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Totally Requested Chad

Totally Requested Chad

Chad Michael Murray dropped by MTV’s Total Request Live show at the MTV Times Square Studios yesterday afternoon where he was interviewed by MTV VJ Susie Castillo. He talked up his show One Tree Hill with the TRL audience in a fashion no-no skull scarf and a fashion no-no-NO slicked back hairstyle. Next, please! More pictures in the gallery!

Haven’t heard anything recently about Chad‘s engagement with beauty pageant contestant Kenzie Dalton. (They have been engaged since April 2006, at least.) Wonder if it’s still on…

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  • madmaxine

    i love his hair here. he’s usually a fuzzy-headed freak (i have fuzzy hair so i can say that)…

  • ThisGirl

    He’s so ugly. Yuk!

  • kelly

    to me he is looking odly disgusting which i never thought i’d say with that greased hair back look atm . The whole bottle blonde eminem like colour thing isnt working either.

    I loved his fuzzy hair bring it back i say!

  • weffie

    LOLOLOLZ Zack Morris Hair!

  • suspicious_package

    Ugh. I can smell the cheese from here. He looks like that dumb jock on the Disney Channel’s “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.”

  • Gemz

    Ah, I like his hair here, looks better than when he had his head shaved.

  • SEx

    he look too old…..sad!

  • kai

    haha….TOTALLY zach morris hair!!

    he looks like the biggest asshole ALL the time….he makes me sick.

  • Jorge

    I actually like the scarf.

  • gemma

    I hate him! (ok- maybe hate is a bit strong- what about loath?) and I don’t even really know why! I just think he acts like a jerk!

  • WilmingtonGirl

    Chad and Kenzie are actually married already….at least about 2 months now, it was hush hush.

  • Melissa

    Chad & Kenzie are married already? How do you know? lol

  • michelle

    What are you talking about? He looks really good with that new hairstyle. I was never attracted to him before, but now he looks really handsome… and less “oddly disgusting”.

  • Laura

    yah, the scarf has gotta go! now. but the hair i kinda like. he can pull-off the slicked back looked. WHEN IT’S NOT EVEN THAT SLICKED BACK! come on people! it’s more liked BRUSHED BACK with a little gel. lol.

  • N

    ehh dont know about the hair…oh kenzie and him are married?? i didnt know that…..his biggest mistake ever was cheating on sophia with paris!

  • Cam

    ugh, to me he’s trying too hard to look like river phoenix and has failled.

  • luvsushi

    chad and kenzie married? no wonder he looks distressed!
    like his hair tho…

  • luvsushi

    and one more thing….he cheated sophia once, it’s not surprising if he does that to kenzie. we’ll c…

  • S

    He looks like he’s trying to pull off this johny depp thing… eh.

  • senjin

    Someone’s trying to be the River Phoenix of his generation and I know who. He should stop watching so many old Brad Pitt movies…he lifted that look right out of ‘A River Runs Through it’!

    PS. Is Kenzie a guy? I don’t read Teen Beat so I’m not that clued up on all that shit.

  • lol

    him and kenzie are still together, not married because he is not officially divorced and she was there with him in nyc as a matter of fact~

  • creativegirl

    I don’t think this is a good look at all for him. It makes him look like some young nerd. Bring back your Cinderella Story do or even the Freaky Friday one was better than this Chad.

  • fan

    don’t like the hair but he looks better than he did with the buzz cut. he’s the reason i started watching OTH. he’s so cute

  • Linds


  • Olivia

    This bitch is trying to be Johnny Depp. It’s too bad because Johnny can actually ACT. Nice hair dye, by the way, fruitcake.

  • WilmyNative

    Chad is married to Kenzie. Not “maybe,” more like definitely. He’s married, they’re keeping it low-key, I think until after “Home of the Brave” is released. Why? I don’t know. Him and Kenzie married as soon as his marriage to Sophia was annulled. That’s also why Sophia went public with Jon Foster. Chad & Sophia = officially no longer married.

    A lot people think they’re still engaged because of the recent CosmoGirl article, but you must remember… he didn’t do the interview yesterday. He did it awhile ago — and again, they’re keeping it hush hush.

  • donya

    lol, ok whatever. were you at their wedding? i think not, so you really DON’T KNOW for sure. anyways, i read in multiple sources that they are NOT married. i don’t know for sure, since i don’t PERSONALLY know them, but i’m not trying to act like i do. on a side note, he is really not attractive and comes off as an obnoxious a-hole.

  • AjumaPower

    Love it! He looks like a young River Phoenix in “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.”

  • http://justjared anonymous

    He looks ugly!!!!!!
    Jeezy Chad……okay…you lost the girl……..
    Don’t let go of your looks……….

  • robin

    what is this a chad bashing site..i personally think he looks absolutely fine!.. leave him alone although i dont want him to be with kenzie

  • un

    he is handsome,i love chad murray……………………………………………..kiss

  • no_one

    what’s the deal with accusing him of trying to look like someone else. just because someone has a style similar to another person doesn’t mean he/she is trying to be that other person.