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K-Fed's Love Note to Britney

K-Fed's Love Note to Britney

Kevin Federline left a love note on the shower door of his dressing room at the House of Blues in Chicago, which was written the day after Britneyfiled for divorce. The note, as discovered by Us, reads:

Today I’m a free man
Ladies look out
**** a wife
Give me my kids *****!
– Kevin Federline

Classy. The mark of a good father. That’ll win him points in custody court…

And since entering the poorhouse, did you know K-Fed packed his dinner leftovers? Literally saving every morsel he can!

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  • wow

    I’m kinda impressed he spelled everything correctly.

  • geniass

    That’s classy yo.

  • Mediterranean

    Why are we judging him? Britney is the only one who brought this looser into the spotlight, give him fame. Britney is the one who married this type. Britney is the one who got TWICE pregnant by him.

    He is what he is, I don’t think that he acted differently. I don’t think that he is able to do it by himself anyway.

  • Maria

    JeRk all the way!!!!
    Good job Brit for getting rid of this total looser… Keep up the good work, you look fantastic!

  • wow

    No one is judging him…calm down.

  • whoever

    Im sure that will go in his favor in child custody court…not..he doesn’t appear to be taking the split to well, I suppose its because he lost his meal ticket..good job Brit!

  • Margaret

    Oh i knew this will get messy.The guy is just a jerk.
    Does he seriously think he can take care of two young kids by himself?

  • tanique

    come on is this real? i’m hoping for his sake it’s not. i have to love how brit is staying quiet about it, handle your business and go on with your life and kids. im sure at some point she’ll speak. but what good would it do her to trash her kids father, when we can do it for her. HAHA

  • kae

    I have no problem with judging this guy. Yeah, Brit’s a loser for picking him to be the father of her children. But why does he need to even write a note like this at all? I’m disturbed that a person like this is the father of four children to begin with. No court is going to grant him custody of those kids. He’s just digging himself a bigger hole.

  • phie

    Not a fan but Im impressed in her big time change not only in her looks but in decission making as well after delivering her second child with her husband.. First divorcing then looking fabulous. Can’t wait for her comeback…

  • get a clue

    Brit has certianly turned herself around – hope she doesn’t follow some of the other celebs and get too thin – looks like her shoulder blades are already showing. She needs to keep healthy in all areas of her life – I think she is doing great so far. Regarding Kevin – too bad – but he is who he is and one could almost feel sorry for him – I don’t think he had any idea that Brit would let him loose – he most definitely has a grand illusion opinion of himself – that showed out with him seriously trying to be a celeb in his own name. Life goes on – I hope all parties come out of this okay and that means getting mental help so they don’t destroy themselves, their children and others along the way.

  • tina

    when did she start smoking again?

  • LV

    He knew that someone would take a pic of that. He’s wanting his 15 minutes of fame. Britney is in for a long haul on this marriage. She picked him!

  • kim


  • Pandy

    Sean is adorable.

  • http://justjared brenda

    What a jerk. Why is she smoking with the baby? She is trash, she can try to look good but who gets dressed like that to go to a place as low as that? Come on Brit you have to much money and dont know what to do with it…You will always be white trash I think you can go on Jerry Springer…..

  • cfnelly

    why does she still wear her wedding ring ?

  • LRM216

    I like the red satin heels and the black cocktailish dress for the “Dixie Springs Cafe.” It’s soooo Britney.

  • Rosie

    Oh he wants custody of THESE 2 kids but he doesnt want custody of his other 2 kids??? He’s a real class act. Hmm.. a little desperate isnt he?? What a tacky piece of trash!!

  • Chatty Cathy

    There cannot possibly be a Court in this land that would even waste a moment thinking of giving Kevin custody of his 2 kids with Britney !!! It’s a joke, because he has 2 other children already that he doesn’t even pay support for. I think that all the Magazines, TV shows, papparzzi etc. should just IGNORE Kevin and not give him any more publicity. Let him just disappear back towhere he came from . . maybe he might even then be able to squeeze in a day or two with any of his four kids – none of whom even supports !!!

  • Aysla

    It’s weird… I don’t see Britney smiling in any of these pictures with her son. You look at her eyes and the expression and her face and they’re just devoid of emotion, really. Just weird.

  • Aysla

    *on (her face)

    oops! typo.

    Also, Britney should nix that hairstyle and stick to a sleeker, flatter look for the bob.

  • Tink

    GO BRITNEY!!! The story has travelled all the way to Greenland, where we, the hosts of the radioshow THE BANANA REPUPLIC supports Britney all the way! Hopefully she knows that (almost) the entire world is chearing on her!! “Fed-Ex” is a golddigger with a rotten attitude!!! Why does he want these two kids, instead of the others two? LOOOOOOOOOSER!!!!!!!!! (eventhough they ARE adorable:)

    Brtiney Torrapajuk!:(

  • Tink

    GO BRITNEY!!! The story has travelled all the way to Greenland, where we, the hosts of the radioshow THE BANANA REPUPLIC supports Britney all the way! Hopefully she knows that (almost) the entire world is chearing on her!! “Fed-Ex” is a golddigger with a rotten attitude!!! Why does he want these two kids, instead of the others two? LOOOOOOOOOSER!!!!!!!!! (eventhough they ARE adorable:)

    Brtiney Torrapajuk!

  • yardgraffiti

    Writes like a first grader. He needs penmenship skills.

  • Kristine

    [x] divorce kevin
    [ ] quit smoking!!!

  • Betch!

    Kevin is so pathetic. He will soon be forgotten. Britney fans unite !!!!
    That jerk is as likely to get custody of the kids as aliens are to dance with President Bush, haha!

  • Kristy

    Hey, that kid’s pretty cute.

    I wish that Britney wouldn’t smoke, and I certainly hope she’s not breastfeeding the little one (I say this cause her breasties looked lactacious in that black dress the other day). Smoking kills dude, give it away give it away give it away now.

  • Kristy

    Kristine: HA! You made me snort coffee onto my desk. I think they know I’m not working now…..

  • Shannon

    LOL…next he’ll be doing the talk show circuit and selling his autobiography, complete with a tell-all about Britney.

    Like I said before, she will never recover from this. Regardless of how much weight she has lost, she still looks like a hag. That’s a shame too because all she had was her little girl looks.

  • Shannon

    You can take the girl out of the trailer and all that…

  • kmillz

    hahah well she married him

  • Down To Earth

    Give her a break! She must have a ton of emotions going through her head. She has changed her whole life and she must be nervous. Go Brit Go!! Your fans are behind you!

  • Maryscott OConnor

    Further proof that human breeding ought to require licensing.

  • gapeach

    I had hoped she’d smartened up when she got rid of Kevin – but she’s smoking and she had two small children.. Even if she doesn’t smoke in their presence – the residual second hand smoke in her hair and clothing is bad for them.

    What an IDIOT? She’s still a trashy redneck pig….

  • Heather

    KARMA IS A BITCH, BRITNEY !!! Didn’t your mama tell you that. Britney thought it was so cute to lure Kevin with her money, away from his pregnant girlfriend. Now Kevin is gonna take her trailer trash tail to the cleaners. Kevin will make a believer out of her. She is just getting her Karma back. She couldn’t wait to get him away from his pregant girlfreind, and she couldn’t wait to get two babies, SO THERE! GO FOR IT KEVIN, TAKE HER CHILDISH, NASTY TAIL TO THE CLEANERS, AND TAKE CARE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL BABIES SHE LURED YOU FROM.

  • Thanks Jared & Audrey

    Mediterranean Says: November 15th, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    Why are we judging him? Britney is the only one who brought this looser into the spotlight, give him fame. Britney is the one who married this type. Britney is the one who got TWICE pregnant by him.

    He is what he is, I don’t think that he acted differently. I don’t think that he is able to do it by himself anyway.

    Medi, you ain’t NEVER lied! I so totally agree with you. I like Brit alright, but she’s getting this halo stuck on her head like K-Fed had a gun to her’s when they got hitched and that’s messed up. She went after that bozo like he invented burgers , fries and bubblegum! People don’t need to cut his ass a break, but they do need to stop kissing her’s “so to speak.”

  • Kristy

    Heather….. are you drunk young lady?

  • Ginger Ale

    Ditto Maryscott.

    Stop smoking too. It makes you look more trailer than your clothes and makeup.

  • Allison

    I love how in between the pictures of her with her face up on the baby’s face is the pictures of her smoking, very classy. Shouldn’t she still be breastfeeding? That can’t be good for the breast milk.

  • Lohan Roberto

    Those two are just too perfect for each other!!!

    But KFed is just way too trashy! Even more the Brit!

  • angelinammm

    she is copying angelina (same dress)

  • My 2 Cents

    This girl has had an unimaginable life so far…… I think after years of media scrutiny, back to back albums and tours, the growing up in front of the Paps, and of course the breakdown of her First Love on National TV have taken there toll

    As it would on anyone. Sure, she was idolised in some quarters but after a while, she felt she had no identity, no life or loves of her own. Momma had a stranglehold on her

    So She Rebelled……Big Deal!! It’s natural. As for the trailer-trash thing, she never really pretended to be anything other than a smalltown Southern girl

    She truly fell in love with this guy, she didn’t bribe him to leave Shar.Not that I pretend to know what happened there, but I know Shar complained plenty about his fathering skills, when they first got together, so why she’s making out he is so great is purely for publicity reasons

    Britney fell from grace in public, and will pull herself up, in public.This is tough to do. In these pictures she appears sad and vulnerable, and in some pics, puffy eyed from crying

    Imagine how much stick she is getting “Trailer Trash” “getting what she deserves” “bad mother” “No talent”…….it’s too much. She hasn’t even spoken about the divorce, and I think that is dignified of her

    As for the smoking Goldie Hawn always smoked, still does, as does Kate Hudson, Brad Pitt and many other parents who are not attacked over their parenting skills because of it

    I’m glad that no matter what anyone says about her, or to her, she will have the unconditional love from her baby sons and her family…….and I know she values these things over anything else

  • mel

    people need to stop with the constant TRASH calling in regards to Britney. She’s not freaking Paris Hilton of LiLo flashing her vagina every 5 seconds, getting drunk and falling down…. that is real trash. Sure Britney fell from grace in the public, but so did a lot of stars (Mariah for one) and there is no reason at all she can’t make it back as well.

    Though I wish Brit wouldn’t smoke, the baby isn’t around and she has had a hard time the last couple of months and it’s hard to stop. I agree with My 2 Cents. That is exactly what I wanted to say.

  • Kellie

    When a marriage ends, usually there are thousands of emotions that go along with it.

    As long and she’s not closed up somewhere alone with her kids smoking and drinking then I don’t think she’s doing too much that is wrong! Having a drink with dinner and smoking in another room away from her child isn’t all that bad. We all need a release.

    Many people who have not dealt with a divorce do not know what it is like and have no clue what someone goes though even when you are the one who wants the divorce. You still have the end of a part of your life to deal with. You still feel for your children…that they won’t have both their parents in the same home together. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, a dream has died, and for that you have many emotions.

    She is with a family member in these photos. She has one of her children with her…the one that is old enough to be out and about. She is holding her child, yes she may be looking upset, and as someone put it “devoid of feelings” but you have to understand that she is going through thousands of emotions right now and sometimes when someone has too many emotions all at once, they look like they aren’t feeling anything at all. It’s called coping.

    We do not know the promises that they made to each other in private, other than marriage vows. We do not know anything about their relationship that was personal. We can not know what she is thinking and feeling right now even though she is the one who filed for divorce. In life we have to make choices and sometimes those choices hurt even if they are the right choice…they can break our hearts. Her heart can be breaking right now even though this is the right choice and the right decision and the right course of action! It can be very painful and overwhelming.

    We as the public do not know what their future plans were and the actual TRUTH behind her decision to divorce him. We only know what the media has reported and only a part if any of it can be thought of as true.

    Human emotion can make us do many things. It’s what sets us apart from any other species on this earth. It’s something that no one can predict. It’s what makes someone look crazy and others look saintly. It’s what makes some turn to drinking or drugs. It’s what none of us can completely understand or control…not 100%.

    As for her wedding band, she is still married. And until the divorce is final…she is still married and all those rules and laws still apply. I wore my wedding ring until I was divorced for these reasons. And it makes me sick when I see or hear of someone that acts as if they are not married simply because they have filed for divorce. When there are children involved, most courts make you wait 6 months for a divorce. They want to make sure you aren’t going to change your mind. They want what is best for everyone involved. Even if you don’t have children, most courts make you wait 6 weeks. So when someone shacks up with another person that is not thier spouse simply because they either want a divorce or they have filed for divorce, they are breaking the law. They are still married to another person and should be following the laws that bind them.

    I understand a lot of what she is going through and why she wears a band on her left ring finger. I feel for her…for the choices she’s made, the choices she will make and the life she will have to make for her and her children. She’s not perfect, no one is.

  • Linds

    I’m judging him – this boy is right outta the white trash trailer bash. You know the guy is bad news when even JJ criticizes (and he NEVER criticizes).

  • http://justjared lois guy

    give the kids a good home — and let them go on their way — the kids will be better off without them

  • yeah

    well well well…it’s actually britney’s fault to bring him to the entertainment world.he shud be back wher he a shit..he’s an asshole..why does he even want his make him rich i guess since that he doesnt has any talent..he has to use his kids to make him digger white trash….

  • mah

    He’s a stupid guy!!!

    Damn, I hate him!!!!!