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Pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVD Giveaway

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVD Giveaway

Keira Knightley apparently doesn’t want to continue in a fourth film of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The star has revealed that the third film, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, which will be in theaters next spring, will be her last. “I’ve been playing this girl since I was 17. I’m 21 now and I’m onto very different things.” To mark this sad, sad day, we’re giving away the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVDs!

Above is Keira Knightley out and about earlier today with a female friend. The pair stopped at London’s “La Fromagerie” (The Cheese Room).

HOW TO WIN :: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and one winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person. This contest ends next Friday, Nov. 24 @ 7PM EST. Good luck to all you POTC fans!

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  • Jorge

    It’s kind of depressing that Keira doesn’t want to do a 4th film, if there ever is a 4th movie.

  • mags

    this film doesnt need her cuz she dont make it what it is-johnny depp does!!!!!!!!!!

  • KAS

    Thanks for the chance to win! Love POTC!

  • rosalie

    great look today miss knightley :)
    (love love love the leather jacket..does anyone know the brand??!)

  • Charline

    Thanks for this game ! good luck to everyone !
    i love her hat !!

  • jess

    I want it – I want it!!!

  • Amber

    I’m sorry but isn’t three installments of Pirates enough. I would love to Johnny finally doing something else. Love Jack Sparrow, but I think that it’s enough.

  • Lyndo

    Thanks Jared!

  • jmt

    “Pirates” has been milked dry, but it would still be fun to win the DVD!

  • Duuude

    Looove Johnny, haaate keira !

  • elizabeth

    I saw DMC at the theater and I went to the red carpet at Disneyland. I want to win this! :-)

  • Staci

    How can they have any other POTC movies without her. What will happen with the tension between her and Captain Jack Sparrow????? Wish her the best though, she is a great actress.

  • Blodwym

    Keira was so lucky to do the movies, I don’t understand why she want to quit.
    Do you guys give away to other countries?

  • athena

    I love POTC!!

  • Julie

    Such a bummer.. Don’t think they’ll go for a fourth movie without the original cast (*with* Keira) though. >_

  • athena

    I love POTC!! :D

  • Anne

    love Keira ‘s style

  • sunny

    Ohh that’s too bad! I loved her character in POTC! Well, if Johnny is still there it’s okay with me!

    But I see her point of view, she will only be remember for that role…

  • M

    How much more can they do with these movies anyway? The first was phenomenal, the second, less impressive….by #4? They should stop while they’re ahead.

  • Mo

    When the first film was released there was talk about further sequels with just Cap’n Jack. I imagine with the nightmare shooting schedule of the two films no one is too quick to jump in for more.

  • JEM

    I would love to win. Go me.

  • Monica

    If she’s going to be remembered for just this role than 3 movies would already do that to her. a fourth wouldn’t necessarily be the one to do it.

  • Melissa

    Keira is awesome. It’s too bad she won’t be back, but i think it’ll give other girls a chance with Johnny Depp eh? Wink wink!

    hook me up with them dvd’s!!

  • LV

    I agree that we don’t need a fourth. If there’s a 4th she really isn’t needed.
    She slightly annoyed me in the second movie.

  • Jennie

    Please send me the DVD!

  • Greg

    Wow I love Just Jared!

  • Nastia

    I can win? Really? It’s awesome!
    *hope, hope, hope*

  • josie scott

    It sucks that she is not going to be in the 4th POTC! But you know if you want to do more in hollywood you have to break away from the type casts! I still love her!

  • Anna

    Maybe she’ll change her mind if a fourth movie does happen?
    She still looks 17-18 to me!

  • Judy

    She obviously doesn’t have the strength to do anymore sequels as she has been on the Nicole Richie diet.

  • Anu

    LOVE POTC!!!!! Johhny Depps rocks!!

  • IloveJJ

    woohoo, another contest!! :)

  • P Agarwal

    It’s looks like a publicity stunt to make sure that the movie does good on the box office. I love her and i am sure as time comes she will change her mind

  • Maria

    oh the dvd *hope* i want, i want!!

    but can you guys give away to other countries?

    too bad that she doesnt want to make another one but its okay, all you need is johnny depp… but maybe they dont need another one.. we’ll see how the 3rd turns out and then i’ll decide!

  • lori

    oh i reeeeallllllly want to see this movie!

  • Kevin

    As someone too lame to actually see the movie in theatres, in for the free DVD. Kiera Knightley is effin hot too.

  • Paige Watkins

    totally want that!

  • Tammy

    I wish Keira the very best in her future movies, but I will always think of her fav role as Elizabeth Swann. She was kickass in both Pirates I and II !!

  • Mervin

    Keira was one i was looking forward to see in PoTC2 to see how her character developed. I loved that she was “one of the boys” when it came to swashbucklin
    stuff. Look forward to seeing her in 3, if she doesn’t do 4, that’s cool, just will go to see her in any other movie she makes!!!

  • babygurl2283

    I love both movies and I can’t wait for the third one to come out.

    I want the DVD!!!!

  • Crystal

    My family LOVES the Pirates of the Caribean movies! As long as Johnny stays on the movies will be good.

  • kae

    Good for her. I would like to see her in something else other than POTC.

  • Barbara

    Love Johnny!! Can’t get enough of Captain Jack!!

  • Kristine

    Keira’s right…4 films is overdoing it.

  • Jackie

    Thanks JJ!! I love you this website!!

  • Ann

    I hope they don’t make a fourth one. The first one was so much perfection and so much brilliance. I don’t want the serious to get tired and worn out.

    My friend drove me to Walmart to buy the first DVD, and he told me if I wasn’t out in five minutes, he would leave me there (I needed it to write a paper), but I was out in 4.5 minutes and had time to pick up an Orlando poster, too. This would be so much easier than dealing with that again.

  • phie

    We get used to it that they are the main character of the film… I wish she’ll change her mind regarding this.

    Jared hope this contest is not only for US bloggers… Since your site is also popular here in Asia. :)

  • julia

    Johnny Depp is by far the most amazing pirate I’ve ever seen! LOVE IT!!!! I still haven’t seen it…can’t go to the theater with a baby….but can’t wait!

  • Nat

    She should stay on! But if she doesn’t its her loss.

  • claire

    Loved the first two movies, dying to see the new one! No matter if they don’t make the 4th, it’s still the best pirate movie ever!