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Casino Royale Opens Today

Casino Royale Opens Today

Daniel Craig and Casino Royale co-star Eva Green take the cover of the Nov. 24 issue of Entertainment Weekly, out on newsstands today. Ticket sales for Casino Royale in the U.K. box office during its first day of release on Thursday, earned a whopping $3.2 million. Waa-waa-wee-waa-waa! Casino Royale has to open with $47+ million in ticket sales this weekend in order to to beat Die Another Day (Pierce Brosnan).

Below are pictures of Daniel Craig accompanied by film producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell at last night’s Casino Royale premiere in Zurich, Switzerland. Other pictures include the world premiere of Casino Royale at the Odeon Leicester Square in London this past Tuesday.

POLL :: Will you be seeing Casino Royale this weekend?

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  • WTF


  • carla


    Zürich is in SWITZERLAND people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please…………

  • karenna

    I was about to tell you that Zurich is in Switzerland but carla beat me to it! I LOVE your website!!!

  • Missouri Fan

    Defintely I will watch this film> I’m a James Bond movie fan!
    Eva Green is pretty .
    Daniel Craig is handsome.
    Satsuki Mitchell , his film producer girlfriend is pretty Japanese woman.

    Thanks Jared & Audrey!

  • Just Jared

    Haha, thanks ladies for watching my back. (;

  • Sensational

    I saw this movie at midnight, for the first showing and I thought it was pretty damn good. Daniel Craig really worked this role! When people were leaving, all they could say was how they were skeptical at first, but he definitely filled the 007 shoes.

  • Fattie

    Dan is hawt ! Great to see the Queen going out a little

  • Ashlady

    Man don’t they look great on that cover!….I have read so many great reviews for this movie I can’t wait to see it….It open today! Yippy!!!!!!!…..and I know Craig will be great!

  • Pandy

    Is she Japanese or Chinese?

  • mmyers

    This is the ugliest bond ever! He looks like a bobble head Frodo!

  • dpblu

    oh yeah she does init! lol
    yeah he is the ugliest bond man. though he’s got sparkling blue eyes.

  • Jay

    THIS WAS A GREAT MOVIE! Craig makes a fantastic bond, what he lacks in “Bronson looks” he makes up for. Go see it all ready. Super action, and he is by far the best actor they ever had in the role. Yeah, chicks were hot too.

  • Marisleysis

    Sorry, but he won’t be with her for long. The body language says it all: she’s leaning into him in every picture, and he’s leaning away from her.

  • Lisa

    Their body language is fine. He’s not leaning away from her. I predict a some what long relationship.

  • alero

    I don’t know about the EW covers. They had Brad and Cate on last month and Brad looked much older than he does in other recent photos and now the same here. The cover makes Daniel Craig look old when you can see from the candid shots he is quite good looking. EW needs to do better.

    I can’t stand Bond movies but I enjoy Craig’s acting in the movies so I might hae to and see this.

  • Cam

    i’m definitely seeing this movie, but Craig’s lips bug me soemtimes for some reason…

  • Paula

    Satsuki Mitchell is a mix of Japanese-Caucasian and is beautiful. Daniel Craig is handsome. He has lovely blue eyes. Great photos!

  • gia

    his lips bug me too – but just b/c they’re not on mine
    still haven’t gotten a chance to see this movie; it’s been sold out both at home and in Montreal

  • London BAMZS Fan

    Marisleysis – yeah he’s gonna be leaving her for ME!!! mwahahahaha!

    I just went to see Casino Royale last nite and DC is THE hottest bond ever! Almost every love scene I wanted it to be me in his arms – and I never felt like that about any other bonds.

    PS. Sean is overrated :p

  • London BAMZS Fan

    BTW does anyone know if he and Angie got it on during filming of Tomb Raider?

    In my little fantasy world I think he’d still hold a torch for her if they did, and (BP fans don’t kill me now) DC is more of ‘a bit of rough’ which I know AJ prefers.

  • gia

    Waa-waa-wee-waa is ’bout right… my husband had to wipe drool off my face repeatedly during the movie.
    Will be going again this weekend and cannot wait for the DVD. I’ll be buying two, since i’m sure i’ll probably wear one out from the repeated stop/play action.
    Bond: never before, never after Daniel. He is Bond incarnate, blond or not.
    Worth seeing the movie just for the seatless chair scene. Yowza!!

  • AK

    Hey Paula,

    Are you one of her “friends” who leaked to the media that she still “loved” him and refused to leave him after he cheated on her? Or just her publicist?

    Because anyone with the slightest hint of vision knows that regardless of what she is “mixed” with, she is fugly. LOL

  • james

    Jimmy, how about this one? This seems like a good place. No one’s been here since 2007!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v.

    GREAT ONE! perfecto!
    So sorry i got lost and spaced out a bit-
    Got caught up in some stuff-
    Plus I was stuffing my face-
    (with salad of course! ) LOL!
    so sorry-
    here I am!!

  • james

    Great! I’ll leave a message for Freethinker to make sure she knows how to find us. Now I forgot what we were talking about.

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    I just posted up ont he psycho board 2394-
    That is really going to set off some fireworks!!

    we were talking aobut v and her posts re: daniel and not finding any private places to go to in cannes, and also that the gf probably suggested the pap hangouts – chows- ivy-st barts- and daniel had the no-no rule on them.

  • james

    Hey Jimmy! I just saw your post upstairs! Funny! I knew it was you. Yes, if they are still lurking about, they certainly couldn’t resist attacking that post!! LOL!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    you know, it has been a while since the your clever birthday post-
    and no new news really.
    no takers.
    just goes to show you there may be nothing out there on the gf birthday.
    james- I really do not feel that they spent it together. I think they were oceans apart- both literallya nd figuratively.

  • james

    We’ve been right all along Jimmy! It’s just going to take everyone else a while to catch on and catch up! Doesn’t it feel great to be right!!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    It is a beautiful thing-
    AND I am going to make a prediction…
    even though V is steering away from this, I think that maybe you are right and they have broken up.
    I mean that would be the logical thought if they did not spend her birthday with eachother….
    I mean I would not be happy if I was not with my boyfriend on my birthday and i really loved him.

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    she could have spent her birthday in LA.
    she could be in la working on that loser of a movie she got financing for, Last Night starring keira Knightly.
    And he could be in london.
    Thats what I think.

  • james

    Not spending her birthday together would most definitely mean they are split. For now. Now I remember what I was going to say a while back when we started getting technical problems. I was going to say that I’m not sure that Daniel would go to Cannes by himself. I know that he is not the insecure one, but it is true that he has gone from one woman to the next in pretty quick succession. So if his past history is any indication, and he does go to Cannes, he may either reconcile with the gf and get her to go with him (and since she has no pride she would do it in a heartbeat) OR, a more interesting possibility is that he shows up with a NEW filler woman! I say a filler, kind of like Kate Moss and Sienna were for him between Heike and this last gf. The other possibility is that he does not go to Cannes at all. When v. said he would not go in a professional way, I think she was just saying that he has no reason to go as he has no new film to promote there so IF he went it wouldn’t be for that reason, and it is possible also for that reason that he would not go at all. And he may not go if he had to go by himself.

  • james

    Jimmy, still no bites on the posts upstairs. But they may jump on it in the morning!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    excellent pooints- all of them.
    Another possibility:
    he may take his daughter, mother, sister and/or other family members to Cannes this year IF IF IF he does go-
    Or I can see him wanting to be left alone and not hounded by the press and paps-
    James, I worked at the Cannes festival for 2 festivals 2 years in a row- and I am telling you the press are like hound dogs. They are like swarms of bees.
    And cannes is a tiny little town.
    After the fiasco at St barts/Mr. Chows and The Ivy, he may have had enufff of all of the pap attention and may want to try to lay low and hang out at home, reading or just watching tv or doing everyday stuff and not court the high profile events, and press animals- like cannes would be for him-
    And Daniel has been there before and he knows what a hassle staying low profile there can be.

  • james

    I have to agree Jimmy. I can’t see him wanting to go to Cannes if he just wants to keep a low profile and has no reason to go for business or career. Don’t a lot of actors and film makers use the high profile festivals like that to try to raise funds for their projects? That’s the only reason I could see him going for.

  • james

    Still now bites upstairs. I bet the cinderellas were desperately searching the net looking for whatever they could find about the gf’s birthday, but came up with NOTHING, so they are just keeping quiet!

    Jimmy, it’s getting that time again for me, bed time. I’m going to have to sign off for the night. I’ll be back for a little while tomorrow. Good night!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    I am ex-hausted!
    think I am going to turn in and Make it an “Early” night for once! LOL! LOL
    nothing going on upstairs …
    I hopefully will catch you on the board tomorrow nite, OR saturday nite?
    james, great work tonight!
    I LOVE this new ‘home’ we have- casino royale…
    thank you for finding it!
    have a good night!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    james- 35-
    yes, everyone in the industry goes to the festivals to make deals upon deals and it is a 10-day SCHMOOZ fest- LOTS of MEET and GREET stuff and fans galore- can’t get away from the fans or the paps.
    And you are ‘on’ 24/7- always meeting people and being with people- and it is a erally super-social event-
    I can just see daniel wanting to skip it this year- too much stuff to deal with in cannes.

    36- Bet you are so right with the Cinderellas searching the world wide web to come up with a crumb of birthday cake to show everyone their true love- lol- but they could not even come up with a piece of icing on the cake!! LOL LOL!
    nada- zippo- zilch- nothing!!
    heh heh heh

  • james

    Oh Jimmy! It is so hilarious!! I just went to read upstairs and the cinderella’s came out in force overnight! Blathering on about what a romantic and special birthday the gf got from Daniel. It would not surprise me if these were ALL psycho eve. Remember “Clara” and “Caitlin”? Well this time it’s “Kimmy” and “Khloe”. K’s instead of C’s this time you see. And funny how “tigerlilly” always seems to be around when psycho eve is. And it’s just so weird that she is always on throughout the entire early morning hours! But even if they aren’t all psycho, they are still hilariously delusional!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    Hi james!

    Just found this from our bzzz gossip site that I joined.- we can discuss later.
    James, I am not so sure it is about daniel and the gf, bec there may be kids involved, but it does go to support our claim of fake love relationships and fake couples in hollywood and the industry:

    Also it was posted in Sept 2008, right before the time of Daniel doing the world premieres and red carpets for Quantum of Solace.-

    Buzz p hoto. Blind Item: Faux Love
    September 15, 2008 · Filed Under Blind Item,
    We hear about fake celeb relationships all the time so it should be no surprise to any reader that this blind item is about a fake celeb couple. This couple is well known, they have lots of folk rooting for them, and they spend a lot of time together. However, it might surprise you that rumor has it that only one of the pair is in on the gig. That’s right, one is there because of their publicist, and the other thinks the affair is the real deal. It’s funny how far some stars will go for the fame because this star is willing to do whatever it takes to make the world, and their partner, think that it’s love. And let’s just say it isn’t just our couple who will suffer from the hoax.
    Hint: It’s not this couple…or Hayden and Milo!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    james- #39-
    Thanks for the heads up RE: upstairs and the psycho birthday posts-

    BY the way, you are so right, Clara and Caitlin, now Kimmie and Khlioe, I mean WHO does eve think she is kidding?
    Another set of twins Kimmy and Khloe?
    Little obvious isn’t it?
    THEY are probably All her!

    will check in later- we will catch up…
    have a good day-

  • james

    Jimmy 40
    That celeb couple could be Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, or were they together back then? Also, because they refer to them as a celeb couple, don’t think Daniel and the gf qualify as he is the only celeb in that relationship. But does prove your point about fake relationships. Though I don’t think Daniel and the gf have had a fake relationship, just an unfortunate one. She was a longtime “filler” I think. Thank goodness that he must be finally getting out of it now!

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    hi james!
    just a note to let you kow that it is Friday afternoon and no pics posted of daniel and the gf together, OR any news outlet or press about the gf birthday.
    Looks like you are right and the fake v, poster posting about the “I’m sure pics coming soon of them both” is an Imposter…
    i am going to check out our bzzzz site for the blinds-
    will post later…..

  • james

    Exactly! No new pics. Nothing. I wish the real v. would come on and tell us that was an impostor. If she reads that far back by the time she comes around again. I wish though, there were some new pictures of just Daniel alone again! I’d love to hear the excuses from the Cinderellas on that. Also, I’d like to see if he is still wearing “the necklace.”

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    hi james!

    RE: the necklace-
    I may have mentioned this a while ago to you, but those necklaces are entirely different,
    I saw a beach photo of them at St Barts and I blew up the photo to see both necklaces-
    her’s is like gold plated- or gold- and bigger.
    His is silver and a tiny little square/box thing on it-
    Both necklaces are of different things-
    NOT at all the same necklace-
    NOT a “his and hers” type of thing.
    And the charm on her neckalce is much bigger and different than the little silver box thing on his necklace.

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    hi james-
    by the way, nothing, nada zippo regarding our bzzzz site the blinds, and Daniel or the gf or anything at all.
    ALSO I have been checking the other gossip sites, other blinds- nothing yet about daniel at all….

  • james

    They may be different necklaces, but I still can’t see him choosing to wear something like that on his own accord. It’s just tacky looking to me. She still could have bought it for him. He probably prefers silver to gold, like the ring he used to wear when he was with Heike. Have you ever seen old pictures of him where he is wearing a necklace before this one? Maybe there are, but I’ve never seen one. So maybe he’s not the necklace wearing kind of guy, but has worn this one out of obligation. When you have a piece of jewelry on like that for so long, you will forget about it being there; so in those last pictures, even though he still has it on, if they had just split, he may not have even thought about it yet to take it off. But if they are split for real now for several weeks, I bet he has taken it off by now.

  • james

    I wonder if Daniel is not even in London right now. Seems like if he were in London, the paps would still get a picture of him now and then, he’s got to leave his house sometimes. He may have gone off to stay with a friend somewhere, just to make sure the gf couldn’t find him if she were to come looking.

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    hey james!
    You are so right about the necklace, maybe he does wear it for obligation or he has forgotten that he has it on.- or forgotten that he has it on, like you said-
    IT IS SO tacky, but maybe , i think you may have mentioned, maybe Ella gave it to him – for a gift or something- so he wears it always.

    It really does look like a crappy piece of silver junk.

    james- at the 2007 Independent Spirt Awars, when he had that beard thing going on and he had the white casablanca hat on, he was wearing another necklace that had a yin/yang sign on it- it had a tiny teeny navy and white ying/yang charm on it.
    And it looked more like rope or cord, and it was not a silver chain but more of a dark cord that he wore.

    Because yin/yang is an oriental philosophy, maybe the gf gave him that one.

    Yes, i saw that silver ring he wore with heike, but now I don’t think i have seen him wear that, have you?

    ALSO- good point about daniel not being in London-
    Maybe he is holed up in his new home, or he is out in the countryside staying with friends/family out there…
    AL:SO it is easter weekend, so maybe he went out of London for a road trip up to the highlands or soemwhere remote with friends- just to get away from everyone, and the paps…

  • jimmy/MC for BOND23/team v

    also, re: daniel not being in London now…
    It is very possible that he Drove to his destination, and not flown, unless it was a private jet airport, but even at private jet airports, the paps and press are staked out like all over the place-
    if he was coming over to the states, or to LA- I would think someone whould have seen him or caught him at an airport and there would be a sighting of him- somewhere!!
    No, he may have driven off into the british highlands somewhere-
    I remember him in an interview saying that he loves to just get into his car and drive anywhere…