I think, and I´ve seen close ups of him and he really has ALOT wrinkles…..he´s going grey already.

    I´m not saying that black people look older or anything, just that it varies in all races.(but Japanese people really look young!!….and I´ve seen alot of reports related to Japan)
    My sister was once invited to a college party with mostly japanese people, and later discovered that the majority of them was over 30- but all of them looked like 20 or younger!

  58. 58
    John Says:

    when a man is prettier than you, you shouldnt date him.

  59. 59
    Gabbyzgayazagammagoat Says:

    John…no joke Gabby is as gay as a gamma goat w/several of my gay male friends agreeing…I wonder how he/his staff or Berry/her staff have kept it out of the tabloids this long, etc.

  60. 60
    Markita Says:

    For the poster/s making comments about how the posts are probably bringing them closer together is precisely what Berry probably wants since her ploy of having a baby by the time she hits 40 didn’t work, I would put it past her to try to trap him into marrying her, he seems dumb enough. She does have 9-10 months until she hits 41! Seriously, doubt she’s going to have a gay man’s baby. Good god, I hope they use protect if they really have sex as often as she alludes to. That crap on Conan about her donning her Storm Xmen suit, whether it’s true, she told the same story to the press (forget the publication) about hers and Benet’s spicy sex life, which we all know where that went. So I seriously think their relationship is total bull.

  61. 61
    what???? Says:

    First! What makes him nice. BECAUSE HE’S WHITE and a MODEL! PLEASE! Second, they are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. His other foot will drop soon or HERS!! Third, when I saw a clip of them on the red carpet, to be honest Halle looked annoyed or overwhelmed by the pappi. I think like the blogger just stated she was probably thinking to herself WOW I date this guy for a year and extra, access hollywood, and et are already giving him all this publicity for a restaurant that most folks would not have known about if it weren’t for me. I hope she has some ownership in this restaurant as well!!!! It will be because of her if it’s successful. Plus, I’m beginning to look at this relationship as a business deal, why was Halle’s manager there, and why would she arrive with him and not Gabriel, just curious.

    You can see an unedited version of them on the red carpet on youtube. Again Halle arrived separately, and again, at times did not seem as into Gabriel, as he is into her or shall I say is into the fame. I personally think he’s using her, and once he’s done milking all her fame and she begins to age, although looking at him, I definitely see him aging terribly, he will leave her, plain and simple. JMO and a feeling I have, but I’m no psychic.

    Here’s the youtube video

  62. 62
    Gabbyzgayazagammagoat Says:

    I will bet you anything that something will eventually come up in the tabloids in the future with some of his ex male lovers spilling the beans. Just you watch.

  63. 63
    blackaging Says:

    Normall white folks age faster than white. Look at Gabriel, he’s fresh into his 30s and you can already see the wrinkles coming.

  64. 64
    blackaging Says:

    Justin Timberlake too, he’s only 25 but he is already looking like he’s in his 30s at least. Will just has gray hair, but his face is not wrinkled. All he has to do is put on some dye and he is good to go!!!

  65. 65
    Floinrecovery Says:

    Markita…I hear ya. Do agree that Halle may be desperate enough to play that lure game of ‘poor me’/'poor us’ victim. Apparently she really hasn’t learned anything from that 12-step program she used to go to–she ain’t even step one…go back to meetings and get a sponsor who is willing to put up with you and guide you through the steps. Instead of blaming your absentee alcoholic father, other black men or whoever you want to blame for your failed relationships–you are the cause/common denomenator. Dating a young suppposedly rich white guy isn’t going to changing anything until you are willing to take responsibility for your life. I know plenty of white men, professional, rich upper/upper middle class who are drunks, cheat on their wives, beat their spouses or children, so what makes it any different with this guy?

  66. 66
    gabrielandHalleisfullofcrap Says:

    saw the youtube and the entertainment specials with this red carpet event. She DEFINITELY seemed annoyed. And he’s a bit immature in terms of how he acts. He lacks a certain confident cool swagger. to be honest, I want to say he’s beneath Halle. Halle definitely deserves better. YEAH he may be a model, but looks wear out quickly, and personally I don’t think he’s all that! Plus, Halle made one comment on the red carpet that had me thinking, hmmmm…

    She told AJ (the extra reporter, whom she seemed to be more engaged with) that she and Gabriel were going to dance and celebrate (she said it very dull, by the way, no excitement). Gabriel then said, “you’re putting me on the spot babe” and Halle looked at him and in a somewhat stern tone, like you need to have more spice to your step, “good!” You can catch the clip on You be the judge. Halle at times says he’s a very good man, but then she looks to the side after saying it — interesting body language. I think she’s bored in this relationship and I think half of what she says is just recycled material. Eric was a “very good man too” on the red carpet. She also said on the same clip, when asked about Gabriel’s cooking, she said he is the only one who cooks in “MY HOUSE!” It was interesting because she caught herself. She was going to say, “our” but she put it back to “her”. Homegirl is definitely watching her back with this one, I don’t blame you Halle!!!!

    And I have to say to you all (whispering LOL!)….the one man Halle definitely lights up about when she discusses him, is Hugh Jackman!!! On one interview, after talking about Gabriel, she gave her standard answer…I’m happy, in a good place. But in her next breath she was like “I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hugh Jackman, LOVE Hugh Jackman.” She even told “The View” that Hugh Jackman is her perfect guy. She also told Hugh Jackman himself on TRL, the one thing she hates about him is the fact that “he is married.” And this was said while she was dating Gabriel. To Halle: OKAY HONEY CHILD!!! I see you are settling for seconds, or maybe even thirds LOL!

    Lastly, looking at Gabriel, he looks like he can’t work it, if you know what I mean. He’s too soft. Halle needs someone to break her back!!!! LOL!

    Agree with the other poster. This is either a business deal, and they are together strictly to help him and his restaurant and their versace campaign. Or just a temporary jump off for halle, that she probably is getting bored with. And for the record, a year together ain’t ish! She was with Michael Ealy off and on almost for two years or a year and half or something.

  67. 67
    Beno Says:

    What???? You’re right on the money with this. Of course he’s using her. I noticed in some of the pictures that Vincey her manager was there. No one in the mainstream public knew who the frick he was until started dating her as well as the bit of the restaurant which I hear has had mixed reviews.

    I read on another site who was supposed to be there and decided not to show that this would be Halle’s one and only time that she’d probably show at the restaurant (sounds like a clue to me that all’s not what it appears to be). So, if he’s the one, why isn’t she in NYC more often than him always flying out to LA? Other than what you suggested it is getting to sound more and more like her not showing up at DJ baseball games preferring to be in Malibu at the home he bought her than at the ballpark.

    Also heard the bit about her being a no show in September for doing the surprise guest hostess thing some Saturday–really can’t see her serving someone drinks, yeah right.

    Don’t know if she’s a silent partner or what, can guarantee if/when the restaurant goes belly up, she ain’t going to get her money back, don’t think she needs that much of a tax write off.

  68. 68
    ohplease!!! Says:

    This relationship does not look like a long term thing!!! The longest I give them together is Halle’s typical 2 to 3 years. If she marries him, although she said she never would marry, 2 years dating, and again Halle’s typical 2 years married = 4 years!

    Plus, I tend to believe that most men want to have their own children. if Halle does not supply, Gabriel will be looking elsewhere! Trust!! And since halle does not want to marry again (rolling eyes) I will suspect they will not go the surrogate route because by not getting married and allowing Gabriel to leave if he just wants to, would make it difficult, I would think when it comes to custody of the child. So I don’t see halle giving Gabriel his own child, especially with the lack of security and true commitment in the relationship!

  69. 69
    okay! Says:

    Okay now some of you may not be fans of halle. But I will have to say that I am. I have followed Halle since Jungle Fever/Strictly Business days. Based on the pics above. It definitely looks like Halle is tired or something. I personally believe she is in need of something more. Like a family. This guy is young and just another dude she is dating. To be honest, when she first started dating Eric, she seemed more happy with him. At least in public. When she was dating Michael, there were photos of them kissing on the beach. Them kissing in the car, although they knew the pappi were on their tails. Now DAVID JUSTICE, say what you want about David, but Halle was SPRUNG on the dude, if not still sprung. She was the one who asked David to marry her! And David was the one who dumped her! Sooooooo based on what I’ve seen in terms of body language and comments Halle has made about her previous relationships…this thing with Gabriel seems kind of rehearsed! She says a lot of the same things about Gabriel that she use to say about Eric. AND YES she said Eric and her used the storm suit in the bedroom too, STOP THE NON-SENSE HALLE!! Find a regular dude, who will not need you fame to up his career, adopt some kids, and move toward the next phase in your life. Right now she seems very childish with this guy. At least with Eric, who had a daughter going into the marriage, Halle looked more complete. She didn’t just shop and eat every day. With Eric and India, she would go bike riding, skating, go on vacations, theme parks. YEP!! HALLE you need a family. And I can’t compare this relationship to Demi and Ashton’s because number one, Ashton is a lot more established than Gabriel and quite frankly seems more cool! And Demi has children, so she has a certain completeness on her own. Halle on the other hand, wants this YOUNG DUDE to complete her or to fill whatever void is in her life. Halle, haven’t you been there and done that! Learn your lesson girl. It’s unfortunate because David has a family now, Eric has his daughter and is enjoying his life as a cat daddy LOL!, and Halle is pretty much raising young dudes to be men!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

  70. 70
    okay! (continued) Says:

    I personally believe this guy is Halle’s second choice or someone she thought would be perfect to start a family with, since according to Halle, he too does not want to get married (that sounds fishy to me, him already knowing he does not want to get married, sounds like he’s going to ride this train for free!). I think Michael, if he were to have children with Halle, wanted to marry her. He seems like a more traditional guy and not someone who would just do something on a whim! Because looking back, Halle was with Michael like in October of ’05, if not Nov. And then all of a sudden she’s with Gabriel. So it’s either, she dumped Michael because of compatibility issues, it can’t be because of looks, because Michael has a certain sexiness and coolness about him, that I don’t think Gabriel could ever touch or like I said, Gabriel is just someone who is down with the whole non-traditional route of relationships and living on the edge when it comes to bringing children into a situation that is not stable.

  71. 71
    halleandwhitemen Says:

    With regard to the comment about Halle widening her options. Halle has dated white men in the past. And one of them tried to milk her for her money when she was married to David. And who supported her, DAVID! And who supported Halle during the hit and run incident ERIC!

    David has said on the record, that he does not hate Halle, she is just someone he was not compatible with. He is now with someone like him, who from what I hear he really loves. Now he might still be cheating, but to be frank most relationships deal with infidelity (80%). Now with regard to David dogging Halle. He left her, so it was not like he was sleeping around and not telling his wife and having her think their marriage was A Okay!! He left, which I thought was mature.

    Eric, who knows, he obviously has problems. But Halle was smart enough to leave the situation too. This guy, I would almost bet money that his problems will definitely start to show. They might even be worse. To be honest, I thought it was tasteless to have all of that media at the opening and to have Halle in the middle of all that. HE IS SUCH A USER!!! HE KNOWS D*MN WELL ALL OF THAT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT HALLE!!! WAKE UP HALLE!!!!

  72. 72
    high! Says:

    Yep! Looking at the red carpet event! Either Gabriel is dumb or he was high! He definitely has a drug look about him. Now if he is putting Halle onto that stuff! I will officially become a Halle hater because that will just be the icing on the cake. Homegirl is a mess!!!

  73. 73
    ericandhalle Says:

    To: EntertainmentTonightJunkie Says

    Definitely noticed that about Halle and Eric. Eric admitted that he felt uncomfortable in that space. Ironically, Halle seems uncomfortable in this space with Gabriel.

  74. 74
    well deg! Says:

    Don’t like them as a couple either. But deg some of ya’ll are definitely keeping it gutter on this site LOL!

    My spill: I find Gabriel to be quite goofy and agree with the other poster, a bit beneath Halle. I think she is forgetting her maturity (i.e., age) and quite frankly her experience in relationships. Why she would revert back to the same old bull ish! I don’t know. This whole restaurant business and the media is just WRONG!!! I live in NYC and I have never heard of an UNKOWN restaurant having all the media outlets at the restaurant just because it’s opening!!! ESPECIALLY IN NY, where there is a restaurant literally on every corner!!! Halle is crazy to trust this guy LOL!!! He KNOWS HE NEEDS HER TO JUMP START HIS STUFF!!! Dang, I really don’t have a good feeling about this guy! I saw him talking and looking all giddy on ET or something. All I wanted to do was break his neck, because it was the type of giddy like…Dang! I’ve got this b*tch to jump start my small restaurant. It’s not like this is the 40/40 club, with a major star backing it and restaurants all around the country and eventually the world. This is a small cafe in NY!!! I’m just too threw!

    And I’m not going…well….unless I hear Halle is there LOL!!!!

  75. 75
    well deg! Says:

    (continued) regarding my last comment “…unless Halle is there…” DEG!!! I guess I just fell for the okey doke!!!! Gabriel is a good manipulator!!!! Because I really would go just to see if Halle is there, and what does that mean! Money for his a***! I need to hold it together!

  76. 76
    LMAO Says:

    Why does the girl following Halle around, I think she’s a part of the press, look more happy than Halle to be there!! LMAO!

  77. 77
    can'tbeserious! Says:

    He’s soooo high!

  78. 78
    can'tbeserious! Says:

    I have to say after looking at the ET,Extra clip. I’m a bit disappointed in Gabriel’s demeanor. He’s a geek!!!! I thought he would have been more smooth. He interrupts conversations, he kind of has a kiddish goofiness about him, like when Halle was describing whatever dish he makes are “HER HOUSE.” LOL! I don’t know, he lost a lot of sexy points. Not that he was ever really sexy, but any type of sexiness that could have been there kind of went out the window for me. And to be honest. He looks like any other white male model. Halle could have picked any of them and everyone would be saying how HOT halle’s man is. But on the real, one’s appearance does not make them the perfect man, and the looks of a couple does not make them a happy couple or the perfect couple. If anything, they probably have more problems. To me Beyonce has more sense than Halle. She’s dating a very confident, cool, talented, smart man who to be honest is not pretty at all. I don’t find Jay-Z attractive in terms of looks, but Jay-Z’s demeanor makes him more attractive than Gabriel. Beyonce got it right (but of course, she had a father to guide her, sorry but keeping it real), don’t date a man who will be in the mirror more than you – and Gabriel was swinging his hair already for the camera, even when he kissed Halle on the head he was looking at the camera — A MESS!!!

  79. 79
    Gabbyssoongoingtobehistory Says:

    I’m glad posters are finally listening to what I have thought/said all along about Halle’s sham relationship with Aubry. I am sure in the beginning she really did try to be interested in him i.e. learning golf, etc. but when no baby happened as a bday present I think that’s when she started to pull back if not sooner. I think that’s when she became unhappy.

    I don’t know if she thought could change him originally, but I can tell you she’s not going to have this gay man’s baby–Nate Berkus has better chances of knocking Halle up than goofy with no basket (the swimsuit pix were distusting) and probably doesn’t know how to use it on a woman.

    Don’t know if the gay boytoy ever knocked her up, but it sure hell didn’t happen like the media was or has been making them out as the next TomKat or Brangelina–more like the most dysfunctional couple not the hottest one.

    The marriage thing first she says no….then she says he’s on the same page with her….then there were rumors he wanted to marry her in Montreal, etc. You see where I am going here. None of which will probably happen. If they do, it will last shorter than her other 2 marriages. The bit about the house hunting in Canada depend where, isn’t for a little love nest for the 2 of them please…it would probably be so she has her own place to stay when she films in Vancouver. If they split I bet she’d get the house if they got one there.

    He’s used Halle from the get go (get the publicity, taste of the glam lifestyle, etc.–lets home Halle didn’t or hasn’t had to foot the bill on most of it) travels to and from both coasts, Miami, Canada,etc. the use of her two homes, driving her car, etc.

    …she promoted his restaurant on Letterman and the View in May/June (saying it would open next month which I think it opened sometime in August or early Sept. and he’s doing it all with the money he earned) w/the repeats in July—a). rumor that she was going to appear in Sept (no show).

    b). probably showed up to shut his goofy flaming gay ass up (there was even a gay comment in the crowd in the piece).

    c). not lose face from all the crap flying on the Internet from where they both got more than a new a’hole torn, possibly protect her investment i.e. she really did give him money at some point especially when there have been constant rumors of mixed reviews of the place plus they’re always looking for new staff which may or may not be too uncommon. Bail out!

    He’s usually high in most of the pictures of them. The shades bit with him doesn’t fool much people.

    I could go on for Halle’s reasoning why she was there. Yes the both were high. Aubry more than her. She did put him in his place when he was acting so fricking drunk/high with AJ–what a dumb idiot actually Aubry made a total ******* out of himself. Let’s hope he doesn’t do any more talking with the media. Or if he does make sure Halle’s not there, he’s clean/sober and coached more . Very bad case of acting on Aubry’s part. What makes anyone think he can handle the media when he isn’t passing Halle’s window dressing test (pretending to be straight).

    The You Tube piece—Halle definitely didn’t want to be there. The media lady in the white coat may work for her publicist or other source, who I didn’t see there. Did see her manager there. Aubry was even goofier in this one than the other one. He is more of an ******* in this one more than the first.He’s so high, it’s a riot. Halle didn’ t look too lit up in this one. Do agree about her being dispondant with her body language. My guess is Gabby really is going to be history probably much soon than we think.

    Yes, Halle recycles her material all the time, so Gabby what she says about isn’t original. Of course, he’s immature and inexperienced. There is a big diff between 30 and 40 in terms of maturity and learned life experience. Back with the drug thing, Halle’s already sent one man to treatment even if she did it ain’t going to stop him from being goofy and gay.

    I will really be surprised if there still together by the end of this month/end of this year at the earliest, who knows when it will actually happen.

    Halle—I know somewhere in your heart you are seriously chuckling (not to say previous post have been ******) in knowing we’re helping you do your bidding for you decide to kick his no ass to the curb. You don’t owe this boy anything else.

  80. 80
    ialmostpeedinmypants Says:

    I almost peed in my pants watching both video clips especially when Aubry asked Halle’s manager if he did okay. I definitely give him a D- or F so much for Halle being on the A-List, which Aubry will never be up there with you. Why Halle is helping this guy is beyond me.

    Yes he is socially beneath her (not sexual, if so he’d only be a bottom with a guy). As someone on called him, Canadian White Trash, which in the pix and videos

    Halle paid in full, dump the high baffoon and get you a real man to settle down and have babies with.

  81. 81
    maybeitstrue Says:

    Maybe it really is true from all the rumors from this summer about Aubry cruising the bars in the Village, Miami and Weho, maybe she really does use a strap on with him as the comments were flying even then? Who knows? Seriously, doubt she likes to watch as some of the others were about.

  82. 82
    FNjoke Says:

    Agree, how tacky and declasse to have a media event for a cafe restaurant. Don’t think Halle and all the media coverage of Aubry and Halle higher than a kite and Aubry making a total ass out of him will save his restaurant or worth knocking Halle up as a payback. Vince looks like you and Halle lose money on this one. Let’s hope the boytoy isn’t really a cover up for her manager (another rumor, sorry V). You really don’t need the bad publicity and start looking for another sperm donor preferably one who isn’t gay.

  83. 83
    ADMIT IT Says:

    Stop it. You guys are killing me. You are soooooo jealous! I’m going to laugh to high heaven if Halle ends up marrying this dude.

  84. 84
    getseriousfolks Says:

    Get serious folks…why are people bugging/freaking out about them going to have kids. Even if he really isn’t gay or bi, Halle isn’t THAT dumb to get pregnant by a drug addict/alcoholic. Every picture of him is that way, doubt Halle would run the risk of bringing a child /children into the world with a 75-100% (50-75% chance if one parent) of them developing a substance abuse problem if both parents use or have the disease in their families. The kid being bi-racial is enough to deal figuring which world they belong in and putting chemical dependency on top of that would be a total disaster.

    Even for Halle’s errand boy, don’t think Gabby’s going to be in the picture for much longer either. Like Halle and him are going to keep alternating between the coasts I don’t think so. She didn’t like when she was married to David Justice doing that with him between Atlanta and LA, why would she go out of her way to do so with gayboy.

  85. 85
    getseriousfolks Says:

    Even if she does, it isn’t going to last dearie…

  86. 86
    getseriousfolks Says:

    Forgot to add…sorry for the multiple posts. None of us are jealous of dating Halle dating a drugged out, ugly gay model. Bored maybe and just having fun. Both of them have nothing any of us want or wishes we had. What makes you think if they got married it would last? Glad we could entertain you….

  87. 87
    ADMIT IT Says:

    Guess what ialmostpeedinmypants? Halle dated men like you in the past and all ya did was give her a big ol heartache. She doesn’t need to settle down and have a bunch of your kids, ruin her figure and kill her career.

    Yea Yea her man is cruising the gay bars. How funny. They keep whispering that about a few men in Hollywood but never present any hard facts. Everyone wants Gabriel to be gay cuz ya can’t get him with anything else, huh? He’s gorgeous, talented, sexy…

    I love it!

  88. 88
    ADMIT IT Says:

    Justice is a playa. He didn’t deserve her devotion. Talk about trash. He’s a *****.

  89. 89
    ADMIT IT Says:

    Nobody is is listening to you, poster up there above somewhere. You have no special powers. You’re just with other men who are jealous, that’s all. Hardy Har Har. I am getting a chuckle out of this.

  90. 90
    Floinrecovery Says:

    Give it a rest. Why assume these posters are men? I know some of the posters that you mentioned and btw they’re women. Who cares whether or not Aubry is or isn’t gay. Sounds like you don’t want him to be so you can still think he’s sexy and want them to get together. Do find your posts very humorous and entertaining.

    On a more serious note, the one think getseriousfolks is right is about the statistics on alcoholic families and having children. That is a know much documented fact.

  91. 91
    ADMIT IT Says:

    Come on person, stop doing so many multiple posts. At least, keep your one name sometimes…. hee hee.

    Ahem… on TV, did ya notice who they had interviewing Halle? A black male reporter. Yikes! Of course, she’s uncomfortable because you all hate it!!!

  92. 92
    Floinrecovery Says:

    I think Aubry is fuggly as some of you call it and wouldn’t hit him if he was the last man on earth. I already have a fine man who treats me well like a queen and I treat him like a king. So what’s your point?

  93. 93
    Floinrecovery Says:

    I am black dear married to a white man and couldn’t care less…the only multiple posts I am doing are under my own name ******* heifer! TROLL!

  94. 94
    ADMIT IT Says:

    floinrecovery (by the way, I hope you make it out of there), why don’t you tell the folks above to give it a rest, huh? Why only me? Look at those long winding posts! Admit it, you’re biased too.

    Hey it goes for the black women here too……. Jealous witches!!!!!!!! The green-eyed devil will get ya every time. Just admit it. The women here need to admit the fact that they are not beautiful (inside or out) and no white men want to date them. So, they feel the pressure to stick with the trifling “ugly mugs” because that’s all they are ever going to get. That’s like the black men for years running around stating they don’t like white women, but once a white woman comes on to them- yea, then it’s a different story. What egos. Everything has to be for them. Even Halle Berry.

    It may surprise some of these women to learn that if they would step outside their neighborhood and travel the world a little bit, they will discover that it’s not the majority of white men, but yes, some white men really do fall in love with black women- and respect them too.

    Too bad they’ll never get the chance. Unbelievable that Halle dating Gabriel could bring up so many festering emotions. I can’t believe this is 2006.

  95. 95
    momentaryinsomniac Says:

    Well I am back tonight, have the insomnia thing again. Looks like I have missed a lot in the postings since my last post yesterday morning including the juvenile postings from the last 2-3 posters. Don’t think Flo who posted earlier in the thread and getseriousfolks are the same person. I don’t know if I buy Flo and her being an interracial couple (her fuggly reference she said you instead of us). She very well may know some of the posters or even be those posters herself who knows. I am sure we’ll probably get a rebuttal from her/him.

  96. 96
    ADMIT IT Says:

    liar, liar pants on fire!

  97. 97
    ADMIT IT Says:

    Sorry, that was to Flo-Jo.

  98. 98
    ADMIT IT Says:

    If Halle had a child with this man, the kid could get her white gene and his white gene and come out looking totally white, but with black genes in its makeup. It happens. The very same thing happened to Victoria Rowell of The Young and the Restless. That little white girl she walks around with came from her womb.

  99. 99
    Floinrecovery Says:

    Apologies for my foul language and the typo, thanks for pointing it out. No I am not posting multiple postings under different names (which I am sure people on this thread have done or are doing). I really do know the posters who Admit IT was referring to, because they told me to check there posts when I came accross the banter of the last posters and jumped right in not using my better judgement. And yes I really am Black/African American married to a wonderful White man with three beautiful bi-racial Jewish children. Sorry for singling you Admit it out.

    I don’t really have a problem with the other posters specifically except when they assume a poster is a certain sex or certain race when they’re not or assume they are jealous of Halle dating a white guy or her appearing happy even though one can’t or I can’t tell in the above photos. I don’t like people to assume because they may not like the couple together when they say something isn’t right beyond race, people automatically assume it’s an interracial thing when it may not be. I don’t have a problem writing long posts if they feel like. I don’t even people making gay inferences whether it be right or not if they feel that he may be. I am not saying he is but I am not holding my breath, why do posters always assume one is picking fault when the are just stating their observation or opinion.

    As an African American woman I refuse to play the game of how hard we always have it, how our men are,etc. I have worked through those issues. The reason I married a White man is that I met him first when I was in college and we fell in love plain and simple. It took our families awhile to warm up to the idea, but as they saw he was with me and the kids the softened up. If Markus had been AA I still would have married him plain and simple, it’s just he wasn’t. I/we are still active in both the AA community and Jewish community in the town where we live supporting many social/other causes.

    So let’s call it a truce…no hard feelings.

  100. 100
    momentaryinsomniac Says:

    No offense taken I know who you meant. The gurl did apologize for going off on you and singling you out. Also, remember that no offense you singled out a couple of people. When we point the finger at someone three are pointing back at us.

    If you are upset with the posters make a general statement instead of banter back in forth with one or two posters and give it a rest. I don’t think we’ll hear from Flo-Jo again or at last again for tonight. Actually, don’t think she will post after apologizing to you.

    I guess people on the thread will pick topic such as speculating to the true nature the relationship, his/their looks, possible chemical dependency, his possible orientation,etc. because those topics are easier to discuss than people jumping on the bandwagon on the interracial dating thing which has already been discussed ad nauseum on various other boards/sites through the course of their dating.

    I am sure that some of the posters it is about race on some level but for others it may not be and just think they look awkward together for a variety of reasons. I live in an average size Midwestern college town where couple of my dear friends are bi-racial that include ethnicities of Italian, Asian, Jewish, etc. and race isn’t an issue.

    Sorry for rambling and hope my comments didn’t offend you.

  101. 101
    Anon Says:

    Can anyone say Visene and concealer for the both of them? What’s with the arguing and long posts?

  102. 102
    aboutNate Says:


    It’s interesting you mention Nate Berkus. Nate said on the Oprah show that Halle asked him, either jokingly or FOR REAL, whether he would be interested in helping her get pregnant (through a sperm bank of course). He said she and her mother thought he would be perfect because he’s gay and would just offer the sperm and nothing else. Nate said on Oprah, I think semi jokingly and somewhat offended, that why would he not want to be a part of the child’s life just because he’s gay, he said of course he would want to be a part of the child’s life. And this is on the record, so for those who want to say some folks are just hating on Halle, check out Oprah’s transcripts or archives. Nate in fact said this and shared this with the world.

    With all that…I have to agree, I think Halle was just looking for a baby daddy. Michael with his apparent belief in family, probably was not down for that without some type of real commitment and this new guy, well who knows.

  103. 103
    Halle'smanager Says:

    To: ialmostpeedinmypants Says

    OMG!!!! You saw that too on the youtube piece!

    Halle’s manager giving Gabriel a pat on the back or something, like “you did good son” LOL! I thought I was the only one who noticed that!

    Plus, Gabriel at the end of the piece seemingly was uncomfortable with the rapport of Halle and AJ. He was trying to get halle inside, but halle wanted to continue to talk and joke with AJ (who’s married by the way), and I want to say she told Gabriel to wait a second, and then he kind of went back inside and out of the conversation and AJ and Halle continued to talk. Gabriel eventually started to pull Halle in, if you ask me, I think he’s just as insecure as Halle.

  104. 104
    jealous! Says:

    To Admit IT!

    Who in the H*ll would be jealous of Halle dating some puny, skinny, pale white dude. I am for sure not jealous. I just know scum when I see it.

  105. 105
    Anonymous Says:

    Jealous! Thank you. I don’t know of anyone either who would jealous of either two. Think Admit it was just trying to stir up the stuff with Flo and GSF, I seriously doubt they are the same person, and if they are who cares and isn’t a reason to be immature.

    HM–don’t know what that was all about. I agree I think he did very poorly in the media…a definite F-.

    For the posters who mentioned that Halle probably gave him money for the restaurant—bad business move unless she suddenly became rich as Oprah or money to possibly lose—even the Small Business Administration hates to give money to restaurant start-ups because of their faltering survival rate. So let’s hope it’s a success. The relationship is definitely a business deal. Don’t think if he would be a keeper and the place would go belly up would definitely cause disharmony in “her” not “their” (lol) home/s.

    Actually, I think he is more insecure than she is. I don’t see him on the romantic scene for very much longer.

    For the posters who have made the drug references, both that ain’t cool to be lit up on nationally syndicated TV as well as having your gf high too. I am glad I am not the only who thinks he has looked fried in several other pictures of them.

    But then if I was bored in a “relationship” with a goofy immature and probable gay guy too, I don’t know if I’d be under the influence to keep up appearances. I know that is not a good excuse. Let’s hope Halle’s not turning into Whitney Jr. which can explain the lack of her appearance over the last several months–and I don’t think it’s that she’s more comfortable wearing less make,dress more casual,etc. like other posters have mentioned.

  106. 106
    LLLJ Says:

    Another clue besides the shopping, and doing the interior decorating of the place would be who’s his favorite female singer. Thank God AJ didn’t ask him that one! So, if his answers would be (not in order): Judy, Barbra, Liza, Cher, Madonna, Celine, Patti, Peggy (Lee), Wynonna, Diana (Ross) or Tina (I know I am forgetting others)—there’s a very good chance the bf needs more than just a “spice” in his step.

    We definitely know Halle wears the pants in this relationship. She was definitely bored out of her gourd at this one. Still think it’s funny all the hoopla to a neighborhood that is under going revitalization but is full of crack/dope addicts, tattoo parlors, etc. Don’t think I will be eating there. Doubt it or the “relationship” of convenience will last.

  107. 107
    LMAO-other Says:

    I seriously still doubt Halle is still planning to have Aubry knock her up especially with the statistics. Even if Aubry doesn’t have a problem (yeh right), Halle does have (as well as her sister ) have a 50+ % (not sure if it’s that high but it’s close) chance of having a child that may become chemically dependent growing up in an alcoholic home. Do know if the child has ADD/ADHD or other disorders it is almost a sure thing since they already have a chemical imbalance. Don’t think she’d take that much of a risk. The though of paying him to do sounds sooooooooo desperate even though she has said no money would be involved (asking for money,etc.) to if she had a child by a current partner…well it’s pretty obvious her manager wasn’t just there to coach Aubry or escort Halle in that neighborhood. Who knows what their relationship really is or isn’t or what “business” arrangement they have.

  108. 108
    ADMIT IT Says:

    This is a new day, and this topic can go on indefinitely, but I’m not going to be the one posting. You guys can sit here and congregate together if you want to… I’ve had enough. I am thoroughly disgusted with this group in general.

    People have a lot to be jealous about. How can any of you possibly ask a question like that? It’s obvious. I would think that a black woman married to a Jewish man wouldn’t be so catty. You would be the voice of “reason.” I don’t trust any person on this thread or on the Internet in general, so I am not concerned with how truthful you are about who you are. I am concerned with the topic.

    There is an element in the posts above that yells jealousy and hatred, I don’t know which is greater. The black/white issue is definitely at the center of it. One of you here said he/she is all for interracial relationships. I ask, “For who?” For yourself only?

    Black men think they are the only ones who should be allowed to date other races. Their egos are that big. For years they told the lie that they didn’t like white women, but that was because they couldn’t get any. Once white women started dialing their number, they jumped hook, line and sinker. They typically have a lot of trouble with their women doing what they do. So, yes, I think are jealous. They are angry. Halle is a beautiful black woman who has now gone back to the other side. Although, instead of them considering that this guy has something special, they take it personally. I can’t understand it. She’s had several bad relationships. You don’t have to think this one will work, but the things you are saying are evil. There is a lot of made-up information being put out as truth. There is a visciousness in your words, like all you want is pure destruction for this couple. Shame on all of you.

    Well, I guess it would have been better for Halle to kill one of her exes than for her to date this white man. So much for the support from the black community.

  109. 109
    lizzardlady2006 Says:

    I think it’s great if Halle wants to date a white guy (and should date whomever the **** she wants) and seriously agree with the posters who say they aren’t jealous (what do they or anyone have to be jealous of I am not getting it) and are expressing their opinion.

    Sure, there are probably some that may be jealous or racist on this thread but don’t assume (which I think one or a few of the posters were trying to point out) just because they may express they don’t think Halle and Aubry are gorgeous, he’s simply dreamy, they’d make cute kids, etc. it is because they’re being racist and can’t stand them because of him being White and her being bi-racial, while it may be valid for you to hold that view but to categorize all of them for their opinion and putting them into a special category for it is wrong, no offense. Could they have been more tactful, possibly.

    I am more than happy to calmly dialog with you on this subject if you want.

  110. 110
    momentaryinsomniac Says:

    Well things are slightly a little more civil this morning. AI I hope you mean what you say about this being a new day and have put closure on whatever issues you may have with the issues/posters. Don’t pay them any attention. Why get bent out of shape over someone’s intended or not intended ignorance or poor case of manners and decorum and words.

  111. 111
    momentaryinsomniac Says:

    Still waking up after last night…pardon the multiple post…if certain people want things to be rosey dosey with the comments no offense I thought this was a chat group not a fan club then going to her fan club yahoo groups or her MySpace site. Regardless of posters intentions.

  112. 112
    heyyou Says:

    just because someone may or may not be genetically predisposed for a particular disease doesn’t mean they or going to get it or not. it just increases their probability and even if someone is at high risk doesn’t mean they will actually get it. there’s always prevention before intervention.

  113. 113
    heyyou Says:

    meant their risks are higher than the average person without the same variables of genetics, environment, etc. oopsey…

  114. 114
    the news today Says:

    Well according to a local paper here in the NYC, Halle and Gabriel were not all that loved up inside the restaurant.

    I guess the paper had a reporter be a spy at the event, and according to the spy Halle was in a corner for most of the night and Gabriel was off with himself. According to the spy there was tension in the room.

    All of this VARIOUS people saw just on the red carpet. This has nothing to do with race or whether or not halle will do better with a white guy or a black guy. For the record, Halle has stated that she has dated the rainbow, in particular white dudes. NONE of them have worked out for her. I think the ISSUE is that Halle has not gotten over her childhood traumas, especially if she is still having this dream with her losing her teeth and her being in high school at the age of 35. She feels valueless and voiceless in this society. Do I think she is? NO! But what I think does not matter, Halle’s mentality is what will control her life.

    In the past, Halle has had issues when it comes to supporting her men. David has said this. Eric experienced this. Where that comes from, I don’t know. I have to assume from her father not being around. She has issues with men and not getting all of the attention. Because of that, HALLE did not want to be at this event. And I bet she felt extremely uncomfortable with the fact that ALL OF THAT MEDIA was there. Although we all know it was because Gabriel is dating Halle, but in her mind, red flags are probably popping off, like AM I BEING USED? IS HE GETTING TOO BIG? WILL I STILL BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION?

    Trust Halle was upset.

    Here’s a link to the article. Although this is not a national paper, and who knows Halle and Gabriel may stay together for a few more months. I don’t think one can question the fact that Halle was definitely either tired, annoyed, or overwhelmed, the night of Cafe Fuego’s tasting. Body language was flashing!!!!,0,439086.acrobat?coll=am-navigation-default

    Click to page 16 for the story!!!

  115. 115
    hersister Says:

    With regard to Halle’s medical or mental issues and her sister. Well, apparently her sister has adopted children, so maybe there is some truth to them not wanting to have children naturally.

    ALSO, halle has issues with a lot of folks. From what I’ve read, and from what Halle has said, she and her sister are estranged or have been estranged. Plus, at one point, Halle did not even talk to her own mother for a year because she COULD NOT FINANCIALLY help Halle when she was just starting out as an actress. Apparently, Halle needed $500 for her rent, she called her mom, her mom was like no, and Halle did not talk to her mother for a year!

    Halle probably thought her mom was showing tough love and resented that, but Halle’s mom later said, it was just because she did not have the money.

    Anyone who can cut off their mother like that, definitely has issues!!!

    Now she’s cool with her mom. But I don’t know about Halle…..

  116. 116
    kiana Says:

    OMG! He’s a looker. Gabriel is sooooooooo fine!!!! Oh I wish Halle could have just 1 baby and let him be the father. Cuteest kids in Hollywood, no doubt.

  117. 117
    Regina Says:

    Cant be serious, you can’t be serious about Jay and Beyonce. J is a street boy. No different from all the other black rappers. Unfortunately, not cute either. NOt one iota of cuteness. Gangster type. Not good husband material. Smooth for sure = players, promiscuous, kinky sex- you know how it is. Hope Beyonce gives walking papers soon for a tall, educated, intelligent family man. Also attractive. Must be attractive.

  118. 118
    esi2006 Says:

    Here’s the link to News’s reference, pix only, couldn’t find any story. Page 11 (photo unless it changed),0,7385315.photogallery?index=1 – 9k

    There may be some truth to what some of the posters were saying about they really didn’t look loved up or the happy couple. More pictures can be found on two more sites. I am sure there are other photo sites i.e. getty images, rex features, wired images, etc. that may have more shots of them. But these two are going to be more candid. (type their names in after you click on the free access user/guest names) three pages of pix w/those of them leaving the Club not so lovey-dovey and Aubry does look like he really is toasted., page 2 (may rotate), 3 sets of photos (7,8, 14 pix), there may be other pix of them from those links, just click on their names on the left when they appear.

    So much for the pix from the “crack, smack (reference to the neighborhood) and cognac” ‘soiree’. Agree that she probably has invested money in place, it will be interested to see how successful it will turn out (doubt Halle would bail him out again) as well as how much longer they will last or keep up appearances from what a lot of you are alluding to.

    For the posters screaming jealousy…what for? why? Why would anyone would be jealous of them as a couple or individually. The thought of always being hounded by the papps, being constantly under a microscope and having my every move scrutinized, etc. really doesn’t sound to appealing to me. Regardless of “how cute” or “how dreamy”, etc. I don’t see that there’s anything to be jealous of.

  119. 119
    seriouslydoubtit Says:

    For the posters hinting at Halle trapping Aubry into having a kid if she helped him with his restaurant is incredulous…seriously doubt it…especially with all of the videos and pix showing that Halle couldn’t really care less about being there and they were as loved up as some of you all referring to from what you all have described in the videos. Did take a look, he really did look immature and goofy and I don’t mean being nervous for the reporters.

    Sounds to me that the honeymoon is starting to be over. Who knows if they will last or not? It probably is business, if not, why would her manager be there? Don’t think he was being Halle’s escort. Do think it is tacky for Aubry especially to be that high or snockered. Don’t think Halle was too lit, probably more tired than anything. Also, think it’s tacky for him to use her to promote his restaurant that has been getting mixed reviews.

  120. 120
    billie Says:

    If he really is gay and think he still pull off being straight, he’s more insecure and delusional than Halle is. Would be nice to see him sober in a photo for a change.

  121. 121
    dontseeit Says:

    Okay enough with the light in loafers comments, my question is would he really defend her honor or get in fight with a photographer over her? As being jealous of the pair, I think not. The thought of thousands plus people ,while flattering as it may be, nutting/whacking off or rubbing their cl#$*, sounds kinda creepy to me.

  122. 122
    hallesmanager2 Says:

    Bad job of coaching Gabby on camera. Hope the only reason why he was there with Halle was to coach him and protect their financial investment in the restaurant. I hope Cirrincione isn’t seriously thinking of adding Aubry as a client. Bad move. Don’t think he will do well in acting when he bombed in the interviews and definitely pull off being straight as well as doing a bad job as a gay male escort. Not jealous, just keeping it real. Acting lessons are going to help this boy. I hope the eatery succeeds and Halle makes money on the deal. I still think it’s funny about all the media hoopla since it is not in such a great neighborhood or huge place, it’s a neighborhood place. Seems much ado about nothing.

  123. 123
    idoubtit Says:

    I doubt her manager would take him on as a client, please. He’s with Wilahmena (can’t spell it). Vincey was probably there as a favor to Halle. If Halle gave him money for the place that’s her business. So, don’t start dogging the manager.

    Don’t think she’s going to be giving him money if it does sour or continue to sour. Yeah I heard about the NYT writer on her blog saying that it would be the one and only time that Halle would be there. Sounds like she may know that Aubry is only using Halle for pr. If they were so loving of a couple, I would think she would be there to support him in his endeavor, but as some of pointed out she didn’t do that when she was married to that baseball guy and Benet’s music career, which I know is debatable, was put on hold while playing house husband. Can’t see her flying up to NYC or Miami every alternating weekend to be with the guy.

    If Aubry really wants his restaurant to succeed on its own merits then he needs to spend less time shopping, restaurant and event hopping (a few at that) with Halle in LA or flying all over Canada (doubt the marriage in Montreal or house buying thing will materialize) or where ever. Halle may be able to multitask, but I doubt Aubry can. The boy can even shave or comb his hair. I hope he’s sober on the photo shoots.

  124. 124
    cafefiasco Says:

    Sounds like Cafe Fuego is more like Cafe Fiasco. Do think the crack, smack and cognac pun was funny.

  125. 125
    blogger Says:

    Where is the NY blogger page. About this being Halle’s first and last time at the restaurant? Also, you can’t be serious?!!! Halle is actually going to marry this dude in MOntreal. If she does that, I’m threw with Halle. Crazy never changes I see.

  126. 126
    Sasha Says:

    This is a stupid conversation really. We’re not in Halle’s inner ciricle. We have no idea what happened between or around them at the restaurant. All the posts above are pure opinions and that’s all. You see what you want to see. Perhaps some people at the restaurant were giving the couple a hard time. That’s possible. Look at the statements just on this site. People who are against them went to the restaurant too. They had to be there somewhere. I can imagine the looks of disgust. The tension from that alone was likely so thick you could cut it with a knife. I’m sure that made Halle angry. She probably said, ‘Let’s do this and be gone.’

    If Halle and Gabriel are honestly going to make this work, they’ll get over the outside pressure. I’m sure she is aware of how a lot of the public feels about her breaking up with the last boyfriend and then taking up with this one. The men are as different as night and day. The more Halle and Gabriel step out together, the more they’ll get used to the mean faces, rude comments, etc. If the relationship is worth it to them, they will come together as a united front. Stronger. If they love each other and don’t want to put up with the public, she could start attending important affairs solo and stay out of the media. If she does that, she’ll become “a rare sighting” in the public eye and therefore more famous. If they want to walk around hand-in-hand and act lovey dovey, they might also consider moving to another country like Tina Turner did to a place more accepting. He’s an international model, so he would probably know where to go.

  127. 127
    idoubtit Says:

    Think the getting married thing in Montreal was on some Canadian Television or some entertainment program awhile back (don’t remember the source, remember hearing from the summer–don’t think it is going to happen, so don’t let your undies get in a bunch. Apologies, if I got ya riled up. My fault. I also don’t by the crap about the house hunting thing, if so it will be for her not them.

    Here’s the link to the blog: read comment from the blog poster, comment #2.

  128. 128
    idoubtit Says:

    The only thing I remember about the wedding thing rumor was that it was definitely summer because it was close or around the time all pregnancy rumors were flying around which someone on Courtney somethings blog (don’t have the link) said they were in her uncle’s store in Montreal claiming she was pregnant (no mention of the wedding I don’t think, people were ribbing the poster, since Halle has looked fairly skinny stretch marks and bloated/Photoshopped photos in all for most of the year other her normal slight weight fluctuations.

    Good god, now the haters/posters will probably speculate a new twist why Halle agreed to help bail him out. Don’t even go there on that one.

  129. 129
    idoubtit Says:

    for Blogger, if you click on the link, it will say document not found, go to the side bar on the link to the St. Marks round-up link, the article will appear.

  130. 130
    Pitt Stop Says:

    Ooh there is interest in this subject. Not like Brangelina, but pretty interesting just the same. Reading thru the posts, my opinion is that there is some jealousy or anger but I can’t put my finger on it. If not, people would contribute and move on, but many posters keep repeating the same info. Strong emotions here.

  131. 131
    looksthatwaytome Says:

    Pitt Stop,

    Looks like something to me too. Great observation. There may be some jealousy, definitely anger and/or people who like to keep things going and either don’t want them to succeed as a couple or whatever or see Aubry’s venture succeed. I am totally amazed that this piece has gotten so many posts.

  132. 132
    seriousquestion Says:

    Have a serious question, why is there so much attention to the inter-racial aspect of their relationship and why them? They aren’t the only inter-racial celebrity couples as I think someone or a few have mentioned. Granted the internet wasn’t prevalent when a lot of these relationships occurred (Alfre, Poitier, Freeman, Carroll etal), why are they being singled out?

  133. 133
    sawgabrieltoday Says:

    Okay. I actually went to Cafe Fuego today. Let me break it down. NOw some of you may take this as someone hating. I have no time for that, I’m just keeping it real. Can’t speak for everyone, but the whole not feeling Halle’s relationship with this guy I don’t think has to do with the interracial piece, it just has a weird vibe period. There are plenty of interracial couples in Hollywood, they are all over the place, there’s just something about this one that seems NOT RIGHT! Anyway, here’s how my Gabriel sighting went.

    Since I was in the city, I felt like I should try out some restaurants I’ve been curious about. I made the decision to go to Gabriel’s restaurant (Café Fuego), which was just promoted on ET, Extra, Access and all of that.

    Anyway, when I arrived, I immediately noticed Gabriel Aubry was there, he was on the phone outside! He was wearing a somewhat tight white T-Shirt (short sleeved) with deep blue jeans and a skull cap. He’s very skinny, has no a**, his demeanor is somewhat milktose, and he is not someone you would gush over if you saw him walking down the street. He’s photogenic I suppose, since he’s a model, but if you saw Boris walking down the street, you might break your neck trying to get a glance, but being real if you saw Gabriel, you would just keep it going (he’s just kind of plain). Anyway, he also had on no coat, although it’s fall and it was pretty chilly outside. I guess he’s just as coo coo as Halle (LOL!).

    When I saw Gabriel was there, I knew I had to go in. Next, I noticed there were not a lot of people in the restaurant – maybe about 6 to 8 people. It is a small cafe, but since he’s dating Halle and she was just on TV promoting the restaurant, I thought it would be packed, but…not so!

    Gabriel’s demeanor was quite interesting. He seemed very annoyed, frustrated, and/or angry about something. First, Halle was not there with him, he was there with his business partner. Once he came back inside and I was looking at a take out menu (I had gotten from outside), he sat down next to me. He was flipping his cell phone on and off, seemingly trying to get in contact with someone. When he would flip off the cell phone, he seemed upset, like can this person answer their phone. Eventually, he just started looking at the wall. I asked the bartender/waitress what’s good here, etc. etc. She eventually was like, let me get you the main menu. She started to look for it and actually left the bar. Gabriel then SLID THE MENU TO ME IN A VERY RUDE MANNER!!! You know how it is when you may want someone to look at something or sign something, but you are upset with them; so you don’t look at them, you don’t say anything, you just aggressively slide a piece of paper to them. In other words, my first meeting with Gabriel gave me the impression, he’s not a very friendly dude, at least not at that time. Now, I did not think his rudeness was toward me, because like I said, he seemed frustrated about something or about someone, but later when I went home and told folks about how he handled the situation, they said I should not have ordered and should have told him, “I’ll come back when you know how to treat your customers!” But me being a foody and VERY CURIOUS about how the food would taste, I ordered anyway.

    I ordered a mac and cheese dish, which took like 20 minutes to come out (a bit slow). I know this is a cuban restaurant, and I probably should not have ordered the mac and cheese dish. BUT, since this was the first time I was at the restaurant, I did not want to order the most expensive item on the menu. Plus, this was listed as an entree and the waitress was like, this is a very good dish. Lastly, I’m black, so hey, I just wanted me some mac and cheese.YOU GUYS!!!! I’M BEING SO FOR REAL, THIS CRAP WAS SOOOOOO NASTY!!!. JUST THINK KRAFT!, it was a hot mess!!! Also a bit deceiving because the menu said that the mac and cheese would be baked! Not so, if it was looking like Kraft!

    If I were Halle, I would not have wanted to put my name on this restaurant either!! Maybe some of the other dishes are better. And I will admit I could have gotten a more traditional cuban dish, but the waitress made this sound like it was the bomb! And based on the menu, although this is a cuban restaurant, there are a lot of other type of entrees, like pancakes, etc.

    But with Gabriel being rude and not being able to put on his game face for his customers (be nice, recommend a dish) and with the food not being on point. I have to say, don’t go to his restaurant! Sorry but keeping it real!!! I could careless about their relationship. Neither of them pay my bills. If anything I pay theres, I just ate at his restaurant, and was nice of enough to stay after he was not the nicest. So if that makes me a hater, then oh well! I guess everyone has to love Halle and Gabriel. After having a FIRST HAND experience with the latter, I know I don’t have to love them. SORRY! And if the food was good, I would definitely have given him and his restaurant some props. But it was just not for me. Others may like it, but I can’t get with the Kraft type of dish!

  134. 134
    sawgabrieltoday Says:

    sorry for the typos. Typing fast.

  135. 135
    Answertoyourquestion Says:

    Halle Berry is a beautiful black woman who has always identified with the black community and married two black men. Black women wanted to be her and black men wanted to be with her. Whenever black male stars are asked about who they think is pretty, Halle’s name usually comes up. She’s considered to be fine. Though she dated white men long ago, ever since her marriage to David Justice and her subsequent marriage and relationship, black men assumed she would never go back to white men.

    If Halle had probably dated a Hispanic, hip-hop type, I think people would not be quite so mad. But this Gabriel, well, he is kind of on the gentler side, something that a black man would never want to be. Black men like to be aggressive and “own” their women. Sexual confidence is a big deal in their world. They can’t imagine how Halle could go from black studs Justice and Ealy to what they consider a white wimp. So they assume that Gabriel is gay, a goofy geek or a nerd. The fact that he is white and considered to be a pretty boy is a double whammy. His features are very fine. To them, Halle choosing Gabriel is like pouring salt in an open wound. You’re dealing with racism and the overall issue of blacks feeling oppressed by the “white man,” when, in fact, it may be a simple case of Halle just finding herself attracted to Gabriel for some reason.

    If Halle Berry was an ugly black woman, people would not care nearly as much. That’s why women like Alfre are completely overlooked. They don’t care much about her because in the black community she’s not known for her good looks. If Denzel Washington divorced his wife and started dating white women, that would be end of him too. He’d better not ever dream about it. Somehow I don’t believe he ever will.

  136. 136
    justathought Says:


    …sorry about your experience, but from what I gather from friends and others that I know who have really eaten there and have given the place mixed reviews regarding the food and service. So I don’t blame you for your sharing your experience, I don’t think you are being a hater. You were being very tactful. I would be upset too about the service, Mac and Cheese thing too. So, who knows if Halle’s appearance will have any real impact on the place like he was hoping. Who knows why he was in a bad mood or who he was trying to call on his cell which is immaterial. He shouldn’t have been rude regardless if he was having a bad day. I couldn’t careless either what the relationship is or isn’t. Who knows if she’s a silent partner and who cares. Think she was there to support him begrudgingly or maybe she felt she kinda sorta owed him for all of the nasty stuff on the internet, who knows? Anyway, sorry about your experience. Hope things will improve for others who may go there.

  137. 137
    seriousquestion Says:

    Answeringyourquestion….thank you for response. I’m glad you didn’t think it was stupid. It kinda makes more sense in understanding where people are coming from.

  138. 138
    Answertoyourquestion Says:

    While I am here… Sawgabrieltoday, if your story is true (which I doubt it, but if it is) you went to that restaurant looking for something… and it wasn’t food. You sure noticed a lot of details about the man like what he was wearing, his thinness, the size of his butt, his skin color, what he was doing, etc.

    I know when people are staring at me that way, and I do not like it. THAT’S RUDE! You can bet your bottom dollar he knew you were there for ulterior motives. You got exactly the service you deserved. But if you keep letting this relationship eat away at you like this, you won’t be able to stop yourself from going back. Check yourself.

  139. 139
    seriousquestion Says:

    Answer…good response to Saw. I don’t think she was there for the Mac ‘N Cheese either, if the story is true. I would be annoyed too if someone came to my place hoping to see Halle (right) there or for whatever reason. I like my Mac “N Cheese too but I wouldn’t think to order it at a Cuban restaurant.

  140. 140
    unfortunatelythatstherisk Says:

    For serious/answer I am sure there’s some truth in your responses but what did Aubry think when he got Halle to help him. I know there are lots of people who couldn’t careless about celebrities and just want to eat a new or nice neighborhood restaurant and there are a lot who don’t. If Aubry didn’t want the gawkers at his restaurant he shouldn’t have had Halle do her thing this past Tuesday. Have never been to the restaurant so I really don’t know if the food, service, etc. is truly meritous of the “supposed” mixed reviews it has been getting which I am sure not all of those posters have really eaten there and there are those who really have. Think Aubry’s just as much as at fault as the poster in question if her motives weren’t really pure. She may just like celebrity types who knows.

  141. 141
    sawgabrieltoday Says:

    To Answertoyourquestion:

    The experience is very true!!!! And of course you would go to the restaurant looking for a celebrity. It was just on the news! Soooooo I’m not going to apologize for that. Plus, seeing that someone has on a T-shirt and jeans is not hard to see. Not hard to describe. Sorry!

  142. 142
    Answertoyourquestion Says:

    There is nothing wrong with curiosity. There is nothing wrong with going to a restaurant hoping to catch a celeb. But there was something about the above person’s post that was untruthful to me. I also sensed an overwhelming vibe of his or her negativity right off the bat. I think the person went into the restaurant already disliking Gabriel. My opinion, that’s all.

  143. 143
    sawgabrieltoday Says:

    Also, I was not staring at him. I actually gave him the impression that I did not recognize him. I would look up, then look at the menu. Went inside, ordered the food. He sat right next to me, I could see from the corner of my eye that he was frustrated with something. I was not ME! I was not in his face. He was frustrated with whatever he was calling someone about or about something in the restaurant, it could have been anything. He was just frustrated. The point is, your sweet Gabriel, was rude PERIOD!! If he was nice, I would have said so, he acted the way he did. I did not ask him to act like that. Sorry if your fantasy of him has been ruined. Plus, I made a point to say that he probably was just bothered with something AT THAT TIME. Maybe he’s normally happy go lucky. But at that moment he was not. All I wanted was for him to treat his customer better. Separate the personal frustration from you professional life. You still have to be nice to the customer. I don’t think I’m wrong on this. BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT! And for the record, I would tell him this to his face, which I should have done when I was there. But I wanted to give the food a chance. So I did, and I did not like it.

  144. 144
    Answertoyourquestion Says:

    Sorry, we are posting over each other. If what you say is true, then don’t worry about me. I’m only one little voice here…..

    I have been to new restaurants and seen how chaotic they are at first. It takes many, many years of business for a restaurant to be considered a success. Most restaurants fail. I won’t be surprised if this one does too.

  145. 145
    sawgabrieltoday Says:

    It’s all good! I did ask a customer there, how business was doing. Apparently he had a friend who worked there. He said pretty much what you are saying that it just opened so it will take time to really get moving.

  146. 146
    thenextgeneration Says:

    Forget Halle! The next generation has arrived! PAULA PATTON!!!

  147. 147
    halleandpaula Says:

    Paula’s very pretty. And she is just starting her career, so she could perhaps be the next “it” girl as many publications have suggested. BUT, there’s still something about Halle that is just more appealing. I don’t know if it’s the drama in her life that comes through on the screen, and adds some mystery and spice to her persona, or whatever. To be honest, Paula is just as pretty as Vanessa Williams, Michael Michele. All of these women were around when Halle started. But Halle just has something else. But since Halle’s is getting older, and just like with anyone, folks will start to look to other actresses, I’m sure Paula will do a wonderful job with her career.

    But, let me also say, when it comes to black stars! I hate it when folks think it can only be one. How about BOTH PAULA AND HALLE ARE THE IT GIRLS!!!

  148. 148
    somethingdoesntfeelright Says:

    I really am not angry, jealous, racist, etc. in my comment…although I have read the comments and really do wish them and his restaurant well and only the very best, not to be going Miss Cleo or Shirley MacLaine on you, something has never felt right to me about them. I just can’t put finger on it and hope it is really genuine.

  149. 149
    marketingexpert Says:

    I really couldn’t careless about them as a couple and whether or not they last or not. However, as a marketing expert, while Halle may be on the A-List and garner media attention, I don’t see it being a good marketing ploy in helping Cafe Fuego gain mass appeal and all promotion or pr has been low profile up to this point. I could be wrong but usually I am not when it comes to marketing. It reminds me of the Diet Coke commercial with Donna Karan a few years back while it was hep, turned out to be a media disaster.

    I don’t see it really don’t see last Tuesday’s media hoopla really helping a restaurant. Yes, it does take awhile for a restaurant to work out its kinks and be a shear success on its own. Only time will tell if Tuesday’s media fan fare really helped the place or not and whether it will succeed or not just as with any given restaurant whether or not one of the owners is associated with a top celebrity or not. As for whether Halle invested in the restaurant, probably. Let’s hope she gets a financial return on her investment.

  150. 150
    someoneinthebiz Says:

    Taking it from someone in the biz–While Aubry has had experience in being a cook and probably knows a little something about restaurants from his experience and travels, doesn’t necessarily mean he is an expert, a good business man, etc. It’s a whole different ball game when you’re the owner/co-owner as with having an “expertise” in a certain field doesn’t necessarily mean when it’s your baby it will succeed or fail. Let’s hope it succeeds.

  151. 151
    goodbizposts Says:

    Good biz posts. Pardon me if it’s been said, can’t tell from a lot of the long posts. The only way for the way for Aubry’s business to succeed is to be in NYC 24/7 (especially in this stage in the game) and be a hands on manager even if means being there on weekends which are a restaurant (not just in NYC)’s busiest times. Can’t see it working if he’s commuting back and forth from both coasts constantly.

    As for his association with Ms. Berry, I am sure he’s a nice guy or she wouldn’t be going out with him, if the relationship is to succeed at this point, then it would be more practical for her to move or spend more time in NYC, which I really can’t see her doing when she didn’t like doing that when she was married to David Justice. Once the business is established which sometimes can take up to 3-5 for a restaurant to succeed if not less (1-3 years), then I can see Aubry flying back and forth while his biz is soaring. Don’t know if Halle is that committed to wait that long.

  152. 152
    Halle's fan Says:

    We know what the problem is in Halle and Gabriel’s relationship. We see it. It’s simple. They still care about what “we” think. They aren’t comfortable with each other in public. This is a major reason why so many of us refuse to date people outside our race. We don’t like people looking at us and making us feel weird. We want to be ourselves. I love Halle, but I don’t think Gabriel is a long-term thing. They may get along perfectly when they are alone, so we don’t know about that. I just hope this Gabriel really cares about her like we know a black man would. She should not lose her power in this relationship and let him control her. Stay strong Halle.

  153. 153
    veryinterestingcomments Says:

    Very interesting comments by all. Somewhat enlightening. Understand the last and other posters point of view which are all very valid. Personally (perception), I don’t think they should care what anybody should think if they feel secure enough in the relationship. If they don’t (no offense) then they don’t need to be together as with any relationship. In the dialog between Serious/Answer, I know a lot of white people, both male and female who aren’t jealous of them or even careless if they were dating, don’t fantasize about either of them or think he’s as hunky as people make him out to be, or think he’s nerdy, emasculate, geeky or whatever (etc.) , so I think those views aren’t just limited to just Black males. I think there pretty universal for those interested in them or Halle.

    For the jealousy comments, why would someone (other than what’s been posted) be jealous of them or Halle. The very thought of living up outwardly in public to the expectation or fantasy of others when they/she is probably total different or opposite of who they/she really are/is. I remember reading a Rita Hayworth quote something about all the men she met fell in love with “Gilda” and woke up with me (or something to that effect) as well as a similar quote from Marilyn Monroe about being admired and how it’s nice but different from the way things really are. I consider Halle being as big as them/other who are considered sex symbols. I don’t know how she really does it.

    One final note (sorry for the ramble), I was talking with a friend today while watching the football games talking about how interesting it how much time people including myself at times, spend on the various sites on the Internet, instead of putting the same energy into helping a variety of social causes and/or the war in Iraq. I know people come to these boards for a variety. Just think it’s interesting and something to think about.

  154. 154
    publicappearances Says:

    For what it is worth, regarding Aubry’s appearances with Halle at Malibu protest and Carousel of Hope Gala, while they are causes that Halle believes in since she still has a beachfront home in Malibu and has diabetes (besides being a speaker/presenter at the event) was also to prepare Aubry for last Tuesday’s fete (while he was mainly in the background but still present in the pix of them for the press or standing with Halle for the media outlets). Halle’s no fool.Aubry probably couldn’t careless about those events and the comments were met with mixed reviews too.

  155. 155
    hallesfuturechoices Says:

    Agree don’t think Aubry’s going to be long-term thing either. I seriously doubt from all of the comments that posted on the internet about over the past year or so, that Halle will date a White person again because of the tension in the Black community even if the guy is good looking, confident/secure about himself as a person and career/finances, masculine, intelligent or a brainiac, comfortable with her celebrity status, be in the background or a stay at home bf/hubby, look like they belong together,didn’t want anything from her, would want to be with her just because she’s her, treat her like an equal partner, etc., I think there will always be some dissention. Unless, the guy is Hispanic, hiphop style like one of the posters mentioned, she will probably go back to dating Black/bi-racial men.

  156. 156
    furtherproof Says:

    I’m the same poster who had the Aubry sighting!

    This is just further proof that Aubry does not necessarily have “model” behavior. Now I know where his a** is, in his personality — he’s an a** hole.

  157. 157
    restaurantworker Says:

    FP he probably is. And it only be time before it closes. Having worked in restaurants all over the country, two days is not enough time to train waitstaff. No wonder they are always advertising in the paper and craigslist and other sources for servers, cooks, waitstaff, hostesses, etc. Obviously, Aubry doesn’t know jackshit about running a restaurant, treating staff and customers–since it’s hit Page Six doubt it will really be open much longer. Let it go and don’t go back. Just because he’s an ******* you shouldn’t be. Don’t make this your personal vendetta. He’ll slit his own throat which he seems to be doing nicely. Maybe Halle’s tired of his childish diva behavior?

    Don’t think Halle and the media fiasco is going to help the place if not, the place would be swarming. Agree with the business posters postings. Regarding, all of the posters who have implied Halle gave him money for the place in spite of his ohso high modeling salary, I am sure if she did, her manager and/or lawyers had her have him sign some type promisary note. I’m sure if/when the place goes belly up, Halle will definitely sue his ass (and probably win even if he filed for bankruptcy-which with the new laws probably wouldn’t get because of his lavish lifestyle) to get her money back, she’s isn’t that much of a fool.

    I seriously doubt they’re even still dating by accounts of Halle’s behavior and body language that night. If he was an ******* to you and his employees, I am sure he’s been an ******* to Halle and I really don’t think she would put up with that.

  158. 158
    JeanieB Says:

    Think there’s only one room for a diva (which Halle may think she is, but isn’t) in Halle’s house (not their/our house).—LMAO. Both them and the restaurant are history. Will be interesting when the truth hits the tabloids, etc. Looking forward to Halle suing his ****** ass.

  159. 159
    Annoyed Jolie fan Says:


  160. 160
    Anonymous Says:

    Guess the bedroom isn’t the only place Gabby’s shooting blanks and coming up with nothing, huh? It must be riot seeing him as a diva ***** at photoshoots.

  161. 161
    WTF Says:

    WTF is this really news worthy? This is getting more coverage than TomKats wedding, wtf or some other topic?

  162. 162
    HeyAnnoyedJoliefan Says:

    Hey Annoyed…other than a couple of people having more than one post seriously how can you tell one or two people are hogging the posts? I can’t tell other than a lot of people are saying the same thing, I’m kind of new to this blogging comment thing.

  163. 163
    Go Halle! Says:

    I was hoping there was a new topic and photos this morning on my favorite couple at the moment. Too bad.

    I’m going to post what I posted on the other site here too. I read a little above and I have to add my two cents.

    First of all, there are a lot of haters here. I can “smell” you. You are pretending to be nonchalant, but then you are saying mean things quickly.

    To one of the posters above, you quickly assume that you completely know Gabriel Aubry’s character by a couple or few incidents in a restaurant, calling him an @sshole. He just opened a new restaurant. So what about a stupid waitress. Stuff like this happens a lot. Ever watch “Top Chef?” I suggest you do. It’s all a part of the business. You cannot please everyone all the time. Some of you came on here to try to influence others to hate the guy because you do. It’s kind of easy to see.

    I don’t care about you. Gabriel Aubry is trying out a new venture. It may succeed, it may not. He’s known for being shy and quiet. Maybe his social skills aren’t that great, but that doesn’t mean he is a terrible person. Halle wouldn’t go for a man like that, not for close to a year.

    Anyhow I’m not going to waste my time with that since you already have your opinion. I’m here to say how much I ADORE THIS COUPLE and support them. I want Halle to have Gabriel’s child so badly! I am hoping and praying that instead of them having a lot of problems, they are actually the right people for each other. The age difference is only 10 years and he might want to have a child with her.

    Maybe you have read this, but I am copying it here too. It’s Gabriel’s bio, which I find fascinating.


    Gabriel Aubry was born on January 4, 1976 in a beautiful city Montreal, Canada. He is the ultra-elegant French Canadian representing Hugo Boss and Massimo Dutti.

    The combination of elegance and masculinity has become the trademark of Gabriel Aubry in the world of fashion. As one of the top male models in the business, this proud Canadian radiates his glamour and elegance in many of his works. Perhaps, this quality is the essence that captivates his fans worldwide, and drives designers repeatedly to seek his image in representing their products, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.

    Gabriel Aubrey is a native of Montreal Canada, where he was born and raised. Gabriel was discovered when He was approached by a stylist in a night club. His following exposure on local fashion news spreads lead to his early assignments with Calvin Klein, Versace, Exte and a few others, but Gabriel didn’t achieved his supermodel status untill the arrival of the new millenium, when he was exclusively featurd in Hugo Boss ad campaigns.

    This beautiful adonis now belongs to the group of elite models in the industry. Currently residing in New York constantly under the attention of fashion media, Gabriel is still a little reserved and timid around paparazzi, maybe because he is from Canada and is still influenced by the relatively conservative Canadian tradition. This young man is very far away from the sexy image and “glamour”, of which his principal employer Hugo Boss portrays him in publicities. “I was always a super-shy person. I do not like to be made and followed by the cameras.” says Gabriel. Contrary to most women, men do not dream to be mannequins, they often become it by accident. It is the case of Gabriel being discoverd in a night club.

    Gabriel is described as the prototype of androgynous or boyish model that seems to prevail at the moment in the fashion. The sharpened nose, the blue eyes and the squre chin are his own characteristics in addition to his challenging and seductive glance.

    He is on the runways in fashion capital cities in the world. He also projects a portrait of the perfect gentleman during his photoshoots. His work for Hugo Boss is one of his most important stints as a model, joining Mini Anden and Amber Valleta in the campaigns of Spring/Summer 2002. Both photoshoots were done with the accomplished photographer Craig McDean.These campaign ads has been described as one of the best examples of romanticism in high fashion advertisements.

    On the runways, he is one of the favorites of Versace, Cerruti and Ralph Lauren, and among others. He established the fact that Canadians can and will be known as one of the most important supplier of the best male models for the fashion industry, joined by such names as Phil Missig, Joel McMillan and Robert Perovich to prove just that.

  164. 164
    Go Halle! Says:

    Notice the bio called him a BEAUTIFUL ADONIS! My sentiments exactly. It also said he is influenced by the “conservative Canadian tradition.” I love it! I can see why Halle probably flipped for him the first time she laid eyes on him. He has that quiet, sexy kind of way. All he has to do is stand still and look beautiful. He’s not at all the average Joe Blow. Most men, even models do not have his kind of chiseled features. His shyness is usual for really beautiful people. They get noticed wherever they go, so they usually try to stay out of the limelight in their personal lives.

    I hope Jared is able to land some new photos soon. It’s driving me crazy!

  165. 165
    Repeats? Says:

    This is my first post here. Agree that the posts are too long and people are definitely repeating themselves. Looks like the last two posts were posted by the same person and there may be a few or a couple who have posted multiple times under different names but I don’t honestly believe that 1-2 posters are responsible for all these silly bloggings, come on get real. I would think people have better ways to make use of their time or seriously don’t think there that many no life losers on the internet who are going to post to this blog or other blogs on the happy couple. Doesn’t justjared like a lot of other blog sites check email addresses if they’re real or not or if posts are coming from the same email address? That would be the only way to determine if the same person/s are doing all the work/damage. I am not sure if that answers HeyAnnoyed’s question? If any others have any comments that might answer his/her question. Finger pointing, calling them haters (which some of them very well may be), etc. is solving the problem or answering the question.

  166. 166
    gabrielseemsbi Says:

    This photo makes Gabriel look kind of well feminine! The way he holds Halle isn’t like this.

  167. 167
    equiringminds Says:

    LOL3 what was he telling the bartender….sorry didn’t mean to sound like a gossip ****.

    To Mac “N Cheez ho–if you weren’t bitter why are you posting the same crap here as on other blogs i.e. d-listed (and god knows what others)?Who cares about NYPost piece!

  168. 168
    thisisprobablytotalbullshit Says:

    Some of the comments I expected, but I am guessing 80-90%+ of the posts are total bullshit.

  169. 169
    LOL3idontbelieveu Says:

    LOL3, bad day possibly. But really don’t by the jive about Gabby-baby talking to the bartender about Halle in any context–very tacky and unprofessional. Unless you want to illuminate us on what you heard?

  170. 170
    LOL3idontbelieveu Says:

    LOL3, forgot to add if you really did actually say something to the bartender about Halle he probably knew you were listening and did it on purpose.

  171. 171
    herloveofblonds Says:

    Link to Halle’s love for blonds—link to the Chicago Dr. who tried to extort $80K from her.

  172. 172
    therealness! Says:

    Gabriel is Halle’s b*tch of course he would be talking about Halle. She’s using him to fill whatever void is in her life. She would not even give him a second look if a REAL man was looking at her. In terms of the poster, posting various post about Gabriel. No big deal to me, probably just trying to spread the word! Gabriel is a punk! And for two different people to say so, means something!

  173. 173
    therealness! Says:

    Did one of you just say Halle would not go for an a guy who was an a** hole! Clearly you’ve missed the story of her life LMAO!!!

  174. 174
    LOL! Says:

    Androgynous for sure!

  175. 175
    thefeminieone! Says:

    Gabriel I have one thing to say to you, based on a link I just clicked above! HOW YOU DOIN! (when one is suspected of being gay!)

  176. 176
    thehype Says:

    To Go Halle!

    Don’t believe the hype, celebrities are often different when you meet them, not always the nicest! I definitely believe the mac and cheese story and the story from the waitress. Plus, I don’t buy the model agency’s spill that Gabriel is shy, this dude is enjoying every moment of attention he gets! He’s probably using the h*ll out of Halle. And to be honest, it’s working! An item on Page Six, without a picture of Halle says something. He’s be banging a blonde model here shortly, if he isn’t already!!! Awwwright!!!!

  177. 177
    forgetGabriel Says:

    Forget Gabriel banging someone else. Halle’s probably doing that!!! I would, Gabriel’s body has absolutely nothing to say but FEED ME!!!

  178. 178
    hislook Says:

    He looks like Ellen DeGeneres!!!

  179. 179
    hughjackman Says:

    Gabriel must not be all that, IF HALLE STILL WISHES HUGH JACKMAN WASN’T MARRIED!!! HMMMMM…….

  180. 180
    thedonkey Says:

    Gabriel will stay will Halle as long as she allows him to milk her for free, free sex, free room and board, free fame, etc. In other words, he does not have to marry Halle, so he has the best of both worlds. He’s ******** the so called most beautiful woman in the world (although she’s probably crazy) and getting free publicity for his restaurant and fame!!!

    With all of this…There’s only one word to describe HALLE, SHE’S A DONKEY!!!!

    And well know, A donkey is gonna do what a donkey’s gonna do!!!

  181. 181
    waitasec Says:

    That’s an insult to Ellen…she’s better looking. Of course, the Mac and Cheez gal and Page Six Waitress are telling the truth. Of course, Halle still has problems with ******** –why would she be bankrolling him. He’s gotten attention from day one. Look at all of the goofy ass photos of him looking into the camera. He is from that pix link kinda screams out to me…where’s the anal lube ?

  182. 182
    Heydonkey Says:

    Donkey…from what I gather in certain circles…He ain’t that great in bed, trust me it doesn’t happen that often. Your point is well said…most of us are in agreement he’s a user and Halle doesn’t appear to give a ****…I don’t care what anybody says, the woman is bored, miserable and unhappy.

  183. 183
    thetruthwillcomeoutintheend Says:

    I have no fear that the truth will eventually come out in the end. It always does. Some call it fate, karma, destiny or whatever. If either one had not right motives no matter what is said on these blogs, or articles in the Post or celebrity appearances are going to change the real situation at hand. Do think a lot of actions from both will back fire if they haven’t already.

  184. 184
    thetruthwillcomeoutintheend Says:

    Think Aubry’s fifteen minutes of fame is soon to be up. After Halle dumps him, if she hasn’t already and the restaurant bombs, no one will probably ever hear about him unless it’s only in passing.

  185. 185
    tmzwasright Says:

    Looks like the comments from last month’s tmz were right—Aubry definitely in my opinion looks like/acts like Canadian white trash plain and simple and a flammer. No class, no sophistication, etc. Kinda almost makes ya feel sorry for Halle for picking the wrong guy for whatever. Will bet you anything the restaurant will not be open this time next year if it lasts that long, it will probably be less than a year. Don’t see Halle giving him any more money for his failing venture. One thing is for sure that both us whites and the brothers know he isn’t worth going to prison for from hurting his ugly mug. His picture kind of reminds me of “the portrait of dorian grey (wilde)”–very sinnister and ugly.

  186. 186
    totmzwasright Says:

    we hear ya…am sure Halle’s already kicked his bony white/no ass to the curb if not she sure will. come on…we stood by whitney…we should still stand by our gurl Halle.

  187. 187
    noclass Says:

    Actually since he is white trash, he’s perfect for Halle (being sarcastic). Halle may be a good actress, but she’s dumb as a rock in relationships!….She deserves someone just as dumb!

    Plus, ITA this dude is sinister looking. I just have a feeling, this might be the worst dude Halle will ever date. Something tells me, he’s going to be the one to blow the whistle on Halle. You know how she plays the victim role after ending her previous relationships. Well, since this dude is white, and folks are SHALLOW and think he’s perfect because he’s a model, the public might just believe THERE IS NO WAY HE COULD HAVE HURT HALLE (yeah right????) but I’m telling you….something just ain’t right! Time will tell.

  188. 188
    black Says:

    About the agin…..everyone ages on a different pace…..white , black and everyone else (but Japanese people stay young forever it seems)

    And come on, Will Smith not having wrinkles??
    Lokk at the new photos of him , he looks soo old it´s scary….

    And yeah Justin looks like 30 to me too- I simply hate that guy!

  189. 189
    NoshitLOL3 Says:

    NO **** LOL3, we all know you were eavesdropping. And he probably knew it. Cute story, that he wanted you to know about the soup thing and he was going to bring her soup. If she is sick, probably the stress from all of our **** on the Internet which I think is taking it’s toll on Gabby too. The story may be true, but it’s interesting that he was going to bring her soup when she was in LA. Have friends both at JFK and LAX who said they saw her fly out of NYC and back in LA. Unless they’re lying or Halle flew back over the weekend, Gabby was scamming you too. If she were still in the Big Apple, I would by your story.

  190. 190
    duckseasonrabbitseason Says:

    Duck season…rabbit season. He knew you were listening in–that’s why I posted the question yesterday. Whether she’s still in NYC or sick who knows. Aubry really doesn’t strike me as the sweet, caring, nurturing person that some of you all are making him out to be. I don’t know if I am wrong on this one. No class…he probably will be the worst one she has been with. Don’t think she’s going to use the victim thing this time because of all the posts. The relationship is probably waning from its honeymoon period. Whatever phase they’re in in their relationship, strikes me as “the well what do we do now phase.” If they want the comments to stop, they need to issue a statement so we can all get on with our lives. Frankly, they’re really boring. Seriously, doubt they’re going to do that. They comments about the haters is getting old. We’re just keeping it real. I really don’t see them together if they are really still together for much longer.

  191. 191
    WTF2 Says:

    Huh? If Halle’s so deathly ill as LOL3 is making her out to be (if she’s really sick, being nice and hope she feels better) why would she still agree to do the thing Tuesday, I am sure Hennessey and the media would of rescheduled since the whole point was for her to help with the publicity of the place that’s why she wasn’t there in Sept. when she was supposed to be. Still something doesn’t sit right here. Plus if they’re wigged out over the all the comments (good/bad), they don’t need to be reading and let their staffs take care of them. My guess if they were that secure individually and collectively they really wouldn’t give a **** what any of us think. Can’t imagine Halle being in bed in NYC sick while Gabby works long hours at the restaurant–a little too pre-housewifey for me. Could explain why we haven’t seen any new pix of her/them shopping in 2-3+ weeks. So much for hoping to spend to T’day holiday in NYC shopping, etc.

  192. 192
    therealness Says:

    To: LOL 3 Halle actually said the same thing about Gabriel…that she said about Eric. Wearing the whole storm outfit and all. She’s just a recycled b*tch!

  193. 193
    Dee Says:

    Will Smith is going to be on Oprah tomorrow. I have seen some of the commercials. He does not look old. He does not have a lot of wrinkles. You need to adjust your glasses. I think the fact that he has cut his hair and it is graying may make him look older. But his face is not wrinkled. Watch closely. He won’t be wearing the makeup that Oprah wears, so you should be able to see wrinkles in his skin if it’s present. I guarantee you that you won’t see his skin looking like a prune.

  194. 194
    attention Says:

    to LOL 3: Of course Gabriel is going to be nice. His true side is being released to the press. He cannot afford anymore negative press, especially as it applies to his restaurant.

    Plus, regarding him as a person, one thing I know for certain. When something seems to good to be true, it usually is!!! I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with this dude. Don’t think he’s the perfect one you are trying to portray him as. FURTHERMORE! Halle must not be that into starting a family with this guy….SHE HAS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!! Signed on to do YET ANOTHER FILM!!!! She’s going to be playing Nefertari in an upcoming film. I think that’s a good look for her. Hopefully it will remind her of her African roots! I also know she says she likes to work when she is under stress personally! Now it looks like she has two movies coming up…Class Act and now the Nefertari flick! She also will be promoting Perfect Strangers early next year. She will be one busy girl. But I’ll be real, since Gabriel and Halle most likely won’t be getting married any time soon, if at all, I do give their relationship, if it is just a little normal, 2 to 3 years total. They’ve been together 1 year. Only because I know this from people who KNOW HALLE FOR REAL, she craves attention. She cannot be without a relationship. In the past, she had a tendency to move on from men when she finds something else she wants, it would not surprise me if she ends up doing that to Gabriel. Especially, if he becomes too busy himself and his star begins to rise. That’s just the way it is. Sorry but these people are just regular folks with some shortcomings, if not more shortcomings than the average person.

    Plus, a doctor just did a study on celebrity relationships and why they don’t last. Apparently, when you have to likely narcissistic individuals in a relationship it’s hard to make it work for both of them. They both need all of the attention. If Gabriel is giving Halle all of the attention now, I’m positive that will wear out as soon as Halle, like most women to men, becomes normal or common to him. This is the honeymoon stage. Somehow I don’t think we will be saying they are the perfect couple (all based on the superficial) a year or two from now. I wouldn’t doubt of the pappi catch gabriel dining with another model here shortly to be honest.

    Also, to “sawgabrieltoday” if it’s true that Gabriel was frustrated that day, KNOWING THAT HALLE CRAVES TREMENDOUSE ATTENTION, I would not doubt, if she is in fact sick and still in NY, she was cussing him out for not staying home with her.

  195. 195
    Go Halle! Says:

    Still nothing new, huh? Well the haters are out in full force this morning, but it doesn’t matter. With all your hate, there are still those of us out here who love Halle Berry and are wishing, hoping and praying for only the best for this couple. I’ll keep saying it over and over again. Gabriel is fine, fine, fine. He’s the finest man she has ever had. I know she couldn’t help falling for Gabriel. He’s just too gorgeous for words. Sorry haters, but there is nothing you can do about it.

  196. 196
    beingsick! Says:

    RE: Gabriel telling the bartender that about Halle. I think that is poor class to tell the bartender in public that Halle is sick! And it’s just further proven in the sense that you heard the conversation!!!!

  197. 197
    nofinenessthere! Says:

    To Go Halle:

    I hope Gabriel ends up doing something so dirty to Halle. Just for you to say he’s the finest man she’s had, sounds a mess to me!!! I guess your sense of beauty only involves eurocentric features! PLEASE, he looks like a geek! There’s nothing fine about that man!

  198. 198
    Go Halle! Says:

    I can’t read all those posts above, but I scanned a few. Hey, if Halle is sick, maybe she’s PREGNANT! Oh, let it be so!

    The French Canadians aren’t like Americans. He’s probably a bit more mature and loves children. Gabriel may give her that baby yet. That beautiful, baby. Please God!

  199. 199
    jilliebean Says:

    Doubt she’s sick…she probably was cussing him out for not being with her if she really is still in NYC. Thought Nefertiti was put on hold for a couple of years, haven’t heard anything yet. She does to work a lot to combat stress. Right, she’s doing Class Act unless that changes. Promoting Perfect Stranger and Things We Lost In the Fire plus if she does do Nefertiti as well as any of other projects she has had on hold when she was doing the agency shuffle thing last year/mid year. Don’t know if she’ll be asked to do X4 if that gets off the ground. Anyway, yes she’s going to be busy. Don’t see time for her to pop a kid out with Aubry during that time. Regardless of her past pattern, don’t think they’ll be together for three years two is even pushing it. Even with Ealy we really don’t how long they were actually together since they were off and on so many times.

  200. 200
    Go Halle! Says:

    Everyone has a different standard for beauty. I love sharp features. I like a sculpted, chiseled face and fine features on a man. It’s not something you see everyday. While most white people have smaller features, they’re still not fine. It doesn’t matter what color the man is. I have seen fine features on men in every single race. I have seen dark-skinned blacks and Africans (esp. Somalians, Ethiopians), Asians, Caucasians, Hispanics–you name it. I love Gabriel’s features. I don’t like really big lips or noses on my men. And I don’t like a super huge butt. Sorry, but that’s my idea of masculinity for a man.

    Gabriel is tall and slim. I like muscles too, but he is a model. He has the perfect body for what he does. That’s why he’s at the top. He has beautiful eyes. It’s one of his best features. Look at his jawline and the shape of his face. Totally unique.

    If Halle is still in the market to get pregnant, GABRIEL IS HER MAN. They would have the most beautiful children. Not because the baby is biracial. It’s all in the parents’ features. If the child looks more like Gabriel, it will be gorgeous. If it looks like Halle, the same. Either way, beautiful baby.

  201. 201
    jilliebean Says:

    Don’t give a **** what anyone thinks, keeping it real as you folk would say. C’mon u2…Halle’s not pregnant probably not sick and probably not in NY still. Jesus ******* christ! She’s probably laying low if in NY or LA ’cause of all the comments of everybody knowing she’s really fucked up this time big time with this one and we know it.

    If she were going to have this flammer’s baby she would have done it by now. Even with the all the comments about whether or not he’s gay/bi or whatever all proves to me that the old Halle would have been bold enough to get knocked up to “prove” a lot of us are wrong. Well, she hasn’t been so far. If she really wanted a kid she would have done it.

    Bullshit that Aubry is an angel. Go Halle! You’re as much full of **** as them for trying to carryout their charade this long and the other posters who think he is so fine. Fine my dead Auntie Fanny. You and the others don’t want to deal with the possibility Aubry is a Canadian White Trash flamming ****** who’s using Halle, the relationship is at some point a sham, and that he really may be gay/bi…ruins the fantasy for you all about them being a dreamy couple and would make cute babies…make me puke. Good god the number of posts this blog has gotten. Don’t see them either or the restaurant afloat much longer.

  202. 202
    jilliebean Says:

    Please the man has an ugly body…the speedo pix no body no basket. Looks almost anorexic. Why think Halle thinks this guy is cute is beyond me. That picture of that dentist even looks more geeky that Aubry which is a stretch. I think it’s a riot that this whimpy man tried to get money out selling their stories about their supposed sexual exploits to the press/tabloids–don’t know Aubry may have been able to do a better job than Dr. Feelgood?

  203. 203
    dontfeelsorrythem Says:

    Don’t feel sorry for either of them. Of couse, their a perfect match. Halle babygirl while there’s nothing wrong with wanting what everyone else has–an actual wonderful relationship. Hate to say it sweetheart, you have caused all of this…it’s your job to correct.

  204. 204
    goodgollymissmolly Says:

    Good Golly Miss Molly…at all of the comments. Halle’s knows she’s the cause of all the comments and knows how these comments are hurting Gabby’s restaurant. I’m sure they won’t last either. If Halle’s bored now is she still going to wait 2-5 more years for Gabby’s restaurant to be a success. She’s not going to end up with him, because society won’t allow someone who ids herself with the Black community and is a major sex symbol hook up some White guy, plain in simple. Both aren’t confident in themselves and their relationship and careers enough to tell us all to **** off.

  205. 205
    Go Halle! Says:

    Sorry to make some of you so angry. Gabriel is gorgeous. Halle didn’t get pregnant by any of her last men either… so much for all that SUPPOSED good loving. She’s not stupid. She’s in control of her life. Having babies for those “other” men would have been the biggest mistake of her life. Not a great one in the bunch. She’ll have that baby when and if she wants to. Gotta love her.

    Little snipes about Gabriel’s body type are useless. His basket, butt…. How inane. I guess you like super huge body parts. Not me. Gabriel looks great. Nice and slim, tall, long legs. My God! The perfect male model. When I hear comments like “White Trash” I know you are just a RACIST hater. I won’t sit here and argue with a SOCIAL MISFIT. You need to go back to school…

    At 30 yrs old, Gabriel has probably been to more places than Halle. He has a lot to bring to their union. It’s good to try something else in life besides just modeling. He must have some goals. He’ll probably be a great businessman one day. Go Halle!

  206. 206
    Go Halle! Says:

    I have to leave for this day, but I must also say that I think this relationship is different for some reason. It seems like Halle is taking things slowly. She’s not jumping “out there” in front of everybody like she did before, smiling for the cameras. I think she’s learned that with Gabriel, she’s not going to be fake. She’s not going to get ahead of herself. She wants things to be real.

    Way to go Halle! The slow way is the best way. Relationships that build slowly are a much better bet. This will give them a lot of time to develop strong feelings for each other. The fact that she ever decided to enter into a relationship with Gabriel makes me think that there was SOMETHING about him that made her say, “I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care what the black community thinks either. I don’t care about the consequences to my career. I am incredibly attracted to this gorgeous man, and I am going to follow my heart.” Woo-hoo!!

    I will continue to send my positive energy and prayers toward Gabriel and Halle. I hope she’s found her man. She is a beautiful lady. She’s kind. She’s well liked in Hollywood too. Bless her heart.

  207. 207
    whatever-makessense Says:

    Whatever, people are entitled to their opinion and believe what they want to believe. I am not going to get on in that debate-it’s quite pointless. Only time will how the story ends up. Enough said with that.

    Does make sense if she is really sick why she hasn’t updated her MySpace site since the 27th of October. Anyway, Halle if you’re reading this check your site and don’t believe this bullshit from both sides and be happy no matter what people do or say. You’ll know what to do in the proper time and space…Hang in there!

  208. 208
    URbuddhistbuddy Says:

    Halle like I’ve told you before “to thine ownself be true” and F’em (all of us who don’t get it). Also, send you something to your MS site, too. Was starting too worry, but you know how the Jewish mother in me gets sometimes. Fare the well dear, every thing will be fine.

  209. 209
    toGoHalle Says:

    To Go Halle:

    Actually Halle apparently did get PREGNANT BY David, but she had an abortion apparently. IT’S ALL ABOUT HER CAREER! And if you look at an Ebony Article, she bragged about really wanting Eric’s child! They use to do it in cars and stuff. She and Michael were caught almost getting busy on the beach and in his car. I truly don’t think Halle disliked her sexual experiences with her other men. Plus, Halle is diabetic, it will be very risky for her to have a baby now!!!

    Plus, don’t think she won’t want to have a baby with a gay guy, she asked Nate from Oprah for his sperm, but he said he wanted to be a part of the child’s life. That did not sound good for Halle I suppose, she just wants her own child, that she will raise, especially since she claims she will never get married.

    I don’t think Halle needs another man, I personally thinks she needs a family. She seems bored and unfullfilled in this relationship. When you look at pictures with she and Eric during their happy times, even during their unhappy times, there was a lot more passion! With David, there was a whole lot of passion (she asked him to marry her!)

    I think Halle is just settling! She looks kind of like, “here we go again…..”!

  210. 210
    toGoHalle Says:

    Again to Go Halle:

    David left Halle…so I’m sure he thought having a child with her would have been a mistake as well! Right now he has three kids, and from what i hear is a wonderful father.

    Eric is already a father, and even Halle said, he is a wonderful father and that’s what attracted her to him…SO CHECK YOURSELF before you speak!!!

  211. 211
    toGoHalle Says:

    AGAIN and AGAIN to Go Halle: Halle has dated white dudes in the past (one who tried to steal her money) and has openly told the public she has dated the rainbow! Doubt she was thinking about proving anything to the black community.
    And for the record, I hate this “great white hope” mentality. We don’t know Gabriel, he could be a creep for all we know. But somehow we want to mark him a saint because he’s a white model from Canada. For the record, white dudes around the world have not been known to be saints! SORRY but keeping it real!!!!

  212. 212
    myspace Says:

    I doubt that’s Halle’s true page on myspace. And for the record. Halle was at Gabriel so called red carpet event 11/15, so if she has not been on her page siince Oct. 27th, I don’t think it was because she was sick!

  213. 213
    Go Halle! Says:

    (Gasp) I have to leave… I’m trying to leave… honestly.

    Ok, Halle Berry got pregnant by David Justice, but he left her. Ok, Benet is a good dad. Great. Fantastic. By the way, didn’t Justice run off and marry a Hispanic woman (at least her last name is Hispanic)? Didn’t heartthrob Taye Diggs marry outside his race too? Tiger Woods? And what about Ice T? His wife Coco is “everywhere” flashing those humongous boobs and looking like a complete ****. Why not get upset about it and try to break up those unions?

    You know, I have scanned these remarks and some other posters were saying some stuff that makes a lot of sense. It seems like black men can do it, but black women cannot.

    You above said you hate the WHITE IS RIGHT mentality. I don’t think white is right, but white is not necessarily wrong either. Halle should be able to date whoever she “clicks” with, whoever she is attracted to, regardless of that person’s race. Black people should not get mad at all. If she had never dated black men, I could understand someone getting upset. If Gabriel and Halle were to break up (God no) and she said, “From now on, I’m only dating white men,” your anger would be warranted, but she’s not.

    I believe that Halle got KNOCKED OFF HER ROCKER by Gabriel. I know I would have. It was sheer physical, animal attraction, not because he is white. There have been so many other white men around her in Hollywood for years now, but she didn’t go for any of them. Gabriel is French Canadian. Believe me, there is a HUGE difference! The beautiful singer Tamia is the daughter of a French Canadian father. Most likely, he does not have the hangups that Americans have. A lot of foreign men will date black women and think nothing of it.

    Bye for now!

  214. 214
    tytgh Says:

    TGH…thank you for putting her in her place. I am white and don’t consider myself racist in the slightest. I do think for some reason he does seem trashy to me because of his lack of tact, breech of decorum, declasse, gauche, etc. for his behavior not because of his skin color. Just because he’s white and Canadian doesn’t make him better or that he treats her any better or whatever.

    I am well-educated, self-employed, came from an upper middle class-upper class Jewish home where my genius IQ doctor father beat my mother and was abusive to me and mother brothers when drinking or not, and we had a lot of opportunities culturally and financially. Just to let you know being White and/or Jewish isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

  215. 215
    tytgh Says:

    Go Halle! Sweetie, I know you want all to be well between Halle and her boo, let it go. Why even argue. Whether you are right or not. Or they are.

    Regarding the myspace thing, yep her/Aubry’s thing was last Tuesday on the 14th not the 15th. Did do the Carousel of Hope thing the weekend of the 27th or so , did the BAFTA thing the following week, probably busy working and putting up with all of the crap on justjared,, and the other sites during that time frame or before if you want to include the Malibu Beach thing which I think was the weekend before. She or whomever have update their site weekly prior to this time frame. Myself, seriously for real as well as others have gotten comments from her answering with stuff that the real Halle would only know. Don’t think it’s a poser. Who knows if she’s sick or was sick or when she got sick.

    Sorry if I sound like a hypocrite….

  216. 216
    Go Halle! Says:

    I’m going to be on here all day!

    Hey white guy (or girl)….. whatever!!!! No one said Caucasians have it all together or are better than others or are better men——blah blah blah. You had a crummy dad. I feel badly for you and hope you overcame that.

    Everybody just try, try, try to forget that Gabriel is white. Just try to imagine that maybe, just maybe this man just turns Halle on. I would describe Gabriel as STRIKING. I don’t know him and HE TURNS ME ON… TREMENDOUSLY!

    Maybe Halle loves his voice. Maybe she loves his beautiful eyes. Maybe she loves his shy, quiet mannerisms — it might be different and endearing to her. Maybe it’s just the way it is. Love–you can’t explain it sometimes. It happens.

  217. 217
    Go Halle! Says:


  218. 218
    Go Halle! Says:


  219. 219
    whatatroll Says:

    What a troll!

  220. 220
    Yup5 Says:

    I will second your positive wishes i like em too

  221. 221
    tytgh Says:

    My dad wasn’t crummy, he was sick and did the best he could as well as mother and the rest of my family including myself. To clear up any miscommunication—Was only trying to point out that we whites aren’t immune to social ills, I wasn’t saying Aubry was all that because he’s white. I personally don’t care that she is dating a white guy and want her to be happy who ever she choses to be with for whatever reason as you pointed out in your last post. I just meant why try and argue with others who don’t see the situation on the same wavelength as you that’s all. Sorry, if it didn’t come out that way that wasn’t my intention.

  222. 222
    URBuddhistBuddy Says:

    Will continue to chant for your ultimate happiness, continued success and good fortune in all that you do and for the success of your boyfriend’s place. All will really work out in the time and space in which it is supposed to. The hell with everybody else (sorry for the repeat).

  223. 223
    URBuddhistBuddy-will chant for e1 here Says:

    Things look like they’ve gotten out of hand here. There is reason or excuse for this or any blog to get these many comments. No wonder they looked stressed/tired/sick in the pix last Tuesday. Let them be.

    To Halle and Gabriel (final note)–hope either or both of you are having her staff take care of these comments and not yourselves do any postings. Let them defend your all’s honor since it is there job to have your all’s back. This crap isn’t worth getting all stressed out over, lose sleep, get sick, have a bad day at work, or whatever. As an old teacher of mine once said, “an opinion is like an *******–everybody’s got one.”

    From a recovery standpoint, remember H.A.L.T. (don’t get too hungry, too angry, too lonely, too tired). Just because 225+ people have said something doesn’t mean it is FACT, myself included, trying to add the spiritual aspect to this stuff. Only the two of you know what’s fact and what’s not regardless of the comments. Anger and resentment are dubious luxuries I cannot afford. There was some of their profound recovery thing I was going to say, but it slipped my mind.

    So much for everyone’s contempt prior to investigation…will pray/chant for your guys too.

  224. 224
    hugh Says:

    Hugh Jackman is cuter than this dude. I see what halle would probably drop this guy like a Cafe Fuego hot cake if she had a chance with Hugh! Hugh seems more exciting, more fun, has a better smile, etc. If she’s going to go white, go with hugh. I now know why she wishes he was not married!!!! Oh well…Halle’s love life is always a mess! I see this guy is no exception to her mess of a love life. He bores me!!!!

  225. 225
    sick Says:

    Halle was not that sick on Nov. 14. (she was real excited to talk to the black stud AJ — Gabriel I think was annoying her) she arrived separately and with her manager. stop making excuses for her not really being into the experience.

  226. 226
    noshitLOL3 Says:

    I never said you didn’t see him on whatever day, I was talking about my friends at JFK and LAX leave NYC and return to LA (w/o Aubry)…never said he was with her. Don’t think my friends would lie about seeing Halle at the airports midweek or over the weekend. What I was saying is I thought it was tacky of him and you for to eavesdrop ( but that’s a natural response in that given situation),etc. He knew you were listening, I don’t care what you say. Your story doesn’t jive. BTW they don’t always travel together from LA/NY and NY/LA and back.

    from my friend who’s a skycab who carried her luggage in LAX–Halle’s in LA not NY and has no intention of being with Aubry on Thanksgiving. Other than looking tired she was not sick. Thanks you for your comments Sick.

  227. 227
    lively2nite Says:

    Things are lively 2nite. LOL3 NSLOL3–you assumed that Gabby was with her. It is a known fact in certain circles that they always don’t travel together. Don’t know if Halle’s still in NYC or plans to be with Aubry for Thanksgiving and don’t care. Agree with Sick etal that she was annoyed with Aubry and bored out of her gourd, etc. and was really there as a promise. The relationship isn’t as strong as you think sorry…looks like Halle may be ready to kick to curb soon for his childish antics Tuesday which some /a lot you mentioned all ready.

  228. 228
    gabbyscoveringhisbutt Says:

    Sounds like Gabby baby is covering his butt, and may be Halle’s already kicked his butt to the curb as some have suggested. I wonder if LOL3, Go Halle, Admit IT may all be the some people or a combo–saying some of the same stuff? Could be wrong. Am sure there are others with multiple posts under different names.

  229. 229
    sawgabrieltoday Says:

    yes I’m back. it’s funny I saw gabriel on Nov. 18 too…and that was when he was frustrated about SOMETHING. Who knows what he was frustrated about. But when I left the restaurant, he was eating by himself. Don’t know when you saw him that night, but during the time I saw him, he was not in the best of moods. Did not hear anything about him wining and dining Halle. I even asked the bartender does Halle come in…they said she’s popped her head in once or twice. sooo….whatever!

    But let me end with this. Who knows what these folks are doing. This may be just another celebrity relationship full of hype, it might be the real deal (for now), in a few days all of what we are saying could change. halle may dump this guy, he may dump her, they may stay together for a few more years, who knows. I personally don’t think it’s forever, only because their relationship and their interaction together just does not give me the feeling of forever (unlike Will and Jada or Angela and Courtney or Blair and his wife).

    Agree they are in the honeymoon stage, but when warts REALLY start to show and when the WARTS aren’t something that’s pretty after sex, that’s when a relationship is tested. Of course (if this is true) Gabriel is the so called perfect man, he’s only been dating her for a year, and they probably aren’t together 24-7 (this is a bi-coastal relationship so most things probably seem fresh), plus, the lights and cameras are probably intriguiing to Gabriel.

    BUT, it’s when you get down to the real nitty and gritty — that’s when we can say something is real. When everything is A OK! That’s not a true test of a relationship. That’s why when Halle and Eric broke up, that was pretty shocking, because Eric stayed with Halle during those DARK TIMES (Halle’s hit and run and the entertainment industry was about to shut the door in her face (even made fun of her at the Oscars), she also almost went to jail!!! Even Halle said Eric was her rock during that time (sidenote: she said the same thing about David too, he stood by her when the Dentist sued her) but still…that was a test for them. The thing that broke them was Eric’s infidelity (which I think comes from something deeper, not just him being greedy, I think Halle lacks something in a relationship as well, just no one wants to talk about it), and even then they tried to make it work for a year or so.

    I personally think Halle’s previous relationships failed because she’s somewhat selfish. FOR NOW, this guy Gabriel is cool with catering to her, but after a while, I personally think he will grow tired of it. Eric use to cater to Halle too, that’s probably why he strayed, after a while you need someone to cater to your a**!!! No matter who you are!!!!

    So I’m not going to say Halle and Gabriel are the perfect couple…from what I know they have yet to be truly tested. I could remain with anybody if everything is all rosey posey…it’s when things get hard…that’s when love really counts.

  230. 230
    probably right Says:

    You’re probably right. It’s funny that since this summer most of the pix of them have been from LA/CA, no pix of them other than the other night from NY (and Miami) other than the pix of them that have been recirculating from May/June/July no recent pix of Halle shopping in NY or of them in Canada which makes me suspect they don’t travel much together. Seriously, doubt Halle’s going to stay couped up at one of his 2 condos in NYC or hanging out at her manager/business partner’s NY office all the time while Aubry is running his restaurant. Can see her being the sit-at-home gf either. Unless the papps of NY and Canada really don’t care about them?

  231. 231
    Saw&LOL3 Says:

    SawGabriel…believe your story and that you really were there on Saturday the 18th, with the way you described the experience including the way he was dressed. LOL3 were you there on Saturday the 18th or Sunday 19th (your post was on the 20th)? Regardless of the date, you can remember an eavesdropped conversation and what he was doing but you can’t remember what he was wearing hmm…?

  232. 232
    boyisthisgettingnasty Says:

    Just turned in the first time today getting home from work. Boy are things getting nasty today/this evening. LOL3 that’s fine if you want to stick to your story no problem, it’s unfortunate that people aren’t just singling you out from many of the posters, they’re attacking the other posters. From what I have read thus far it’s a case of he said/she said or whatever. You are distorting what NS and the others said. All they said unless their friends at JFK/LAX were lying which they did doubt, saw her no mention of them talking to her, etc. Who knows if they’re blowing you **** or not or what there plans for the holidays are. I taking this a little too personal.

  233. 233
    Peeps Says:

    Hugh Jackman looks like a F@g! His wife is probably a beard.

  234. 234
    2amazing2me Says:

    This is really 2 amazing…like the one or two posters from this weekend pointed out that more attn is being paid here than to the war in Iraq, poverty, or world affairs,etc. Which is more important and may be just as interesting depending on what turns you on. Do you all nitpick as much as some of you are doing back and forth as you do with your elected officials, the environment, homelessness, poverty, education, employment, etc? Something to really think about. How important is it (no offense) about the duo where Halle is, her health status, the status of their relationship, etc. to what’s really going on in the world?

  235. 235
    hugh234 Says:

    Think you’re think of Hugh doing that Peter Allen (one of Liza’s hubby’s) Oz think on Bway awhile back–good try. LOL3 you’re fine hon. I too am sure you heard what you heard. Her diabetes 2 may be flairing up from the stress of all the comments or she may have a cold or she could be healthy as ox?

  236. 236
    sawgabrieltoday Says:

    Just want to give a shout out to you LOL3…although I can’t agree with the Halle and Gabriel thing! I’m glad there’s a fellow Wendy listener on here. And you are right! If a man is going to cheat, he’s going to cheat. I’m just saying Halle is not free of issues either.

  237. 237
    abouthugh Says:

    Halle is the one who has a HUGE crush on Hugh! So whether he looks gay or not means nothing! Plus, Halle’s man now looks gay, so maybe that’s her type. Hmmmmm I wonder why????

  238. 238
    Peeps Says:

    Why r u going there? Hugh is married. No chance. No way. Good.

  239. 239
    Nefertiti ? Says:

    Attention….I haven’t found anything either about Halle signing on to do Nefertiti yet. Please list the source. Do know or at least to her manager’s page there is mention of Class Act being in pre-production to be released in 2008 with Nappily Ever announced also to also be released in 2008 with him as producer for both. Was that the project you were thinking of. Also, don’t know what as become of the piece with Alicia Keys or the HBO or whatever series Halle was going to develop with the writer from Scubs? If anyone knows anything let me know. Thanks.

  240. 240
    Aubrysignsmultimillioncontract Says:

    For all that think Halle’s bankrolling Aubry’s restaurant….here’s something from one of the posters on Halle’s board:

    There was a tiny article a few months ago in which Halle stated that Gabriel would be opening up Cafe Fuego using the money that “he has been fortunate enough to earn as a model”. So, there you go. From the horse’s mouth. But, in terms of some people’s logic, I guess they would conclude that Halle is lying because to them she is just so baaaaad!! Need more proof of Mr. Aubry’s popularity and multi-millionaire status? He is doing a new campaign for Calvin Klein which includes print ads and a tv ad that will be airing in the next few days before or during the televised Madonna concert that will be airing on ABC, Fox or one of the major channels. So, in addition to Hugo Boss, designer eyewear, Versace and numerous other campaigns he has and has had for years, he also has Calvin Klein. Any more proof needed that the man does not need Halle’s money? Geeze!!

    Information on Mr. Aubry’s multimillon dollar campaign and an indication that he doesn’t need his girlfriend’s cash:

    So, check it out for yourself….

  241. 241
    Aubrysignsmultimillioncontract Says:

    Don’t know if any of it was shot at one of Halle’s homes?

  242. 242
    hype! Says:

    Yes heard her say that on the view! In which Barbara and the rest of the hosts were like, why would you be dating a model?????

    Also…people don’t know whether Halle is bank rolling Gabriel. Quite frankly I could care less. Furthermore, what celebrity do you know is going to tell you the ALL the truth in an interview. It’s all hype, just like Gabriel’s popularity. He has a few more years as a model, then POOF! Onto the next one. We know Gabriel is a popular model, but he is NO WAY NEAR AS POPULAR as Halle. If I saw Gabriel down the street, like most folks, I would not know him from a can of paint unless I followed the fashion industry. He helps to sell clothes! Please! Plus, I remember what his agent told Access the moment his relationship with Halle was revealed…I also thought this was crass…but the agent bragged about how much Gabriel makes a shoot! Okay, that’s real relevant! Also, the agent was asked is Gabriel using Halle’s fame to gain some fame of his own…the agent’s response was pretty weak…something like “I don’t know, but he’s already pretty popular in the fashion industry.” PLEASE! Gabriel is behind a machine. Don’t find anything authentic about him!

    Plus, Halle also told the view that Gabriel does not want to get married either, Barbara was like “Really?” But I read an interview on Gabriel, don’t know how recent, when he was describing how he would want his wife!!! LOL! HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!

  243. 243
    Attention Says:

    To Nefertiti says??

    Heard it on the radio concerning the film, so it might not be as credible as one might think. Like the hype behind this relationship!!! Oh the perfect couple (rolling eyes!)

    But one thing is for sure, Halle is definitely busy!

  244. 244
    hype! Says:

    to Aubrysignsmultimillioncontract:

    I never said he needed her cash! What he needs is her popularity. IF HE WERE NOT DATING HALLE BERRY, MOST PEOPLE WOULD NOT KNOW THIS DUDE! You can have all the money in the world, but in entertainment you ALSO NEED THE POPULARITY, if not more so! So please!

  245. 245
    hugh Says:

    Hugh could always get a divorce…awwwwright!!!
    Halle has been known in the past (I heard this from her own cousin) to take a man from another woman! So….

  246. 246
    Peeps Says:

    Stop it with the Hugh business. Aint never gonna happen. Leave it alone.

  247. 247
    Peeps Says:

    By the way, how do u take a man from another woman? Hugh dude got wife and adopted kids. Hugh tied down and bound. Aint goin nowhere.

  248. 248
    Nefertiti? Says:

    Attention…thanks for answering my question. Agree Halle’s going to be busy for the next couple of years. Agree with you about the “hype”.

  249. 249
    hugh Says:

    Relationships in Hollywood end all the time. Halle has mentioned on numerous occassions how she has a crush on Hugh Jackman!! She says that is her perfect man. She even gushed over him WHILE SHE WAS DATING GABRIEL!!!!

  250. 250
    hype!ofcourseitsallhype Says:

    hype! of course Aubry and the relationship is all hype you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a nuclear physicist to figure that one out. I don’t respect the dude either because of the agent comment and his father making that comment to People, the one Aubry was supposedly separated from while growing up in group homes. Both really reliable news sources (sarcasm). That Aubry contract poster is probably one of her Halle Groovers who wanted to stir up the **** since things have quieted down a bit. He’s basically a nothing and will be a nothing if/when the restaurant fails and/or Halle dumps him if she hasn’t already if they have actually been dating. It’s even more hilarious that the other trash blogs i.e. and a couple of others still to this day can’t spell Aubry’s last name right. Sounds like even the internet rags don’t even take him seriously.

  251. 251
    Peeps Says:

    Give it up. Wasting posts. Hugh’s dead issue. Stirring in an empty pot.

  252. 252
    enoughwithhalleandhugh Says:

    Enough with Halle and Hugh. Nothing will ever happen between them. Enough with the Hugh bashing…Peeps you’re not alone on this one.

  253. 253
    More4hype! Says:

    Hey hype!

    I saw the View interview too. Barbara if memory serves looked rather sternly at Halle with a look of disgust saying something about she should date a doctor or a lawyer or something and that she was coming from a place of care and concern. The look on Halle’s face was priceless as she shrunk back on her seat on the couch. Seems Bawwah Wawa put her in her place that day.

  254. 254
    newstats Says:

    OMG…the comments on have exceed the comments on They really don’t too happy in both videos. Hard to believe 447-486 viewers have seen the spot on, makes ya wonder if it has any influence on why the place hasn’t been packed regardless of how packed everyone was claiming it was when it opened in August and that it takes awhile for a restaurant to flourish? Looks like the expected results from last Tuesday’s event may be backfiring for Aubry?

  255. 255
    TomKat'swedding Says:

    Don’t laugh at me for having a weak moment for looking at the latest issue of the Star to read up on TomKat’s wedding. They had Halle on the A-list of invites. Don’t remember seeing any pix of her there or reading anything about her being there. Maybe she chose to be with her boo instead.

  256. 256
    Thewedding Says:

    To TomKate

    Halle is not very social with the hollywood scene. She has said so, plus, most pics just show her shopping and eating by herself or with her fugly man. And yes I’ve been to Cafe Fuego as well, it is really not all that. It’s almost like they microwave some of their food. Plus, what cuban restaurant serves Irish Oatmeal!! In NYC there are plenty of other cuban restaurants! I will never waste my time with Cafe Fuego again!!! To Hype!!! I definitely agree with you and I won’t believe the hype either!

  257. 257
    breakingup Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think Halle has dumped Gabriel yet, or he her. Halle is much too needy to just leave a relationship, even if she is as bored as she looks in the photo above. Halle seems to treat dating like a job, she won’t quit unless there is another man waiting for her.

  258. 258
    goodpoint Says:

    To Breaking up…I thought it was just me about observing how Halle treats dating like a job/work project or a personal conquest of a goal instead of being something more spontaneous, etc.

  259. 259
    ughdon'tknow Says:

    Ugh don’t know…seriously doubt it that Halle actually went to TomKat’s wedding regardless of her being an A-lister. I am sure Aubry knows she’s bored, definitely out of the honeymoon phase, don’t if this time if/when they breakup if Halle will have Aubry’s replacement all lined up in the wings. I do think it is ironic for Halle saying in articles she doesn’t need to be married or have a man in her life to validate her, yet she seems to always or almost have one on her arm–a tad of a contradiction. Have also heard from several people about the microwave food thing as well as not all of the food looks like pictures of the same dishes that the have posted on their website (

  260. 260
    tonewstats Says:

    Don’t think Halle’s appearance and media hype is really going to help the place in the long run, just more hype which just goes to show ya regardless of Halle being on the A-List she doesn’t have that much drawing power. No wonder she couldn’t a bunch of her projects off the grown since winning her Oscar, etc. Seriously, don’t think if they had a major singer or group (I leave that up to you to pick) will be/would be able to help or save the place. Agree with the posters who said the place will survive or fail on its own merits with or without Halle’s endorsement. Don’t know if it’s a karma thing or not and were being to see both of their true natures come out. This is starting to sound too deep.

  261. 261
    sorrynoexcuses Says:

    From what I have been reading here from a bunch of you that this Aubry guy may possibly not be that great of a guy to be running a restaurant. Let’s hope he doesn’t blame Halle or take it out on her when it starts to further sour. She has nothing to do with it’s success or not. Whether her shaking her tatas the other night helps the place who knows, it doesn’t look like it has from what some of you all that have been there have been saying. So there may truth in what has been said about him being possibly inexperienced. When your in any business dealing with the public there is no excuse whatsoever to be rude to a potential customer or giving poor food or service. regardless of having a bad day personally,etc. Sounds like Aubry may have possibly over his head with his new venture. I hope he can turn it around. Don’t think his ego could take the blow. Think it is beyond him possibly working on his interpersonal communication skills. Having experience as a cook and eating at some of the finest restaurants (according to him and his publicist) doesn’t make him an expert in running a successful restaurant. The venture is totally an ego booster for him and definitely all hype.

  262. 262
    Go Halle! Says:

    Still nothing new…. want some new photos Jared! Please!

    Not related, but Will Smith was on Oprah with his son, a cutie pie. Looking great. Will does not look old. I’ve seen someone say that somewhere on this board. His skin looks fresh and smooth. I love Will Smith. He’s a good man.

    Just keep the blogs coming, even though a lot of you keep saying the same silly stuff again and again–Gabriel looks gay–he’s fugly–he’s using Halle–the relationship won’t work–the restaurant won’t survive…… YADA YADA YADA

    Oh yea, this will let JJ know how FANTASTICALLY POPULAR this couple is! Talking about karma and all that is pretty WEAK. Halle is a good lady. She’s poised, caring and sweet. She is a lovely person. What has Halle done that deserves payback? Come on, you can do better than that. I can’t think of any SANE person wishing harm on Halle or her beau… unless they are racist, hating white people in general or jealous of their beauty or wish you had their money. But then again, there are a lot of NUT CASES out there! I’m not surprised.

    Halle’s got a handsome hunk on her arm. Let me say it again and make you cringe….. Gabriel is HOT!!!!!! Smokin hot! Of course, Halle won’t dump him. He’d have to do something A LOT worse than being white. They’re both making money and are flying around here and there. That’s exciting. It spices up your love life. How can they ever get bored with each other? Changes in scenery and shared experiences only deepens your love. Go Halle!

  263. 263
    Question Says:

    to Go Halle:

    Do you know them? Because a lot of folks in the industry don’t necessarily agree with you, when you say halle is a sweet person in relationships. As a friend I’ve heard she’s cool, but in relationships, I’ve heard from people who actually know her, she has some issues. Well…OBVIOUSLY!!!!

    Agree that Gabriel is in over his head if he thinks he can run a successful NEW restraurants (restaurants have 98% failure rate) and still cater to Halle (flying back and forth, buying homes in Montreal, having children, going to premieres, managing a modeling career, etc.) and unfortunately, he has opted to have an independent restaurant, not a franchise, so it somewhat requires his hand-ons expertise. I’ve heard from folks there that Gabriel does not seem to be the business mind though behind this venture, he’s more the creative (he decorated the place) and perhaps even the money.

  264. 264
    Question Says:

    Also to Go Halle: Somenoe being “HOT” does not make them a good man. I think that’s part of Halle’s problem, she’s extremely superficial when it comes to choosing a mate. Also, agree she’s full of contradictions. I have also heard her say she’s not a part of the Hollywood scene, and YET she ONLY seems to date (at least long term) hollywood guys. And then she wonders why they fail. At the end of the day, a man’s going to do what a man’s going to do, and when you add popularity, ego (I’ve got Halle, so I can get anyone else), when screaming how fine you are, and money…Halle, who already has trust issues, will have a lot to deal with when it comes to this one in the coming year or so. I remember when Eric was Mr. Perfect and Mr. Handsome, etc. He sang that song to Halle on the NAACP Awards (Spend My Life With You), he handed her a tissue, held her stuff for her – homegirl was sprung and show a lot of passion for Eric, more actually than I’ve seen her show for Gabriel, but after a while I guess going through relationship after relationship it gets old. But Eric, similar to Gabriel, was somewhat her servant. Halle and the world thought she had met prince charming. He was even crying like a baby when she won her Oscar, YET at the end of the day, he was cheating even then – after Halle had told the reporters, similar to what she’s doing now, “isn’t he a good man.” Halle will soon learn, you have to look deeper when it comes to a man. Forget the looks, forget that he might cook for you a few times, look deeper.

  265. 265
    Answerreply Says:

    Good responses Question. To Go Halle: SSDD, huh. Looks like you’re the one who keeps repeating themselves, while there are a bunch of the people saying some of the same thing, either their bored and unoriginal or they may be trying to bring home a point. The reason there aren’t any new photos of them is probably because they aren’t any plus JJ may be being more cautious from their shopping faux pas photo which was taken a week or so earlier and posted at the beginning of the month. Guess the papps like taking their pix more in LA who knows?

  266. 266
    Go Halle! Says:

    Who does not have issues in relationships these days? They are terribly difficult to maintain. Married people are falling off the track left and right — Eddie Murphy after so many years; now Chris Rock and his old lady. Halle dating famous men is perhaps her way of trying to find a more successful black man.

    We know Halle has issues re: relationships. She has stated it. It still doesn’t mean she’s evil. Anytime you break up with someone, there are two sides to the story. I don’t care about her relationships and how she goes about them. It’s her business. I just hope she has found a nice man who love and treat her right. Gabriel’s BEAUTY is just an added cherry on top. I’m glad she is a beautiful woman who is with a guy who complements her very well.

    You’re right above, hotness does not make a good man, but so far, I don’t see what is bad about Gabriel. I’ve heard some of the arguments and I’m still shaking my head with, “What has he done that’s bad?” It’s like so many of you are just looking at every teeny weeny detail to use to destroy his character, when he’s just a man. I would also wish that someone would be man or woman enough to just put it right out there that, “YOU DON’T LIKE HALLE WITH A WHITE MAN!” Just stop the foolishness already. Stop trying to pretend it’s something else about the guy.

    Gabriel may not know about the business side of owning a restaurant, but I think he will be successful in something. That’s what Halle needs. A smart, independent, loving man who is cute to boot!

  267. 267
    aboutGabriel Says:

    You never know whether a man is a jerk until he becomes a jerk. Gabriel is probably still trying to impress Halle, I’m sure his warts will begin to show.

  268. 268
    Question Says:

    If I did not like Halle with white dudes, I would have never supported half her movies! LOL! The color has nothing to do with it! THIS relationship just give me a funny feeling and you are annoying me with this “he is perfect than thou” attitude. These people are human beings, one should never worship a celebrity, they often disappoint. I’m just somewhat giving you are possible warning, Gabriel may not end up being what you think he is.

  269. 269
    Go Halle! Says:

    Maybe you are right, but I sure hope not! I hope that Halle is being smarter and more cautious in this relationship and that Gabriel is being real with her. I can’t help myself really, because I just think they are both so beautiful together and so different. I thought Halle was beautiful with David Justice too and also that actor Moore, but unfortunately, it did not work out.

    I don’t believe that by dating Gabriel, Halle has turned her back on all black men. I don’t think she said, “I have had four bad relationships in a row with black men, so now it’s time for me to try the white guy to see if he is better.” I honestly believe she was just attracted to Gabriel physically.

    A few people here said they wouldn’t give Gabriel a second glance, but I say, of course you wouldn’t if your mind isn’t OPEN to finding white men attractive. If you are like me and you notice beautiful men of every race, I don’t see how you could call Gabriel Aubry’s looks “everyday” or “ordinary.” His looks are indeed extraordinary, even among white men.

    Time to go watch “Casino Royale” now. No more of my ranting for today. I’ll check back tomorrow.

  270. 270
    pix? Says:

    Go Halle…have you checked any of the celebrity photo storage sites? Most of them especially are the ones that sell most of the photos that to the others as well as to most of the internet tabloids. Check them out as well as: rexfeatures. com,,, and there are others that I can’t think of off hand. Generally, type in her or their names and the current photos will appear. Some may ask for guest codes or have click on certain code icons or click through pages. They’re fairly easy to navigate. Think most of the only current photos of them together are still from last Tuesday. Let me kow if you have any questions.

  271. 271
    correction Says:


  272. 272
    Go Halle! Says:

    Thank you “Pix” for referring those websites. I will check those out. Happy Thanksgiving to all here.

    Not related: free review – Movie “Casino Royale” was okay. I can’t get into Daniel Craig as Bond. Good actor, but he doesn’t do it for me. Not elegant enough and definitely not handsome. Could use some height and/or bulk and deeper British accent. My opinion.

    Back to Halle: Of course, I just had to check to see…. nothing new still, so will not waste time or get anyone upset. Will return when something new here.

  273. 273
    gabbyfridakahloismexicannotcuban Says:

    yeh heard he did the interior decorating, may explain them always furniture shopping in NYC or LA, doubt all of the stuff was for “her house”. BTW Gabby what’s w/the Frida Kahlo art for the place. Nice as it may be, Frida’s a Mexican artist not Cuban. May need to brush up on your art history other than Halle suggestions.

  274. 274
    iknow Says:

    So what…Of course, she/they’re in Cali. Didn’t think they’d spend Turkey Day in NYC. She doesn’t look sick to me. will probably have more photos instead of that Russian/Polish Site.

  275. 275
    Pixperson Says:

    They probably are together for the holiday probably in LA or somewhere in CA. Regardless if those are current pix or similar looking to the pix from this summer grocery shopping together (Halle had the same outfit on) at Gelsons from this summer–if I can find the link I will post it (remember seeing it somewhere on her board or some other site from this summer). Not to start anything, just giving more info to Go Halle and the others.

    For future reference:

    Do know that Splash and the others do recirculate old photos to the other photo sites, etc. and also mislabel pix i.e. the golf photos from Miami from this Spring/Summer, the photos from this summer of them walking from her HH home to her mothers/him taking the parking tix off her car, other pix of them walking together in LA, Halle with her manager going to lunch/back to office saying he was her bodyguard, pix of her shopping with either her sister/female body guard saying it was her mother, etc.

    Splash acknowledges that sometimes sites and themselves that they do that (recirc. photos-I have email correspondence from them regarding release dates in the past and their response was that the other sites i.e. Newscom, The East,Rexfeatures, etal regardless of when they release or re-release certain photos, they know when they are actually taken).

    Also, when has new photos they’ll usually be on their first couple of
    pages then the reshuffle them with the other ten pages. Checked SPLASH–THE ONLY PHOTOS OF THEM ARE ON PAGE 10–WHICH ARE THE THREE SETS OF PHOTOS FROM LAST TUESDAY’S BASH, they would have them posted before anyone.

  276. 276
    Go Halle! Says:

    Yes, I’m just dropping by. Thanks all above for the info. Gotta go watch Denzel’s new flick now: Deja Vu …. keeping up with my movies this holiday season.

  277. 277
    Soowhat! Says:

    So what, of course they are together for thanksgiving! I personally don’t think they would break up that soon. If Halle was annoyed with Gabriel at the party, knowing Halle and her, neediness, it will take a lot more than that for her to leave. Gabriel probably has to be caught with a few prostitutes before Halle leaves LOL!

    I hope they had a wonderful Holiday! I’m sure Halle did no cooking. She does not look sick anymore (if she ever was). And I’m glad they’ve been reading the tabloids, Halle is no longer walking in front, although we all still know, Gabriel is Halle’s b*tch! Halle is in control!

  278. 278
    probablydid Says:

    They probably did spend the holiday together and are probably having a quiet weekend together, no biggie. I doubt that she was ever sick either. Of course, he’s her b$tch and is in total control.

  279. 279
    thinkitwilltakealittlemore Says:

    Seriously, think it will take a little more than her being annoyed with Aubry or the way he cooks/caters to her every whim or the negative comments on the blogs to cause them to break up. Soowhat, you’re note alone in your assessment. To the pix person, who cares if those photos aren’t on the other sites yet. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re old photos. I too am sure they are spending the Holiday weekend together and shopping up a storm in LA.

  280. 280
    anotherseriousquestion Says:

    Thank God…things have calmed down for the holidays on this thread meant to ask it earlier in the week. I do really have a serious question and not stir things up since they’ve been quiet and fairly civil on the last few days. Back to the seriousquestion/answer dailogue—explanation somewhat makes sense and I’ll buy it including the differences in society, history, media and technology with the examples of Lena Horne/Diahann Carroll.

    My question is I don’t remember there this much of an uproar (‘tho slight) when Iman and David Bowie started their relationship than with Aubry and Berry? Am I wrong? Am being serious in my questioning?

  281. 281
    anotherseriousquestion Says:

    Thank God…things have calmed down for the holidays on this thread meant to ask it earlier in the week. I do really have a serious question and not stir things up since they’ve been quiet and fairly civil on the last few days. Back to the seriousquestion/answer dailogue—explanation somewhat makes sense and I’ll buy it including the differences in society, history, media and technology with the examples of Lena Horne/Diahann Carroll.

    My question is I don’t remember there this much of an uproar (‘tho slight) when Iman and David Bowie started their relationship than with Aubry and Berry? Am I wrong? Am being serious in my questioning.

  282. 282
    ToTheCubanGuy Says:

    Still SSDD. Nothing much has changed in the last couple of days….

    Cuban Guy…do you know them both personally? You can’t always go by what your told or told what to say by Aubry or his staff. Who knows what’s really true.

    Yes, I am sure they’re probably “in love” and spending as much time together as they can…Halle does have a big window of time before she does her next project other than her normal work with her manager at their office.

    Cuban Guy–Regarding the food, while I haven’t personally eaten there but have several friends who have and their reactions to the food and service have been mixed like some of the comments on the board. Yes, I know they have a real Cuban gourmet chef, they also have been looking for other cooks, waitstaff, etc.

  283. 283
    moretackiness Says:

    More tackiness…the Cuban guy probably works at the restaurant or is buddy’s with the “gourmet” chef.

  284. 284
    codependenthype Says:

    It’s all codependent hype…if it works for them…all the power to them…they’re perfect for each other…nothing authentic about either one of them…again if it works for them so be…she probably did give him $$$ for the place…let’s hope if she actually does wind up pregnant by him if he can…that it really is for the right reason…seriously doubt that they really bought a house in Montreal or where ever in Canada or the other crap stated…don’t foresee them breaking up soon or Gabby giving up being Halle’s *****…he knows not to bite the hand that feeds them.

  285. 285
    brokenrecord Says:

    Yup, this crap is definitely a broken record. Like some of the earlier bloggers, that all these comments are probably keeping them together not breaking them up–totally agree. They have been almost attached at the hip constantly over the last 1-2 months when **** about them has been the heaviest. If they can stay together through all of this then who knows if they can weather storm regardless of Halle’s past patterns in relationships or her screaming helpless victim when the relationship goes awry. Quit speculating that Halle will play the gay card (doubt it since it’s plastered all over the net-whether false / true or her playing it safe by dating a gay guy,etc.-pleazzzz) or any other excuse. Just let them be.

  286. 286
    someofyallmustbedesparate Says:

    Some of you all really must be desperate to keep this going for ten days to try to argue about photos, celebrity holiday itineraries, comparing Bowie/IMAN and Aubry/Berry (interesting comparison). Nothing original, while it’s somewhat entertaining, t’s not as interesting as some of you are trying to make it. Get a life! Even the daily posters seem to know when enough is a enough, follow their lead.

  287. 287
    sick2me Says:

    sounds sick to me either way…oh how so sad.

  288. 288
    sick2me Says:

    both definitely are full of ****, maybe they really DO deserve each other….what a pathetic looking couple…

  289. 289
    ur awful Says:

    hey sick2 ur awful…

  290. 290
    ThanksLOL3 Says:

    Thanks LOL3 for mentioning the new pictures of Halle and Gabriel Aubry grocery shopping. For all of you doubters you can check page 2 where there are nine pictures of them grocery shopping this week. Photos are dated 11/21. So they did spend this holiday together. Here’s the link:

  291. 291
    halleandgabrielihopeyournotreallyreadingthiscrap Says:

    Halle and Gabriel I really hope you aren’t really reading this crap. If you are don’t take the haters seriously, they’re probably unhappy themselves and don’t want you to succeed personally and professional for what ever reason/s. I think it’s really terrible with all of the bashing. Continue to try your best not to let this **** effect you getting you stressed out and stuff, it really ain’t worth it. I’m sure the comments will die down eventually in the future.

  292. 292
    Sowhat2 Says:

    So what if they were grocery shopping for Turkey Day earlier last week in LA. They don’t look to thrilled together from them walking miles apart, body language doesn’t lie. Halle doesn’t look too sick to me either to carry a back of groceries. While I hope they had a nice holiday, I really like some of the others have said them both doing the bi-coastal thing back in forth forever and don’t see Aubry being an absentee owner or Halle moving permanently to NYC (with her buying her mother a house and talking about how much she’s looking forward to spending time with her) but they’ll probably figure it out they have thus far. I just think they’re trying to spend as much time as their schedules permit. As for the house buying thing in Canada I seriously doubt it.

  293. 293
    macho?corncob Says:

    Sorry folks, saw the pictures, yeah it’s nice Gabby’s trying to walk macho (right) way in front of her looking like a male divo with a corncob up his ass (probably the only thing he’s getting up there) trying to show who wears the pants in the family (right). The other one he looks like he’s pissed at the papps or forgot where he parked Halle’s big ass Range Rover. Sorry, he still walks like a ******.

  294. 294
    fromoneflamer2another Says:

    Maybe he needs more fiber in his diet, guess Halle’s strap on isn’t doing the trick. Of course, Halle’s his beard. Take it from one flamer to another. I don’t care what any of you say how authentic they look together so in love…trust me it’s all hype.

  295. 295
    stillnothingnew Says:

    Still nothing new…same crap by the haters or guys wishing they were dating Aubry. Seriously, it would have hit the tabloids by now if Aubry were gay and be all over the internet like Paris Hilton’s sex tape, please. It would be rather moot at this point. Ya’ll have to do better than that.

  296. 296
    probably Says:

    Surprised that there aren’t more pix of them shopping during the holiday as much as Halle loves to shop. I am sure they’ll be together for Christmas, New Years’, etc. (which I am sure we’ll see more pix) and as long as their arrangement (bi-coastal travel) still works for them and their work schedules permit.

    Regardless of the claims of Halle being needy or high maintenance, has it ever occurred to the haters that they really just might enjoy each others company and aren’t hanging out to save face because of all the hater you guys and gals have been pushing the last several months?

    Enough with the bullshit about him being gay/she probably knew that there would be comments of this nature, what their sex life is or isn’t, she’s bankrolling him all the way as well as his business/if he gets her pregnant(we’ve all known about the restaurant 7 months ago–no kid yet), they’re not happy, they won’t get married and so forth. Their the only one’s who know what’s true and what’s false.

    So, you can keep posting your bullshit, it really isn’t going to matter as if you have the power to break them up. If so, they wouldn’t still be together at the present time. Unless, you have a crystal ball or second sight, you all don’t know jackshit.

    It is what it is and what it is that for now they’re still together.

  297. 297
    more Says:

    Also, haters you don’t have the power to ruin the restaurant either. It will do well or not based on the same criteria as any other new restaurant in NYC or any other city. A few bad experiences isn’t gonna shut the place down.

  298. 298
    Princess Perez Says:


  299. 299
    guessingitsstillnew/bothers them Says:

    Regardless of them being together for almost a year or so and their motivations of being together, whether Aubry asked for it or not (which he may have to some degree), it is probably all new to him with being together in a public setting i.e. events, premieres, out and about, etc.

    I am sure in time, he’ll/they’ll probably be seen doing other things like Halle was with Eric and India instead of the appearing to be always going shopping, eating, going to the movies, etc. If it bothers them, then she should use one of her personal assistants and/or eat in more whether Gabby cooks or they do carryout. But also to some degree, I think on some level they both have a need to be seen if not, Halle needs to be letting Gabby drive one of her other cars instead of that huge white thing she’s/they’re always driving in. Why not keep the papps guessing, huh? I’m sure they try to be discreet, but they still may need a little work in that department. So, that’s probably why they may look awkward together and not like they don’t belong together as a couple. I think it’s more of a confidence thing, I am sure in time, as both are more comfortable with each other in any given situation.

  300. 300
    Toprobably/more Says:

    Thank you for your post. You seem quite astute. Seriously doubt that the comments by the haters are really going to cause them to break up or cause Cafe Fuego to close down. If they have read the comments or are reading them, they’re probably not even paying attention to them (if they’re smart) and going about their business as usual. The only thing I can think of is that they my find them unnerving or annoying if they actually have read them or have knowledge of them.

  301. 301
    Go Halle! Says:

    I can’t believe it! You guys are still going strong. I hope there will be some new info soon. I guess Halle and Gabriel are one of the more popular topics right now. I was looking at some of Gabriel’s photos on some of the other sites. He is so handsome, I don’t care what anyone says. I have perfect vision.

    Gabriel seems like one of those incredibly good-looking men who is not into himself. You probably won’t catch him religiously pumping iron at some gym. He appears to be naturally thin and uninterested in promoting some kind of studly image. Kind of like those tall, beautiful female models who don’t worry about dieting or exercising. They’re natural beauties and don’t have to “work at it” like most other people.

    Sorry flamers. I know you want to stake your claims here, but like the poster above said, “It would be rather moot at this point.” Not gay.

  302. 302
    noway! Says:

    To stillnothingnew

    OH MY GOD!! I Would never want to date that skinny pale dude. Clearly you are high! Maybe you want to date him, but PLEASE don’t assume others do. Gross!

  303. 303
    Lol Says:


    Spell Halle’s name right! Second, yeah I remember the times when I heard how much Halle and Eric were in love with one another and truly were making an effort to make it work. Like another poster stated, Halle and Gabriel are in the honeymoon stage, true love is tested through time. Also, with regard to one of the posters saying Halle probably dated celebrity black men because they were successful…HOW RACIST! Are you saying that only celebrity black me are successful, Halle could have found plenty of black men who are doctors, business men, lawyers, etc. PLEASE!

  304. 304
    thetruth Says:

    Believe both are infactuated with one another for now (what Halle sees in him I don’t know, but to each his or her own!) But I think once that wears off and it will, both probably are extremely insecure (I mean Halle has been in therapy since she was ten). Agree with one of the other posters that them constantly shopping and eating out (although Gabriel is “this great cook”) somewhat shows both crave attention. I think eventually all of this will get old to both of them, Gabriel may in fact likely start to crave more fame on his own (real fame, not model fame) and may, to feel MORE “MANLY” and in control, take up with some non-popular beauty, won’t be hard for him to find and it’s funny how men trip when they start dating pretty women, they think they can get any other woman and like Chris Rock said, although he’s a comedianne it’s true, “a man is as faithful as his options” and Gabriel probably gets a lot thrown at him. And to be real, Halle’s trust factor for men is probably not that good, after leaving a marriage with a man who cheated in the dozens, Halle probably has had a PI on Gabriel, she probably checks his messages, after a while, that will get old too. Plus, Halle, according to her, is the type to carry baggage from her previous relationships to her current ones.

    Plus, the story never changes, and quite frankly, Halle’s story never changes. She keeps making the same old mistakes, except each time she tries to do it in a different way, almost manipulative (like now she’s like “okay I just won’t ever get married again!”). But the fundamental lesson is still missed by her.

    I think these posts are funny, because people use to hate on Eric when he first started dating Halle. And there were the lovers v. the haters there. The lovers quoting all of this stuff about Halle and Eric, how happy she looked with him v. how she looked with David, how sensitive and perfect Eric was and the haters pretty much doing what some are doing here. In fact, it got so bad for Eric, he had to shut down his fan message board on his record company’s website. So I agree the messages probably won’t break them up.

    It will be the fundamental mistakes Halle consistently makes, and based on what I’ve heard her say recently, she will likely continue to make them. Based on what people, who have known her for a while (before Eric, during Eric, and waaaay before Gabriel) life and love seem to be a game to Halle and unfortunately it was her childhood that put this in her mind, she’s on this constant quest for EXTREME attention and for a father figure, she even calls this dude I know “daddy” in letters she used to write to him (he once tried to hit on her too, funny!) And she says her manager is the only father she’s ever known. WOW! Major issues and kind of sad.

    With regard to Gabriel, I don’t doubt, he has some issues too, especially if he grew up like he did (foster homes, etc). At the end of the day, their looks are just that and do not make them a good couple, plus looks are fleeting, you can already see the wrinkles coming up on Gabriel’s face and definitely on Halle’s. And not to sound funny but it’s the “beautiful ones” that have the most problems, and not to quote Prince, but the “beautiful ones hurt you every time.” LOL! It’s true! But for the time being, I hope Halle enjoys this while it last.

    Also, to the poster who keeps bringing up interracial couples in Hollywood as if that show blacks don’t enjoy each other’s company, please stop YOUR hating. Black love is beautiful and just because a select few of celebrities date outside their race does not diminish that. Celebrities should never be a representation of the real world. It has been my experience that MOST black women would rather be with a black man. In fact, Halle said her best date ever was with a black guy she once dated, so please stop the hating! And she said this when she was with Gabriel. I’m pretty sure if Halle could have found the “perfect” black man, she seems to always be in search of, she would be with him now (i.e., David Justice, Eric Benet, Michael Ealy, Shemar Moore, etc. etc..)

    And yes I know there is no such thing as a “perfect man;” again one of Halle’s many flaws, she’s constantly looking for the perfect man, and like Barbara told her, “he does not exist.” I guess she felt she found a ken doll with this new guy. WHATEVER!!! LOL! Ken might turn into Mr. Hyde if she continues to look at the outside.

    One thing I know is true, the world is created in balance, Gabriel to some of you (not really to me) but obviously to some of you is the finest man walking, that probably means he has even more of a flaw somewhere else (i.e., personality, mentality, etc.). Agree with the other poster. Time will truly tell who this guy is, and I don’t think he’s as good as he “appears.” But that’s just me, I don’t deal in the superficial.

  305. 305
    Go Halle! Says:

    I don’t know if you were referring to me above, but if you were, let me set the record straight. I don’t care who dates who, okay? Black men dating other races does not bother me. I have never had a problem attracting men in general, so I don’t feel threatened about the races mixing.

    I mentioned Ice-T here and also on the other topic, but I couldn’t care less about Ice-T. Yes, his wife looks silly and he seems to be proud (“guys, look what I’ve got) about her flashing herself, but I guess that is their thing. It’s true that most blacks do not date interracially if you compare them to the total black population.

    I mentioned Ice-T because you would think he would be the LAST black man on earth who would marry a blonde bimbo. But he did it and nobody said a thing about it. I think it’s because people in the industry would be too scared to tell him what they probably truly think. You know that when people see him showing up with Coco, they are getting a good chuckle.

    Halle has problems, but she is not a bad woman. Since when did having problems equal a bad character? Gabriel may have some issues too, but that doesn’t mean he’s not worthy of her love. That doesn’t mean he is some kind of dirtbag white boy. In fact, Gabriel and Halle may have more in common than most people think. Maybe they understand each other. Some people say she is too needy. Well, Gabriel may be sensitive to her needs and want to take care of her. And he may be strong enough to handle whatever she dishes out, whereas maybe the other men were not. Sorry.

    Personally, I think Halle is probably TOO SWEET for the men she has gotten involved with. I think most of them are cheaters and they realized that she’s a woman with class who would not put up with their mess. So, they want to go on to someone else who will let them have their cake and eat it too. So many married men cheat, but their wife turns her head. I know plenty of couples who have lasted for years and years together. Other people assume the unions are successful and happy because they’re still married, but there is cheating (usually by the men) in the couples’ history. Seems to me that part of staying together is commitment to the union in spite of cheating.

    You are assuming so many bad things about Gabriel when all he has done is date Halle Berry. There is no major scandal. No one in the fashion industry is screaming that he’s gay. Now, you are even trying to make people believe that he’s looking old or not attractive. Give me a break! The man is gorgeous.

  306. 306
    thetruth Says:

    Go Halle!

    To each his or her own, but for me Gabriel is not gorgeous. Halle has dated MANY good looking men, Shemar Moore comes to mind (now for me he’s gorgeous! I have actually seen him in person, she dated him for like a good year or more) so I HOPE it’s not just the looks Halle feels for this dude. And when you take away the airbrushing, your dude’s wrinkles are coming in. Of course they would, he’s blonde with blue eyes and frequently gets a tan, in fact I believe he once said something shallow like, if it weren’t for tanning his life would be a mess. okay????? Anyway, you are right Halle should date whoever she wants, we’ll see what the future holds. And yes Ice-T and the “white bimbo” truly a mess!

  307. 307
    Shemar Says:

    To “the truth”:

    That’s right! And Shemar actually has a body. LOL!

  308. 308
    myspill Says:

    The gorgeous one is BOOOOOORIS KODJOE! And I have to agree. Gabriel HONESTLY looks like any male model on the runway. There’s really nothing special about him, he could almost look like a female. In fact, I thought Paris Hilton was dating him, because he at least from a far kind of looks like her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend now. But anyway, BORIS KODJOE is D’ MAN!!!!!!!!!

  309. 309
    Go Halle! Says:

    Hey, I thought Shemar Moore was fine. He overdid it with the masculinity thing by wearing unbuttoned silk shirts to show his chest and acting super cool on black award shows, but I forgave him. When Shemar and Halle got together, I sure was hoping, but I knew it was too good to be true. The chance that those two would make it for the long haul was very slim indeed. They were too cute together. That’s like Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter or Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. Somehow I just knew it would fizzle.

    Gabriel Aubry is lanky, but he has a big, tall frame. That’s all the man needs, especially to be a top male model. If he got any bigger/muscular, he would be too much… probably too much man for Halle.

    I’m willing to bet you that Gabriel finds Halle attractive because not only is she pretty, but she is nothing like him. His face is chiseled like a rock, and Halle’s look is soft and womanly. She’s getting a little bit of fullness in her cheeks and nose. They’re probably sharing good meals together. Yea, I’ll bet Gabriel would never be very attracted to a tall, lanky female version of himself – Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex old lady, Gisele Bundchen.

  310. 310
    Go Halle! Says:

    This is not to put down Boris, you know? I think he is definitely good-looking, but I have seen and personally met several black males with his types of features. That’s the reason why I don’t go gaga over him. But Gabriel look is not usual… not around the good ole USA. I’m telling you. His look isn’t even American. He looks foreign. His nose is not just a slim, pointy nose. It has some character to it. He also has a pretty thick accent. I find him sexy.

  311. 311
    wait??? Says:

    How was Shemar too good to be true, and Gabriel is not? Is it because Gabriel is white?

  312. 312
    wait??? Says:

    Do you know Gabriel? How do you know what he finds attractive? You must be him???? Trying to get on this board and start feeling yourself! Gabriel get off this board! And if you are Gabriel, or a family member, how dare you talk about black men like that. There is nothing like a black man on this planet. No man can touch the swagger of a black man! Halle even said that!

  313. 313
    myspill Says:

    Go Halle!

    Go away and just get you a white man! Boris is waaaaaaaay finer than Gabriel – it’s not just about the face, it’s the body, the abs, the smile, just everything!

    I could straight up give you a list of white male models who look VERY similar to Gabriel…in fact that’s what I’ll do! I’m not saying they are twins with Gabriel, but the SIMILAR look you were referring to DEFINITELY applies to Gabriel!!!

  314. 314
    myspill Says:

    First let me do a little boris and gabriel comparison…it’s all relative, but what the h*ll!

    Gabriel in a speedo (Gross!) — he looks plastic! I don’t find anorexic men fine!

    Boris in his underwear
    Let’s do this again! (YES!!!!!)

  315. 315
    myspill Says:

    Does not look like they will allow all of the links to be posted on this site.

    Gabriel (plastic and girly)!

    But the point! Halle could have picked any of these dudes and folks like you would have been saying, “OH MY GOODNESS!” THEY ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE! THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL BABIES! (Rolling eyes). In the end, Gabriel to Halle is just what he is in the modeling industry, an ACCESSORY!!!

  316. 316
    HeyMySpill Says:

    The link you posted no longer works and has been previous been posted last week, check the posts from last week from the 20th (Gabrielseemsbi)

  317. 317
    toeachhisown Says:

    Whatever’s gonna happen will happen…it will be interested as The Truth said how things unfold. Aubry doesn’t hold a candle to someone like Brad Pitt or even Robert Redford who even at his age still got it going on or even Richard Gere who is probably more genuine than him.

  318. 318
    whatshallegettinginthedeal Says:

    Looks like Gabby’s getting more out of the deal than Halle. I know a lot of us woman have had our moments of going deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to men probably more than we’d want to admit or have fingers and toes. If Halle wants to continue to have blinders on, so be it. If she wants a cook she needs to hire a personal chef. If she wants an errand boy to do her shopping then she needs to hire one. Can’t see what she’s getting in the deal (and don’t mean that in a sexual way either)? Don’t mean to take the thunder out of anyone’s sails who think he’s a nice cute guy or they make a great couple, etc. He’s just not my type.

  319. 319
    Kiki Says:

    Sorry, he doesn’t look so hunky to me in these photos. Still looks like a coke head to me as those rumors are flying around everywhere about his eyes always looking pinned and bloodshot. Hope he doesn’t have Halle on the ****,which she has been quoted over the years of saying more than once-if he has that really will make me lose more respect for the both of them. Still don’t think that explains her unkempt appearance over the last few months. Don’t say Halle wouldn’t be with such a man both hubbies loved to party too in the past among other things. If she is truly codependent she would be with such a man and stand by his side at any cost.

  320. 320
    wired Says:

    Sorry, gals they don’t look soooooo dreamy in these photos as in others. They really do look like they’re on something seriously. Hope the coke rumors aren’t true and he better not have Halle on the ****. Don’t say Halle would never use coke, she has repeated said over the years that she would like to try it or she wouldn’t be with someone who partied, she was with both hubbies who used to. And if she is really as codependent as everyone says she is than she will stay by her man until she’s had enough. I really hope the rumors are false and Halle’s just looking tired.

  321. 321
    ToMySpill Says:

    From the looks of all the pictures, no wonder he has let his hair grow out and flop in his face and let the hair on his chest to look more manly macho, hmm?

  322. 322
    Go Halle! Says:

    Wait????? said:

    And if you are Gabriel, or a family member, how dare you talk about black men like that. There is nothing like a black man on this planet. No man can touch the swagger of a black man! Halle even said that!

    Wait, I’m not into swaggers. What are they good for? I like a package of good looks and good character. I don’t believe black men are any better than any other man. Men are men, just different features and cultures. That’s what’s wrong with the world now…. people are always trying to be better than somebody else.

    I can say anything I want to say. I was talking about those specific men. I think Halle’s exes were cheaters. I really do. And I think she is a sweet, kind person.

    I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings about Boris and Halle’s exes. I guess my comments on Shemar hit a nerve. Well, I called it like I saw it.

    I do know a man who looks like Boris, but he’s not biracial. He has the same height, complexion, head shape, and similar eyes. Boris does have excellent bone structure. He’s has a pretty sculpted face. And of course, a great body.

    I’m not telling you what YOU should find attractive. I just stated what I find attractive. I see a lot of white men every single day who do not turn my head, but I still maintain that Gabriel does not look like any ordinary white man. If he did, he most definitely would not be a top male model. Your argument is in vain.

  323. 323
    Go Halle! Says:


    I’m not a psychic (like some of you here claim to be), so I don’t know anything for sure. I don’t know if Halle and Gabriel will work out. I don’t know what Gabriel likes in women. It’s called SPECULATION. I’m speculating that he probably would not be attracted to a Gisele Bundchen type. Just like dark-skinned black men are usually attracted to light-skinned black women. Everyone is throwing out speculations, and I can too. You choose to be negative because you probably don’t care much for white people, and I choose to be positive because I like Halle and hope she finds happiness. Until Gabriel does something really terrible (like cheating) I am willing to give that guy the benefit of the doubt.

    When Halle got with her past men, I wasn’t bashing them. I hoped for her with each one (except Benet–my instincts), but after a while, I could see that things weren’t going well.

    I thought Halle wouldn’t last with Shemar Moore because he is too pretty. He is known for his looks, and he knows it. He’s a nice man I am sure, but he has millions of women after him. Shemar probably won’t be ready to settle down for years to come. How could Halle compete with that? I just had a feeling their relationship would be doomed. Unfortunately, I was correct. They could’ve had gorgeous kids too.

    I don’t think Gabriel Aubry is that into himself. He looks great, but he seems kind of simple after years and years of posing for the cameras. That may be the kind of man Halle Berry needs.

  324. 324
    Go Halle! Says:


    I love Gabriel Aubry’s hair. Looks just fine to me.

  325. 325
    Go Halle! Says:

    Looking above at several comments:

    Aubry stated on one site (in so many words) that he doesn’t like a woman who is so into her looks. He said he likes someone that he can have fun with. He likes to laugh with her.

  326. 326
    Go Halle! Says:

    One more thing. I think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are a great, beautiful couple, but Brad Pitt’s looks do not stop my heart. To me, he looks like a cute, American man. I have seen more white men with Brad’s type of look than a little bit. Pitt has an athletic look. He’s the all-American male with blue eyes and blond hair.

    Sculpted features look debonair to me. It gives a man a certain classiness no matter where he is from. That’s why I love Gabriel’s face.

  327. 327
    Go Halle! Says:

    I didn’t like Richard Gere when he was really young. He looked like a little twerp in “An Officer and a Gentleman.” He was the most attractive ever in “Pretty Woman.” He had the maturity, the looks and the confidence.

    Robert Redford is too old now for my taste. Sorry. He doesn’t have it going on any longer. Paul Newman had a better face, I think.

    Also, why keep referring to Gabriel Aubrey’s old photos? Honestly, I don’t like the “Speedo” shot either. Most of the photos on sites show him looking like a teenager. He’s gained some years and experience since then. And probably a few pounds.

  328. 328
    Go Halle! Says:

    MySpill at 11:47 pm -

    Yes, you’re right. If you can find me a lot of male models who look like Gabriel Aubry, I will say they are gorgeous too. You can give them different skin tones. It’s just the look I like. You may find similar models because a lot of models have that look. The fashion industry is constantly searching for it. The industry wants strong features–chins, jaws, and cheekbones–and piercing eyes.

    I believe Halle’s kids with Gabriel would be gorgeous because of the combination of their features, not because he is white.

  329. 329
    Go Halle! Says:

    Good stuff. Glad to hear that about Shemar. I haven’t kept up with him much since they split up. Too bad it couldn’t work. He really is a fine man.

  330. 330
    new pix Says:

    New photos posted of them the other day at:

    Either taken earlier in the week or last week.

  331. 331
    new pix Says:

    New photos posted the other day at:

    either taken this week or last week….

  332. 332
    it'sabouttime Says:

    It’s about time that they’re actually doing something and look like their doing something instead of always shopping or going out to eat. Still look like they’re very much a couple for a long time regardless of not holding hands together like they used to.

  333. 333
    haha Says:

    Honestly, I don’t like the “Speedo” shot either. Most of the photos on sites show him looking like a teenager. He’s gained some years and experience since then. And probably a few pounds.


    Not down there! LOL!

  334. 334
    haha Says:

    “Looks like Gabby’s getting more out of the deal than Halle. I know a lot of us woman have had our moments of going deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to men probably more than we’d want to admit or have fingers and toes. If Halle wants to continue to have blinders on, so be it. If she wants a cook she needs to hire a personal chef. If she wants an errand boy to do her shopping then she needs to hire one. Can’t see what she’s getting in the deal (and don’t mean that in a sexual way either)? Don’t mean to take the thunder out of anyone’s sails who think he’s a nice cute guy or they make a great couple, etc. He’s just not my type.”

    WELL SAID!!!! Completely agree!

  335. 335
    someidiot Says:

    some idiot on the internet is trying to spread the rumor that Gabby and his business partner/s are planning to open more restaurants soon. sounds a little premature to me at this point since the restaurant is still getting lukewarm reviews. who knows if it’s true or not?

  336. 336
    ain't gonna happen Says:

    #335–ain’t gonna happen. will believe it when i see it. his ego is bigger than Halle’s. will really be surprised if the place is still open in the next couple of years much less the end of this year. let’s hope the rumors of Halle giving him money regardless of what his sleezy publicist/manager says the schmuck makes or Halle’s claims he’s using all of his money, etc.

  337. 337
    businesexpansionmyass Says:

    Business expansion rumors my ass. Halle and his Canadian partners need to stop bailing his ass out. The restaurant still is doing poorly. Still can’t get good help including the manager Alain who is more busy smoozing with the customers than making sure they get good service and aren’t over booked. Was there the other night when they were moving two empty tables around us without apologizing for the commotion while we trying to enjoy our dinner or adjust our bill or giving us a free drink. Don’t see the place staying open for much longer.

  338. 338
    Go Halle! Says:

    Good luck Gabriel. It’s not over until the fat lady sings!

  339. 339
    please Says:

    Ummm…BOO! to them as a couple. Furthermore, this is old! This is from his restaurant opening!

  340. 340
    hmmm Says:

    People Hallie Berry is NOT black. She is biracial, why does everyone overlook that fact? She is not black or white, she is BOTH! Like someone else already she, she looks damn good, who cares how old she is. No one commenting here could even compare to Hallie at her very very worst because if YOU were that beautiful we’d see you in the movies and on magazine covers. Her skin looks great.

  341. 341
    Courtney Says:

    Excuse my french, but WHAT THE **** ARE ALL YALL TALKING ABOUT?!?!?! Halle was and still is gorgeous and so is her boyfriend. Yall really need to stop hating. It seems to me that yall are PURPOSELY just trying to find something wrong with the pic. Geez. They are both gorgeous and I can’t wait to see their child.

  342. 342
    4cents Says:

    When I look at the pictures I see Halle, who does look aged because she probably didn’t have a chance to sleep or something. Gabriel also looks a little bent. However, in general, I see two people who care deeply about each other but just maybe feel unsure about the relationship. Aubrey sounds like someone who would desire to have a home life and looks like he would be a good father. Halle is probably scared of what the future may bring. I think Halle wanted the event to be Aubrey and his passion, desire and success and decided to stay out of the picture and made it a professional visit more than an a “Hi, I’m the gf” I think Halle is wise to know that if the man she is with doesn’t have and possess a sense of owning his own success, the relationship simply ends bitterly (ie Eric Benet).

    I am sure it is difficult for the public to stomach a white male/black woman dating situation. I too am in a similar situation and people who have hidden racist tendencies will all of the sudden project them when presented with such a picture of romantic interest. My cousin is in a similar situation with her husband being white and herself being biracial. However, people tend to “forget” about it when they see two people who are really in love and are a beautiful couple together. Yes, there are the haters, but they have a beautiful family and no one thinks beyond that once they know them.

    However, I always hate to hear Halle singing praises about any of her relationships as we have seen in the past, they always end up in train wrecks. Eric Benet, anyone could see TROUBLE written all over that guy. Hopefully this Gabriel guy will break her string of bad marriages. If not, hopefully Halle is just using him for supermodel sperm.

    As someone posted earlier, all relationships have a 50/50 chance of working out. So, don’t try to squash the relationship before it has a chance to bloom.

  343. 343
    Pammy Says:

    I get sick by all of the hate towards Halle! American racism is still sadly alive and it’s a damn shame. Now these racist death threats to her, Gabriel, and the unborn baby. Some White women can’t take all of this, and the thought of a gorgeous woman like Halle giving birth to like a possibly out of this world gorgeous child by an exquisite “White” man like Gabriel makes some of them go coo coo! It’s sad but true.

    I wish Halle and Gabriel all of the best. Halle will be a wonderful mother no matter what, and Gabriel just seems so down to earth and mature enough to deal with Halle and father hood.

    I’ll always be a fan of Halle. No one is perfect and everyone goes through trials and tribulations, so people get realistic and stop trying to bring Halle down just to make your pathetic and most likely average selves feel better!

  344. 344
    kate Says:

    It is interesting that this couple has upturned our social applecart. The interracial thing is not a problem for me but it is for others. I lived through this kind of thing and I didn’t even have to deal with dating out of my race I was just friends. I liked these people and hung out with them and it blow up. It begun much the same way. Somebody didn’t like it, or was jealous. Stuff gets made up, people become afraid and turn their back on you. Then you are standing there wondering what the hell happened. It hurts people, a lot.And if you don’t get support from the people around you no matter how much you like each other there is a very good chance it will fail.
    As for Gabriel’s past gay/bi whatever, if it’s true this is something Halle and him have to work out. Everybody has a past. As for the restaurant and they’re not looking very happy… have you ever been drag along into something your partner wanted but you weren’t so keen on? Yeah you want to support them and you also wish you were somewhere else. Everybody’s relationship needs work. Ultimately the restaurant will work or fail because of the food/service etc… No amount of Halle being there in the flesh or spirit will make it a success. It sounds like Gabriel needs to pay attention to that menu and the review on the dishes.
    Ultimately I hope it works for them. Relationships are hard even when you are not in the public eye. Will it work out for them? Who knows.

  345. 345
    Messenger Of Truth Says:

    This guy is a race mixer, and whoremonger according to the Holy Bible. If you do not believe me, visit for some real truths. The lie perpetrated by false prophets, and lying social engineers that all people are of the same blood is a lie from hell. My site will set that lie straight with scientific evidence.

  346. 346
    Messenger Of Truth Says:

    All you people make me want to puke on you. You Idol worshippers will soon stand tall before God for your degeneration, and blasphemous ways. You heap praise upon all these hollywood children of satan, and fail to praise the only one worthy of praise, and that being Jesus Christ. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!

  347. 347
    hope Says:

    Halle and her boyfriend look great together. Those of you who are bashing and dogging them do not have a life and are just here to bring people down. There is nothing wrong with the way they dress or how they look. They are descent human beings like the rest of us should be and are living their lives the way they see fit. Get a life…

  348. 348
    blackprince206 Says:


    Wrong! Black people do not tend to age very quickly. And Will Smith is 42/43 years old, so he looks his age. And he still looks 30-ish when he covers the grey or shaves. Besides, the fundamental flaw in your logic is that you cited an unrepresentative sample; one Black male actor as an example, does not make a trend. For every Will Smith who looks “almost” as old as his age, I can name 10 Black male actors whos ages you would never guess, like Hill Harper, who’s 47 years old and looks 21! Or Lorenz Tate, who is approaching 35 but can still play 20 if he so chooses. Black people are incredible physical specimens.

    Their skin tends to be luminous, they have incredible bone structure (almost always have high cheekbones), they rarely wrinkle, their muscular structure is so naturally dense that they even look good when they carry extra weight (especially the males: Gerald Levert, Barry White), and 99.99% of them have nice asses! Black people are naturally endowed with beautiful bodies, even if some do not take care of them.

    Asians have no asses, and, contrary to what you think, they do age.

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