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Tom & Katie Take Suri For A Walk

Tom & Katie Take Suri For A Walk

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes proudly paraded around Rome, Italy earlier this afternoon with their baby girl Suri, almost 7 months. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie kinda looks like royalty in that outfit, no?

Jennifer Lopez, hubby Marc Anthony, and Brooke Shields (all pictured after the jump) have all arrived for this weekend’s wedding… A dozen more pictures in the gallery!

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suri in italy 01
suri in italy 02
suri in italy 03
suri in italy 04
suri in italy 05
suri in italy 06
suri in italy 07
suri in italy 08
suri in italy 09
suri in italy 10
suri in italy 11
suri in italy 12
suri in italy 13
suri in italy 14

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  • he

    She’s so cute. look at her fingers. I can’t wait to see katie’s dress

  • she

    she looks like shes melting in that picture. other then that, she’s very cute

  • get a clue

    She looks a lot like Katie.

  • kat

    uhmm she look nothing like her vanity fair pictures. i guess she looks like katie with tom’s nose

  • right

    yeah tom’s nose after his plastic surgery

    this shit is odd and fucked up

    tom pays a bribe to get married in the country (he can’t marry in a real catholic ceremony he’s not catholic & scientology is legally a cult in Italy); now they take their daughter outside – odd no pictures of a blanket covered car seat like with other normal celebrities

  • Observer

    Very nice pictures again. Nice to see the baby “up and close”, as opposed to being covered up.

  • ask

    katie looks really pretty, but tom gained weight. suri has amazing blue eyes.

  • right

    also – why is katie dressed up like she’s a princess for the last year she is only seen in jeans and frumpy sweaters – now all of a sudden she’s lady di

  • preesi

    Is Katie Wearing a UFO TUNING DISH dress?
    Is she trying to contact XENU?

    I do NOT think that baby is cute!

  • copy

    what are they going to do with suri’s hair? i hope they put pigtails for the wedding.

  • Jess

    Those picture are so cute! Suri is such a doll! So adorable! xxx

  • revresbo

    That baby don’t look so cute anymore without Vanity Fair airbrushing & posing. Big ears, big nose, cross eyed. NOT cute. Gwen & Gavin’s baby Kingston is the cutest celebrity baby!

  • Gussie

    Hmm… now we know why they needed the ultimate professional photographer for the VF shoot.

  • right

    but oh yes that is why she is dressed up

    they are worse than politicians – they follow public opinion

    1. people bitch and moan about too much PDA – TC stops it
    2. people assume suri is a fake – a VF spread
    3. people wonder where are Katie’s parents – spotted at the ivy days later
    4. people bitch and moan about katie’s attire and looking like she is xenu – she dresses better and the glazed look is gone

    sick and sad – i feel for the kids

  • millie

    Katie looks gorgeous even though I think she sold her soul to the devil. I guess Katie’s weight loss went straight into Tom’s belly. Suri is cute but gosh, they really photoshopped her within an inch of her life in Vanity Fair!

  • kmillz

    ohh! that baby looks a mess

  • Courtney

    Thats really cute

  • right

    now we are commenting on tom’s weight – we will be seeing him loose weight by new years

    tom – you are freaker than michael jackson – as soon as suri can walk – she will run away from home

  • raqchel

    okay the kid is cute…..not vaniety fair cute….but shes really cute…..still not sure who she looks like but i digress….tom and katie and the space ship wedding…..ummm……think of something nice….uhh…good luck to them…..

  • Tom’s fan

    Love em! They do look like royalty. I’m so glad they are getting married. Suri is adorable. What a handsome family. This is really exciting!

  • Thanks Jared & Audrey

    Not a fan of them but I think Suri is a doll! She looks like her momma the most adn speaking of mommas, Katie is looking damn fabulous. She looks like money, she looks like the wife of someone powerful, and as weird as the dude is in my opion, hes still a powerful guy. I wish them all the best. for real.

  • Thanks Jared & Audrey

    Forgot to say that she definitly has her daddys nose……………..for now.

  • errrr

    Some babies are so ugly they’re cute…

    I don’t understand why they photoshopped the vanity fair pics?

    Tom looks good.

  • Me

    Can’t you people look at the pictures? Katie is wearing slacks. Duh!

    I love them both and Suri is beautiful!!!!!

  • dean

    Suri is a normal cute baby. She does not look like the same Suri that was in VF 4 months ago.

    As much as Tom puts into looks and appearances, I am really surprised that Suri’s hair is not in a cute little clippy or something.

    If you notice her hair in the back is so short it looks almost shaved. NOW DON’T BAG ON ME, it is totally normal for babys hair to do this.
    I am just suggesting that maybe their stylist should trim the front of her hair so it is not so stringy and shaggy.

  • jj

    I guess now we know why Tom is letting his hair get all shaggy, he wants to look more like Suri.

  • Aracely

    I think Suri looks cute too, but I think they need to give her a haircut, because the hair looks a bit messy.I think they should comb her hair back.The hair in the front is longer than in the back!I hope I to see better pics of her again!

  • Oomfoomfoo Cootersnaps

    Whomever said they look like royalty couldn’t be more right. Royalty is usually a bunch of inbreds with odd facial features.

    She looks like mini-Liza Minelli.

  • Alotta Balls

    They probably shaved the back of the head to make sure the “mark” was there…

  • she

    nice way to her your child out of the limelight.

  • hmmm

    Suri doesn’t look like she did in Vanity Fair at all, she’s cute but she looks different from the way she did in Vanity Fair.

  • buba

    Somebody would know to inform me if the Brangelina goes in the wedding?

  • The truth

    This is the true couple of exhibitionists, everything that they do call the press to register.
    They are repulsive, repugnant.

  • rage

    talk about sick saddos just a wedding and they have to do this isn’t it meant to be a special quiet moment for just the couple family and friends but these bastards are parading italy like they own the place (anything for publicty) can’t blame them the only attention the’ve gotten this year is about their fake child (honestly that child looks like MADDOX JOLIE PITT, perhaps they adopted her from the same parent as BRANGELINA did) this is all over the top and too fucking obvious not surprised though it’s being tagged HOLLYWEIRD WEDDING and it truly is just feel sorry for NIC and her children stucked in the middle of these maniacs like this

  • wake up

    Just a marriage contract, that is lamentable.
    Buba, Angelina and Brad have more serious and important things to do.

  • joliepitt

    If I were that kid’s parents’ I would have made Tom pay through the ass to rent my baby for the weekend.

  • Dawn

    The baby is gorgeous and looks like her mother.

    From the start of this relationship Tom has been putting it out there for the press, which begs the question, why the sudden change concerning his private life and the media? We all love to read about celebrity hookups especially when they reproduce but no other celebrity exposes their familiy the way Tom has been doing lately. Why does he feel the need to do this? Could it be that there is another family that he is competing with for the all important press exposure that is part of the Hollywood accessment of how powerful a star is?

  • Laura

    i think they are the cutest little brunette family ever! hehe. i just can’t get over how cute Suri is!!! i usually don’t swoon over how adorable babies are, but Suri really is ONE-OF-A-KIND! her baby blue eyes are just so sweet. :)

  • Jess

    I think that Suri does look like she did in VF, mind children do grow up quickly. I wanted to know, is it just the way the picture was taken or how Suri was, but does it look to you that the tot has a scar or a mark next to her left eye? xxx

  • uya

    HEY! That’s what Cate Blanchett wore to the premiere of BAbel.

  • rage

    PS where are NIC’S children throughout the year they’ve being using them for publicity and kept their weirdo looking baby indoors now days to their wedding they dump them and bring out their own, uhm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLASSY TOM REALLY CLASSY

  • rage

    sorry i’m going on but talk about GENETICS as a science student how does parents with BROWN EYES end up with a child with BLUE EYES lots of question about this child uhhn trust tom u’ll never get answers live me wondering this child is BLONDE but they dyed her hair as it will be obvious

  • wake up

    Really, this girl has the small eyes, they belong same to the boyfriend previous of Kate.

  • Amy

    omg suri is super cute! big gorgeous eyes!!

  • rage

    stop being delusional MANISTON u actually think pple go to see the movies trust they are there to laugh at him cos he seem to always loose it when the crowd are yelling and does silly things COS HE’S LIKE U DISILLUSIONED thinks they are yelling cos they luv him but they are just whinning him up to make a fool of himself DITTO.

  • How Cute

    Rage you are hilarious! LMAO!!! SO TRUE!
    This should have been a nice family and friends affair. That pint size freak and his plain Jane bride have to blow everything out of proportion. Like he wants everyone to know that he’s “TOM CRUISE” Please we know….

    The reason no one is making a fuss over his lame a$$ is because MOST OF US JUST DON’T CARE!!!!!

    And ‘rage’ you’re right…I thought the kid was cute but now…she just looks “odd”. Not ugly…not cute…definitely not beautiful…just “odd”. Tom and Katie’s gene’s just seem to be at odds with each other. She is precious…just “odd” looking.

  • The truth

    Really, where they are Nic’s children that Tom likes so much of exhibiting during the weekends.
    Is the show at this time just of part of the family?
    The truth always appears.

  • Dancer

    Fug Face:
    Tom is going to have to do a lot more than make a good movie to get back into many folks good graces. I’ve never liked him and since his couch jumping, Brooke bashing moments have been totally appalled at his behavior. I’m just hoping the wedding gets over with soon, so they can disappear from television, magazines, and the internet again. This wedding is so staged, so obviously for him to get back into the public’s good graces. It makes me ill as it does many others.

  • anonymous

    As a science graduate… double check your genetics textbook. There was a 25% chance of it happening (assuming that both biological parents carried the allele for it – brown is dominant). There’s probably even less of a chance the biological parents are those pictured, but that’s another issue.

    She’s cute (not as cute as the images portrayed in the VF pics), but I’ve seen cuter babies while out & about. It is a shame that VF photoshopped her so much… but I guess that’s what they were going for… since image and first impressions are everything.

  • anonymous

    As a science graduate… double check your genetics textbook. There was a 25% chance of it happening (assuming that both biological parents carried the allele for it – brown is dominant, blue is recessive). There’s probably even less of a chance the biological parents are those pictured, but that’s another issue.

    She’s cute (not as cute as the images portrayed in the VF pics), but I’ve seen cuter babies while out & about. It is a shame that VF photoshopped her so much… but I guess that’s what they were going for… since image and first impressions are everything.