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The Beckhams Arrive for TomKat's Wedding

The Beckhams Arrive for TomKat's Wedding

David Beckham and wifey Victoria arrived at Ciampino airport in Rome earlier today to attend the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Life & Style is reporting that Katie‘s hair will be styled by Ken Paves (Jessica Simpson‘s hair stylist and BFF) for the wedding.

Access Hollywood announced that the wedding will take place tomorrow at Odescalchi Castle, a 15th-century fortress in the lakeside Italian city Bracciano. The usual $50,000 fee to use the castle has been waived because of all the attention TomKat has brought the town, says Bracciano mayor Patrizia Riccioni.

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  • cheryl

    This wedding is such a media circus. Most celebrities try to keep it low key. Of course Tom and Katie being media hoars, that isn’t the case here.

  • wow

    I dont think their media whores, its the paps that are taking the pics NOT the cruises…Jeez some people are acting as if Tom Cruise ate their first born! He did nothing to no one, what makes this man so crazy? The fact that he jumped on a couch? I just dont get it, hes just another celeb thats getting married!

    ANYWOO, David is so HOTT!

  • tanique

    should they not invite their friends because the media will be there? as far as i’ve seen, tom and katie have gone to dinner, that is all we have seen. media are going to flock because he is famous, plain and simple. isn’t it time to let it go? past the war of the worlds premiere, we have not heard from these two. so again, they get it when they are putting themselves out there, and again when they are not.

    anyway, only david beckham could get away with a damn knit sweater with horses on it. more than that? he looks hot in the damn knit sweater with horses on it.

  • snoopy

    What the f*&K is David wearing? is he Canadian?

  • Beautiful Disaster

    That sweater is ridiculous…

  • Jenn

    Victoria looks so chic. Great pictures!!

  • Carolina


  • kae

    I don’t know what it is about her, but Victoria Beckham annoys me. Her husband, on the other hand, could be the only hetrosexual male on the planet that could get away with wearing a sweater with horses on it!

  • as ever me

    The sweater jacket david beckam wears is from polo argentina, quite expensive by the way I love their clothes specilay F1 shirts, and the horses are always there.

  • WTF

    Becks is hotter than hell. Love pictures of him. Victoria almost always dressed impecably.

    Why in the world would GMD let Ken Paves do Kat(i)e’s hair!!! Has he NOT seen the mess on Jessica’s head? Eva’s? What is he thinking.

    BTW-Cruise is most certainly the BIGGEST media whore in Hollywood.

  • carrie

    I don’t like Victoria, she is to skiny and ugly. I never see her smile. She looks like a bobble head doll with that hair cut and those sun glasses. Yuck….as hot as her husband is you would think he would have better taste.

  • Boh…

    Apparently the hairdresser is ROBERTO D’ANTONIO from Rome…who knows.

  • art*deco

    Doesn’t Mr Beckham have to play football on sunday? Not that Madrid is really far from Rome for someone with a private plane but, I don’t think that he is allowed to make it really late.

  • Fattie

    snoopy Says:

    November 17th, 2006 at 10:37 am
    What the f*&K is David wearing? is he Canadian?

    Why? Canadian people don’t wear that … it’s great european fashion !
    Did you ever went to Canada or anywhere further than 100 miles around your lame home? Stupid ….

  • Alix

    Is Katie crazy … Ken Paves f —s up people’s hair. His look is “ratty”, is that the look she’s going for.

  • Carolina

    Beckham is on the injured list so he was left-out of the lineup for Saturday’s match… I guess being “injured” freed him up to attend the wedding with his fug-faced wife!

  • Nikki

    me oh my wat is david wearing! *shakes head in disbelief* sort it out becks…

  • jan



    Vive La France ! Paris est la plus belle ville du monde tout simplement !
    Tséé l’americain c’est la ville de la Mode ! Yeaaah Fashion City Abrutii !
    Admit It.Ok les amis ?
    Pour en venir au sujet, Victoria est grosse et David est un plouc !
    Tchou la Fast Food Nation Bye !

  • Karlos

    Das sind große Idioten

  • John

    Chloe don’t stress we knows that paris is a fabulous city and a fashion one but I assure you that every americain doesn’t eat only burger ! And Victoria is not big look she’s so skinny ! But I don’t understand plouc sorry !

  • David

    If Paris looks like Paris Hilton I’m not sure it’s fabulous !

  • Newbie

    David Beckham is FINE. But what in the world is his wife wearing? Is she going to be a waitress at the wedding? she is got the dress for it you know.

  • Leslie

    “Thanks for flying Becks Airlines. Would you like some peanuts?”

    And I don’t care how chic his sweater might be, what matters is how ridiculous it looks.

    They’re lucky they’re pretty.

  • Allie

    I agree with WOW. Enough already. They are getting married. They can’t help the fact that they’re famous. As far as the Beckhams appearance/sweater, who cares, if it makes him feel good wearing what he’s wearing, so be it. Why are we so judgemental. Are we that perfect?

  • Observer

    I guess she has styles according to the fashion world’s standard, but she seems lifeless: no emotions and very cold.

    Re the sweater: I think that’s what wealthy and extravegant people do: they wear anything as long as it attracks attention.

  • Gigibell

    Wow, Beckham’s out on a fashion limb. I’m afraid doesn’t work for me. It’s wearing him, instead of the other way around.

    Vicky — Could be so pretty, that’s what drives me MAD. Grow the hair, get a symmetrical cut (please, don’t try to be edgy or cutting edge. ) Scrub off that fake tan/dead skin cells. And please please please, stop wearing that brown lipstick & gloss. Her lips look like the color of a vagina.

    But for a change I love her outfit and bag.

  • Gigibell

    Oops, I was edited (rightfully so.) I wanted to V’s lips look like the color of female private parts — grey-brown. Blech, not a pretty look. A little bit of color (not private part brown though) would look so much better.

  • mel

    privates parts, brown and grey? I sure hope i never run across a private part that is brown and grey!

  • gala

    She looks like an old teacher…

  • Kristy

    They waived the $50,000 fee? I’d charge them $50,000 more, for being anal whores and dragging all their celebrity scum friends into that perfectly nice town.

    That Posh looks constipated. SHE NEEDS A SAMMICH.

  • Jennifer

    Check out the Interactive Map of Odescalchi Castle Bracciano (Italy)

  • malvolio

    …she looks unhappy. What a boring life. Imagine having all that money and wasting all your time primping, preening, starving, UGH!
    Will Smith and Posh, yikes! That wedding is going to boring as all hell.
    For the record, Tom Cruise didn’t just jump on a couch. He wagged his condescending finger at every post-partum mother taking medication and told them he knew better. A man, who up to that point, had never been with a woman who had naturally given birth. He did a lot of damage. He’s an ass-clown and anyone who attends his bogus-wedding is an ass-clown, but looking at the guest-list, that goes without saying…

  • shimika

    it’s funny when Vic wears clothes that are too revealing some of you say it’s too much and when she cover up, you will say she looks like a librarian. People who say she looks emotionless, well, it’s a picture after all, not like a video where you can see her move. plus, people take pictures of her every damn day, she doesn’t have to smile every damn minute for the pictures (?), if she smiles every time someone takes a picture of her like Mariah Carey, shit i never seen her not smile in any pic b4–annoying, fake smile. ….Vic and David at least try to look good since cameras are always hogging them.

  • aycaramba

    TomKats wedding is like an award show, hey, am gonna call it The 1st TomKats Academy Awards Show hehe, u like?

  • HGFF

    CHLOE, Victoria est grosse??? LOL

  • angelinammm

    epitomy of fakeness

    but I like them together

  • Sean

    David can do no wrong…but Victoria does sometime.
    Love David’s sweater. Does anyone know what brand and where can I get it?

  • Elly

    I WANT one of those cardigans! I love that! I want one with WOLVES on it…

    Ohhh, I love, love, love it!

  • Ben

    Skanky couple.

  • http://yahoo va

    has anyone seen Victoria smile?
    Beck get a hold of ur wife