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Tom and Katie Spotted on Wedding Day!

Tom and Katie Spotted on Wedding Day!

Both groom and bride-to-be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted on their wedding day. Earlier this morning, Katie was seen looking through a window of 15th-century Odescalchi Castle at a van arriving with her hubby-to-be Tom Cruise (who was waving to fans) in the lakeside town of Bracciano, some 27 miles from Rome.

Also pictured below: Bodyguards use umbrellas to protect Katie (cradling baby Suri, almost 7 months), as she arrived with her mother Kathleen, second from right, at the Odescalchi Castle.

My favorite picture is of the fans who created the sign “WELCOME TOM & KATY!” Hehehe.

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  • gala


  • gala


  • WTF

    My favorite is her staring out the window in anguish. “oh my god, I REALLY REALLY have to go through with this??”" HELP ME.

  • she

    The castle looks beautiful. But seriously tom cruise should not get it for free. I can’t wait for wedding pics. I’m sure it’ll be great.

  • pat

    The picture of Katie looking out the window say it ALL!

    Her facial expression really says that this will be the happiest day of her life.
    She is finally going to marry the man of her dreams.

    Her eyes just SHINE with utter HAPPINESS!

    In fact you could say her EYES are WIDE SHUT!!!!!

  • Poison_Cherry

    Come on people, this is suppose to be a belessing day for both of them, just leave them alone and enjoy the day. I’m pretty sure she will have one of the most beautiful wedding dress of all time.

    Anyway, good luck to them.


  • Poison_Cherry

    Come on people, this is suppose to be a blessing day for both of them, just leave them alone and enjoy the day. I’m pretty sure she will have one of the most beautiful wedding dress of all time.

    Anyway, good luck to them.


  • pat

    $2.5 million dollars, she better have someone to poop for her too

  • ablove

    just leave them alone, its their wedding day not our!

  • cheerio

    The pic of Katie looking horrified and worried should have the following caption

    US actress Katie Holmes gestures as she looks out of a window of the castle of Bracciano on Saturdya 18 November 2006, ahead her wedding with US actor Tom Cruise. Cruise was due in Bracciano around lunchtime, followed by Holmes and their guests. The ceremony, whose details have been kept secret, was expected to take place in the early evening. Photographers with long lenses stood perilously on window ledges at the top of a building overlooking the castle, where the mayor is charging 1,000 euros ($1,278) for each position. A helicopter carrying a TV crew clattered overhead.

    I know the facts won’t stop the tomkat haters but I think her look of fear has more to do with the papz and I think the mayor has seen to it that the town does just huny dory out of it.

  • Nadine

    i agree she looks more scared of the papz than probably the thought of getting married… i mean imagine looking out of the window on whats supposed to be the happiest day of your life and you see 1000+ photographers out there… that would scare the crap out of me too…

    i think we should just let them enjoy their day. i agree with #ablove.. its there day not ours just let them be…

    anyhoo.. I wish them all the best and i hope everything turns out great for them

  • Posh_Fan

    They are selling the wedding pictures to a magazine for a million dollars and giving the money to the charity so there.

  • pat

    OH PUUULEEEZZEE! They are in this for themselves. If Katie is afraid of all the PAPS then maybe, JUST MAYBE? She should NOT of called them to be there to take the dang pictures.

    You know the ole saying….Becareful what you wish for, you just may get it!

  • xena

    Just curious….did Katie ever have friends her age. This girl has lost all individuality. Her fellow cast mates from Dawson’s creek, that she’s known for years,,,,,where are they?

  • Paris ass goiter

    I ‘m sure everything will be perfect in their wedding, I wish them all the happiness in the world, I wasn’t a fan of them but they’re starting to grow on me.

  • Oh Snap

    Tom looks happy. Katie doesn’t. Poor Tom… I think he should call the wedding off.

  • lora

    Haters! You hate your lives so much that you can’t find it in your hearts to be happy for them.

  • Nora

    It’s official! Congratulations and best wishes for a happy life together.

  • Nora

    Xena just because Katie was on Dawson’s Creek doesn’t mean those ex co-workers are her closest friends. She most likely has friends from before she was famous. Seems like she has a pretty wonderful life to me.

  • stacy adams

    she may not get along with any of the dawsons creek cast but I think the point Xena made is still valid. How come lately she is only seen hanging out with people that are obviously new “friends”? It’s her wedding day shouldn’t there be some guests of her own age, from her own peer group? heck, where’s her cacee cobb?

  • Me

    The show will begin. The artists are already at the stage. All the lights of the world gone back to him (Tom Cruise), the objective was accomplished. The egocentric has the whole press looking at him. You got Tom Cruise.

  • people

    Leave Nicole out of this dirt. She and Keith are deprived people. Leave them alone.

  • WTF

    “TomKat’s wedding seems like one huge publicity stunt to me”

    It seems like it, because it is. Only the $ci minions don’t know that.
    She’s fulfilled her part of the contract, now she just has to pose for pictures when he tells her to and wait for him to divorce her.

  • D

    Tomkat married.


  • Alix

    You’ve got to give it to Tom, he pulled off one of the biggest publicity stunts ever. Most of the invitees don’t even know Tom and Katie, and vice vera. They were specifically chosen, and not based on friendship. No way the two of them sat down and made up the guest list. In any event, congrats and long, happy life together.

  • you knew

    Duration of the marriage = until 9 years and 11 months


  • Best Wishes and Caviar Dreams

    Tom is a little fake with us, the public, but who cares? A lot of women immerse themselves into their own families for a few years at least. After a while the couple grows interdependent and branch out with other interests, women hang out with their girlfriends, etc. It’s just something a lot of women do. Katie’s hands are full right now. In any case, I hope they are very happy together.

  • whocares

    If they are “happy”, then leave them to it… I’ll tell you who I feel bad for- Katie’s parents’- I can’t imagine what they must be thinking/feeling watching their much-loved daughter marry in a bizzaro scientology ceremony— their poor catholic hearts must be bleeding and oonly a stone’s throw away from the vatican… although it has been reported that they needed to have a catholic blessing bestowed upon them because they are marrying in Rome and Rome does not recognize scientology…

  • Someone.

    I despise Tom Cruise…if there was one person I could just get rid of off this world I think it would be him…ugh.

  • WTF

    “if there was one person I could just get rid of ”

    Haa Haaa I agree although I hate Lindsey Hohan a bunch. But GMD is more dangerous than her.

  • Corrine

    He’s such a controlling piece of shit. Katy sealed her fate by marrying that troll.

  • Passing By

    Suri looks like she has a mop on her head!

  • 4Tom

    Best Wishes to Tom and Kate!!!

  • anustin

    vote for anistons sexiest man alive!go to

  • MJ

    If they are happy…so be it. But I have to say I am disappointed in Brooks Shields for attending this spectacle. OK..apology accepted but now they are best friends. That one I am NOT swallowing.

  • $$$$$$$$$

    An American magazine paid 5 million for the exclusively in the pictures of the marriage, that shame.


  • They’re Doomed!

    TomKat Uses Brad & Jen’s Wedding Photographer

    Not just anyone could be trusted with capturing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ big day on film. Harmony Walton, owner of The Bridal Bar, an event resources firm in Los Angeles, tells Us that the couple enlisted Los Angeles-based photographer Robert Evans — the same man who snapped away at the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in back in 2000. “The Bridal Bar submitted portfolios and resumes of photographers that were given to Tom and Katie,” explains Walton. Though the golden couple’s pictures were not among the examples of his work (in fact, they’ve never been seen by the public; he did not take the picture that was released to the world), Cruise and Holmes, she says, were aware of the connection.

  • kidi

    Gee, Katie looks glowing with anticipation.

    I think that was how Iooked when I had an abcessed tooth.

  • Cruise’s Gerbils

    $cienos have gotten today’s assignment: Get on those COS laptops and flood every celebrity blog with comments about how happy Cruise and Holmes are, how cute Suri is, how they are the greatest couple that ever lived and no doubt had the best wedding in the history of the world.

  • D

    FUG FACE MANISTON, Tom’s Roman circus was designed to get the maximam publicity from this event whether you like it or not. He could have been married in a private Scientology ceremony in the US but instead chose to have it in Italy, a fact the press knew well in advance. The media had lots of time to make plans to be assembled there, then Tom et al arrived in Rome days before the wedding and went out and about where they could be photographed. The names of the better known celebrity invitees were released days ahead and the media were there at the ready for the grand dinner thing the night before. Mind you I’m not complaining. Hell poor Tom had to get decent press somehow. I’m just calling it as it is.

  • jj

    Has anyone seen pics of Richard Gere or John Travolta?

  • Shannon

    Does anyone really care about this wedding? It’s like so overboard, and I’m sick of Cruise. I’ll always love him from Top Gun, but he’s way overexposed now….Anyway…Congrats to the couple hope this Hollywood one makes it.

  • Anne

    Dancer Says:

    November 18th, 2006 at 9:48 pm
    Fug Face–
    How can you not say that this was an orchestrated publicity event? If Tom had wanted a quiet wedding there were ways to have one and he chose this very public venue. Nicole Kidman’s wedding was as huge in Australia. You didn’t see her famous guests walking the red carpet like you saw Toms and talking about who designed their dresses and posing for photo ops. (TMZ has footage). Nor did you see set up photo ops like Tom had. Katie was in full make up for everyone of the “candid” opportunities. When you see a star in full make up all the time that usually means they know a camera will be aimed at them. Tom’s guests have spoken about their invites (and even those not invited – Oprah). Tom could have said “please don’t speak to the press.” Other stars have done this for their weddings. You’d have to be blind, dumb and an idiot to NOT realize that this whole event was like Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding–set up for the maximum media exposure and exposure to and for the “right” people. Tom had a real shock this last year–he slowly, after being bashed over the head numerous times in the press, started to realize his adoring public had shrunk by 75 percent and that he was a laughing stock to the media and to the public in the U.S. Why do you think he choose Europe to wed? He is still adored over there. If he had the wedding here, he wouldn’t have been treated like royalty and the press would have been less kind.
    Tom is a master manipulator and this wedding shows why. If he and Katie love each other so very very much, why did they put on such a public show? And it was a show.
    I hope Katie is happy. I don’t wish harm to or on Tom, but just wish he’d take his ugly mug and go hibernate or mediate on scientology principals for the rest of his life.


    WELL SAID DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The midget is trying like hell to regain his lost image,…too bad, is a little to late for that , wedding , baby or not, lmao.

  • just pitiful…

    anustin Says:

    November 18th, 2006 at 6:59 pm
    vote for anistons sexiest man alive!go to

    Just stop…stop it right now.

    Whatever Katie gets she deserves…
    As for Tiny Tom, the devil will always have his due. Tiny Tom is done!

  • Fleasha

    Hahaha, it looks like she’s doing the fanning motion with her hands and going, “OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!!”

  • Oh Please


  • a fan

    Tom is cute whether you think so or not. Katie is also a pretty girl.

    That said, of course Tom wanted an extravagant affair because he is Tom Cruise and he has found the woman he believes to be his true love.

    Tom’s fans love this. He is giving us something great–a beautiful wedding to cherish and remember for years (hopefully) to come.

    These days, nobody wants to marry. Just have babies and live together indefinitely. Or, don’t live together at all. Well, I don’t like that when it becomes a habit. I like seeing Mommy, Daddy and Kids–altogether under one roof, legally a family.

    If you hate Tom, you don’t want to see this, so close your eyes and stop reading about it and watching them on TV. For his fans, it’s a dream. Thank you Tom & Katie. You did good.

  • Rica

    Fleasha Says:

    November 18th, 2006 at 10:06 pm
    Hahaha, it looks like she’s doing the fanning motion with her hands and going, “OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!!”

    That was too funny…

    It’s more like “LET ME OUT!!! LET ME OUT!!! Hey you kid! If I give you a fifty, will you run for help!!!?”

  • anonymous

    The picture of Katie by the window, in my opinion shows her dependability on TC. She was so scared that TC was not at the palace at the said time. So when she saw the car nearing, she had this reaction …. what took you so long? I feel so alone here and don’t know what to do.
    She really became dependent on him and became like a Stepford wife.
    I believe she is not scared of the razzis cox she knew they’d been there for days.
    I could honestly say.. I am scared for her.
    Hope I am wrong..

    Well, I guess they are married by now. Too late to wish for Katie’s freedom.

  • Be sane

    This is the biggest PUBLIC Scientology propaganda to date.